The cover of the movie Frozen shows two animated females, two animated males, a reindeer, and a snowman centered in the frozen woods.

I rewatched Frozen a while ago . This music-filled Disney movie follows two sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa has magic powers that consist of her being able to produce snow and ice from the tips of her fingers. She tries her best to conceal these powers after striking Anna in the head, leading to their estranged sisterhood.

After the death of their parents, Elsa accidentally reveals her powers to her kingdom and runs away. While chasing her, Anna meets Kristoff, who she ends up falling in love with; his reindeer, Sven; and a snowman named Olaf, who Anna and Elsa created when they were children. Along their journey, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart and after she dies, hugs her to bring her back to life. This movie ends with Elsa being crowned queen and the sisters becoming close again.

The big twist that many people saw coming is that Anna’s fiancé, Hans, betrayed her and told her he never loved her as she was dying. He seemed pretty shady from the start, at least to me. There aren’t any songs from the movie that I don’t absolutely love. Kristen Bell voices Anna, and she has that youthful, yet mature voice that fits perfectly. Josh Gad voices Olaf and there is no one more perfect to voice this adorable and hilarious snowman. Kristoff is voiced by Jonathan Groff, who was alright but didn’t stand out. This movie also had a lot of detail in the animation which was awesome.


The cover of the DVD for Joker shows a man in a red suit and clown makeup on a stairway in a city

This phenomenal movie follows Arthur Fleck on his journey to becoming the Clown Prince of Crime. Throughout the movie, he deals with his deteriorating mental health, which is made worse when he finds out that his mother betrayed him and had lied to him his whole life; he is rejected by Thomas Wayne, who he believes is his father; and he is made fun of and belittled by his friends and his idol.

Joaquin Phoenix executes the role of Arthur Fleck perfectly and I can’t see anyone else playing him. Despite him turning into a murderous clown, I empathized with Arthur and felt sad for him. I genuinely wanted him to be happy and succeed in life even after he started murdering people. One of the biggest twists was finding out that his relationship with his neighbor, Sophie, was imagined by him. Obviously there were multiple scenarios that were in his head, which really made me wonder how much of the movie was real and how much was his imagination.

His character development was interesting because I could ready see Arthur start to disappear and by the end of the movie, Arthur was completely gone – he was fully the Joker. One of the most common things Arthur does throughout Joker is dance. His dancing was eerie and unusual but it really just felt like something Arthur would do. I read an article that stated that dancing is Arthur’s transformation into the Joker, which made it all the more powerful.

All of the actors in this movie did an amazing job in their roles: Zazie Beetz as Sophie, Frances Conroy as Arthur’s mom, Robert De Niro as talk-show host Murray Franklin, and Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne. This movie didn’t feel like a typical comic book movie – it was much more brilliant. I will definitely be watching this movie time and time again in the future!

Zombieland: Double Tap

DVD cover of Zombieland: Double Tap shows 2 male and 2 female characters facing the camera
Zombieland: Double Tap

I saw Zombieland: Double Tap. I went into this movie without having seen the first one, but I was able to follow along really well. This sequel takes place ten years after the first movie and it follows Tallahassee, Columbus, and Wichita on their journey to find Little Rock.

Early in the movie, Little Rock leaves with Wichita after feeling smothered by Tallahassee and Columbus. Wichita returns to enlist the help of the two guys. The trio, along with a ditzy girl named Madison, set out for Graceland, where Little Rock is headed with her new pacifist boyfriend, Berkeley. While traveling there, they discover a new, stronger type of zombie, which Columbus calls the “T-800.”

Upon arriving at Graceland, they meet Nevada, whom Tallahassee takes a liking to, and discover Little Rock has already left, so they leave for her next destination: a pacifist commune named Babylon. There they find Little Rock. Tallahassee then sets off on his own, only to find an army of T-800s headed for Babylon. He arrives and the four of them, along with Nevada, save Babylon and head out on their next adventure.

This movie stars Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus, Emma Stone as Wichita, Abigail Breslin as Little Rock, Rosario Dawson as Nevada, Zoey Deutch as Madison, and Avan Jogia as Berkeley. Harrelson and Eisenberg were hilarious and their chemistry was awesome. I was unimpressed with both Stone and Breslin–their chemistry together and with the two guys was lacking. Stone did have some funny lines. Deutch hilariously delivered all of her lines but her chemistry with the rest of the cast wasn’t there, although that might have to do with the characters’ relationships with her.

Overall, Columbus with his rules and Madison with her dumb lines both made the movie hilarious. I enjoyed seeing the two of them on the big screen the most. The movie was narrated by Columbus, which made it even better. I’ll definitely watch it again, but maybe I’ll start with the first movie this time.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Image result for fast and furious hobbs and shaw

I went into this movie with low expectations because I have not seen any of the Fast and Furious movies. This movie follows two rivals, Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, as they reluctantly have to team up to save the world from a virus that has the potential to wipe out the entire population. The two of them, along Shaw’s sister, Hattie, have to battle Vrixton Lore, an Eteon operative with robotic superhuman abilities.

At the beginning of the movie, Hattie injects herself with Snowflake, which is the virus, and has to either be killed or have it removed using a device located in Eteon headquarters. Luckily in the end, Hobbs and Shaw are able to work out their differences to do what’s best for the fate of humanity and they figure out how to defeat their enemy. This movie has an all-star cast, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, Vanessa Kirby, Idris Elba, Ryan Reynolds, and Kevin Hart.

