Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of my all time favorite games. This was the game I would spend hours playing in the living room. I had a blast playing through the game and it was always very exciting to unlock new worlds. I would play the same levels over and over again and never get bored. I always enjoyed exploring the open worlds and finding secret levels. There is always something to do in the game that has not already been done. After you complete the main game, there are more levels and challenges to complete. The game wasn’t easy for me to complete, which also made it worth playing.

Like other Mario games, the game is very long. I think it took me two years to complete the main game. There are many different worlds and levels inside of them. The game’s graphics and the open worlds are extremely good. That is what mostly took me away about this game. Everything in the game is open and you can see an entire galaxy from a space ship. It’s as if seeing it in real life. This game also breaks the laws of physics with the way gravity is altered.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

I loved reading the Harry Potter books when I was 9. That was when I actually enjoyed reading, which was a long time ago, but I still like the series. I never read the seventh book, but I watched all the movies so I know what happens. Harry Potter is one of those series with a dark, ominous mood, which I like to read.

The beginning of the book is very detailed and well thought out. J.K. Rowling does a great job with the setting. J.K. Rowling also does a marvelous job introducing new characters, of course some of the characters are left a mystery because they’re supposed to be shady, like Professor Quirrell. The entire book sorts itself out by revealing new things throughout the story. What I also like about the book is how you never know what happens next.

When I read a Harry Potter book, I usually read about 50-100 pages at a time because I would get so into the story. There are a lot of moments in the story that make me want to keep reading to find out what happens next. Harry Potter is a very interesting series and is worth giving it a try.

Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock


     Guitar Hero is a rhythm simulation game that uses a controller that looks like a guitar. This Guitar Hero is the third in the main series and is the number one best selling guitar hero in the entire franchise. The game features guitar battles with rock and roll legends Slash and Tom Morello. Guitar Hero III contains legendary songs like Rock You Like A Hurricane by the Scorpions, Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses, and much more. The game also includes local and wireless multiplayer to compete for the best scores. Not only is this game extremely fun and challenging, but it also changed my life. This game encouraged me to learn to play real guitar and now I practice guitar non stop every day. This game has introduced me to many songs I have never heard of before and is the reason for my taste in 80s rock. The thing about Guitar Hero is that you don’t have to be a prodigy or have been playing guitar for decades to rock and roll. The game features different difficulties that range from easy to expert. Guitar Hero features practice mode, where you can practice any song at different speeds. The tutorials have been very useful for me because I was struggling with concepts like hammer ons and pull offs.

To kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

I currently am reading To kill a Mockingbird in my Eighth grade E.L.A class. I have recently read part one. The start of the book made me think the book was going to be some kind of horror story, but then it started to talk about what I wanted to read. This book is about a normal, white family during the Great Depression in Alabama. Little tomboy girl, Scout, likes to act and think like a man, like her older brother Jem, a cunning, brave, charming young lad. Their father, Atticus Finch, is a calm, soft- hearted lawyer who does his job and takes responsibility for his kids. Their small county of Maycomb, which is very old, struggles with racism, which is very severe at this time. I feel sympathetic for the people in Maycomb because no one really gets along with one another, it is very lonely there. I think of the people who dealt with things like racism and the depression are heroes because they have represented strength and have taught us all lessons. At least Scout and Jem have friends. Their good friend Dill Harris from Meridian, Mississippi, visits them often and keeps them from dying of boredom. Maycomb is also very dull. I can see what Harper Lee was talking about when she describes Alabama in this book. As I mentioned before, Maycomb is very racist. Maycomb is segregated by race, and when Atticus defends a black man named Tom Robinson, he is looked down upon by the town. Things get very rough for the Finches as they are judged and intimidated by other people. I would recommend this book to any teen or adult who likes to read about the time of the Great Depression.

