Short Poems

a fountain pen propped upward on a stack of papers

These are a collection of short poems I’ve written over the years. Some of them were written a couple years ago, some were more recent. Enjoy!


In a clearing of crowded trees stands a home.

There is a fire burning in the fireplace, beckoning you.

The snowflakes are falling slowly outside.

Little cousins play, making snow angels.

The adults are sipping cider in the kitchen.

And a happy teen, lying in her bed.

Her home is where her soul belongs.

If only all homes were like this, warm and inviting,

thinks a sad little boy in the woods, frost biting his nose.


A clatter, a crash, it’s suddenly cold.

The walls are closing in.

An owl hoots, a wolf howls,

the night is pitch black, but it’s only four in the evening!

I am frightened . . . I refuse to be home alone again.

These ones were written for a writing prompt. You were given two words, and you were supposed to write a poem about each. Mine were home and scary.


Blow a bubble into the sky,

you hope it goes where mermaids cry,

you hope it goes where no one dies,

you hope it goes where nobody lies.

Blow a bubble into the sky,

but, alas, it goes as far as I.



Petals falling softly down,

vibrant colors all around.

Springtime, suntime, flowers dance,

slowly dipping in a trance.     

Sunshine, birdsong floating ‘round,

singing, buzzing, sweet spring sounds.

These are my happiest poems (so far). You always need to have some happy poetry in there!


Reaching aimlessly through the dark,

in this blackness there’s not even a spark.

Racing quickly towards the light,

running, beginning, starting my fight.

Please consume me, I silently say.

Make all this night go away.

Turn me into golden rays,

turn me into brilliance, day.

Like a moth to the flame,

a frightening, very dangerous game.

Flying away into the night,

hoping one day there will be light.

When the day comes that I reach the sun,

nevermore will I have to run.

This is one of my sadder/darker ones, and I like how it could mean anything. It could symbolize struggles with depression, anxiety, death, sickness, or any other thing like that.


Fighting with their lives on the edge,

trying to capture the miracle that will save.

United hearts pound, echoing eternal.

Everything has been hurt, mud, dirt, blood.

The faces turn straight toward the danger.

Their minds flash, seeing their family, friends, future, past.

Souls, remembering everything.

They fight for love.

This one actually one a writing contest. So I decided to save best for last!

Thanks for reading!


Behind the Paper: Part Eleven

girl holding her finger to her lips as if to shush someone

The day went by smoothly and I felt reassured. Charlotte appeared from behind my cubicle when I working on an article.

“Hello stranger! I haven’t seen you since the day you moved out of the department! Where were you?” Charlotte smiles and then frowns, “I called your home phone but only Darry picked up. He sounds worried because you haven’t been coming home. Is this true?”

I shrugged and looked at my clock in my cubicle, “It’s lunch time. How about let’s go out to eat.”

After I told my best friend Charlotte about everything that happened, I felt relieved to tell someone about it.

“J-Jacob ROD!” Charlotte screams at the top of her lungs. Noticing curious eyes around us, I quickly stepped my foot on hers under the table.

“OWWWWWWWWW!” She yells.

I secretly whispered, “Its suppose to be a secret! Shhhh!” Like she understood me, she hushed and nodded.

“So, that cheating scoundrel thinks he can live his life without Molly!” Charlotte said as she madly stuffed food in her mouth.

“Yeah, but its okay,” I smiled, “at the end, it’s a win-win. He gets to cheat on me and I get to see Jacob’s house.” Giggles came out of Charlotte. She suddenly stops her laughing and looked sad.

“Are you okay though?” Charlotte stops eating and looks at me, “I mean you have been dating him for three years and this happened suddenly.”

I looked at my cup and said, “When life brings you lemons, sell them.”

To be continued…

Morning Haiku

sun shining through clouds onto a green mountain range

In the ravines of

the fruitful morning valleys

fog rises slowly

driven by the heat

the mist is burned by the sun

water crackling

In the shadows of

the trees and beneath the ferns

cool air and calming

so that dewdrops sit

alive and in the petals

of a dying flower

Atop the peaks of

the greenest of the mountains

for longest miles

only can be seen

the breathtaking horizon

morning, sun, and mist

-Marie Walters, February 2019

Bullet: Part Eight

two hands reaching out to each other

I slammed the car door shut and buckled up. Bullet was panting, anxiously waiting for me to start the car. I really didn’t want to bring him, but he kept on whining and managed to escape with me anyways. I started the car and pulled out onto the street. I kept muttering the highway over and over in my mind, so I was sure I wouldn’t forget it. I didn’t have time for something like that. I kept feeling my pocket every ten seconds, checking that it was still there. Another thing I absolutely had no time for.

The traffic began about ten minutes after I left home. I jerked to a stop, a red minivan quickly pulling up behind me. “Sh-” Bullet started barking again, seeing a dog in the car in front of us. I groaned and slammed my hand on the wheel semi-reluctantly. BEEP!

