Shiro and his clone Kuron

Shiro - duoIn Voltron Legendary Defenders Season 6 we learned that Shiro died and Haggar cloned him. Meanwhile Shiro’s consciousness was trapped in the Black lion. Later, at the end of Season 6, Allura revived Shiro by putting his consciousness into Kuron’s body which caused his hair to turn white.

Season 6 and Season 7 were a wild ride, that’s all I’ll say (because I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched all of Season 7 yet). And guess what Voltron Fandom? Season 8 is the final one in the series (sadness). It comes out in November. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Vrepit Sa!


Homemade play dough



Homemade play dough is a great  rainy day craft to make, especially if you’re with younger children or siblings.

It’s easy, cheap, fun, feels soft and squishy, and is very creative!

What you need:

1 cup of any type of flour (you can even use expired)

1/4  cup of salt (fine grain is better)

1/2  cup of warm tap water

Food coloring of your choice – you can mix colors if you want.

Plenty of paper towels and clean-up supplies.

Bowls and spoons (plastic is better because there is less cleaning needed).


Cream of  Tartar (about 2 teaspoons)

Vegetable or coconut oil (about 2 tablespoons)

Pumpkin spice or cinnamon

Any essential oil

Plastic bags (for storage)

Colorful glitter or sand


Plastic gloves

Cookie cutters or rolling pin

What to do:

1. Lay down paper towels. In the bowl mix dry ingredients (*I suggest just using salt and flour- it’s much easier and will work better with only warm water, while mixing in the oil and tartar works better with boiling water*).

2. For one color, mix food dye into the warm 1/2 cup of water.

For two or more colors- just mix in the water.

Now would be the point to add oil.

3. Mix

4. Start to knead if you can- if the dough is to sticky add more flour.

5. For more than one color, divide the non- sticky dough and add the color by putting a few drops on each dough ball and mix it into the dough by kneading it; you might want to use gloves.

The next steps are for fun and creativity.

6. Add glitter or sand.

7. Add beads.

8. Add pumpkin spice, cinnamon, or essentials for a fun scent.

9. Play!  Kids love to play with it, and it helps to have accessories like cookie cutters or rolling pins.

10. Store play dough in storage bags so you can play and have fun all over again!


It’s addictive!  Be prepared to make more than one batch so you can experiment with all different smells, colors, and textures.

It’s safe to eat but you really shouldn’t –  it’s not good for your digestion so keep an eye on the kids when they are handling it.

Be prepared to clean! Working with little kids is always messy but the flour and dye make it worse.

I hope this recipe works for you! And may you make many fun, happy memories!

Orgami heart pocket (something to do when you are bored)

With summer here I want to do more arts, crafts, and randoms because this is more fun to do than write poetry or stories all day.  But, I love writing and I might do them every once in awhile or after summer. (This blog was supposed to be posted at the beginning of summer, but I didn’t do it for some reason. Sooo it’s here now!).

Today I will start with something that’s easy to do when you are bored; it might not be  something useful like other DIYs, but it’s really fun. So let’s start this!

This is a very simple craft and the only important things you need are square paper (printer paper will work, too – just cut it to make a square) and glue. You can also use decorations of your choice!


fullsizeoutput_72e  IMG_3119

Decorations                                                  Required materials

Making the origami heart

First, take a sheet of paper and fold it diagonally, then do the same with the other side so the folds create an “x”.


Then, take the top triangle half and fold it to the center. Next, take the bottom half of the triangle and fold it all the way to the top.

IMG_3123  step1   IMG_3125 step 2

It should look something like this…


As you can see there is a triangle piece on top with a crease going down the middle (this is  half of the shape). Take one half and fold it along the crease on the triangle, then do the same with the other half.


This should be you semi-final result!


Flip it over and fold the little triangles on the sides and the top.


Here is what the origami heart should look like!


Making the pocket

Open the heart up and you should see a flap of paper. Spread glue on that piece and close the heart.


Flip it to the back again and glue the tiny triangle creases.


Now you have a triangle pocket. Here is one I made before along with decorations!


Decorating (optional)

Now than the pocket is finished I decided to decorate it to make it look more interesting. This is optional but I recommend you do it if you have extra time on your hands.



I am finally done! Here is my final product:


You can use this as a pocket to store things like pencils, pens, and erasers, or you can attach it to the front of your journal as a pocket to keep writing materials in.



My Fan Art of Katsuki and Eijirou from My Hero Academia

Hello! Wow, I feel like I haven’t posted here in forever. Last year I was very busy. Studying for AP exams, juggling my after-school activities, and other obligations took up my time, so I had less time to do my favorite thing in the world: draw. Though I did sketch some doodles on my homework here and there, I didn’t make many completely finished digital or traditional paintings.

When I started drawing again this summer, I was out of practice. I became frustrated because nothing I made turned out the way I wanted. I know I’m always the one preaching about having confidence in your art, but I began losing confidence in my own. I felt like I was behind. There are so many people better than me, some much older and some younger.  However, there’s nothing wrong with that! Even though I’ve talked about this in all of my posts, it is SO important to work at your own pace. There are most likely people better than you at something, but so what? Look at the progress you’ve made, be proud of yourself and keep improving! This really works with any activity or passion, so I hope any of you reading this take my words to heart and apply them to your life.

