Umberland( Book Review)


Review by: apiazza4

Umberland, the second book in the Everland series, by Wendy Spinale is a remade version of Alice in Wonderland. This series is about the deadly Horologia virus ripping through the world. The English were working on the virus in a lab but the Blooded Queen of Germany strategically bombed this lab so that the virus got released into the air. Everyone is falling ill and there is no end in sight.

In this book, Doc finds the Professor’s journal that includes a missing ingredient of the virus. This ingredient is a poisonous apple from a tree that supposedly no longer exists. With this new information, Doc realizes they aren’t sick at all – they are poisoned. He needs this apple to make an antidote. Countless people are depending on it and he must enlist the help of someone crazy to retrieve the apple. Since Doc needs to stay and care for the ill, Duchess Alyssa of England goes to the Maddox Hadder, who knows how to get the apple. The apple tree is in the middle of the Bloodred Queens labyrinth. This is already extremely dangerous, but with two of the Bloodred Queen’s men looking for the same thing, it is even more so. With the Duchess gone and the Queen too ill to rule, England goes into chaos.

I liked this book because it was a twist on regular fairy tales and it combined a lot of different fairy tales into one interesting story. I recommend this book because it is very interesting and you will not be able to put it down.

The Sorceress, By: Michael Scott


Sophie and Josh Newman are the twins. The twins of legend to be exact. When their auras are Awakened, there is no longer any doubt in Dr. John Dee’s mind who they are and what they are capable of. Dee is an evil immortal magician with immense power and he will stop at nothing to retrieve the twins who have the last pages of the Codex.  

The Codex and the twins will allow him to complete the Final Summoning. Then the Dark Elders will return and destroy the human race. Sophie and Josh are on the run with the immortal alchemist Nicholas Flamel. He is teaching them how to control their powers and protecting them from Dee.  

When the twins and Flamel get to England they are picked up by the Saracen knight, who is an ally. He takes them to his extremely protective castle. It’s made of crushed cars so that people think it’s actually just a junk yard.  

All of this protection doesn’t protect them from Dee, the Archon, and the Wild Hunt when they attack, though. The Archon is an ancient beast that is bigger than a car, with the face of a human but the body of an animal. It is feared by all even by some of the Elders. The Wild Hunt are the Archon’s minions, people who had wronged him in the past that he turned into wolves to do his bidding. Dee and his allies felt the twins’ auras spark up and they knew it was a great opportunity to capture them. When the twins, Flamel, and the knight escape they go on an adventure to strengthen their powers and save Flamel’s wife, the Sorceress, from Alcatraz.  

This book was very fun and exciting. The author incorporated real myths and actual history into the story which made it even better. I definitely recommend this book and the rest of the series if you like fantasy books with gods and creatures.

Listen to the Moon ( Book Review)


Listen to the Moon by Michael Morpugo is a true story of his grandmother during World War I. She and her mother were at home in New York while her father was off fighting in the war. When they get a letter telling them that her father was wounded and in a hospital in England, they decide that they would travel to England to be with him.

They travel on the Lusitania, one of the grandest ships of the time. While traveling through German infested waters, the ship gets torpedoed and there is chaos. Passengers rush toward the limited number of lifeboats, but most of them must stay behind. Morpugo’s grandmother, Merry, was forced onto a lifeboat because she was just a child, but Merry’s mother didn’t make it out in time. They started to paddle out into the ocean but the boat was too full so it tipped over. She wouldn’t give up so she swam until she came across the ships piano, which she crawled up onto and rested.

She was floating by herself for so long that she lost her memory and her ability to speak by the time a German submarine found her. The crew of German soldiers brought her aboard and gave her food and water. It was against the rules of the German army to bring other people aboard  so they dropped her off at the nearest land which was The Scilly Islands. The Wheatcroft family found her wrapped in a blanket with a German name printed on it. Being in England during the war was a big problem so the Wheatcrofts went on a search to find out who the girl was and how she got there.

I liked this book because it was amazing to see how a little girl could overcome all this change and devastation in her life.

I recommend Listen to the Moon because it is entertaining and suspenseful. At the same time you learn a lot of cool history.


See How They Run(Book Review)


See How They Run by Ally Carter is the story of 16-year-old Grace Blakely. For three years she has been trying to figure out the secrets behind her mother’s murder. Instead of getting her answers and feeling better she just gets into a much bigger mystery.

Grace is the granddaughter of the U.S. ambassador to Adria. She lives in the embassy on Embassy Row and life is pretty normal until her brother returns. He has been away at army training school. When he returns, he brings his new friend with him.

Her brother, Jamie, and his friend Spence come because he’s worried about Grace. And he should be! He doesn’t know it yet but Grace was recruited for a secret society of women assassins by her grandpa’s head of staff. According to her, the women of Adria have been protecting the city for a thousand years. Grace’s mother was a part of this group and Grace is trying to figure out if this is what got her killed.

Grace’s friends don’t know about this so they think she’s acting strange for a different reason. To cheer her up, they invite Grace to a high school party on the island way off the shore of Adria. Grace really isn’t into this party so she wanders inland and finds some ruins with the Society’s symbol on it. Unfortunately, Spence follows her and Grace had to pretend like she doesn’t know what the symbol is.

