They Shall Not Grow Old – Movie Review

They Shall Not Grow Old

WW1 is infamous for its brutal trench warfare conditions and the overall horrifying things that the soldiers had to witness. “They Shall Not Grow Old” follows British WW1 vets recalling stories of the war along with remastered footage of the war.

This movie looked incredible from the trailers and I was right. This film is not only a technical wonder but a memoir of the horrors of war that will likely stick with the viewer long after the credits. The fact that they somehow got the film in color and added sound is incredible. My only complaint is that because they added artificial frames the footage looks a bit odd at times. Also, I appreciate they did not pull any punches. This film contains some graphic content, and some with weak stomachs may have trouble watching it; but war is terrible, and this is what can happen. Another terrible aspect of the war that the film explores is that the ages of the soldiers secretly did not matter to the people enlisting them; some were as young as 15 when the war started.  They signed up thinking it would be an adventure, only to realize that they they practically signed up for emotional scars.

Verdict; They Shall Not Grow Old’s remastered WW1 footage reminds us to never forget those who fought and those who gave their lives in the process.

Score: My very first 10/10

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