If you’re still reading this, then let me talk about the actual picture I drew. As always, I drew it with my Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet Small (I wrote Intuos 5 on my last post, but that was a typo). In total, this took me like 4-5 hours? I split up the work in two days. The characters are from a series called My Hero Academia, which is all about a superhero high school training teens to be superheroes! The characters I drew are Katsuki Bakugou and Eijirou Kirishima. The one on the right, Katsuki, is really hot headed and kind of jerk, but Eijirou, the one with pointy teeth, brings out the best in him. They’re great friends, and I love their powerful dynamic! The outfits are based off the matching suits they wear in the upcoming My Hero Academia movie!

I’m still trying to figure out a good coloring style, so this serves as yet another experiment. I’ve learned that different shades of shadows and the smallest touches of detail really make a picture. I tried placing different colors in my shadows, like blues and yellows, as you can see. To be honest, the coloring looks kind of awkward in some places, but I’m still figuring out color theory and lighting. In the past, my coloring was a lot more bland, and sometimes it was too overwhelming; however, with more practice, I’m sure I can get it right!

This was a long post! I had a lot to say, I guess. In the future, I’m going to try to make more traditional art and step out of my comfort zone some more! Anyway, I hope you liked my drawing and please share some of yours! I’d really love to see some more art on here. As always, thank you so much for reading and remember to keep drawing!!

DIY Dream Catchers



Dream catchers are a fun and easy way to recycle old bracelets and make pretty decor- here is how to make them.

Materials Needed

  • Old bracelet or other small hoop
  • yarn
  • string or floss
  • feathers, beads, or other decor
  • glue
  • scissors

The first step in making a dream catcher is to wrap the hoop in yarn. All you need to do is tie a length of yarn to the hoop and wrap it around until the entire hoop is covered, then tie it tightly.

Next, you need to begin weaving the center of the dream catcher. This can be tricky, and there are different styles of doing it, but the way that I have done it is more simple. There are videos online though for other styles. First, I tie about a foot of string (to be safe) to the dream catcher. Then, I take the string and bring it over the hoop and make a knot, continuing this motion until I have made loops around the entire circle, then without undoing it or cutting the string, I do the same motions, but use the previous loops instead of the hoop to make the loops. This is a bit confusing to understand in writing, so refer to the photos attached. Just keep doing this process until you get to the center of the dream catcher. If you want to, you can add a bead onto the string before you tie it off, but you don’t have to.

After you finish weaving the inside, you can begin decorating! I usually add feathers and strings of beads, but it is up to you. You can attach the feathers with Mod Podge or hot glue, and tie the strings on. Whatever works is fine!

Now enjoy your freshly made dream catcher and sleep well!



Simple but cool things to draw

To all the artists out there who love to draw and to all the ones who wish to draw but aren’t as good. I am sure you will be good through hard work if you really want to. SO here are some cool but simple things you can draw.

1 Pair of Sneakers

My camera isn’t the best so I apologize if the picture is blurry. However this is really easy to do. At first I thought this was hard, but it isn’t. You guys can copy my drawing if you like and draw. You don’t need any special art pencils to do this or any kind of material used for shading. I just used a normal pencil and it worked just fine. Make sure you draw the shape first, not the shading, laces, heels, or any other details. You have to make the curves from the bottom of the shoe to the top correctly and draw lightly, so if you make a mistake you can erase it easily.

2 Simple Tree

I know this looks really hard, but I tried and gave it a go, and it was really easy. I did have something better in my head, but didn’t turn out well the first time. So I did this a second time and I think I did pretty well. The main part is the trunk. If you do that right you won’t have to worry about the rest, because the vines are just lines with curves on top. You can add as many vines as you like. It and it doesn’t have to be exactly the way I did it.

3 Sun and Moon

At first, this was just the sun and moon when I found it online, but I added a little bit of my own thought to it just because it looked so empty in its original form. I drew the earth underneath it and a heart to show that the sun, moon, earth, and heart are related and I added the leaves at the bottom just for decoration. This is a really simple drawing. If you want to you can just draw the sun and moon. You guys can copy this drawing if you like.

4 Tea or Coffee?

Tea or coffee? Which do you prefer 🙂 I love them both in their own ways. So I decided to do a tea or coffee simple drawing. All you have to do is draw a simple cup and a simple mug and decorate the tea cup and write anything you like on the coffee cup.

5 Sword in an Apple

Last but not least, I have a sword in an apple. This is the easiest drawing in this whole post. This is super simple, yet cool. All you have to do is draw a normal apple and put the handle of sword at one side and the blade at the other side. If you think this is too simple you can try to add a hand.

My favorite from all of them were the sneakers. I hope you guys like my drawings, too, and try to draw some of them. I hope to post more blogs related to art in the future, maybe some tutorials. Make sure to comment if I need to improve my drawing skills or if there are any ones you liked or disliked.