“Hey!” A raspy voice yelled. I lifted my hand and looked for the source of the yell. Turns out the guy in the car next to me rolled down his window, and him and his wife were staring at me. “We’re all trying to go places kid! Keep it down!”

I bit my lip and furrowed my brows at him. I rolled down the passenger window slightly, and Bullet immediately tried to jump out. “First of all!” I yelled. “I’m not a kid, I’m twenty-four. And secondly-” I looked at his car. Frozen dead in place. I looked at the cars in front of me. Frozen. I turned around to see the cars behind me. Frozen.

“And what? You’re late for your date with your boyfriend?” The guy mocked me.

“Let it go, Todd,” The wife objected, lightly slapping his shoulder.

“I’ve got better things to do,” I answered. I rolled up the window and unbuckled. I hastily grabbed Bullet and flung open the car door. I hopped out and slammed the door behind me.

“Ay! Where are you going kid? You’re in the middle of the highway!” The man screamed.

“I’m twenty-four!” I yelled back, leaving him and everyone else in the dust. After running for a few minutes, the accident scene was in my sight. It looked a lot worse up close in person. The entire front of Rob’s car was crumpled inward, and the windshield was shattered, only half of it left hanging onto the car. Not to mention the whole thing was tipped on its side.  The blue truck was nowhere near as bad, but it was pretty bruised up.

Bullet started raging and barking as we got up to one of the police cars. The police were talking worriedly with one another, and one of them was talking to a tall woman with a bandage on her arm, hands running through her brown hair with highlights. Before I even realized it, a police officer was standing up in my face, and Bullet nearly jumped out of my arms. “M’am, we need you to leave now, please, and stay away from the accident scene,”

“Uh, but, sir. I-uh…I’m the victim’s sister,” I fibbed, not sure if just saying I was a former co-worker would work. I blinked my eyes slowly, trying to add some fake tears into my worried expression.

“Fine,” he eventually replied. “But just keep your distance.” He motioned for me to follow him, and I did.

“Uh, may I ask something?” I asked.

“Yes?” He turned around to face me.

“Wh-why isn’t there an ambulance here yet?  Are they both alright?” That was probably the dumbest question I asked that week. The police officer glanced over at the white car. I turned my head to look, and saw a woman in a police uniform repeatedly pressing down on something. Someone. I began to walk towards them.

“M’am,” He ran in front of me and put his hand out to stop me. I looked over his shoulder at the woman. “I need you stay away-”

“Rob,” I muttered. It was Rob alright, his usually slicked back, bright ginger hair drooping over his forehead.

“What did you say?” The police officer asked, looking dead into my eyes.

“Rob, that’s his name. Rob Maerring.” The police officer took out a pen and notepad, and started scribbling this down. “But, um, why isn’t there an ambulance?”

“The original one broke down on the way here, so one from a further away hospital is just now on its way,”

“Terrific,” I muttered shakily. I knew they wouldn’t be here in time. And I had to do something. “Wait, I think I might know how to save him,”

“Are you a doctor?” He asked.

“No, but I’ll need your help.” I handed the officer Bullet and motioned for him to follow me as I walked closer to Rob. Of course, he flipped and tried to grab my arm, but it was a bit challenging for him with my dog in his arms.

Being an idiot, I pretended to trip and drop something once I was close enough to the woman and Rob. “Oh, gosh, I’m dumb.” I turned around to face him and started to bend over. I quickly jerked back up and started rubbing my back. “I’m so sorry, I’ve been having back issues lately. Could you get that for me?” I asked. Being a good Samaritan, he bent to the ground, with Bullet, and went to grab the thing I supposedly dropped

“Wait, what did you drop-” In that quick second, I unbuttoned his gun pouch and pulled out his pistol. “Hey!” He set down my dog and quickly stood up. He whipped out his taser and went to shock me, but I put my hands in the air.

“Wait! Trust me! I’m not going to hurt anyone!” He moved the taser a couple of inches from my chest. Bullet starting barking insanely, but I kept shushing him and making sure he didn’t hurt or bite the officer by nudging Bullet with my foot. “I can save Rob with this!” I said, squinting my eyes shut.

“How?” He asked sharply. I could heard thudding footsteps and cocking of guns come up behind me.

I hesitated to ask. “Ha-have you heard of an Enigma Bullet?” I stuttered. He started to lower his taser.

“Yes,” He eventually answered. “Do you have one?” I dropped my free hand and slipped it into my jean pocket. I pulled out the bullet and showed it to him. “Aren’t they just myths?” He quickly asked, lifting the taser again.

“I-I don’t know. But I’m willing to take the risk.” We were silent. I could feel the tense energy of the officers behind me.

“Kill him, you go to jail. Save him, free of charges. Go.” I nodded shakily. I hurried away from the officers and walked towards the woman, still performing CPR on Rob. I unloaded the gun and placed the bullets in my pocket. Thank goodness my uncle was a police officer, or I’d be clueless on how to work this gun. I placed the Enigma Bullet in, not even worried about never seeing it again.

