The Elementals – Book 1- How it All Started


Chapter 8 – The Enemy

The alarm surprised them all. Blaze jumped and yelled, “Holy Cheeseballs!” Marina screeched, and Inferno dropped to the ground. Earth shifted into a snarling wolf, standing in front of her friends protectively. Hickory and Thunder moved around everyone, and stood beside Earth. The alarm was a blaring BWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

“What the pomegranate is THAT?!” Earth screams over the noise of the alarm.

“I have absolutely NO IDEA!!” Marina yells back.

“Can someone PAH – LEEZE SHUT THAT DARN THING OFF!!” Eliza screeches.

“Will you PAH – LEEZE BE QUIET?!” Inferno yells back sarcastically.

The teachers come outside to calm everyone down, and then explain.

“The alarm means that a threat has entered the community. Unfortunately, this has never happened before. Fortunately, we have gone through the procedures for this. Now, everyone, GET INSIDE!!!” Ms. Rainey yells.

The six new friends group together and head inside to the nearest classroom. Earth peeks through the blinds and sees an army of skeletons marching down the driveway to their school. She quickly closes the blinds and scurries over to her friends.

“Skeletons,” she whispers, nodding her head toward the window.

“What are they doing here?” Blaze whispers back.

“Who really knows?!” Inferno replies.

“One thing’s for sure, whenever they attack, we have to be ready. If they charge, we charge. If they don’t, we don’t. Just… know your opponents and know your battle,” Earth says, prepping her friends for the battle.

“Got it, Earth!” all five kids respond.

The friends huddle together, with Earth in a protective battle stance in front of them.

BANG BANG BANG!! A harsh knocking on the door frightens everyone in the room.

“Get down, children! Act like you aren’t here!” Ms. Rainey whispers frantically.

A sharp laser blast explodes open the door. Marina screeches and throws her arms on Thunder. Earth turns her head as debris from the door fly everywhere. Skeletons, almost like the battle droids in Star Wars, march into the classroom. They hold their guns across their rib cage and one barks out an order.

Surrender or die. We do not take no as an answer. We are here for the Skeleton King. You are here for us. Come, or you will be shot.

Earth glances at her friends. All have scared looks on their faces. She mouths, Skeleton King? Hickory shrugs, as if to say, no idea, Earth. 

You must not move. We will be taking you hostage any moment, once we get our orders from our master. The commander skeleton says, thrusting his blaster towards Earth and the others.

Meanwhile, Earth fidgets with her hands, trying to get her powers to work. She had always done it by accident, and now, when she needed them to block the skeletons, the element inside her wasn’t working. Come on, work! she thinks to herself. She puts her hands out, palms facing the skeletons. Suddenly, they glow green, and a stunning emerald blast bursts out from her hands. The wave of elemental power throws the skeletons back, but doesn’t completely destroy them. Earth waves her hands around in the air, and poison ivy vines grow up out of the ground and old the skeletons down.

“RUN, EVERYONE, NOW!! GET TO THE SAFETY SPOT!!” Earth yells to everyone in the classroom. She glances back at the tied up, struggling skeletons. One was getting loose.

Just as she was about to yell another “hurry”, a skeleton’s gun fires. Earth froze, and turned around. A skeleton, the one who was getting loose, had managed to fire one last shot…

Straight into Hickory’s leg.


Chapter 9 – What Good Friends Are For

“HICKORY!!” Earth screams. Blaze, Thunder, Marina, and Inferno turn.

“No, no, NO!!” Blaze yells. He runs over to his friend, where Hickory is struggling to stand up.

“No! Don’t try, Hickory. It’ll only make it worse,” Earth tells him.

She waves her hands and a lamb’s ear leaf appears. She wraps the fuzzy leaf around the laser shot and pins it with a paperclip she pulled out of her sock. (Earth always keeps a paperclip on hand, just in case) Both her and Blaze pull Hickory up off the ground and help him hop over to the door. With one last flick of her hand, Earth sends a wave of helicopter seeds at the skeletons, along with a dosage of poison sumac to go with them. She closes the door behind everyone and rushes to catch up with the group, and helps Blaze with Hickory. Everyone rushes to the safe spot, a small, worn down barn just beyond the school after the railroad tracks. No one glances back, but when Earth does, she realizes that the skeletons have somehow escaped her vines she had them tied up in and broke down the door. Thinking that they could sneak up on the crowd of scared students, they had not fired their blasters. But since Earth noticed them, they right away start to fire their blasters.

“EVERYONE, DUCK AND RUN!!” Earth bellows to the crowd of frightened students in front of her.

