A Second Chance (Part Two)

man in cloak

One day, Nick decided to approach Mathew and question him, “Hey, Matt. I have a question for you. Why do you help your mother with chores? Why don’t you just let her do everything and just relax? Moms are supposed to do all the chores.”

“Well, there was a time when my mom got extremely sick because she over exhausted herself with work and she was hospitalized for a few weeks. During that time I had to take care of myself and my mom. After that I realized I took my mom for granted for some time.  When she wasn’t there I felt that I should have done better for her when I had the chance. I thought it was to late, but thankfully my mom made a full recovery and after that I decided I had to do better for her because she does so much for me,” Mathew replied.

“I never thought about it that way. My mom looked fine. The work she did was boring. She never asked for help,” Nick reasoned.

“I have to go help my mom with the laundry now. You can come with me and help. If you want. I won’t force you.” Mathew went to help his mom. Nick went into his room and started crying. Why am I crying? Doing chores is the job of moms. They’re supposed to take care of us, right? Nick was confused and needed some fresh air so he went outside for a walk. While on the walk he ran into a man in a black cloak. This man approached Nick and said, “You’ve just recently lost your mother, am I correct?”

“How do you know that!” Nick replied astonished.

“So, your mother has recently passed. I will give you a second chance in life and give you your mother back but you have to promise you will keep her happy and be by her side. If you fail to do this she will disappear and die again. Do you accept this challenge?” the cloaked man asked.

“I’ll do it! I’ll do what ever it takes to have my mother back!” Nick answered, eager to get his mom back.

“If you wish.” There was a flash of light and Nick was back in his room of his house. He ran down to the kitchen and hugged his mom. “What are you doing, Nick?” his mother asked surprised.

“I’ll never take you for granted ever again. Do you need any help?” Nick asked.

“No. I don’t need any help. Why are you acting like this all of a sudden, did something happen? Did you do something wrong?” his mother asked for she was astonished to see Nick act like this.

“Nothing, happened. Why don’t you go out with your friends for a while and I do the dishes and make dinner for the two of us. Now go on.” Nick pushed his mom out of the door and started to do the dishes and make dinner. After a few hours his mom came back and the two of them ate dinner and played games together and had a big laugh. Nick believed he was doing well but the man in the cloak came again after a few weeks.

Read Part three to see what happens to Nick and his mother and find out who the cloaked man is.

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