Behind the Paper: Part Twenty-Two

“Is this a bakery?” I asked Jacob in confusion. Its been thirty minutes since we left the soccer field and Jacob wanted to show me something.

Before Jacob could answer me, the door of the bakery opened and an old woman appeared before us. I could assume that this was the owner of the bakery, just by the way she looked. Her face quickly changed as she took a closer look at us.

“Jacky?” She smiled at Jacob as if today was the best day of her life. Jacob, on the other-hand, kept a straight and emotionless face as he replied back with a short and simple yes. Wait- could this woman be his mother? She called him a nickname which means that he was someone she adores and is super close with, but from this short casual conversation, it seemed like he barely knew her.

She laughed at his reply and as if she didn’t see me before, she looked at me in awe and then sighed, “Why didn’t you invite me to your wedding. Your wife is beautiful!”

“Oh we aren-” I was going to say that we aren’t a couple but Jacob cut me off.

He spoke, “We aren’t married yet but we are in engaged.” Like her worries just lifted, she smiled and sighed again, but this time in relief.

“Yay! I didn’t miss your wedding. I thought you purposely didn’t invite your parents,” she said in a cheerful tone and then added, “I should tell your best friend, Quinn, about this joyful event! You wouldn’t mind would you? She told me she hasn’t talked to you since you left and she has been very worried.”

“Its fine. You could tell her but we would want this wedding to be a small event so less people the better please,” he stated. Hearing wedding coming from Jacob made be spring with happiness but I knew it was only fake and a few months this would all end. This is when I realized I don’t know what I would do without Jacob. Now to think about it, I would miss his sarcastic and mean comments.

Jacob’s mother said, “Oh actually she is in the bakery right now, why don’t you both come in and I could get to know my daughter-in-law? By the way- my name is Kimberly, what is yours?”

“My name is Molly Graff, ma’am.” I replied in the best possible tone I could.

She seemed like she liked what she heard and invited me to come into the Rod Bakery. I quickly peeked through the window of the bakery before heading in. It was a nice and quaint isolated place, even the scent of the bread filled the street. It was a clean, slightly sweet, creative aroma that somehow smelled warm and welcomed. When I went inside, my mouth began to water as I looked around. Every inch was filled with many delectable pastries of all sorts. As I walked in, my jaw began to drop as I laid eyes on the bakery’s most expensive piece. It was a 5-layered cake. Every one of the 5 layers was filled with intricate designs and patterns.

Behind the Paper: Part Twenty-One

“Where are we going?” I ask Jacob as grabs my arm and starts walking.

Jacob replies: “You will see. Just follow me.” When we were walking to the place, I heard girls behind us whispering and calling Jacob hot. Wow, he sure is popular with girls. 

“I dare you to go up to him and ask him for his number!” One of the girls says to another girl.

“Okay!” The other girl says and runs up in front of us to stop us.

“Hey, um you’re really really dreamy. Can I have your phone number and we could go out sometime?” The teenager asks to Jacob.

Jacob smiles and says, “I’m sorry, I have a fiance.” Whoa, did he just say that!? The girl turns annoyed and looks at me.

“Is she your fiance?” She asks in a polite tone even though she is annoyed.

Jacob quickly replies: “Yes.” Oh no, I am probably blushing like a insane person.

The girl quickly looks at me up and down and then smiles, “She is really beautiful! You guys are such a cute couple! I am sorry for disturbing you both and I apologize for asking.” DID SHE SAY CUTE COUPLE!? SHE CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL TOO! Aw, she is too nice.

“I don’t know about the beautiful part but no need to apologize,” Jacob looks at me and laughs. Gosh, he is so mean.

The girl laughs and says, “I’m sorry for bothering you guys. I should have known you were a newly-wedded couple.  Anyways, bye!!!” She runs off to her friends to tell them what happened.

Did she just call us a newly-wedded couple? Today has been such a long day.