Everyone drew nearer to the train tracks, which they knew, once they crossed over, they would be safe.  Suddenly, a deafening horn blows from 50 yards down the train track. Heads turn as everyone looks at the incoming train. Shrieks from girls are drowned out from the blaring horn. Teachers, desperate to protect the students from the rapid fire of the skeleton’s blasters, hurry them across the tracks, toward the barn. The train is just in reach when everyone is across the tracks. That is, everyone except for Earth and Blaze, who are struggling to keep up with the injured Hickory.

“We’re never gonna make it!” pants Blaze, looking longingly across the railroad tracks to where Inferno, Thunder, and Marina are huddled with the rest of the kids.

Earth glances at Hickory, then to Blaze, and yells across to their friends, “STAY SAFE YOU GUYS, WE’LL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN, I KNOW IT!!”

Inferno, with a very worried and sad look on her face, screams, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS EARTH?! YOU CAN’T LEAVE US HERE!!! COME BACK!!”

“YOU KNOW WE AREN’T GOING TO MAKE IT!! WE’LL FIND A WAY BACK TO YOU, I PROMISE!!!” Earth calls back to the three friends on the other side.

“Are we really doing this?!” Hickory says to Earth, astonished. He ducks as another laser blast whizzes by. Earth dodges another and replies,

“Yes, Hickory, I know I’m insane! But this is the ONLY WAY to escape the skeletons!”

“NOOOOO EARTH!! HICKORY!! BLAZE!!” Marina’s voice is drowned out by the roaring of the train coming closer.

“IT’S– it’s…” Earth, for once in her life, had found a lack of words.

“IT’S WHAT GOOD FRIENDS ARE FOR!!” Hickory yells, surprising Blaze and Earth.

And with that, they escape the skeletons… and jump into a passing train car.


Bullet: Part One

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Dogs; furry four-legged creatures that are man’s best friends. Well, if that’s what dogs are like, then my dog does not follow the status quo. Sometimes, my Jack Russell Terrier is my worst nightmare. But then there’s other times where he’s the light of my world. But in this odd case, I’d say he’s both.

It all started one Saturday morning, my hands clasping my filled coffee mug. I was wearing my usual mulberry purple robe, mainly because I was too lazy to actually get dressed. I leaned back on the granite counter and looked around, thinking about the plans I didn’t have today.

Roof! Roof! My dog, Bullet, suddenly howled as he sprinted out of my bedroom and jerked to a stop in front of the front door. His tail whipped side to side forming a blur of brown and white. “What are you barking at this time?” I asked with a bit of dread in my voice. I felt sympathy for my apartment neighbors, because I certainly wouldn’t want to be woken up by an obnoxious dog on a Saturday morning.

Bullet whined desperately as he glanced back and forth from me and the door. “Do you need to go the dog park?” I asked. Bullet’s tail began to slow down as he stared into my soul. “Dog park it is.” I walked over to the front door, grabbed Bullet’s leash off the ground, and slipped it on him.

I began to open the door when I remembered I wasn’t ‘properly dressed’. “Oh! I’ll be right back!” I raced for my bedroom, because Bullet had little patience. But of course, I forgot something. I opened one of my drawers to pick out a comfy t-shirt when I heard something out in the hallway. My ears picked up something like metal hitting metal, making a soft ping!

“Bullet?” I called. I slammed the drawer shut and walked to the front door. I froze when I saw the door was almost fully opened, and Bullet wasn’t there. “Bullet!” I hollered as I ran into the hallway and slammed the door shut. I looked around for anywhere he might have gone, trying not to panic on the outside. I turned to my left and saw the door to the stairs softly shut.

Without hesitation, I bolted for the stairwell and raced down the stairs. “Bullet, come!” Once I reached the bottom, I began to overhear gasps from the ‘lobby’. I thrust the door open, only to see everyone staring at me. Perfect. I thought to myself. As if I don’t already look stupid enough.

“Has anyone seen a dog run by?” I quickly asked to no one in particular. An old lady pointed to the door.

“A man just walked out of the building and there was a small dog sprinting past him,” The old lady answered.

“Perfect, thanks,” I said as I ran past her and stopped outside. I used my hand to shield my eyes from the what seemed like blinding sun, and looked for which direction Bullet could have run. “Bullet!”

Roof! Roof! I swiveled around to see Bullet turn around and bark at me, about to cross the street. “Bullet!” I shouted. Bullet turned around to face the road. “Bullet don’t you dare walk in that-”

Right after a car whizzed by, Bullet shot into the road, racing to the other side. “Bullet!” I screamed, my irritation with him rising. I sprinted down the sidewalk and across the road to see him running to an old campsite. A car screeched to a stop and honked as I waved my hand in apology and kept running to reach Bullet, who stopped at an old charcoal grill.

