Behind the Paper: Part Nine

Slowly, I started to walk to the car. I have never been this scared before. What have I gotten myself into?

The guy lowers the window, and yells, “Are you going to stay there, or are you going to get in?”

No no no no.. This isn’t happening! I recognize that voice! It belongs to.. Jacob Rod!

I quickly try to cover my face with my hands as I run to the car. Having to open the doors with my hand, I turn my head around so Jacob can’t see me. As I sit in the shotgun seat, I turned my head to face the window.

“Hi?” Jacob says with confusion in his voice.

I was about to say hi and thanks, but then I realized he could probably recognize my voice.


“So you can’t talk?” Jacob says,” I shouldn’t have agreed to this..” Jacob looks at me. I realized I am still wearing my work clothes.


I turn my head and make a fake smile, “Hi Jacob.”

“Oh my god. So now I have to deal with you at work and at home!?” Jacob angrily states as he starts driving the car to his house.

“Thank you,” is all I could say. As much as I hate Jacob, I have no choice. I really do not want to go back to Darry.

Suddenly, my phone rings.

“Is that yours?” Jacob asks.

“Yeah,” I look at the caller id. Oh so now Darry is calling me?

“Are you going to pick it up?!” Jacob asks, annoyed at the ringing noise.

“No.” I turned my head to look out the window again and noticed it started raining.



Behind the Paper: Part Eight

It has been hours since I caught my boyfriend Darry cheating on me. Well now ex but he doesn’t know that. I don’t know where I am, but I needed to find shelter. And I am not going back to the house. I grab my phone off my back pocket of my jeans and I call my mom.

Ever since my dad left us, my mom and I became closer. We are the only ones we have left in the family after my aunt passed away. That event devastated my mother.

Unfortunately, she didn’t pick up. After trying to call everyone on my contacts, I hopelessly give up.

After ten minutes though, my mom called me back.

“Hello sweetie! What’s going on? You know its eleven o’clock!” my mom said on the phone,” I don’t understand these days. People staying up until midnight! You know…”

“Mom, Darry cheated on me and I am lost,” I cut off my mom. I love my mom and all but she talks a lot.

I heard a gasp from the other side.

“Oh no, sweetie, are you okay? Where are you right now. I knew Darry was bad news!”

Three years ago when I introduced Darry to my mom, she absolutely hated him. I didn’t know why she did.

“I’m on a Huckleberry Road,” I replied to my mom while I came across a street sign.

“If I was in the same state as you, I would come pick you up, but you know I’m in Montana right now… Wait you’re in New York right?”


“Oh you can stay with my friend’s son!  If it is alright with you. He lives in the same place. I’ll call her, wait a minute.” It’s not like I have a choice. My mom hung up on me. And in a minute she called me like she promised.

“She said yes sweetie! She is calling her son right now and he is gonna pick you up!!” My mom’s excited voice said.

It might be awkward living with a complete stranger but like I said, I don’t have a choice.

“Okay, thanks mom.”

“Also, I hope you feel better. My beautiful daughter doesn’t deserve to be cheated on..” I could hear cries coming from my mom on the other line.

“Mom, it’s okay now. You don’t need to cry.”

‘You have grown up into such an independent, beautiful, young woman.” My mom said and that made me happy.

At that exact moment, a car drives by the road and when the driver saw me he stopped.

“Mom, he’s here.”





Behind the Paper: Part Seven


“You’re not doing anything. All you’re doing is giving me coffee. Oh wait. You can’t even do that without breaking a mug.”

After a stressful day at work, I go home to see the lights on. Is my boyfriend Darry home already? He usually stays at work until midnight.

I open the door with my keys in my hands and when I got in, I could smell perfume. All over the place. Starstrucked trying to find out what this smell came from, I saw the bedroom door lights on. Hmm.. Is Darry in the shower?

As I started to walk into the bedroom, I stopped myself. He wasn’t the only one in the bedroom. Giggling sounds of a high pitched woman and the voice of Darry, echoed in the air. HE’S CHEATING ON ME!

This time, The giggles got louder and louder that I couldn’t stand it. I ran out of the house, crying. What do I do now? We have been dating for three years. Has he been cheating on me this whole time?

Now, I was filled with more tears that I thought I couldn’t hold. Where do I go now?

I walked alone, not knowing where I am heading, crying through the dark moonless night.

Behind the Paper: Part Six

An hour later after the coffee incident, my boss, Fernando, told us all to go to the conference room for our first meeting. As I settled in my chair near the others, boss walks in. 

“If you haven’t finish your work from your last department, then I suggest you finish it and leave no strings attached. This isn’t a part time job either so you guys should know if you don’t do your work here, your most likely gonna get fired real soon. You are in the best department here so I suggest you should keep up with your work,” Fernando tells us as he sits in his chair with stacks of paper.  

“Yes sir,” everyone in the conference room says.

