30 Day Book Challenge(Completed)

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By shipperprincess52

Day 1- The Hidden Oracle
Day 2- The Lightning Thief
Day 3- Percy Jackson
Day 4- The Mark of Athena
Day 5- A Court of Mist and Fury
Day 6- The Fault in Our Stars
Day 7- Fairy Tail
Day 8- Twilight
Day 9- A Court of Thorns and Roses
Day 10- Fairy Tail
Day 11- Teardrop
Day 12- Alice in Zombieland
Day 13- Rick Riordan
Day 14- The Lightning Thief
Day 15-  Rhysand
Day 16- Aelin Galanthynius
Day 17- “Hercules,huh? Percy frowned. “That guy was like the Starbucks of Ancient Greece. Everywhere you turn–there he is.”
-The Mark of Athena
Day 18- The House of the Scorpion
Day 19- The Sorcerer’s Stone
Day 20- A Window to Yesterday
Day 21- The Lightning Thief
Day 22- The Clockwork Princess
Day 23- Attachments
Day 24- Bad Girls Don’t Die
Day 25- I don’t know
Day 26- Twilight
Day 27- Stalking Jack the Ripper
Day 28- Marie Antoinette Serial Killer
Day 29- Obsidian
Day 30- A Court of Wings and Ruin

July Wrap Up & August TBR

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By shipperprincess52

July Wrap Up

  1. I Funny School of Laughs by James Patterson
  2. Not Without Courage by T. Elizabeth Renich
  3. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
  4. Maximum Ride Manga 1 by James Patterson
  5. Dicey’s Song by Cynthia Voigt
  6. The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger
  7. Black Butler 23 by Yana Toboso
  8. Maximum Ride Manga 2 by James Patterson
  9. Maximum Ride Manga 3 by James Patterson
  10. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King
  11. The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

August TBR

  1. Lost & Found by Jacqueline Sheehan
  2. Sister of My Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
  3. The Dead Hour by Denise Mina
  4. House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer
  5. Persepolis by Marjane Strapi
  6. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
  7. Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell
  8. A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard
  9. Otherwise Engaged by Eileen Goudge
  10. Sorting Out Billy by Jo Brand
  11. Evening by Susan Minot
  12. The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller
  13. Lottery by Patricia Wood

A Court of Thorns and Roses Review

Review by: Shipperprincess52

This review may contain minor spoilers for A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury, both by Sarah J. Maas

Stars- 4/5

Summary- Feyre’s survival rests upon her ability to hunt and kill – the forest where she lives is a cold, bleak place in the long winter months. So when she spots a deer in the forest being pursued by a wolf, she cannot resist fighting it for the flesh. But to do so, she must kill the predator and killing something so precious comes at a price …
Dragged to a magical kingdom for the murder of a faerie, Feyre discovers that her captor, his face obscured by a jewelled mask, is hiding far more than his piercing green eyes would suggest. Feyre’s presence at the court is closely guarded, and as she begins to learn why, her feelings for him turn from hostility to passion and the faerie lands become an even more dangerous place. Feyre must fight to break an ancient curse, or she will lose him forever.

Thoughts- It was just as good as all of Sarah J. Maas’ books. The characters were all amazing and the book was funny and sad at the same time. I loved Lucien’s character the most because he was just really funny. I didn’t really like Tamlin, his personality and the way he treated Feyre just bothered me. (I finished the entire series the same weekend I started it so after this will be my review for A Court of Mist and Fury. I won’t do A Court of Wings and Ruin since it came out a couple of months ago.)

A Court of Mist and Fury– Ahhhhhhh! I hated Tamlin even more in this book. At the beginning of the book Feyre was less awesome than she was in the first book, but then Rhysand happened and everything got better. (No more thoughts on that otherwise I’ll end up spoiling something.)

Age- 14+

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver Review


Review by: shipperprincess52

Stars- 3.75/5

Summary- For popular high school senior Samantha Kingston, February 12—”Cupid Day”—should be one big party, a day of valentines and roses and the privileges that come with being at the top of the social pyramid. And it is…until she dies in a terrible accident that night.

