First Man: Movie Review

First Man was a very powerful experience for me. I remember leaving the theatre in awe of what I just saw. I consider this the best movie of 2018. This is my review of “First Man”.

The plot of this movie is about Neil Armstrong and his life leading up to the moon landing and the landing itself.

I loved that the movie went into his life when he wasn’t on the moon or on a test mission. We see here that Neil was actually a bit of a jerk at times, but he still cared about his family and friends.

The story is also just great in general. The story had a sense of direction unlike anything I’ve seen in cinema.

The acting in the movie is great. Everyone does a great job here and succeeds spectacularly at translating the characters’ emotions.

Also, the soundtrack is great. It really helps display the tone the film tries to present.

Verdict: First Man is a great film and in my opinion the best film of 2018. It’s moving, it’s insightful, and has sheer determination that I’ve never seen before.

Rating: 9.5/10

My next review is about a film I won’t give away, but I’ll give you a hint. It’s called “Hobbs and Shaw”.



Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

“Spider-Man: Far From Home” released on July 2nd, 2019 to praise from audiences and critics alike. So, did I like it? To keep it short, yes.

Plot: The plot was engaging and fun. It wasn’t terribly serious and kept going without losing the elements that make the plot good. 8/10

CGI: It was great, and I have to give praise to a certain scene involving Mysterio (without spoiling anything). 8/10

Characters: All of the characters were relatable and had defining characteristics.  It never felt like all of the characters were very similar. 8/10

Humor: I only got one laugh out the entire movie, which is disappointing. Homecoming squeezed several laughs out of me, and my expectations for the humor here were probably too high. 3/10

Villian: The villian is good. Not even close to Thanos levels good, but still fine. You can’t really relate to the character, but you can still see where the villain is coming from after seeing their backstory. 7/10

Action: The action is alright. You’re not really on the edge of your seat, but it’s well choreographed and entertaining. 6/10

Conclusion: Although it does not reach the heights that “Avengers: Infinity War” achieved, it’s still a solid pallet cleanser after “Avengers: Endgame”, and sets up a brand new storyline the MCU will follow.

Score: 8/10

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.


AJR: Neotheater Album Review

Cover of album Neotheater by AJR

AJR is an indie pop band whose claim to fame was their 2013 single “I’m Ready”. “The Click” came out in 2017 and now, two years and several critic beat downs later, their new album “Neotheater” is out. So, how do I feel about the album? Let’s review “Neotheater” by AJR.

Let’s start with saying I am not very fond of this band. The songs I heard from “The Click” were cliched and showcased some very poor lyrics.

Sadly, this album has the same issues I have with some songs off “The Click”.

Before I go any further, if you like AJR, that’s totally fine.

Now, a song by song review:

“Next Up Forever”: Repetitive and cringe-worthy. One of the many low points of the album. 2/10

“Birthday Party”: This song isn’t that bad. Its got a solid chorus and the lyrics aren’t aggressively nonsensical. 6/10

“100 Bad Days”: Nonsensical lyrics, horrendous chorus, mediocre singing, all with a little dollop of cringe on top. Bad Song Sundae! 2/10

”Don’t Throw Out My Legos”: A giant mess of weird noises and bad songwriting. 2/10

“Break My Face”: Bad lyrics and lots of cliches aspects. More of the same. 2/10

“Turning Out Part 2”: This song actually sounds pretty decent overall. 7/10

“The Entertainment’s Here”: Mediocre lyrics with decent singing. 5/10

”Karma”: This song sounds very whiny and fake deep. 2/10

”Beats”: Overused meaning with okay singing and beat. 4/10

“Wow, I’m Not Crazy”: Obnoxious and bland. 2/10

”Dear Winter”: A refreshing break from the overbloated pop this album is loaded with. 7/10

“Finale “Can’t Wait To See What You Do Next”: The album ends with a whimper here. 3/10

The lyrics here are just plain bad in my opinion, like the verse on “Don’t Throw Out My LEGOs” where the lead singer says “Don’t throw out my LEGO’s, what if I can’t let go?” To me, that sounds forced, like the trio slapped that on the chorus without a care in the world.

The album is also bland, showing nothing new for the indie pop genre. AJR doesn’t seem to get that overbloated and boring doesn’t equal good. I found myself wanting to stop listening frequently during my listening session due to just how boring it is.

It’s also worth mentioning the singing is just okay.

Verdict: AJR is personally one of my least favorite bands of all time, and this album proves it. 3/10

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.

Injustice 2: Game Review

Injustice 2

Think of the DC Comics universe. Some of their past films were very dark. Currently, this is not the case, as some of the more recent films like “Shazam” have been fairly light hearted. Okay, I’m getting off topic. I’m here to tell you “Injustice 2” takes the dark material of the DC universe and cranks it up to a 13. I’m also here to tell you that as a first time fighting game player, this game is incredible. Let’s get some into the game’s aspects.

Gameplay: Gameplay in this game is great. It’s very deep, but never gets horribly confusing.

Base mechanics: The game has 3 basic fighting attacks. Light attack, medium attack, and heavy attack. All of these can be combined with specific button combinations for a character to perform a specific move. (Ex: Back, Forward on analog stick with X on PS4 or A on Xbox One will cause Batman to perform a power slide.) these moves can be hard to pull off, but are easy to pull off once you get the hang of things. Hitting attack buttons in a certain combination can perform a combo. Pressing O on PS4 or B on Xbox One performs a character’s special move.

