Can you guess which fairy tale?

golden eye

The hazy light shone, moon piercing his blackness. He was a shadow. A shadow was he. A quick flicking darkness was the golden-eyed ferocity. 

A guttural cry he threw at his bright captor. Into the night went his voice; he had been there, let them know. 

He was a shadow, with a heart of stone. He flew down the leaves, grass, dirt. He was a spirit with bone, a spirit with flesh. His cold-stone heart funneled crimson through his figure and out into the cold-stone air.

He didn’t need flesh, for he was a shadow. A shadow was he. A golden-eyed ferocity.

Rage filled his being, every fiber of his wispy matted being. A rage that made him flick across earth. Intense hunger fueled him, made his stone heart spout his lifeblood out of trenches in his shoulder. He was mad with it, wildly snarling and clawing at anything that could possibly fill his empty shadows.

Meat. He needed to taste it, needed it on his tongue. A yowl burst forth and he rampaged from the branches.

He tensed, warm scarlet flowing endlessly from his side. He saw it, holding his shadows back from every rabid instinct he had. Another shadow, standing in the open. A flesh-being. And it was all his.

Bellowing and leaping, he clamped onto its limb and never let go. Its cries filled his muddled ears, but his growls were louder. With a final whimper, the being fell still and quiet.

He devoured it, fresh iron tang filling his mouth and stomach. His caverns brimmed with the meat he had slain. Indeed, he was a shadow. A shadow was he. Golden-eyed and staring into the night ferociously.

Morning came, a quick flicking blindness that made him roar. Atop the bones and rags of his meal he had slept, but now he slowly bled and tired. His feast had been some blood to fill him, marking the days of his flesh-life. His bones were exhausted, but he cocked his head in anticipation, waiting for the time when he would be full shadow.

But his spirit-days would not come so easily. Before his slow limbs could leap, a flesh-being with a gleaming weapon leapt upon him. And so he fell to the flesh-being, his stone heart stopping, and he was fully a shadow, hovering invisibly over the trees and corpses. And so he shall be forever.

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