My throat has ached for the longest time

my eyes are teary and dull

this deep depression overtook me

and loneliness filled my soul

My face is blank and I cannot speak

for I have nothing to speak for

there is nowhere for me to walk

I can only encounter this closed door

I’m trapped inside this somber cell

sitting at the bottom of your weathered well

until you change forever I’ll dwell

boiling in misfortunes’ spell

My thoughts are clouded by gloom and grief

swarmed in hatred and disbelief

my heart is enveloped in the darkest wreath

and yet you still stand there with one half of my missing piece.

 -Marie Walters, 2017




Falling Heights


Do you lack imagination

where do your loyalties lie

when you find yourself feeling down

do you soar high up in the sky


Can you understand the feelings

of the beings around you

without even knowing

who they are


And why does watching

the birds flying up so high

make you feel down


Or does it lift you up?


But to do that you must have imagination

and know where your loyalties lie

and when you find yourself down

soar high up in the sky


And understand the feelings

of the beings around you

without even knowing

who they are


And when you feel the wind on your face

from the top of the tallest tree

and then fall down



and yet you’re still higher than you’ve ever been before.


-Marie Walters, June 2017





The Candle

My candle flickers

fall and rise

the flame is golden

enlightened eyes

they see the future

and the past

they know beginning

and the last

fulfillment is not

just a word

for it grants us

wings of the bird

to fly and turn

and shift and soar



the wick it burns

through life itself

it represents not

foolish wealth

that which people


their strengths

and goals

point where they’re from

the wax a body

burning low

when it runs out

a soul must go

a life long-lived

a heart that’s full

a mind at peace

with beauty’s lull

my candle flickers

swoops then dies

my body is gone

my soul will rise


-Marie Walters, October 2017

Confliction of Feelings

The best way to clear your mind is with a fresh start; a new day, an unread book, a blank paper. Your head is so full of everything that thinking is impossible, and you can’t focus on the current world. Your thoughts are drawn to something irrelevant, that no one else finds care to worry about. But you just can’t get it off your mind. Everything you do is a struggle, like trying to swim against the waves in the ocean. Every time you think you have a way out, CRASH. Another wave hits you, reminding you of that burden you shouldn’t have to bear. So why are you bearing it then? We have a choice to do things, the capability to know right from wrong. And yet our feelings always lead us down a road that overtakes us, making us weak and selfish. Your wisdom cannot be shared if you have no care to share it. New opportunities cannot be pursued if you have no care to pursue them. But your feelings can always be felt, that is something that we have no control over. Let me ask, how do you deal with yours?

What I describe as these overtaking feelings is not for every emotion. Most of the time, it is good to feel. We feel love, joy, grief, hurt, and compassion. The endless positive persuaders of the mind are not evil. But when you let your mind take over is where the problem begins. There is now room for excessive longing, hatred, and depression. They are unexpected and tolling. The confliction of feelings it that you no longer have the control, and your life just turns upside down because of the smallest thing possible. You have to fight the waves. And never stop. Because the longer you fight, the stronger you become. And then you may take control once more.

– 3344marigoldsunrise-182302_960_720

Cornfield Moon


The night is dark

the field is bright

the moon emits

its white blue light

the grasses wave

beneath the stars

oh silent night

whilst near or far

the air is clean

it smells so sweet

of corn and hay

and tall dried wheat

raccoons are hunting

for their loot

the old grey owl

perched and hoots

trees are black

against the sky

still when no one

dares to fly

asleep are people

in their homes

while white tailed deer

graze where they roam

invisible locusts

sing and chime

while the breeze

moves slowly

passing in time

flocks of birds

deep in their nests

bury their heads

to ge a good rest

the moon glows bright

and far below

the world pleads for it

not to go

deep in the heart

of the cornfield moon

that wish is granted

to come again soon.


– Marie Walters, August 2017

Can I Get There by Candlelight?

How many miles to Babylon?

Three score miles and ten.

Can I get there by candlelight?

Yes, and back again.

If your heels are nimble and light,

You can get there by candlelight.

