Halloween Poem

On a hazy, moonless, October night,
The house glowed with an ominous light,
Like a moth to a flame,
The man was drawn just the same,
Through the creaky door,
The man heard a wailing roar,
Every hair raised on the back of his neck,
He pondered whether to leave or to check,
To the contrary of what he first saw,
The room was now as dark as a black cat’s paw,
He stumbled in and to his dismay,
The man felt breathing every which way,
The lights flashed on as he heard “Surprise!”,
He was surrounded by red beady eyes,
The man was never seen again,
And that house remains a vampire’s den.


Death Note: TV show review

Death Note is centered around a boy named Light Yagami. He is bored of his average life and his perfect grades. One day a Shinigami (Death god) drops a notebook into the human realm. Light finds it in his school’s courtyard and takes it home. Upon further inspection, he figures out the name you write in the notebook shall die. Quickly after, the Shinigami appears further explaining the book. Light uses this as a way to destroy all evil in the world . Any criminal that appears on the news , Light kills. The Japanese government then recruits L, who is just as brilliant as Light.  Light begins to be called “Kira” meaning killer in Japanese. L and Kira become fierce rivals making every single move count as if they were playing chess. Will Kira succeed in creating a world without evil or will he be stopped by L, find out in the fantastic anime Death Note.

Pros: The soundtrack perfectly fits the show, the show is brilliant in a way others can not achieve, and it always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Cons: The mind games between Light and L became repetitive near the middle but finished off strong.

Rating: 9/10, Great!



Happy Death Day: Movie Review

Description: “Happy Death Day” is about a college student who is trying to be happy on her birthday. That is, until she is murdered by someone wearing a mask and black hoodie. To her surprise, she wakes up to live the day over again. She is again murdered and realizes she has to keep reliving this day until she stops whoever is doing this. Every time she dies, she becomes weaker. Therefore, she only has a limited time to figure out who her true killer is and how to live through her birthday. Will she figure out who the killer is or run out of time? Find out in the horror movie “Happy Death Day”.

Pros: “Happy Death Day” was definitely a surprise because what seemed like a standard slasher flick turned into an actual good movie. The story was great, the characters were likeable, and the ending was somewhat surprising. This movie was produced by Blumhouse Productions, one of the best when it comes to horror movies. They made movies like “Get Out” and “Paranormal Activity”, and did not disappoint with” Happy Death Day”.

Cons: This movie had some stereotypical deaths that probably could have been predicted by the girl character.

Rating: 8/10, good

Annabelle: Movie Review

picture of movie cover--doll and title


Synopsis:  Annabelle is the story of a young couple who are expecting a baby.  Since the husband is going to medical school, and doesn’t see his wife often, he buys her a doll. One night their neighbors are brutally murdered by Satanists, and after, break into the couple’s house. The couple is saved by the police, but the cultists conjured a horrible demonic presence into the doll.  After the baby is born, the demon uses the doll as a conduit and tries to capture the new born’s soul.  Can the couple get rid of the demon or will the demon take the baby’s soul?  Find out in the movie Annabelle.

Pros: The doll looked perfectly creepy but looked nothing like the real one. Pretty good acting, and characters.

Cons: The story was awful, shallow, and confusing. The movie was not scary, but more suspenseful.  Annabelle also copied parts from Rosemary’s Baby but failed.

Rating: 5.5/10, Very Bad

I was looking forward to this movie to see how Annabelle fit into The Conjuring universe, but it was just another overhyped horror movie that will be forgotten if it hasn’t been already. Thankfully, The Conjuring creators saved the Annabelle franchise with a spectacular prequel to this trainwreck.


Horror Story #4


I yawn and look at the clock, 12:30 am, time for bed. I take a quick hot shower and brush my teeth. I walk into my room and see my window open. Wind poured through the window. Did I leave it open? I shut the window  anxiously and wished I had a roommate. Then, I set my alarm for 9:30 am and hopped into bed. Beep, Beep, Beep, the alarm clock goes off and I look at the clock. 3:41 am? I rub my eyes and feel a breeze coming from my left.

