“The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly”, Part 2: Book Review


“He watches me a moment, and I wonder if he can read my expression that I will never tell him the truth. I’ll give him a version of events, a half-truth, but I haven’t told anyone what happened in those smoke-filled moments in January when I stood over the Prophet’s body and watched him take his last ungodly breath.

And I never will”.

This enigmatic novel is definitely one that will make you read one chapter after the other. Full of mystery, suspense, and flashbacks, this is a very unique and intriguing novel. It is such an unpredictable book. Even if you think that you know what will happen next in the story, or if you think you solved the mystery of the murder, you actually didn’t. The mystery of the Prophet’s murder is so far away from what I thought it was. It is a book that I would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys mystery and twist.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Even though it does not have any action, it is definitely very interesting. Even though it is a book with and extraordinary plot, I would rate it 4.5/5 for the use of bad words.

Ages — +12.


“The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly”, Part 1: Summary (Book Review)

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly is a Young Adult, Fiction novel, by Stephanie Oakes. Published by Dial Books, it is a novel of 400 pages. Though there is no action in the book, the mystery of who killed the Prophet, as well as the practices in the cult, will keep your interest until the last page.

The story begins when Minnow Bly, the main character, attempts to kill a boy, named Philip, after stressing her. “I am a blood-soaked girl,” is how the novel begins, and is what makes the readers want to keep turning the pages. A few pages later, the police are there in order to provide medical assistance to Philip, and to arrest Minnow. They are ready to handcuff Minnow, but there is a small issue — Minnow doesn’t have any hands…

Flashbacks throughout the book reveal to us what had happened earlier. Minnow is a seventeen-year-old, who has just escaped the cult which she was in for the past twelve years of her life. The cult has unusual practices and beliefs. However, the characters don’t refer to it as “cult,” but rather “Community.” The Community is run by the Prophet, named Kevin. His followers refer to themselves as “Kevinians,” in the name of their prophet. The Prophet claims that once, he had met a janitor who was named Charlie, and that he was God. He also claimed that Charlie had told him that he was chosen to write and share his words.

Life in the Community is much different than in the real world. Every day, people wake up early and start doing their chores. Some people milk the cows, and some others clean and do other chores. Every man has multiple wives, so the families are very large, each one having more than ten children. This cult has many strict beliefs. For example, the Prophet claims that women cannot read books, since they are creations of the Devil. We later learn that he wants to keep them illiterate, so they will not be able to read his notes. The believers cannot listen to music, nor do anything that goes against the Prophet’s rules. Whoever doesn’t follow the rules shall see the consequences — the Prophet’s sadistic practices.

That is what happened to Minnow. Since she was considered older, the Prophet wanted to marry her, adding to his other eight wives. Minnow refuses, but the Prophet insists. Therefore, Minnow attempts to escape the Community. When the Prophet’s men catch her, she is sent to the Prophet. The Prophet orders Minnow’s biological father to cut off her hands, and after much debate, he does so.

One day, a fire starts in the Community. Minnow is able to escape into the forest and run to civilization. She attempts to save her sister, but she sees that her father has already gotten her. When she reaches civilization, Philip causes distress to Minnow. Being much exhausted, traumatized, and having witnessed a fire, Minnow is not very patient. Though she does not have any hands, that doesn’t get in the way of kicking Philip, almost to death. Minnow escapes, and the Prophet is mysteriously murdered.

Minnow is sent to a juvenile prison, where she becomes friends with her cellmate, Angel. Not true to her name, Angel had murdered her uncle, giving her the longest sentence of all the prisoners. An FBI agent, referred to as Dr. Wilson, has taken interest in Minnow. He wants to find out who has murdered the Prophet, in return of giving back her freedom. Did anyone in the Community survive? Will Minnow get out of prison? Did Minnow kill the Prophet? Will Dr. Wilson ever know the truth?


“Life Just Got Real”

“Life Just Got Real” is written by Sadie Robertson with Cindy Coloma. Published by Simon & Schuster, Inc., Life Just Got Real is a fiction novel of 278 pages. The setting takes place in Nashville, and the point of view alternates between the two protagonists, AJ Smith, and Kate Kelly.

AJ Smith is a sixteen-year-old who grew up in Louisiana, with her mom, dad, and her brothers, Micah and Noah. Her life mainly consisted of repairing cars with her dad, which was what her dad did for a living, and was AJ’s favorite thing to do. She attended a normal public school, had good friends, and loved to go hunting with her brothers. After her dad died, her mom decided to leave the place where AJ had spent all of her life, and bring the whole family -except from Noah, who went into the military- with her. The change in her life is huge. Her mother has already found a husband, Charles, who has a so n, Sam, and it breaks AJ’s heart to see how fast her mother moved on. She has to attend a private school, and it is very apparent to her that the students there come from a much higher class in society that she does. Many things go wrong- she has to take classes she has never taken before and knows she is going to fail, her grades are not so good, and she has to get through all the drama and gossip that stirred-up the minute she stepped foot on her school. Something feels weird and wrong when she discovers that her mom cannot afford to pay the school, which means that someone else is paying for it- and AJ has no idea who that is. She makes several friends such as Homer and Tae, who used to be Kelly’s best friend. But all this is just the beginning of the drama that is about to change her whole life.

