In My Head

Foggy image of teenager with head down
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

They’re back in my head. Mom tells me I’m fine; I don’t believe her. They keep telling me information, the information I don’t want to know. Like how Kelly Healer never was your friend; she used you. They repeat it over and over again. They tell me to be alone, never go to anyone for help, it’s you against this awful world we live in. So that’s what I do, I do everything it says. I believe everything it tells me.

“Hey, honey is everything ok?” my mom asks, concern lacing her voice.
“I’m fine, Mom,”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, Mom,”
“Honey, something’s wrong. Just tell me.”
“Why do you care?” I ask.
“I’m your mother, why would I not care,” She said, concern still there,
“You’re lying,” I was on the verge of tears, “You’re lying, no one cares for me!” I yell.
“Honey, what is going on with you?”
“What’s going on with me, What’s going on with you!” Tears fell down my soft cheek. “You were never there for me, why would you now!”
“Don’t!” I paused, “Don’t lie to me.”
“Honey, I had too,” She said trying to stay calm.
“You had too, that’s an awful excuse. Do you know how long I’ve been crying for, how long I wished you would be there for me!”
“Honey, please just listen to me,” she said, tears falling down her cheek.
“She doesn’t care, she’s lying to you. Go do what I’ve been telling you do, do it,” The voice said tantalizingly, “Jump,”

The Experiment

Here I am, the place where the letter was addressed to me. Sent by my old friend Mikey. He was a highly regarded scientist back in the day before he went rogue. He started messing with things he shouldn’t have, made him go crazy. I lost touch with him ever since. He was just too unstable for me. Time went on, and I forgot about him until he sent me a letter. The letter said to visit him again and help him with an important project. I didn’t want too until it mentioned getting paid $10,000 for the work I would be doing. I needed cash, after getting fired from my job, so I was desperate for money. Knowing Mikey it was probably something absurd and dangerous but I needed that money. All my job applications have been denied so far.
When I finally reached the meeting place, Mikey was nowhere to be found. He was probably in the giant abandoned building. This place looked extremely run down and old. The walls were rusted up and the hallways were trashed. The ceiling leaked with an unknown fluid. I stopped in the middle of the hall and shouted.
“Mikey are you out there!” I paused, “You’re wasting my time.” I shook off the feeling of dread and moved on. As I moved, things got creepier. Broken shards of glass were on the ground along with some blood. What if someone was hurt? Should I call 911? I moved onward. But it grew worse I heard creepy footsteps around me and heard scratching from the walls. Where was Mikey? I got ready to shout again before I heard a scream. I ran to where the noise was. I saw Mikey’s lifeless body laying there. I looked up from the carnage to see who the culprit was. I couldn’t comprehend what I was staring at. It was not human. It had scarred skin with popping veins, dark soulless eyes, with spider-like limbs and it’s flesh popped like pop rocks. Its limbs cracked and twisted to see me. On its mouth was Mikey’s flesh. It unrolled it’s large and long tongue and crawled to the ceiling. Its limbs cracking to look at me again. I ran as fast as I could to get out of there. Tears leaked from my eyes until I hurdled to the ground in pain. Glass pierced deep into my skin, blood seeped out of my body. I had to keep going, I looked back to see the creature running to me at an alarming rate. It screeched with ascending power. I saw a room near me. I limped to it and locked the door behind me. I looked to see if there was anything for me to use. I saw an ax, but saw no bandages. I cursed under my breath and used part of my shirt to wrap the wound up. I heard pounding on the door before the creature broke into the room. There was nowhere else to go; no windows, and no other rooms. I was trapped in here. It moved at a slow pace as if it knew there was nowhere for me to go. I clutched onto my ax, as the creature ripped off my leg. I screamed in pain as it got closer and grabbed me by the other leg. It pulled me. I slashed its arm off. It let go of my leg as green blood came from the creature. I got up and slashed another arm off. I limped out and down the hallway. I saw the light, then fell back down as darkness covered my vision.
“Sir, I have the documents.”
“Put them on my desk, your work is done for the day.”
“Can I ask you a question, sir?”
“Go ahead.”
“Did you ever manage to solve those murders in the abandoned building on Burnham Street?”

Cold Air

Today was the day I dreaded. Every second I was still here, I cherished it. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone to, everything. Eventually, they will be nothing more than just a faded memory. I was never coming back to this little town that I loved so dearly. So full of color and delight, this town gave me a purpose, Something different than what my parents wanted. I had a feeling they hated this place. The day I heard the news, I was crushed, not because I had lots of friends and I would miss them, no. This little lovely town kept me from shattering apart. My parents always had very high standards for me. They expected me to be this perfect kid, and I wanted to do that for them. As time went on their expectations became higher and higher, I couldn’t keep up with they wanted from me; Every day became the same; I wasn’t happy or sad, just numb, I couldn’t feel anymore. But something changed within me when I lived in that town, people’s happiness gave me strength and made me believe that I was more than what my parents wanted me to be. Now that life that I loved is crushed and gone. We were now moving to a place that would “benefit me” more in life, as they said. My life would go back to being black and white.
My parents seemed to never show any emotion, if someone told me they were robots, I would believe them. I looked around at the new town I’d be living in, it felt so grey, so lifeless to me, I despised it.
The day I started school, it was a nightmare. Everyone looked emotionless, whatever task it was they did, it was done perfectly. This is what my parents wanted, they wanted this perfect robot child, and no matter how hard I tried I could never be the perfect child. That’s the day I quit, the day I was done with everything in my life, I’m going to leave and not care about the consequences.
It was cold out today, I made sure to get everything I needed to leave, I would start my own life being who I am. I knew it was dangerous but that didn’t matter, what mattered now was getting my life back together. I walked outside and started my journey to someplace that could make me happy, a place where I could thrive as the cold air would be my guide on this journey of self-fulfillment.