Behind the Paper: Part Fifteen

The next following day was the start of the weekend. As I was happy to sleep in for a few more hours, Jacob woke me up.

“Wake up lazy woman,” he opens my door and I suddenly open my eyes. Does this dude have no manners to point where he cant knock on my door?

“I’M AWAKE!” I pull the covers over my head to cover the light that was coming out of the window. Like he didn’t hear me, he protested.

“Come on, Molly,” he takes a breath, “we have to go to the supermarket and get food. I can only make one meal with what we have right now. If it weren’t for you eating anything, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“Hey!” I suddenly sit up on the bed. I might as well get ready and go with him because I won’t go back to bed after this intrusion.

When we got to the supermarket, Jacob went straight to the vegetables section and started to pick at the green and red bell peppers. As I wanted to be useful too, I went over to the carrots and started picking the nice looking ones I saw.

“That’s not good,” Jacob walked towards to me, took my bag of carrots, and dumped the carrots back where they came from.

“What do you mean? They look good to me,” I say as I stared at the carrots.

Jacob shook his head and questioned me, “Have you ever picked vegetables before?” I started to blush.

“Maybe but I don’t get why those are bad?”

“You have to thoroughly look through the carrots. Don’t skim it. See look at this carrot you picked,” Jacob picked up one of the carrots and flipped it around, revealing mold that’s about to grow bigger.

Wow I really can’t pick vegetables.

As I was staring at the carrot, Jacob looks up and quickly moves fast as if he saw someone and whispers in my ear super quietly: “Follow along. Do as I say.”

Behind the Paper: Part Fourteen

“Hey, you okay?” Jacob knocks on the door for a second and then invited himself in, “I made these awhile ago and forgot to serve this during dinner.” As he could tell I was down, he brought some baked cookies in his hands.

“Thank you,” I said as I grabbed a cookie from the plate. They were so delicious. I couldn’t even explain these cookies in a few words.

“Oh my god, these are incredible! You should be in a cooking competition I swear,” I said as I was devouring the cookies.

He chuckles, “Thats not really my thing.”

“It could be if you really wanted to,” I stated as I grabbed the last cookie before he could.

“If I did do that, our company will be so devastated with me gone,” Jacob made a cocky smile, “well anyways I just wanted to apologize for my behavior during dinner. I shouldn’t have cared for your personal life.”

“No, its okay. Really, ” I smiled at Jacob. So thats why he made these cookies? Its so sweet.

“So we’re good?” Jacob asks as he looks down at the empty tray that was once filled with flawless, perfect cookies.

“Of course,” I replied back to him.

Behind the Paper: Part Thirteen


After the delicious dinner, Jacob went straight to bed. As if he was mad at me, we didn’t talk at all during the meal.

“He is not worth it,” I remembered Jacob saying right when he came home. For the first time, he was right. I need to get over Darry and move on with my life. When I walked into my bedroom, I got my phone from the vanity and dialed Darry’s number.

It took two rings until he picked up.

“Oh my god, Molly I have been worried sick. You haven’t been coming home-” Darry started blabbering off that I chose to forget. It sucked hearing his beautiful, gentle voice that I fell in love with.

I suddenly cut him off- “We need to talk.”

“Yeah, of course. How about tomorrow because I am having a long work shift right now,” Darry states even though I could still hear the high pitched giggling coming from the other end.

I closed my eyes when I heard the girl again. The sound made me want to throw the phone at the wall.

I suddenly spoke up, “Tomorrow i’m picking up all my stuff from your place. After that, I don’t want to see you or hear you ever again. If you call this number again, I will change my phone number or block you. Goodbye, Darry.” Before I could hear his response, I quickly ended the call.

At that exact moment, Jacob knocks on my door.

To be continued…

Behind the Paper: Part Twelve

625-cutting-food_625x350_61447238509After work, I decided to go home. I unfortunately went to Jacobs home because I realized my true home was not mine in the beginning. Its my cheating boyfriend, Darry’s. Maybe when I was in college with him, I may have thought that we would marry in the future. But apparently I was so stupid to think that, because he thinks different. That’s why I never bought my own house.

I sat down on the couch in the living room and dozed off, looking at the beautiful centerpiece in the middle of the low table. I apparently I haven’t heard Jacob walked in until he talked.

“When are you going to break up with him!?” Jacob disturbs my silence, “He is obviously disturbing you. Just forget him already. He is not worth it.”

I quickly whipped my tears that were coming down fast. He is right. For the first time in forever, Jacob Rod is right. He is not worth it.