The window is open? I… I closed it, I thought in confusion. I walked over to the window carefully and slammed it shut. I walked back into bed and put the covers  over my head. I closed my eyes in hope of finding sleep again but there was no hope. I lifted the covers over my head to see an 8 foot tall black creature looking down at me. I screamed and tried to run but it grabbed me by the neck. Tears ran down my cheeks as he lifted me up by the throat. I struggled to get loose but it’s clutch was too strong. He grabbed my face with his other hand and made me look into it’s dark, pitch black eyes. As I saw them, my chest burned as if someone had put a match to it. The creature lifted his blade-like arm, and as the arm broke through my flesh, my eyes opened and I realized I was back in bed. I stood up in pure joy realizing it was all a dream and that I was alive. I looked around, and smiled; well, until I saw the window open. I ran over and looked at the glass pane. In the reflection, dark, pitch black eyes stared back at me.

Avengers: Infinity War — Review

Description: Avengers: Infinity War connects all the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this movie the villain, Thanos, wants to destroy half the universe’s population by using The Infinity Gauntlet. This requires all 5 infinity stones (time, space, power, soul and reality). Thanos decides to send his servants down to Earth to find the last couple stones. This causes most of the superheroes to team up and attempt to defeat Thanos. Some superheroes include: The Guardians of The Galaxy, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, and Black Panther. Can the the Heroes defend Earth and defeat Thanos or will Thanos kill half the universe? Find out in Avengers: Infinity War.

Pros: This movie was a perfect way to wrap up every movie before it. The visuals were fabulous, the story was compelling and the super hero team up was everything a Marvel fan could hope for. The ending was so unexpected that even theorists couldn’t predict it. The actor for Thanos was excellently portrayed and the Wakanda battle was action packed and exciting. Finally, Drax’s humor enlightened the movie to make it one of the best in the MCU.

Cons: The CGI made the characters look weird at certain points in the movie. Also since the movie is trying to wrap everything up, it can be confusing if you haven’t seen all the movies.

Rating: 9.5/10



The Secret Society of the Birch Part 1

photo of forest at night

I’m a 19 year old living with my father in Arizona. We live in a rural area in the type of town where everybody knows each others name. I’m only living with my dad for the summer and after I’m going to my second year at Arizona State. I just arrived at my dad’s house a week ago and am still settling in the job at the bank.

On my way to work one day I notice my dad’s neighbor doing some yardwork. I walked over to him to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Jeffrey’s son, I just came last week, it’s-”

“Look I’m a little busy right now maybe we can talk later,” he said rudely.

“Um, ok see you later then,” I replied.

I walked away and noticed he was watching me walk to my car. I turn around and he’s planting flowers. In confusion I put the keys in and swiftly drove out of the crooked driveway. My job was just as boring as usual with 4 people coming to the bank the whole day.  I drive back home at 4:35 P.M and walked to the door. I looked over at the neighbor’s house and saw the man walk into the woods with a large trash bag. My heart froze.

What could be in that trash bag I wondered. I didn’t want to know but I really did. I told my dad I wanted to go for a walk and started to walk towards the woods where the neighbor had walked. There was a small trail with what looked like his boot mark tracks.

I kept following the footsteps until they just stopped. I stood there in confusion and wondered. Just as I was about to walk back to the house when a trash bag went over my head and I fell to the ground. He hit me in the head with something hard. Everything went black.

About an hour later I woke up hazily and slowly got my sight back to see I was tied to a tree with around 15 people staring at me with owl masks.

“Welcome to the Secret Society of The Birch. I’m guessing your wondering why I told you that. Well, your’re obviously not going to survive this and our group’s purpose is to keep everyone the same here. No one new must come in this town. So as part of your dad’s initiation, we will kill you.”

My dad? He’s part of this. I thought it was weird for him to invite me for the summer. I felt tears run down my face. My dad walked over to me and stuck a knife to my throat.

A large shot seemed to be fired and someone behind me untied the rope. They grabbed my hand and before we knew it we knew it we were running through the woods . Once we knew we escaped I tried to see his face. It was the neighbor! “I have a lot to explain.”