Kate Kelly is the daughter of a famous music producer, and the owner of one of the most famous boutiques. Kate Kelly has two siblings: her older brother, Kaden Kelly, and her younger sister, Kasey Kelly. Kelly is more on the wealthy side, and much more professional. She is mature, a very good student, and a control freak. As an already successful person and class president, Kate has many fake friends, who just want something from her: they want to harm her, or do not care about her. Her “friends” include Lauren, Sandra, Priscilla, Mel, though her best, and probably only true friend, is Palmer. She is in a relationship with Alex, and later in the book, their relationship takes a dramatic twist. Her family is planning to take part in a reality TV show called “Real Life”. Kelly is chosen for the finalist, and is shocked when she learns that AJ, the weird girl who wears red converses, jeans, and her father’s advertisement t-shirts, is chosen to be the other protagonist in Real Life. Along with the fact that her brother, Kaden, is AJ’s prom date, Kate’s life seems to have changed ever since AJ appeared.

“When things go wrong, it’s reality TV’s right”.

I enjoyed reading this book. Even though high school drama seems to be a common theme in many books and movies, this book is much different than the other ones. It does not match the typical stereotype of one person being the mean, spoiled rich girl who is a horrible student, but somehow manages to get through each grade, and the other person being an innocent, poor girl who is a good student. The talents and values of both girls, and all the factors that make them special is what make this novel very unique and interesting. Even though there is no suspense or cliffhangers, there is something about this book that will make you stay up all night reading it.

I would recommend reading this book. I would give this book a 5/5 rating. +12.

“The Christmas Mystery”


“The Christmas Mystery” is a fiction/mystery novel of the series “BookShots”, written by James Patterson and Richard Dilallo. The Christmas Mystery is a novel written by a third person’s point of view, with a focus on the protagonist, Luc Moncrief. It is a 137 page book, filled with an interesting plot, and suspense that will make sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. Published by Little, Brown and Company.

Luc Moncrief is a French detective who lives in New York, and whose wife, Dalia Boaz, died a few months ago. Even though Luc is still devastated by her death, he doesn’t let his loss affect what he enjoys to do the most – solve crimes. Along with his colleague, Katherine, or K. Burke, they make a perfect combination. With Luc, a young, French detective, son of one of the most respectful and wealthy businessmen in France, and K. Burke, a normal detective, with just the right amount of sarcasm to sometimes drive Luc crazy, will make it impossible for you to put the book down.

It is almost Christmas, and along with the chaos and confusion, Luc and K. Burke are out into New York’s streets, to guarantee the safety of all people. The first crime can be seen in just the first page of the novel. Two young, punk, teenage girls, seem to have stolen an elderly woman’s purse. Then, the plot seems to get a little more intense and interesting when their boss, Elliot, assigns the two detectives the homicide of a woman by the name of Ramona Driver Dunlop, or, her nickname, Baby D.

The real plot twist, though, is in the heart of the holiday season. Priceless paintings have disappeared from Park Avenue. Luc and K. Burke have to act and think fast. They have to find all of the paintings that each and one of them seems to cost a fortune, and make sure to catch the killer before he paints the town red. All while trying to make the town a safe environment for New York’s citizens, having to take the place of his multimillionaire father, and trying not to remember the death of his beautiful wife. Of course, his colleague and best friend, K. Burke, stays by his side at all times, and helps him get over his problems, while solving the crime. Seems like Christmas did not go as planned.

“Have yourself a scary little Christmas.”

James Patterson is an amazing author, and his BookShot series are composed of books that are:
• Novels you can devour in a few hours
• Impossible to stop reading
• All original content from James Patterson

My impressions on this book are almost all good. First of all, it is very interesting, and contains just the right amount of useful details throughout the book. It is suspenseful, and despite the limited page number, I am almost sure that most people would enjoy this novel. Though it is not one of my favorite books ever, it is a nice book to spend your time on reading, and I definitely did not regret reading it.

I would highly suggest you reading this book for many reasons. If you like mystery and suspense novels, this is one of the reasons why you should read this book. This book is also great if you have a limited amount of time to read. If these factors apply to you, I can almost guarantee you that you will like this book. It has a few bad words in this book, the main reason being to add to the sarcasm and humor of the author and the protagonists, but they are not too many, and none of them is too inappropriate. Therefore, I would say that this is a +12 book, also because the plot twist can be difficult to understand. I would give this book a 4/5 rating for some of the reasons I mentioned earlier in my review. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, and I would recommend you read it if you are interested in short, mystery novels that are suspenseful.