Roof! “Let’s go, Bullet. You’re already in trouble.” Roof! Bullet barked as he faced the grill. “Do you want food?” Roof! “A walk?” Roof! Bullet pawed the base of the charcoal grill. I raised an eyebrow at Bullet, already annoyed enough. “You want me to open it?” Bullet’s tail wagged in approval. “Only if you don’t run off like this again.” I slightly rolled my eyes and opened the lid. And boy, was I surprised.


The Aspect of Poetry


There aren’t any rules to creative writing;

you just… write what’s in your head.

Using you’re emotions to guide you,

so… being a poet is more what you feel instead.

Then onto translating that into words (good luck)

Pen to parchment, parchment to laptop.


They may choose to judge you

or appreciate your work with a compliment!

Either way, it doesn’t matter, but you judge you.


When I write rough copies

my handwriting is absolutely terrible

and cat fur always somehow ends up on the journal.

It is both funny and maddening the fact that my brain thinks faster than my hand can form words


Poetry is hard in the eyes of some

or easy in the eyes of others,

but I believe its all about how you interpret it.

It doesn’t have to be the most complicated, long-worded essay

because even the simplest words can be charming

depending on how you fit them together:

to create a poem.


A Creature of the Night


You must walk confidently, shoulders back,

like you belong in this dark night world –

because then maybe they will believe that you do.

But I know, I know,

as I step out into the dark,

with its dampened sounds and slick sidewalks,

that this is where I belong.

The wind is at my back;

the rain doesn’t seem to touch me.

Invincible is the word racing through my mind,

rushing through my body

as if it’s an element infused in my blood.


But that thought always comes before the fall, does it not?

That belief that nothing can harm you,

that your skin, your mind, your soul,

is impervious to all harm . . .

I suppose I will find out when the sun returns;

but for now, I will remain in the dark –

a creature of the night.

Crescent Companionship

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The last of the songbirds cry

when the sun sets behind the trees

And out appears that light

not from our great star

not as bright

much too white

not as plainly sighted

Shadowed by lone clouds

that are still visible by dying rays

drowning in the fire of the sunset

The time is waxing

light to the right

and another friend beside him

burning in the night

Our beloved crescent moon is there

and his terrestrial companion:


Sounds of a Breeze

dandelion seeds in the breeze

The breeze is all around me

enveloping me with a soft whisper


The branches of the sugar maple

sway back and forth

Leaves upturned

revealing their fuzzy green undersides

feathery and delicate

like the flower buds of early spring

and petals floating through the air

It isn’t warm yet isn’t cold


to sit

and be silent



Grasses wave gently

in the cool breeze

rocking back and forth,

back and forth

a sweet lullaby



The air is mingled with mockingbird calls

crying out

their melodious voices in rhythm

with the breeze


It comes in gusts

although not forceful



Do not disturb the calm

of the breeze.


-Marie Walters (June 2018)

A Pirate’s Journey: Part Nine (Epilogue)

a 3 masted sailing ship at sunset





The island prison was utterly deserted, with no humans present other than Timberwolf’s crew and, hopefully, their captain. The island itself was not large, but the prison compound covered the entire land, so it took time before they found Timberwolf.

Theo found the grizzled man, and he called for the rest of the crew immediately. “Silas, Maldir, Red – you guys, I found him!”

There were no keys to open the padlocked cell, but Silas broke the locks using a chunk of rock he found on the ground. As soon as the door was opened, the entire crew rushed in to hug their captain, shouting, “Timberwolf, we missed you!

The captain was practically crushed under the weight of all eight boys, and pushed them off so he could wheeze gruffly, “I’m fine, I’m fine. I was only kidnapped for a few days, there’s no reason to get emotional about it.” He pushed himself into a sitting position against the wall. “I have to ask though, how did you boys manage to find me?”

“It was all Silas,” Red said, pulling the first mate forward. “He led us through thick and thin, even risked his life to save all of us.”

Silas blushed. “You did a lot too. It was your idea to go to Kincade . . .”

“Ah, he’s being modest,” Maldir smiled at him. “Silas was the best. None of us could have done any better.”

Timberwolf looked at Silas appraisingly. “Well, that’s quite impressive. I’m very thankful you took charge, Silas, and I’m proud to call you my first mate.”

“Thank you,” Silas said. Timberwolf’s approval meant the world to him. “Thank you so much.”

“No, thank you,” the captain said. He tried to stand up but groaned in pain; Algreve caught him before he fell. Timberwolf shook his head, grimacing. “Well, boy, since you’ve proven yourself capable of handling a rescue mission, I’d say you should be able to run our fair vessel while I recover from this ordeal, eh?”

Silas’ eyes widened. Timberwolf was asking him to stand in as captain? That was all he had wanted from the beginning, for Timberwolf to give him more responsibility. “Aye, captain, of course.”

“Then let’s get back on the ship, shall we?” Timberwolf, with Algreve’s help, began to limp toward the door. “I’m sure your crew is more than ready to return home, Captain Silas.”