Behind the Paper: Part Twenty

When Jacob and I got to the interview, Kenitu Lovas, the soccer player, was already getting interviewed by other competitor article companies. When we walked in the room, Kenitu Lovas suddenly stopped answering the interviewers questions and walks through the crowd to us! Why!?

“Hey man!” Kenitu cheerfully says to Jacob. Do they know each other?

Jacob smiles, “Hey, how has it been!?”

“You know- same old, same old. How bout you?” Kenitu replies. He seems like a super nice enthusiastic guy.

“You know each other?” I ask, as Kenitu looks at me.

“Yeah, Jacob and I are old schoolmates!” Kenitu says proudly.

I lightly punch Jacob’s shoulder, “And you didn’t tell me!?” Jacob yells in pain and Kenitu laughs.

“Wow, you’re awfully strong for a petite woman,” Kenitu laughs and Jacob smirks.

“Yeah, I don’t know if she is a woman anymore…” He laughs along with Kenitu and I just eye-roll them both.

After the interviewers and photographers talk to other soccer players on his team, they start coming toward us! Kenitu frowns.

“Maybe we should continue this conversation later. How bout at the usual restaurant at 2?” Kenitu asks in a hurry.

“We will definitely be there.” Jacob says. Usual restaurant? What place is that?

“It was a pleasure meeting you also … whats your name?” Kenitu asks.

“My name is Molly, Mr. Lovas,” I reply back in a formal manner.

He smiles and says, “Please just call me Kenitu.” He walks off to the crowd and continues to answer their questions. No wonder why girls fall for Kenitu- he has a nice tan body figure with wavy blonde hair and green eyes. Unlike Kenitu, Jacob has a nice bold body figure, with piercing brown eyes, and dark, beautiful brown hair. All the girls want them both, but I prefer Jacob… Oh my, what am I thinking!? I prefer none of them!

“Hey..,” Jacob says with a annoyed tone when I was accidentally gazing in Kenitu’s direction.

“Huh?” I turn to look at Jacob.

“Stop looking at Kenitu…” Jacob says half blushing, half annoyed. Is he jealous!? I started laughing.

Jacob eye-rolls and then quickly grabs my arm and says, “Come on.”

Behind the Paper: Part Nineteen

A few days went by. Today is June 9, the day Jacob and I have to attend a interview for a very famous soccer player, Kenitu Lovas. This may be the first time I would be working with Jacob. Isn’t he nervous to meet a famous soccer player like I am?

We both took a train to the soccer stadium. We had very few non-important conversations on the way to the stadium on how to interview someone and gather notes in order to write a good article.

“You look nervous,” Jacob laughs like it was entertaining watching me freak out, “you can’t walk into an interview having a face like that!” I lowered my head suddenly, hoping that Jacob wouldn’t see my scared face now.

“Huh-” I say as he grabs my chin and highers my head that he could see me. Oh my gosh, our faces are a centimeter away from kissing!

He says and he smirks, “Don’t look down and frown. Smiling is proven to hide anxiety and besides, your smiles are beautiful.” He lets go of my chin, making me blush like crazy. Oh my.

“You’re so funny hahahha,” Jacobs comment made me realized he was just teasing me.

“HMPH!” I say to him as I start walking fast to the interview. I can’t believe he teased me.

He finally caught up to me and gently smiles, “At least you’re not nervous anymore.”

“Whatever…” I say. Suddenly he stops and looks at me. Oh no, not again.

“Wait,” he looks at me.

I stop and look back, “What now?”

He looks deeply in my eyes and says, “You remind me of someone..”


Behind the Paper: Part Eighteen

During the ride home, no one was talking. Is he going to explain himself or something? I could keep this game all day long but suddenly Jacob speaks.

“What do you want to eat for lunch?” he asks me like nothing happened. Who does he think he is? I am obviously not gonna answer him.

He sighs, “All right. I will explain okay? I hate when people ignore me.”

“Tell me why,” I blurted out with a harsh tone.

“Superiors in our company have to be married to someone. Of course I am not married but I really wanted this job so I told boss that I was engaged and I am going to get married.” Jacob says.