The two lead actors had great chemistry and they really played off one another when in character. Vanessa Kirby, who plays Hattie, had great chemistry with Jason Statham, who plays her brother, Deckard Shaw, but her chemistry with Dwayne Johnson, who plays Luke Hobbs, was missing something and I didn’t love their one-on-one interactions because of that. Vanessa Kirby makes Hattie look like the coolest woman ever though so she did a great job! Idris Elba, in this movie known as Vrixton Lore, was a fantastic villain and I enjoyed seeing him as an undefeated cyborg.

I spent the entire movie wondering how they were going to beat him when it seemed so impossible. Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart, though playing very minor characters, were hilarious as usual, however I spent the whole movie suspicious of Ryan Reynolds’ character, as he seemed evil to me. I wish I had seen the Fast & Furious movies before seeing this one because I didn’t know if I was missing key elements of the plot that took place in those movies or if I was getting the full picture. Overall, this movie turned out better than I originally expected.


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In the movie Stuber an unlucky Uber driver obsessed with getting a 5-star rating from his passengers that picks up a Los Angeles Police Department Detective named Vic, played by Dave Bautista, who is on a mission to catch a drug dealer that killed his partner. Throughout the movie, Stu is trying to get Vic where he needs to go as fast as possible so he can spend time with a girl he is in love with.

Vic is also dealing with the fact that he doesn’t have a connection with his daughter, Nicole, played by Natalie Morales. To make matters worse, Vic also just got laser eye surgery and cannot see anything clearly. The movie itself was hilarious and had an interesting storyline. I didn’t think that a whole movie about an Uber driver and a police officer could be so interesting.

Kumail Nanjiani had some amazing lines that he delivered perfectly. Many people criticized Dave Bautista for this role, saying it was just like all his other roles. I liked him in this movie, but I could have seen another actor, perhaps Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Vin Diesel, in this role just as easily. Dane Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani had a little chemistry, but were very funny because they contrasted each other so much. This movie has a major plot twist that the audience figures out in the middle of the movie, but the characters in the movie have no idea.

Jimmy Tatro has a minor role as Stu’s manager at his day job working in a sporting goods store. He was hilarious and I enjoyed his on-screen presence. I hated the ending, when Vic goes to Nicole’s house for Christmas, only to find out that she’s dating Stu. There was no build-up to their relationship, they had barely any scenes together, and it felt forced and unnatural.

Godzilla: King of The Monsters

Godzilla King of the Monsters Movie

Last Thursday I saw Godzilla: King of the Monsters. This movie follows the rise of Titans with the help of Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) and Alan Jonah (Charles Dance), who is the leader of an eco-terrorist group, as well as one organization’s quest to stop Titans from rising. Emma Russell creates a machine called an ORCA, which sends out a signal that all Titans react to. She wants to release all of them in order to restore balance in the world and save humanity because after Titans wreak havoc, new life thrives in those locations.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Dr. Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) helps Monarch, an organization trying to contain the Titans, because Godzilla killed their son five years earlier. After releasing “Monster Zero,” a three-headed alien that appears unbeatable, they realize that this monster is not a Titan and will wipe out the human race. The only being that can defeat Monster Zero is Godzilla. Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown), the second child of Emma and Mark, steals the ORCA and initiates a fight between Godzilla and Monster Zero. In the end, Emma heroically sacrifices herself, but humanity is saved and Titans and humans coexist in a thriving world. The actors are all good, except I couldn’t feel a connection to any of the characters and I didn’t know who to root for.

The graphics of this movie were amazing and there was so much detail put into each of the monsters. I really loved the twist when they realized that Monster Zero was an alien, not a Titan. I feel that Emma did not have to die for the sake of humanity and it was unnecessary. Charles Dance portrayed an excellent villain. One notable scene is right before Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) dies and he has a genuine connection with Godzilla, who he devoted his life to. I also was expecting to see more than just three Titans in this movie, so that was disappointing

The Curse of La Llorona

The Curse of La Llorona Movie

The Curse of La Llorona. La Llorona, or “weeping woman,” is a Mexican folktale about a woman that drowns her children as revenge to her cheating husband, then cries after realizing what she’s done. She spends the rest of eternity searching for children to drown. This movie stars Linda Cardellini as Anna, a widow with two children. Cardellini is phenomenal in motherhood roles.

This movie takes place in the 1970s and follows Anna in her social work case investigating a mother and two sons, who are being haunted by La Llorona. After the death of the two boys in the case, La Llorona starts tormenting Anna and her kids, Sam and Chris, the former played by Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen and the latter played by Roman Christou, who are alright in their roles and could improve with maturation. Raymond Cruz portrays Rafael Olvera, a former priest that helps Anna and her family fight off the evil spirit.

He was very good in character and actually had some funny one-liners. I enjoyed the light-heartedness from this movie that really scared me. Patricia Velásquez played the scared mother who had her two boys taken from her, and then later killed by La Llorona. She was excellent in this role. Upon learning of her sons’ deaths, her character, who is also named Patricia, prayed to La Llorona to take Anna’s children instead of hers.

Her character seemed unreasonable but I also could not imagine putting myself in her shoes after what she had been through, so I cannot judge her actions fairly. This movie was extremely terrifying, but that’s possibly just because I get scared easily. It had a good story line, unlike many other horror movies. It is also in the same universe as The Conjuring and Annabelle