To block, hold down the left analog stick. Finally, you can perform a super move with using L2 + R2 on PS4 or LT + RT on Xbox One. To perform a super move, you need to build one up by taking and inflicting damage.

Story: The story here is not the greatest, but it does its job well. That’s basically all I have to say about that. 7/10

Characters: The roster in this game is fairly balanced. For example, the character Bane is powerful but is slow. All of the characters have a unique move set to learn and how to counter. 10/10

Also, a little bonus, the Local Multiplayer is insanely fun. Fighting either a friend on your skill level or an inexperienced button masher, (I’m looking at you Dad 😏) it is still a crazy good time and I recommend it to anyone planning on playing on the game. 10/10

Overall, Injustice 2 is a fun, balanced game for either casual players, competitive players, or people looking to waste time, with characters fit for every play style. 9/10

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.

Also, for my next review I will be reviewing an album being slammed by critics and loved by fans. What will I review? Wait and see.

You know what? I don’t care, it’s Neotheater by AJR.


Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel

The Marvel franchise has a pretty good track record. Almost every film they have made has been successful critically and financially. “Avengers: Infinity War” is one of the top grossing films of all time. However, “Venom” was not very well liked by critics or audiences. And, “Captain Marvel” seems to be getting some negative attention as well. So, what did I think of it? Here is my review of “Captain Marvel”.

The story revolves around Carol Danvers, an agent of the Kree, a race in a war with the Skrull, shape-shifting aliens. An incident sends Carol Danvers flying to earth, where it seems she may not know herself as well as she thought.

First thing’s first: Brie Larson was alright. Nothing about her performance was incredible. It felt pretty average.

All of the other characters  acted very well, and some of the more mundane acting was still not bad.

The story was also pretty good. For me there was a lot of missed opportunities.

Something I want to point out is the fight choreography, For a Marvel film, it’s pretty bad. The camera was constantly flailing around like a toddler who didn’t get their chocolate milk.

Final Rating: This movie was just “meh” for the most part. It went in a more story based direction like “Avengers: Infinity War”, which is good, but has a severe lack of action. The acting was good, but nothing amazing.

I give “Captain Marvel” a 6/10.


The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part


The LEGO Movie was released back in 2014 to overwhelming praise from critics and audiences alike. However, it set a really high bar for a sequel. Now that it is here, I’m gonna tell you my opinion, and if I think it lives up to the hype. This is my review of The LEGO Movie 2.

The plot revolves around Emmet, an upbeat and cheerful person. Despite his positive attitude, his city is now a Barron wasteland after the Duplo invasions turn it into a post-apocalyptic setting. When his friend Lucy is kidnapped by a mysterious person named General Mayhem, it’s up to him to save his best friend.

The movie didn’t really live up to the hype, to answer the question I asked earlier. However, it wasn’t bad, and I can’t blame them, considering how high the bar was set by the original. First, the acting was great. No complaints there. The writing was pretty funny, and the storyline was coherent and never boring. The animation was amazing. It’s actually hard to comprehend how they animate stuff like this.

In conclusion, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part was enjoyable. It wasn’t great, but it has just enough charm to give it 7/10.

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.

Imagine Dragons: Origins Album Review


Origins is an album from the popular band Imagine Dragons and was released on November 9th, 2018.

This review will be split into individual song reviews, until I finally get to the overall score.

Did I like this album? Did I not? This is my review of Origins by Imagine Dragons.

Natural: I thought this song was just okay. Yes, it’s catchy, but that doesn’t excuse the annoying chorus consisting of lead singer Dan Reynolds screaming about how you’re a natural for a short period of time. 5/10

Boomerang: This song was all over the place. At some points you can’t tell if it’s a love song or a rock song. That’s really all I can say about this song. 3/10

Machine: This is, in my opinion, the worst song off the album. It’s messy, melodramatic, and isn’t helped by the fact the song is just annoying. 2/10

Cool Out:  This song is actually pretty good. It has a wavy vibe and doesn’t feature Dan Reynolds screaming for the chorus. 8/10

Bad Liar: This one is just weird. It doesn’t make your ears almost implode like some of the last ones did, but it feels a bit messy.  Still, it’s not horrible. 5/10

West Coast: This song is much more light-hearted than most of this album. Is it great? No. But I can appreciate how this one was a change of pace. 5/10

Zero: This one is pretty snappy and fun, but it isn’t quite the home run I was hoping for. 6/10

Bullet In a Gun: Just like Boomerang, this one is all over the place. But just like Natural, it’s still pretty catchy. 5/10

Digital: I do not recommend listening to this song if you have sensitive hearing. This song consists of about 60% screaming. 3/10

Only: This song feels like if Hey There Deliah and Something Just Like This had a baby. Let’s just say it was their first and only child. 3/10

Stuck: This feels like just another love song with nothing special. 4/10

Love: Since when was repeatedly saying “love” a good chorus? 3/10

Summary: Origins by Imagine Dragons is a reminder of how low we can go when it comes to mainstream music. Cliched, repetitive, and loud, I don’t think I’ll be coming back to this album anytime soon. 4/10