“Wait why is being married a qualification?” I asked.

“Because if a superior isn’t, they may think they would favor other people and give coworkers promotions without an actual reason. Its so dumb, but I really love this job.” Jacob says with a tint of sadness in his voice. That is a horrible qualification. Who must of thought of that rule?

“Okay,” I say. So he is just using me for his job?

“Wait a second,” I suddenly thought of something, “am I going to “fiance” for the remainder of the time you work there?!”

Jacob laughs, “Haha no. I just need to pretend that I have a fiance and getting married for like two months, and then I wouldn’t need you anymore.” Need me anymore? How rude. I am helping him keep his job.

“What do I get from this?” I ask curiously.

“A shelter and food. That’s a pretty good deal I must say,” Jacob states. Ugh, I don’t have enough money yet to buy another house so I can’t do anything about this deal.

“Now, what do you want to eat?” Jacob asks.

Behind the Paper: Part Seventeen

“Yes, Molly is my fiance,” Jacob blurts out. Oh my! Somehow my heartbeat started beating fast.

“Is this true, Molly?” Fernando questions me. Oh no, I am horrible at lying. 

I forced myself to smile and all I could say is, “Yes.”

Fernando stares at both of us in disbelief. Did he catch my lie? What would happen then… Oh no we could get fired! Why am I even agreeing to this? Jacob must have a reason.

Suddenly, he smiles proudly, “This is wonderful! No wonder why you guys were fighting in the beginning like you knew each other!”

What the heck! That was unexpected. As I was too deep in my thoughts, I forgot that Jacob had his arm around me. When I remembered that, I couldn’t stop blushing. Fernando noticed my change of face and laughs.

“We must have a celebration at work!” Fernando cheerfully says as Jacob agrees. That means everyone would know I am “engaged” to Jacob! I can’t imagine what they would think…

“Oh well, I must not bother you two. Have a good rest of your day,” Happy Fernando says and leaves to the fruit section.

When Jacob and I saw him walk off, I suddenly pinch Jacobs arm off and quietly scream, “What on earth did you do! You could have said that I am currently living with you because of certain conditions!”

He looked where I pinched him and then laughs, “You sure are a strong girl!”

I eye-rolled him: “Now tell me why you did that or I am going to storm to Fernando and tell him whats really going on.”

“You should be happy that you are so called engaged to me. Not all women get that privilege.” Jacob says almighty with his cocky smile.

I ignored his comment and started picking the carrots the way Jacob said.

Behind the Paper: Part Sixteen

It was all in a blur. One moment I was looking at vegetables, then I was hugging Jacob Rod. His big arms made me feel like I was protected and safe. I did not want to let go for a strange reason.

“Look behind me, its boss,” Jacob Rod stated which gave me chills. Oh no! What if the boss catches us and thinks we are dating! Thats forbidden romance and is one of the rules because Jacob is a superior.

Just then, our boss, Fernando, caught me staring at him. He started to realize who I am, smiled, and began walking to us. Oh no, why do I always get into a mess!

“Um, Jacob,” I took a breath, “he’s coming towards us.” Jacob made a sigh and said that he should have expected me to mess up. Like he admitted defeat, Jacob stopped hugging me and turned around to face the boss.

“Hey Molly,” The boss smiles for a second and then sees who I am with and says with a shocked expression, “and Jacob.”

Jacob puts his arm around behind my back suddenly and starts to smile,” What a pleasure seeing you here boss.”

“Um, same,” Fernando, our boss looks at both of us with a serious face, “why are you guys here together?”

“Uh I can explain! My boyf-” As I admitted defeat, Jacob didn’t.

Jacob cuts me off and says: “Oh boss, this is my fiance I was talking about months ago!” Jacob smirks.

I started to smile until I heard the word fiance. Fiance. Fiance! He couldn’t make a better excuse than that! Months ago- is he using me to prove something to Fernando? Fernando looked as confused as I was. Oh gosh how will we get out of this situation?

“Wait Molly is your fiance!?” Fernando questions Jacob with suspicion.