The Raft Review


girl lying on life raft in the ocean

The Raft is a story about a 15-year-old girl named Robie who is stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean after a plane crash with nothing but a bag of Skittles, a flashlight, a survival book, and a co-pilot. Robie, who lives in Hawaii has always considered herself unlucky until she looks bad luck straight in the eye. I guess if Robie had considered herself more lucky than she did, she probably wouldn’t have gotten stranded on an island. I guarantee that you will not want to put this book down and will be begging for the book to continue when it is over. I was extremely interested by the suspense and the realistic situations in the story. By far this has been the best survival book I have ever read. I could nearly feel the physical pain Robie went through, but just a lot less extreme. This story was very emotional, but not very dark and depressing, so it wasn’t a bummer that would make you feel sad the rest of the day. I feel like this book’s ending was just some overused happy ending, but I still would be happier with a happy ending than an ending where Robie gets stuck on an island and think “I am going to die here, oh well, that’s life”. Most of Robie’s problems were solved through luck but I don’t know what else to expect from a teenage girl. The sad twist to this story was when the co-pilot Max was talking about his years in high school. He was mainly a dark character that added more dialogue to the story.

Peak book review


“Peak” by Roland Smith was an adventure book about a boy who tries to be the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. I thought this was more of a sad story because of the choices he makes before he climbs Mount Everest. The story was very suspenseful because you didn’t know what would happen to Peak. I think it was a good idea to include climbing jargon to educate people on unfamiliar vocabulary. This book defines the important characters’ backgrounds.  Also, I thought the map on page 1 was very useful so I could see what Mount Everest really looks like. I know this sounds a little cruel, but whenever a book talks about illness, like this book, it always makes me want to read more. I think it is amazing how a 14 year-old boy can climb skyscrapers and mountains. I am a little confused about how Peak did not have to go to juvenile detention for climbing a skyscraper. Being banished from a city is a little barbaric. I thought that the book made the climbing seem realistic and challenging. The trek up the mountain was very detailed and long, so to me that showed that the author put great effort into this book. This book was a very good book.

Super Mario Bros Wii review

Super Mario Bros Wii is a fantastic game for making memories with your family. Super Mario Bros Wii has legendary multiplayer, so I would recommend playing the game with friends or family. The courses are as original as it gets, which makes Super Mario Bros U look like nothing more than a boring remake. I like the new powers in this game because they were very fun to use and they were very useful. All of the worlds are so well-made that I can’t tell which world is my favorite. This game has so many fun challenges like coin rush, free-for-all, and trying to find all of the star coins. The enemies and bosses were the best I have ever faced in Super Mario Bros.  One thing I would have liked to have seen was more levels that could be unlocked through a secret passage, because that would increase the excitement of the game even more. The atmospheres in the levels were exciting; they gave me an experience I wanted when playing this game. The bubbles used to save yourself in multiplayer is useful because you can make a mistake in a level without having to lose a life.

Dark Souls 2 Blog

Greg Meyer

This blog will be about Dark Souls 2, Scholar of the First Sin for PlayStation 4.  Dark Souls 2, Scholar of the First Sin is the Dark Souls game to play for anyone who is new to Dark Souls. The game is more simple than the other Dark Souls games in the trilogy, with a simple task to go to a king and break a curse instead of a complicated scheme to bring back light. The graphics were okay, but they seemed no different from the graphics for PS3. The game was really fun and it was a genius idea to be able to take any of the paths to a great one in any order.  I was confused on how to get past the central area of the castle,  so that prevented me from completing the game.  It was a convenience that it was easier to find souls in this game than in any of the other Dark Souls games. I wish in the game that each class had  more variety in stamina, because each character seemed to have had the same amount of stamina. I was hoping that there would be indictments in this game, especially considering the fact that there were dark invaders in the game. I thought that the bosses were too generic and small, they were not very creative.


The Giver review


The Giver was an interesting and exciting book that made me want to keep reading. What I liked the most about The Giver was how it always left you wondering what will happen next. The book was a little short and had little detail. There were not a good amount of dreams given to Jonas that the book talked about and his dreams were mainly just about physical pain and lacked dreams with emotional pain. The ending of the book was disappointing and I wish Louis Lowry would have made just one book with a resolving ending instead of making three more books. I am confused by the beginning where Jonas sees a jet is important. I like how the conflict is persistent and makes the book very dramatic. I thought this book had a very noticeable plot. It also had an abundance of rhetorical devices that completed the book. The setting was very mysterious, for there is no description on what state this book takes place. I like the enthusiasm that Jonas shows compared to the other normal people. I don’t agree with every decision Jonas makes, but he does it for a good reason that I can understand.