Easy Art Project



Hello All! I hope everyone is doing well, I don’t know when this will be posted but I’m writing during quarantine. I have found myself, like most everyone, with more free time. I have taken up a lot of more courageous projects but I wanted a simple painting project I could do quickly. I used pinterest as inspiration to paint a silhouette against a background.


First all you need are paints (colors and black), brushes (tooth brush), paper,  a cup to trace a circle and a sponge for making a moon.

I chose to do a silhouette of a girl on a cliff against a blue sky and glowing moon.

First, I painted the background blending dark blue at the top into a turquoise at the bottom. Next I created stars by putting white paint on a tooth brush and flicking the bristles (I also hand painted some bigger stars).

To make the moon I traced a cup with white at the top of the page, then filled it in with white. I used a sponge to add texture to it with purples and blues. Using a dry brush outline the moon to create a glow.

For the silhouette I used black to outline the back of a girl and the rocky cliff. Then all that is left is to fill it in with black.

And that’s it!

An easy but fun painting project for when you’re bored. I wish you all well 🙂


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