Avatar: The Way of Water

Disclaimer: I tried my best not to spoil anything, but there may still be some accidental spoilers.


Avatar: The Way of Water is the second movie in the Avatar series. It is a science fiction/action movie directed by James Cameron. It was released recently, on December 16th, 2022.


Jake Sully and Ney’tiri, with their new family, must flee the Omitikaya clan due to an old threat returning even stronger than last time. They live with one of the Metikayan clan and have to adapt to their new oceanic environment. When Spider, a human friend of the family who also has a complicated family history, is kidnapped by the enemy, the threat to the family is at its greatest.

After getting off to a bumpy start, and finding it difficult to adapt to the ocean environment, the old threats progress, and with new determination to get revenge, they start to move in on Jake Sully and his family. Jake Sully, Ney’tiri, and their four children make new friends and must face the old threat together.

They discover new creatures in their new environment, and the new characters are all just as interesting, mesmerizing, and complicated as the old ones. Then, with an amazing and feirce, back and forth battle at the end, you feel sympathy for all sides of the battle.


I really loved this movie, and it’s really difficult not to spoil anything, but the special effects are absolutely amazing, and every minute of this movie is engrossing.

Also, the character dynamics and interactions with one another are amazing, and you love all of the characters, especially the relationships between the siblings (Jake Sully’s and Neytiri’s children), who all have different, interesting backgrounds.


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