“Oh no! I forgot to make dinner!” I quickly realized. I suddenly have a burst of energy and I run to the kitchen.

The first person who comes in the house after work has to make dinner! Its rule number 2. What if he kicks me out?? Its only the second day and I don’t have any place else!

When I started cutting the vegetables fast, a strong pair of hands grabbed my arms. Startled, I stopped cutting.

“Its okay, I will make dinner. It will be faster and more efficient. Just set up the table,” Jacob said.

“But rule number tw-” I get cut off.

“I want to make dinner,” Jacob grabs the knife off my hands and cuts the vegetables really fast and perfect. It was flawless.

Behind the Paper: Part Eleven

girl holding her finger to her lips as if to shush someone

The day went by smoothly and I felt reassured. Charlotte appeared from behind my cubicle when I working on an article.

“Hello stranger! I haven’t seen you since the day you moved out of the department! Where were you?” Charlotte smiles and then frowns, “I called your home phone but only Darry picked up. He sounds worried because you haven’t been coming home. Is this true?”

I shrugged and looked at my clock in my cubicle, “It’s lunch time. How about let’s go out to eat.”

After I told my best friend Charlotte about everything that happened, I felt relieved to tell someone about it.

“J-Jacob ROD!” Charlotte screams at the top of her lungs. Noticing curious eyes around us, I quickly stepped my foot on hers under the table.

“OWWWWWWWWW!” She yells.

I secretly whispered, “Its suppose to be a secret! Shhhh!” Like she understood me, she hushed and nodded.

“So, that cheating scoundrel thinks he can live his life without Molly!” Charlotte said as she madly stuffed food in her mouth.

“Yeah, but its okay,” I smiled, “at the end, it’s a win-win. He gets to cheat on me and I get to see Jacob’s house.” Giggles came out of Charlotte. She suddenly stops her laughing and looked sad.

“Are you okay though?” Charlotte stops eating and looks at me, “I mean you have been dating him for three years and this happened suddenly.”

I looked at my cup and said, “When life brings you lemons, sell them.”

To be continued…

Behind the Paper: Part Ten

floor level view of hallway, leading to an open door

Jacob’s house was organized everywhere. It also didn’t take a lot of time to know where everything was. When you walk in, there is a little entryway. The entryway leads to the kitchen and the living room. The living room leads to another hallway, which has a bathroom and three bedrooms.

“Whoa this is not what I expected! I said, shocked.

Jacob looks at me with an confused look,”What did you expect?”

An evil mansion with a dungeon in the basement. But I am not going to tell him that.

“Different. So, which one is my room?” I ask, peeking at the bedrooms.

“You can pick but not the one on the right. That’s my room.” Jacob says as he walks over to the kitchen.

I ended up picking the cute small room. After that, I walked over to where Jacob was.

“Now here are the rules..” Jacob states when he notices me.

“There are rules!?”

“Yup and you better stick to them or I can just kick you out of the house.” Jacob says.

I gulp. Ok, I guess. I can’t get kicked out.

  1. Don’t mention we live together at work. It would ruin his image to the coworkers.
  2. Whoever gets home first has to make dinner
  3. When you’re staying somewhere else instead of here tell him

Behind the Paper: Part Nine

Slowly, I started to walk to the car. I have never been this scared before. What have I gotten myself into?

The guy lowers the window, and yells, “Are you going to stay there, or are you going to get in?”

No no no no.. This isn’t happening! I recognize that voice! It belongs to.. Jacob Rod!

I quickly try to cover my face with my hands as I run to the car. Having to open the doors with my hand, I turn my head around so Jacob can’t see me. As I sit in the shotgun seat, I turned my head to face the window.

“Hi?” Jacob says with confusion in his voice.

I was about to say hi and thanks, but then I realized he could probably recognize my voice.


“So you can’t talk?” Jacob says,” I shouldn’t have agreed to this..” Jacob looks at me. I realized I am still wearing my work clothes.


I turn my head and make a fake smile, “Hi Jacob.”

“Oh my god. So now I have to deal with you at work and at home!?” Jacob angrily states as he starts driving the car to his house.

“Thank you,” is all I could say. As much as I hate Jacob, I have no choice. I really do not want to go back to Darry.

Suddenly, my phone rings.

“Is that yours?” Jacob asks.

“Yeah,” I look at the caller id. Oh so now Darry is calling me?

“Are you going to pick it up?!” Jacob asks, annoyed at the ringing noise.

“No.” I turned my head to look out the window again and noticed it started raining.