The Three Stooges Collection, Volume 1

three-stooges-largeReview by: coolkid73

During the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, there was a comedy trio known as The Three Stooges, which consisted of actors Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Howard . They made 190 short films, and in the late 90s their shorts were released in a DVD series known as The Three Stooges Collection, which had eight volumes. This review is only about the first one, which features their first 19 short films. These shorts have been remastered in high definition and high quality sound, but are still in black and white. Here are some of my favorite shorts on this DVD.

“Men In Black”- In this short, The Stooges are doctors who can’t do their jobs. The jokes in this short are hilarious. It can be kind of boring to watch, but if you can understand the jokes, it’s really funny.

“Pop Goes the Easel”- In this short, The Stooges steal brooms from a store and hide in an art school to escape the police. This short has some great jokes, but the most interesting part is the huge clay fight towards the end.

“False alarms”- In this short, The Stooges work at a fire station but mess up every task and steal the chief’s car. It is a little too long in my opinion, but it’s funny to see The Stooges mess up every task they’re given and wreck the chief’s car.

“Whoops I’m an Indian”- In this short the stooges hide out in Native American disguises but are in trouble when they meet a guy whose wife just ran off with Native Americans. The humor is at its best here.

Hope you have enjoyed this reveiw and be sure to buy this DVD for yourself, or check it out on YouTube. Thanks for reading.

Top 5 three stooges shorts


Surely you have heard of the three stooges. Not the 2012 movie, because that uses actors who resembled the stooges, but the actual trio, who made 190 short films between 1934 and 1959. All 190 short films can be seen on a series of dvds called the Three Stooges Collection. The trio originally consisted of Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Howard. However, in 1947, Curly suffered a stroke during the filming of “Half Wits Holiday” and was replaced by his brother Shemp Howard. They made several more shorts until Shemp died in 1955 of a heart attack. He was replaced by comedian Joe Besser. So now that you have a little backstory, here are my top 5 favorite shorts.

5. Men in Black: This short is about the stooges being doctors that don’t know how to do their jobs. This short is pretty funny, especially the three running gags: Curly breaking the glass, the babbling intercom, and the hammer space gags.

4. Beer Barrel Polecats: This short is about the stooges getting arrested for making beer. The concept works well and has some weird jokes that surprisingly make sense

3. Shivering Sherlocks: The first short of the Shemp era on this list, the stooges are on the run after they get wrongly accused for a car robbery, but they soon are on the run from the real convicts. This short was a great way to show the stooges’ action abilities.

2. Malice in the Palace: This short has the stooges being hired to retrieve a diamond from one of their customers. Shemp is at his best here and Moe and Larry do a great job at acting

1.  Hoofs and Goofs: The only short on this list from the Joe era, the Joe cannot stop thinking of his dead sister, so Moe tricks him into thinking he will meet her that night. They meet a horse that turns out to be her reincarnated. Their sister is funny and they have pretty funny ways of hiding her from the landlord.

That is the list. If you want to see all of their shorts than all you have to do is buy the three stooges collection dvds. There are 8 dvds in the series, or you can look the shorts up on youtube, people upload them there.

The Eminem Show


You probably heard of Eminem. You know, the rapper not the candy. In 2003 he released his third album called “The Eminem Show.” The album is set up like a musical with skits and songs. Unlike my other album reveiws, im not going track by track, because that could get boring. I’ll just talk about my favorite songs. One of the best songs is called “Business” where Eminem depicts himself as a superhero, going to concerts in need of a performer, and i love the chorus of the song. Also good on the album is “Cleanin Out My Closet” which has a nice beat. There is also my favorite song, “Without Me”. This song has everything good about it. “Sing For The Moment” is another good one, which has some great lyrics. “Superman shows Eminem as a superhero who is about to save a girl, then decides not to, which i find hilarious. Lastly, I think ill talk about “Till i Collapse”, which has the coolest beat on the album. If you want to know the rest of the songs, get the album for yourself. The album also has some skits, my favorite being the one where a guy randomly shoots a girl, and the one where Eminem kills a guy thinking he hates his album. Overall, the album is both catchy and interesting, so it gets a full 10/10.