Something crazy happens and Alexei, Jamie’s older friend, gets mad and starts a fight with Spence. It is all recorded by the other students. Alexei is just trying to be protective of Grace. They grew up together on Embassy Row, he’s the Russian Ambassador’s son. Surprisingly the next morning Spence’s body washes up on the shore of Adria and everyone blames it on Alexei. Very clearly in the video of the fight, he said that if Spence did this again he would kill him.

This leads to Alexei becoming a fugitive and a much crazier truth shaping Grace’s life.

This is by far the best mystery series I’ve ever read. It’s suspenseful and exciting. I definitely recommend this book and I can’t wait to read the next one.

The Fixer(Book Review)


The Fixer, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, is the story of Tess Kendrick’s life after she leaves her grandfather’s ranch in Montana to live with her sister in Washington, D.C. Her sister, Ivy, who she hasn’t seen in years, comes one day to take him to an assisted living home in Boston. With her grandfather gone and her parents dead, Tess has no other choice but to go live with her sister. Tess never really knew what Ivy did for a living, but it must have paid well because she had her own “driver”.

Ivy enrolls Tess in one of D.C.’s most prestigious schools, Hardwicke. Tess hears that kids of mostly high-powered people in Washington go there, like the vice president’s daughter. So Tess is confused about why she was accepted.

On her first day she finds out the answer. Vivvie, the girl assigned to show Tess around, lets it slip.  Apparently Ivy is someone people in D.C. refer to as a “fixer.” She is hired by politicians and important people in the government to cover things up. According to Vivvie she’s the best in her game, feared by everyone. Also, on her first day Tess follows in her sister’s footsteps, helping the vice president’s daughter with a serious problem. Soon everyone is asking Tess for favors because news travels fast at Hardwicke.

Shortly after, Ivy gets a call telling her that a Supreme Court justice suffered a heart attack. He was brought into surgery with the president’s own doctor but dies shortly after.

Vivvie’s father is actually the doctor who operated on the judge and she shares some unsettling news with Tess. She learns a shocking truth about her dad and the Justice’s death.

Was it murder? It sure wasn’t just a one-person job. It involved a kidnapping by the last person you would have ever thought.

The author made the events in this book seem real.

I highly recommend this book. I couldn’t stop turning the pages and there was a surprise around every corner.

The Forgetting (Book Review)


The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron is about the city of Canaan and how it’s citizens have to put their trust in a personal book. The reason they need these books is because each citizen goes through something called, “the Forgetting”. The Forgetting happens every 12 years to everyone. All citizens forget everything they ever knew, including their families and identities. Their books stay with them at all times and hold their memories, describing everything important they will forget. Once a book gets filled up they are put into the city’s archives for safe keeping.

The city is surrounded by a wall to “protect” them from the outside world. But there is nothing to protect them on the inside.

In this city, bad things happen when citizens don’t follow the rules. The council hurts them for inappropriate reasons as ordered by the ruler Janis.

The main character, Nadia, is the only one in the city who can remember; at least she thinks she is. Nadia is a rebellious teenager with a sad past. Before the last Forgetting her real father took the books of Nadia’s mother and sister and created new ones for them with a different father. Nadia remembers all of this and she is confused about why her father, who she thought loved her, would do such a thing. She didn’t realize it was all to protect their family.

One day Nadia gets caught going over the wall by Gray, one of her old school mates. She has to agree to take him with her next time so he doesn’t tell the authorities. When they go over the wall they get to know each other a little more and Nadia starts to trust him.

After that, Nadia and Gray keep going over the wall. At first, it’s for exploring until they find a mysterious door in the side of the mountain. The password for it is on a weird bracelet that Nadia found in her old book in the archives. A book she thought her real dad had destroyed.

The adventure continues with betrayals and other crazy surprises.

I recommend this book because it’s suspenseful, interesting, and a real page turner.

Two Summers(Book Review)


I read the book Two Summers by Aimee Friedman. Summer Everett lives in upstate New York with her mom, but is invited to her dad’s vacation house in France for the summer. Summer’s sixteenth birthday is during the summer so she’s excited to spend it in France. Her dad lives in France because he is a painter with some famous paintings in museums. When Summer gets to the airport about to board her plane she gets a phone call from her dad. He wants to tell her not to come. So when she answers it she stays in New York but when she doesn’t answer it she still goes to France. The book is split up so that one part shows what happens when she goes to France and the next part shows what happens when she doesn’t go to France.

When Summer gets to her dad’s house there are two people staying there, a woman, Vivienne, and her daughter, Eloise. Summer just assumes these are artist friends that her father had mentioned, but she will find out they are much more than that.

Something else she realizes is that her father is all the way in Berlin for an artist event. Summer can’t tell her mom or she will be forced back to New York for the summer. In the mean time, Summer can go to all the places she found in her travel guide that looked nice. At the top of her list though is to the museum where Fille is hung, the painting her dad made of her when she was young that’s hanging in a museum. She is so happy and proud that her painting is in a museum. Later when she’s going through her father’s sketches she finds the Fille sketch, but it doesn’t have her name on it.

When Summer stays home for the summer, she decides to take her aunt’s photography class at the college. Also staying home for the summer starts to drive her and her best friend, Ruby, apart. During her time off, Summer learns how to be more confident and learns her dad has a huge secret. This secret is what brings Summer and Ruby back together in the end.

Some things I liked about this book are how real it seemed and how you never saw what was coming next.

I would recommend this book because it’s so interesting I couldn’t put it down.