Review by: 3344marigold

Gail Simmons and her family have just moved, and while their new house is being built, they are renting an old coachman’s house, the main house torn down long ago. Gail’s parents are busy working and such. But Gail and her pony, Candy (Short for Candlelight), have a whole summer ahead of them of riding and exploring. The estate had many acres of lawn and meadow, perfect for both activities. One afternoon while exploring on Candy, Gail discovers an old, rusty iron gate, which perhaps has not been opened for years. With the help of some oil, she gets it open. On the other side is a soft, mossy path leading through lush, shady woods. As they ride deeper, they abruptly come to a wide, sunlit lawn, where a tiny white dog comes at them, barking hysterically. Frightened, Candy bucks and Gail is thrown. As Gail tries to catch her, she sees a girl dressed in what seemed to be apparel from one hundred years before running across the lawn towards her. Hilary Blake, resident of the house in the woods, apologizes for her dog scaring Candy. After they catch her, Hilary expresses her love for riding and horses to Gail. Gail doesn’t know this girl, but she senses the spark of a friendship. Throughout the summer, Gail and Candy ride back to Babylon, the estate where Hilary lives. Gail is surprised at how well Hilary rides, and they even end up driving Candy in Hilary’s beautiful pony cart. But every time Gail rode back home for the night, she wondered, who was Hilary really? Was it all a joke? After all, she was dressed from the 1800s and had maids and horse-drawn buggies… Gail always had the urge to go back though. One day Hilary showed Gail a polished trunk with a riding suit and hat and a pretty sidesaddle lay. Gail remembered she had found one like it in the abandoned carriage house. And the initials on them, HB. Hilary Blake. Something was not right. Gail’s father had told her that the Babylon estate had been gone for years. So how was it possible that when they crossed the iron gate, they found it?

This is a good cliffhanger read, that throws stuff at you when you’re least expecting it. It is also a fairly easy read, 122 pages, I read it in a few hours.  I liked how descriptive and detailed Jean Slaughter Doty was when writing this, it really helps with processing the events. Animal characters are also always so lovable and amusing, as Candy was. This is a great book to read when you have nothing to do or are bored. It is also a fairly old book, and most of the time they are simple and enjoyable. I hope you find it as interesting as I did!

The Tales Of Edgar Allen Poe: Part 1 of 4


Review by: 3344marigold

Note: Poe’s tales can be quite disturbing and scary to some readers. (He was a very odd, crazed man!) If you are not a fan of this type of literature, I do not suggest you read Poe.

The tales of Edgar Allen Poe is a classic, compiling short to medium length stories written by Poe. They’re usually truly great tales. I found some interesting, others disturbing. (If you’ve read Poe, you know what I mean) It’s all about your taste.

The Cask of Amontillado                  

Montresor had delt with Fortunato’s harassing of him for a while, but when he insulted him, Montresor decided he must kill his friend. Fortunato prized himself in his connoisseurship in wine, and his endless vaults below his mansion. Montresor tricks him down to the vaults to kill him, Fortunato oblivious to what plot is taking place.

The Black Cat

A man writes about an experience he had with a cat he had owned. He had always been an animal lover, and when he married, found that his wife loved animals too. They had birds, goldfish, a fine dog, rabbits, a small monkey, and a cat. The man especially loved this cat, feeding and petting him. Over the years though, he developed an illness that caused him to neglect and ill use his pets. One night, coming home drunk and sick, he saw his cat and ended up hurting it badly. The cat recovered, but with a scar that reminded the man of what he had done to it. Unable to bear his guilt, he hangs the cat by the neck on a tree in the garden. That night, there is a fire in his house, and the neighbors find a hole in the wall of a cat with a noose around the neck. More events happen to the man that seem to have been caused by his sin of killing the black cat.

The Tell-Tale Heart

A man plans to kill an old man because of his evil glass eye. For seven days he went into his room and shone a lantern light on the eye to see if it was watching him. On the last night, the old man is awaken by a noise from the other man. In terror that someone was in his room, his heart beat faster and faster, louder and louder. Then he died… Later, police come to the house to investigate because a neighbor heard a scream. They find nothing, because the man cleverly hid the dead man beneath the floorboards. Then he hears a ringing. A heartbeat? From under the floorboards. Faster and faster, louder and louder…