If He Had Been with Me


If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin is a contemporary teen romance book published on April 2nd, 2013.


This book is about a girl named Autumn, who loves literature and writing. She lives next door to Finny, with whom she has been best friends since they were born. Until, all of a sudden they weren’t friends anymore, and Autumn had to find another friend group at the start of high school.

She found a new friend group, and she finds a boy in this newly formed friend group. When they start dating, Autumn discovers more and more things about herself. She feels conflicted and thinks about what could’ve been as she is thrown into love, regret, and deep sadness.


In this heartbreaking book, even though you see the ending coming, it still hits hard and still has twists. Would recommend, though it got a little repetitive in the middle.


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