Fan Art Owl House

I drew this fan art piece of Luz Noceda from the show The Owl House by Dana Terrace. It is from post-season two to season three. I made it because I love The Owl House and it seemed like a fun piece of art to draw.

Painting on Paint Samples


Painting on paint samples is a very fun art project. You don’t need many materials and can let yourself be creative because there are a lot of different things to make. When I paint on paint samples I use POSCA paint pens (which makes it more like drawing) and I make a picture depending on what the name of the color is. For example you can see in the picture above for the green paint sample I drew a frog in a swap because the paint sample is labeled frog in the corner. If you do this you do not have to use paint pens, you can also use paint and paint brushes but I like uses paint pens because I think it makes it easier. Also, you can get paint samples at stores like Home Depot, Lowes or other stores that sell paint. There are a few different things I do when making these. First I lightly sketch my drawing in pencil, sometimes after I sketch I erase a little bit of it if I thinks it’s to dark and will show even after I apply the paint. After this I add the first layer or the base coat of paint which is usually just the solid background color of whatever I’m making.

For, example in one picture I drew a watermelon because it was labeled watermelon slice, to draw the watermelon in the middle I first made a circle with light green. Then, went in and added the dark green lines, outline, and details after. I usually do outlines last, and to do these I use either the black POSCA marker or a black pen. And that’s basically how I make these. I think doing this is really fun and it’s a great hobby if you like painting or drawing. I will attach more pictures of drawings I made below.

Abstract Stripes Painting

Above is a picture of a painting I started a while ago, but finished recently. For this painting as you can see I painted color stripes in different colors I liked. Like, royals blue, maroon, green, peach pink, purple and light gray. To make the stripes straight the put strips of tape on the spaces that are white with black designs while I painted. When the colored stripes were done I took off the tape and added some golden glitter to the side of the stripes (this may be hard to see in the picture but you might be able to see it if you look closely). When that was done, I used black sharpie to make different designs in the spots that were not painted. And after finishing the designs that painting was complete! I hope you liked the artwork I made and maybe it inspires you to make some of your own.

Small tricks and tips for drawing!

Before I go on about this stuff, I’d like to say that the biggest thing that can assist you in drawing and art overall is practice. Although, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tips here and there. I may not be able to show and images since I do not have any permission to upload imagery, but that doesn’t mean I can’t clarify things in detail.

First thing’s first, if you’re ever struggling with hands, either look up reference photos or even take photos of your own hands in the positions you are looking to draw them in. This generally goes a lot easier if you have another pal to help you.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that you need to think out what you want to draw. Sometimes it helps to try and construct or gather a real thing to focus on or if it isn’t too much of a hassle, try imagining every detail and plan out what you want as your composition.

One the harder things I’ve seen is scaling. You want things to be to scale with one another or else it looks all wobbly. One of better things for scaling is setting up a proportional reference, like say an outline of a human body, then you can always look back at it. Of course the trick of foreground and background will always help out, but if you’re going for something a bit less complex and close up, those can seem all too irrelevant. So, I say try thinking about sizes compared to one another, such the height of a head being half of the height of a torso. Although, you can of course adjust and edit this to your style, just remember that there is a difference between consistency and everything being the same. If you have a lanky art style, then make sure that all parts are lanky. Simply put, it’s best to think about what you’re doing in advance and try not to rush things. Go at your own pace because your art reflects you intention.

Remember, nothing is more useful than time and practice.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Monoliths Fan Art

This is a piece of fan art I made based off one of my favorite marvel shows Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This piece features the three monoliths or Di’Allas that are in the show. As you can see the monoliths are have labels on top of them saying, space, time, and creation. The monolith all way on the left is labeled space. In the show this monolith is used to travel to a planet in completely different solar system called Maveth. On Maveth the sun only rises every 18 years, and on the planet there is a monster called hive. One character-Jemma Simmons accidently gets sucked into the monolith and ends up on Maveth. Jemma stays on Maveth for six months. She tries to escape but fails and doesn’t get back to earth until the team figures out a way to get her back. Later in the show this monolith is used by Hydra to bring Hive to earth.

The white monolith with red stripes in the middle is labeled time, this is because it was used from time travel. One season of the show takes place in the future because the time monolith sent the team to the future. However this monolith is not only used to travel to the future it can also be used to go back in time. That was how the team got back to the original year they traveled from. This monolith was also used by Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz to travel to the past after they made a time machine.

The last monolith all the way on the right is labeled creation. This monolith is kind of hard to explain because it wasn’t really used intentionally. This monolith is called creation because it can create things like monsters, aliens, humans and more. This monolith takes the worst fears of the people around it and manifests them by “creating” them. These things were labeled as anomalies and people got rid of they by hurting/killing them and they would disappear into thin air. In season 6 the monoliths are destroyed, but later in the season the are recreated by Izel who is an antagonist character in the show. The monoliths originally came from another realm that Izel was also from. So that’s all about the three monoliths that I drew in my drawing, I hope you like it.

Cool Photographers 4

Close up of the macro setting on a camera. Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Carlo Galliani

Carlo Galliani is a famous Italian natural Macro photographer. He focuses on trying to capture how all elements of nature interact. The images he produces are incredibly beautiful and offer a unique perspective unseen by the human eye. He has a unique and incredibly strong attention to detail.

I am personally drawn to his images because of their interesting composition and never-seen-before concepts. I also think that his images show the magnificence of our world by emphasizing the typically insignificant tiny worlds of little critters. 

Jerry Ueslmann

Jerry Ueslmann is an American photographer born in the 1930s. He specialized in using film to create photo montages, or compositions that are made up of multiple photos cut and pasted together to create something new or unique. Because of the time period he grew up in, he had to edit all his photos by hand  in a dark room, which was extremely time consuming and difficult. The compositions he created produced a sense of surrealism. Surrealism is a style of art that takes ordinary concepts and puts them in an unordinary scenario, it creates a whimsical slightly other worldly feel.

I really, really, love his work, I am so drawn to the stories and worlds he creates. I love the creepiness and uneasiness that his images make me feel, “Something isn’t right here?!”. His images make you look at the world in another way, what could truly be possible in our reality is bent. I hope to be able to capture his creativity and uniqueness in my own work.

Cool Photographers 3

Close up image of a camera. Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

Adam Jesionkiewicz

Adam Jesionkiewicz is an astrophotographer and graphic designer from Africa. He takes beautiful photos of our galaxy from his own family’s observatory. He touches up and edits these stunning images to create impeccable other worldly images. He has always been fascinated with space and it’s mystery, taking the photographs allows him to get closer to it’s wonder. 

His work really renders with me because of its unique beauty. No where on Earth can you see sights like these. I like being able to create stories in my head out of the free form images. I also think looking at the images is humbling, they remind us of our incredible small place in the universe with all their wonder.

Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander is a photographer, director, author, and artist from London. He has received an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society in 2015 and  has won the Prix Picket award. He specializes in taking stunning portraits with a wide range of aesthetics and artists inspiration. He has done professional portraits for celebrities and politicians, artistic portraits, and photos of remembrance or significant historical value.

I really like his work because of the professionalism, beauty, and range he extends to in each photo. every picture shows of his skills while emphasizing the subject in a beautiful way. I particularly love his photos that give off an 80s feel and remind me of a movie from that era. I love his broad use of color and editing to create masterpieces.