The lady kept glancing at me worriedly, and when I nodded at her, she reluctantly backed away. I looked down at Rob and frowned. He was bruised and cut pretty much everywhere, a huge gash right on his forehead, his tie hanging on by nearly a thread, and his white shirt blood stained, reeking of car fumes and smoke.

“Rob?” I said softly. My hands were trembling, the gun in my hand almost hitting the ground. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes. “Rob. I…I wish,” Raising my voice with every word. I opened my eyes and looked at my half dead enemy, relying on just a scared girl to save him. I squinted my eyes shut again, not ready for the dreadful fate we might face. But I raised the gun and pointed it at his heart anyway. “I wish that you would live a long, healthy, and prosperous life!” And with those final trembling words…

I pulled the trigger.


The Girl Who Could Unite Them All, Part Two

girl in white sweater in front of a purple background

The woman and Vali walked through the pavilion, eventually ending up on a stage with many other twelve-year olds, people Vali’s own age. The woman walked off, scribbling on her clipboard.

“Hi, Vali!” a voice said behind her.

Vali turned around to see one of her schoolmates, Tira. “Hi!”

Tira was dressed in a nice blue tank top matched with a lacy white skirt. “Are you excited for the Awakening?” she squealed.

“Of course!” Vali exclaimed.

“A flame, huh? I could see you as one,” Tira commented.

“And I could see you as an aquatic,” said Vali.

They chatted about their lives and what had been going on since Friday afternoon.

Finally they were shushed by the tapping of a microphone. A tall and beautiful woman, one of the magic ministers, Ylena, was standing in front of all of them. “Greetings, people of Diamond City and Lorian. Today is a very special occasion.”

There was enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Vali beamed, pain shooting through her hands.

“Each one of these children will have their powers Awakened this morning.”

There was more applause.

“Now,” Ylena said, her eyes glinting with pride. “Each of you line up.”

Vali and Tira lined up next to each other, and Vali was pleased to know they were each near the front.

The first person to go was a small boy with large brown eyes. Ylena grabbed his hands and immediately after his hair turned blue. “Samson Hale, aquatic!” Ylena announced.

Next was a red haired, freckled girl. Ylena took her hands and then her hair turned a deeper, darker, cherry color.

“Blair Lize, flame!” Ylena said.

Three other people went after them, and then it was suddenly Tira’s turn. Ylena took Tira’s hands, and then her hair turned blue.

“Tira Preslyn, aquatic!”

Vali politely clapped along with everyone. Her hands burned.

It was now her turn. The moment she’d been waiting for. She stepped up to Ylena.

Ylena took her hands. Her heart pounded.

A second passed, and then gasping erupted from the audience. Vali’s heart pounded. What was wrong?

Ylena stepped back, confusion, terror, and surprise flickering across her face.

“What’s wrong?” Vali asked. “What’s happening?”

“Vali!” Tira shouted from the very end of the line of children. “Your hair is purple.”

Behind the Paper: Part Ten

floor level view of hallway, leading to an open door

Jacob’s house was organized everywhere. It also didn’t take a lot of time to know where everything was. When you walk in, there is a little entryway. The entryway leads to the kitchen and the living room. The living room leads to another hallway, which has a bathroom and three bedrooms.

“Whoa this is not what I expected! I said, shocked.

Jacob looks at me with an confused look,”What did you expect?”

An evil mansion with a dungeon in the basement. But I am not going to tell him that.

“Different. So, which one is my room?” I ask, peeking at the bedrooms.

“You can pick but not the one on the right. That’s my room.” Jacob says as he walks over to the kitchen.

I ended up picking the cute small room. After that, I walked over to where Jacob was.

“Now here are the rules..” Jacob states when he notices me.

“There are rules!?”

“Yup and you better stick to them or I can just kick you out of the house.” Jacob says.

I gulp. Ok, I guess. I can’t get kicked out.

  1. Don’t mention we live together at work. It would ruin his image to the coworkers.
  2. Whoever gets home first has to make dinner
  3. When you’re staying somewhere else instead of here tell him

For the Love of a Cat

cream colored cat laying with its chin on a red petunia bloom

Mischievous, Magnificent, Majestic; these words can only begin to describe the joy she brings. Magic, love, beauty; the thought of leaving her is unbearable. Happiness, laughter, and attention is all that she needs.

When one day she runs and jumps up onto the table; knocks off the plants and spills potting soil all over the clean, shiny floor. Shattered ceramics give the previously wooden floor a new rocky look; she marvels at her accomplishment, then chirps at the sight of me. She knows I still love her, no matter how close the scream is to my lips.

She stalks out of the room with her tail held high, her way of telling me she’s the fuzzy queen here. I guess queens nowadays are more mediocre in elegance because she trails out with dirty pawprints splattering the floor. (this adds to the rocky floor effect)

I am the queen’s servant. I must clean up the mess, for I have no other choice here. And yet I can’t help smiling at the thought of my royal highness. I can’t stop the laugh when my family sees the mess. Because it is impossible to be repulsed when you are a kitty.

-Marie Walters, 2015