My Most Anticipated Movies Of 2020

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Okay, I know I was gonna do a Spies in Disguise review, but this idea was too good to pass up.

2020 is shaping up to be a great year for cinema. From new superhero flicks to more car movies, there truly is something for everyone. These are my most anticipated.

First up on the list is Tenet. We know almost nothing about this film. However, the trailer looks great. It looks like it has an interesting plot (whatever it is) and has a great cast.

Release: July 17

Next up is Wonder Woman 1984. This one looks like a good action flick in general. The original was great, so I hope this is as well. Release: June 5

Finally, we have Fast and Furious 9. This one is self-explanatory. Action, cars, and just pure fun is what this one looks like. Also, this one looks a bit more grounded in reality than the other films. And the best part, Vin Diesel. The man is a great actor.

An honorable mention I have is Minions: The Rise Of Gru. Listen, I’m not looking for something high quality here. I’m just looking for a fun movie with some good laughs.

Release: July 3

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Review

The Rise of Skywalker

Before the release of this film, I was optimistic. I thought it wouod be good, but knew it could be bad. Unfortunately, my speculations were true. This is, in my opinion, a bad movie. Why exactly? Let me tell you.

The first problem is the plot holes. The movie skips over so many things without explanations thinking that the audience won’t care or even notice.

Also, the pacing. It is all over the place. It honestly feels like it is just ferociously sprinting through the movie, occasionally tripping and falling backwards during the sprint.

The new characters here never get fleshed out enough for the audience to care about them and the preexisting characters have almost no character development.

The good things in this movie include the fact that is gorgeous and the acting is pretty good.

Overall, Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is a flawed and disappointing conclusion to this beloved saga.

Score: 4/10

My next review will be for “Spies In Disguise”. Also, I don’t know when this will go up, but happy new year and new decade, everyone. I look forward to more reviews in the coming months.

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Bonus:  Hot take: The Mandalorian isn’t that good in my opinion.


1917 Movie Review

1917 is pretty good. I think it benefited from Sam Mendes. However, I think it suffers from some problems involving with pacing. First of all, the acting is good here, and so is the soundtrack. Both really immerse you into the experience and make you feel like you’re part of the action. The cinematography is also great. The one shot take actually looks real. Unfortunately, this film suffers from some issues. First, the main characters have no chemistry. They just existed with each other. This is a fatal flaw as these are our two main characters and will follow each other through the film. If we can’t invest in their relationship, why care? Also, the pacing is a bit off. I feel like the characters traveled at most 8 miles. It kind of gets rid of the journey aspect and more or less reminds you a above average human can sprint through the entire film layout in what would probably be 30 minutes. But rather than that this film was good.

Verdict: Sam Mendes if you’re reading this nice job but Skyfall was way better. 7/10

My next entry is gonna be on what can only be described as a dark buddy comedy with strong horror elements all in black and white.

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Family Guy’s Decline – An Essay

Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated comedy following the lives of the Griffins. The show is very popular, with a devoted fan base and plenty of viewers. Despite this, the show has gone downhill.

Now, where exactly this decline happened is debated. While certain people say season 8, others say season 12, but it is agreed by many that the show is now what it was.

I think that humor and characters were old Family Guy’s strong suit. There were simply so many good jokes in each episode, not to mention the characters were still like able. Sadly, this seems to not be the case for the current state of the show.

Modern Family Guy has some of the laziest and most unfunny jokes I have seen in a comedy show. They also seem to have an over-reliance on cruel jokes. In every episode nowadays, you have to get through a bunch of over-the-top “jokes” in order to get to the one good joke the episode has. In the older episodes packed with funny and quotable lines.

And the aspect that really grinds my gears is the characters. Especially Peter. The new peter is pretentious and will do anything for his own benefit. Other examples include Chris, who is now your average teen with no defining traits, Lois, who is basically just Peter but slighty more sensible, Meg, who now just gets pushed around all the time, and more.

It is such a shame to see such a great show go to waste. Family Guy used to be revolutionary. Now it’s just a former shell of what it once was.

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Inception Review

Christopher Nolan is a master at film making in my opinion. I love his movies. The Dark Knight, Dunkirk, his films are amazing. However, a lesser known one is “Inception”. Is it good? Let’s find out.

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb, who makes a living by taking ideas from people’s dreams and using them. But when he is tasked with planting an idea in someone’s mind, he is unsure if he can pull it off, not to mention a threat very personal to Cobb.

This film is great. Everything here, the pacing, the action, the acting, is incredible.

The film really makes you feel for Cobb. We see early on he is a man that is heartbroken by the death of his wife and just wants to get home to his kids.

I also liked everyone else, mainly Eames, who provides some comic relief and is generally hilarious throughout the film.

The action is great, too. One of the scenes in particular is mind-blowing with how well it is choreographed.

And finally, I loved the minor twist, the score, and the ending.

I highly recommend Inception. It’s easily my favorite Christopher Nolan film, although not for everyone.

Final score: 9.5/10

And one more thing. A guessing game! Next month will be:

A. Jedi: Fallen Order Review

B. Frozen 2 Review (You can’t stop me!)

C. A super secret essay on one my favorite TV shows

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Batman: Arkham City Review

Cover of Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is overrated. Yes, it’s still good, but it isn’t a masterpiece in my opinion. The story is solid, the voice acting is great, the combat is satisfying, but it never feels like it’s a masterpiece.

First thing’s first, the story. It’s pretty solid. It tells a very dark Batman story with an ending that pulls off something that very few Batman storylines have ever done. The ending lingers long after you turn off the game and go about your day. If you’ve played the game, you get what I’m talking about.

Everyone’s voice acting here is great. Especially Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill,  But can someone please give Tara Strong some recognition? She gives a very strong performance as Harley Quinn, perfectly translating the emotions that someone like her would be feeling during the story.

The combat here is great. It’s smooth, fun, and satisfying, although getting repetitive at points.

The boss fights here are amazing. Mr. Freeze in particular. He can prevent you from use of a tactic more than once, which adds a whole new layer to the fight.

Overall, Batman: Arkham City is great but not a masterpiece. 8/10

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Hobbs and Shaw Review

Oh goodness, I have so much to say about this movie. This movie is just insane. Robotic superhuman played by Idris Elba?  Check. Over-the-top action? Check. Buff guys? Check. This is the ultimate popcorn flick. Let’s just get right into this review.

Listen, if you’re looking for some high class movie with an actual plot, do not watch this movie. If you want to see The Rock deliver a one liner and proceed to beat up a bunch of bad guys, then please watch this movie as soon as possible.

Speaking of beating up bad guys, the action here is insane. Things that happen during the action scenes are so over the top it’s funny.

The acting here is pretty good. It’s not incredible, but does the job.

An issue I did have is that Idris Elba is one of those “Hey, look at me, I’m a bad guy!” villians. These villians are uninteresting and just not compelling. If you’ve seen “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, this is a similar situation. Ultron is a very uncompelling villian just like the one in this movie.

That’s all I have to say about this. It’s solid and a very fun watch overall.

Overall score: 8/10

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