Dangerous by Michael Jackson


You have probably heard of Michael Jackson, and you’ve probably heard the songs  “Thriller”, “Billie Jean”, and “Beat It”. He’s released tons of albums, but my favorite album by him was called Dangerous, realeased in 1991 . The first song on the album is called “Jam”, and its a good way to start the album. I love the trumpet parts and the killer beat. The next song is “Why You Wanna Trip On Me” and it’s good but I feel he could have done better with the melody. The third song is called “In The Closet”, which has a weird feel to it. The fourth song is called “She Drives Me Wild”. This song has a hip hop feel that makes it incredible. The fifth song is called “Remember The Time” and the melody sounds weird but the vocals are incredible. Track six is called “Can’t Let Her Get Away” which also has a hip hop feel to it. Seventh is “Heal The World”, which features the voices of little kids and is very peaceful, with the message that the world can be a better place. Eighth song is “Black Or White”, which goes for an amazing heavy metal feel with the guitar. Ninth is “Who Is It”. This song is sad, but catchy, and the synth sounds are incredible, along with the drums. Tenth song is “Give Into Me”, which is sad but more catchy then the previous track. Next we have “Will You Be There”, which is my least favorite on the album because of its slow beginning, and I tend to fall asleep throughout the song. After that we have “Keep The Faith”, which is also not my favorite. After that is “Gone Too Soon”, which is soothing but also boring. The album closes with “Dangerous”. I love the rap and the beat. The album starts and ends amazingly, but some songs are not my favorite, so I give it an 8/10. Thanks for reading and I hope you give this album a listen.

Ranking the 3d zeldas


The Legend of Zelda is one of the best game series out there. To celebrate the release of Breath of the Wild, I decided to rank the already existing 3d zelda games, of which there are only five not counting the new one. This is not a reveiw in any of them, just a quick opinion statement. Here we go.

5. Skyward Sword. Wii motion controls are the worst. In fact, the sword in this game is controlled by the motion controls. This game was only released on the Wii. The motion controls are the reason this is the only zelda game that continuously frustrated me throughout.

4. Ocarina Of Time. Look, the problem with this ranking is that somebody had to take the lower spots, and Ocarina of time was the first 3d zelda title. While I prefer the Nintendo 64 version, it is also on the gamecube and 3ds. This game has a lot of flaws and some pretty boring dungeons.

3.Wind Waker. I prefer the Gamecube version, but it is also on Wii U. This game focused on exploration and awesomeness. The soundtrack is incredible. My big complaint is the lack of good dungeon design and the stupid triforce hunt towards the end.

2. Majora’s Mask. This game has no plot. Technically it does, but the plot serves little to no importance. I prefer the Nintendo 64 version, but it is also on 3ds. The atmosphere is great and it has great dungeons and a killer soundtrack.

1. Twilight Princess. Released for the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U, I prefer the GameCube one, with the Wii one being my least favorite because of the motion controls, with the Wii U version being in the middle. This game has the best plot, best dungeons, best soundtrack, and best graphics.

That is my ranking. Just because I prefer one version doesn’t mean I’m saying you must get that version. It just means that’s my personal favorite. Remember to respect my opinion and that is all I have to say. I will probably reveiw each game seperatly in the future.

Songs from the Big Chair by Tears For Fears


In the 80s there was a British band called Tears for Fears. They were successful in the music industry. They have released six albums so far. Their most popular album is their second album, Songs from the Big Chair. This was actually the last album to feature keyboardist Ian Stanley and drummer Manny Elias (the other members were guitarist/singer Roland Orzabal and bassist Curt Smith). Let’s go track by track. The album opens with the lengthy “Shout” which was their most popular song. I like it, but it goes on and on and doesnt know when to end. The next song is the soothing “The Working Hour” which is calm and has a great beat to it. 3rd is “Everybody Wants to rule the world”. I like this song but it’s too overrated. The 4th song is “Mothers Talk” which has good lyrics, good guitar solos, and a good beat. The next track is “I Believe” which is a peaceful jazz melody. The album goes from a peaceful tone to a chaotic tone with the shortest song on the album, which is also my favorite, “Broken”. Great guitar solo, and it leads directly into the next track, “Head Over Heels”, which is a great song with loads of keyboard lines. The album ends with the longest song on the album, and also the most peaceful of them all, “Listen”. This track relies on keyboards and percussion effects. Each song is distinct and has a different feel and genre to it.You have heavy beats, calm jazz melodies, and even tribal sounds. The whole album is great and I recommend you give it a listen, it’s availible on iTunes and Google play and whatever other music sources are out there. There is nothing I dislike about this album, so it gets a 10/10.

Sonic Spinball


In the past I have only done posts about stuff I like, but today I decided to review something I hate. A lot of people hate this game, including me. Sonic Spinball was released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis, also known as the Mega Drive. This game has you controlling Sonic the Hedgehog as a pinball through four different levels to stop Dr. Robotnik, also known as Eggman from proceeding with his evil plot. The problem is that there are so many instant hazards and you barely have any control over Sonic, which means you will easily die. There is also no way to save your progress, so if you die at the final boss, you have to restart from level one again (it took me four months before I was able to beat the first level for the first time, and a year and two months to beat the whole game for the first time). The levels are Toxic Caves (a large sewer system filled with toxic), Lava Powerhouse (a factory filled with lava and hazards, my favorite level in the game), The Machine (a machine filled with spikes, this level is very hard), and Showdown (a launch base for a rocket, where you fight the final boss, also the hardest level ever). The soundtrack is good. The level themes are catchy. The only song I don’t like is the options theme, which is enough to hurt your ears. The lack of good level design and no save feature gives this game a 2/10.