However, she still wakes up the next morning. In fact, Sam lives the last day of her life seven times, until she realizes that by making even the slightest changes, she may hold more power than she ever imagined. (Summary courtesy of Goodreads. I get nervous and feel like I’m going to spoil the book so all my summaries come from Goodreads.)

Thoughts- It was an interesting book. I thought Sam was different from most popular girls, she was insecure about things and throughout the book she tried to make herself different, whether it was in a good way or not. I hated Lindsay and the things she did to others. She was a terrible person and I thought her happiness was provided by other peoples pain and suffering.

Kent was probably my favorite character. He was persistent and adorable. Throughout the entire book I kept thinking that Sam was missing out every time she acted like a terrible person.

Overall it was a pretty good book, but there were a few things I didn’t like. For example, the ending, I won’t say anymore then that.

Age- 14+

My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry Review

Review by: Shipperprincess52

Stars- 3/5

Summary- It won’t be so bad when you’re there, says my new husband before kissing me on the mouth. He tastes of Rice Krispies and that strong toothpaste of his which I still haven’t gotten used to. I know, I say before he peels off to the bus stop on the other side of the road. Two lies. Small white ones. Designed to make the other feel better. But that’s how some lies start. Small. Well meaning. Until they get too big to handle.
When young lawyer Lily marries Ed, she’s determined to make a fresh start. To leave the secrets of the past behind. But then she takes on her first murder case and meets Joe. A convicted murderer whom Lily is strangely drawn to. For whom she will soon be willing to risk almost anything.
But Lily is not the only one with secrets. Her next-door neighbor Carla may be only nine, but she has already learned that secrets are powerful things. That they can get her whatever she wants. When Lily finds Carla on her doorstep sixteen years later, a chain of events is set in motion that can end only one way.
Thoughts- It was really good. I especially like Lily because she works hard and was pretty calm when something bad happened to her. Some of the events in the book made me really mad, but other times the book made me really happy. It gave me a whole bunch of emotions. I suggest this book for people who like mystery, sadness, death, and romance.

Age- 14+

The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles Review

Review by: shipperprincess52

Stars- 3.5/5

Summary- It’s been a shattering year for seventeen-year-old Zoe, who’s still reeling from her father’s shockingly sudden death in a caving accident and her neighbors’ mysterious disappearance from their own home. Then on a terrifying sub-zero, blizzardy night in Montana, she and her brother are brutally attacked in a cabin in the woods—only to be rescued by a mysterious bounty hunter they call X.
X is no ordinary bounty hunter. He is from a hell called the Lowlands, sent to claim the soul of Zoe’s evil attacker and others like him. X is forbidden from revealing himself to anyone other than his prey, but he casts aside the Lowlands’ rules for Zoe. As they learn more about their colliding worlds, they begin to question the past, their fate, and their future.

Thoughts-The  Edge of Everything was amazing. I couldn’t put it down, especially when X was around. X was my favorite character, just because he was so clueless about the human world. It made me laugh and cry, he was just so cute. Then there was Zoe, I liked her enough, but she just didn’t hook me the same way as X or even Jonah, Zoe’s younger brother. When Zoe and X were together though, I loved her, the way she talked to X, and everything about their relationship. I really liked the book and I’m really excited for the next one.
Age- 13+

Stalking Jack the Ripper


Review by: shipperprincess52

Stars- 5/5

Summary- Seventeen-year-old Audrey Rose Wadsworth was born a lord’s daughter, with a life of wealth and privilege stretched out before her. But between the social teas and silk dress fittings, she leads a forbidden secret life.
Against her stern father’s wishes and society’s expectations, Audrey often slips away to her uncle’s laboratory to study the gruesome.

Thoughts- This book was AMAZING!!! I couldn’t put it down. After I finished it, Stalking Jack the Ripper was all I could think about. I read this book almost two months ago and I still spend hours at thinking about this book and Jack the Ripper. I highly suggest it for everyone!
Age- 12+