“Ok so let’s go over the details for the magazine articles. We will want this to be a hit. Garrett and Freddy, you guys are going to write a piece about a scandal that’s going on with the pop star, Isabella Gouma and President Henry. Rumors have been going on that Isabella cheated her way up top because of the help of the president. Molly and Jacob, you guys will be focusing on an very famous soccer player, Kenitu Lovas. He will an interview on the 9th and I expect you guys to go. Louis and Andrew, you guys will….”

After that, I didn’t listen. I am working with Jacob?! I swear, what did I do to deserve this?! But apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought that way. 

“Wait. I didn’t hear you correctly. Who is my partner again?” Jacob questioned.

“Molly. Is there a problem with that?” Fernando looked at Jacob with an cold expression.

“No sir,” Jacob looked at me and wrote something in his notebook. 

When he put his notebook down I took a peek and read . . . .



Behind the Paper: Part Five

Broken Mug

“NOOOOOOO,” Frank, Jacob, and I yelled at the same time. Desperate to fix it, I kneel down and tried to put the broken pieces to the ground. Frank and Jacob come rushing over to me.

“Don’t touch that! Your gonna hurt yourself!” Frank yells. As he told me it was hopeless to fix it, I got up. Just then, Garrett comes into the break room.

“Hey, what’s taking you so long with the coff-” Garrett noticed his cat mug in pieces, “No! What have you done? I simply asked you for black coffee! You can’t even get coffee without doing something wrong. Jacob was right about you!” Garrett yells at me.

Scared and defeated, I put my head down. Maybe Jacob was right, I can’t work here. So far I have been late, made an unhealthy relationship with my coworkers, and broken Garretts broken mug.

“Wait! Molly didn’t do that. I accidentally pushed her which caused the mug to fall, Garrett. I’m so sorry man,” Jacob apologized. All surprised, Frank, Garrett, and I stare at Jacob.

After awhile, Garrett speaks, “Its ok. I have like fifty mugs anyways.” Garrett then walks away.

“Thank you,” I say to Jacob. As usual, Jacob eye rolls me and exits the room, leaving Frank and me to clean up the mess. I can’t believe he could still be mean.

“I never thought I would see the day Jacob apologizes for his own actions,” Frank says as we were cleaning the mess.

Behind the Paper: Part Four

Cat Mug

“How long have you been there?” Jacob stands there, shocked.

“For a good solid five minutes. On a side note though, I loved to hear your comments about the soccer game.” I sarcastically say. As he stood there frozen as a statue, I make myself productive by getting coffee from the coffee machine. I first made Garretts, and then mine. The aroma of coffee spread throughout the break room.

“Oh, can you make me coffee too?” Jacob snaps back into reality and walks over to me.

Confused, I questioned, “Why can’t you make your own? Your right here.” I hold the coffee mugs and was about to depart until Jacob said something that made me mad.

“God, why can’t you just do it? You are so mean.” Jacob rolls his eyes at me. Umm excuse me! He is the one who tried to get me fired!

“Im mean!? I frankly remember an hour ago, you tried to get me fired!” I yell louder than I anticipated. We both stand there, angry at each other.

“Well we can’t afford slackers in this department!”

“Says the one who is too lazy to walk a few steps to get coffee!” Just then, Frank comes in from the elevator with a bag.

“Just the two I was looking for! Do you guys wanna go eat out for lunch with me?” Frank smiles, making me feel guilty. Jacob angrily says no and pushes me and Frank out of the way so he could leave the break room. Without remembering I was holding two mugs, Garretts cat mug fell to the floor, crashing into pieces.







Behind the Paper: Part Three


“This is your new cubicle.” My boss Fernando introduced us all and showed all of us around the floor. When you first walk in from the elevator, you are in the break room. The break room has a coffee machine, sofas, and a tv. The break room also has a hallway which leads you to the cubicles and the meeting room, (where I was previously). Jacob and Fernando have their own personal room, which is connected to the cubicles, where I will work.

When my boss, Fernando left, I put all of my stuff down and started to organize my work space. I sorted my pencils, folders- literally everything.  If you had known me since I was a kid, you would know I’m a neat freak. But apparently I’m not the only one because I noticed on the left side of my cubicle, Garrett (the man who agreed with Jacob in the beginning), was cleaning his own cubicle.

“What are you looking at?” Not realizing that I was staring at him, I blushed. I then look at his empty cat mug on his desk.

“I am going to the break room to try the coffee. Do you want me to refill yours?” I ask to not make anything between us awkward.

“Um… Sure if you don’t mind. I like mine black. No sugar or anything.” He hands me his cat mug and I carefully grab it from him. As I entered the break room, I see Jacob standing near the coffee machine, watching soccer.

“No! Come on!” He yells to the tv. I tried to walk quietly around him but then Jacob notices me.

To be continued…