Dream a Little Dream


Vibrant, brittle.

Falling, flourishing, developing.

Falling is never the end.



Never ending.

Brutal and ugliness,

The truth of reality.



Cause: unknown,

Ready to explode.

How can you forgive?


A girl young of age,

With a dream to be,

The princess.

A girl young of age,

Now in school,

Her dream,

Now forgotten.

A girl now older,

Scared for the future,

With nowhere to go,

She hides in Books.

Pages are filled with her

Friends and Family.

Her dream has changed,

And never the same.

A girl,

With a dream to

Speak her mind.

Too scared to bear,

The judge of peers.

A girl young of age,

With a dream to be,

Her young little self.

Everyone grows up with a dream of some sort. Whether it’s to be a veterinarian, a doctor, a writer, a musician, or even a cook. At some time, those dreams fall away to the back of our minds and collect dust and become forgotten. Around seventy percent of people never dust off their childhood dreams and actually go to school to be that long forgotten person. Life gets in the way of the things we want to do in our spare time (whether it’s sitting down and reading a book; writing a blog; or going to school). Sometimes it’s better to take a break and do what makes you happy, than to continue to do what make you frustrated and angry. Take the time to dust off your childhood dreams, and dream a little dream. 🙂

The Girl Who Could Unite Them All, Part Seven

“So what did you do to get kicked out of Lorian?” Vali wondered aloud.

“That is private information,” Storm thudded.

This was Vali’s chance. She grabbed a piece of bread and chewed. It was even better then she had imagined. It melted in her mouth, and the garlic flavor was the best she had ever had.

“So, as we had asked before, how long will you be staying with us?” Storm asked.

“I think for as long as I don’t get found,” Vali said.

“Aha! Found!” Storm exclaimed, newly energized by the discovery. “So you are a runaway!”

“Well, sort of,” Vali mumbled, cursing herself for slipping. “It wasn’t really my choice.”

“When did you run away?” Storm interrogated.

“Today.” It didn’t hurt to tell more of the truth, since she already had told some of it.

“Today! You live in Lorian! How did you get here so quickly?”

“I have my ways,” said Vali, going back to being mysterious.

“I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing here, but I think you may join us.”

“Join you?” Vali blinked.

“It means you may stay in this house with us, live with us, and come with us if we ever leave.” Storm paused. “It means you are part of our team.”

Suddenly the elevator came back down from the level above. J and Max stepped out. “We could use a powerful flame,” Storm whispered.

“A powerful—what?” J exclaimed, a keen hearer. “Oh, you’re not thinking about letting her join our team, are you, Storm?”

“I’m not just thinking about it,” Storm smirked. “I already let her join.”

J shrieked in anger. Vali winced. J looked super close to hurting someone, at the least.

“So what do you say?” Max asked. “Will you join, Harriet?”

“Um . . . ,” Vali groaned. This was a lot to take in. “Sure. Why not!”

“Yes!” Max exclaimed, pumping his fist up and down. J was as red as a sunburnt tomato.

“I’m going to go take a bath,” J moaned, defeated. She stepped into the elevator and it ascended to the second level.

Cold Air

Today was the day I dreaded. Every second I was still here, I cherished it. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone to, everything. Eventually, they will be nothing more than just a faded memory. I was never coming back to this little town that I loved so dearly. So full of color and delight, this town gave me a purpose, Something different than what my parents wanted. I had a feeling they hated this place. The day I heard the news, I was crushed, not because I had lots of friends and I would miss them, no. This little lovely town kept me from shattering apart. My parents always had very high standards for me. They expected me to be this perfect kid, and I wanted to do that for them. As time went on their expectations became higher and higher, I couldn’t keep up with they wanted from me; Every day became the same; I wasn’t happy or sad, just numb, I couldn’t feel anymore. But something changed within me when I lived in that town, people’s happiness gave me strength and made me believe that I was more than what my parents wanted me to be. Now that life that I loved is crushed and gone. We were now moving to a place that would “benefit me” more in life, as they said. My life would go back to being black and white.
My parents seemed to never show any emotion, if someone told me they were robots, I would believe them. I looked around at the new town I’d be living in, it felt so grey, so lifeless to me, I despised it.
The day I started school, it was a nightmare. Everyone looked emotionless, whatever task it was they did, it was done perfectly. This is what my parents wanted, they wanted this perfect robot child, and no matter how hard I tried I could never be the perfect child. That’s the day I quit, the day I was done with everything in my life, I’m going to leave and not care about the consequences.
It was cold out today, I made sure to get everything I needed to leave, I would start my own life being who I am. I knew it was dangerous but that didn’t matter, what mattered now was getting my life back together. I walked outside and started my journey to someplace that could make me happy, a place where I could thrive as the cold air would be my guide on this journey of self-fulfillment.

The Girl Who Could Unite Them All, Part Six

“All right, all right, Harriet!” exclaimed Storm, flashing a wide, fake smile. “Come on down to the kitchen! We’ve made some fresh garlic-and-herb bread!”

Vali followed the three of them down a hallway, and then to an elevator that arrived at the floor below in three seconds.

Sure enough, at a long, wooden kitchen table, there was a plate of cheesy, green-flecked bread that made Vali’s stomach growl.

They all sat at the table, in the center, with Vali and Max at one end and Storm and J at the other.

“So how long will you be staying with us?” J asked, flipping her hair and digging into a piece of bread.

“I . . . don’t know,” Vali hesitated. “But I would like to know why you are hiding. You seem as if you are on the run.”

“So do you,” Max laughed, and he giggled until Storm gave him a warning look.

“Well, I’ll explain it to you,” Storm said. “Well, Max and J were caught doing something illegal to Lazen law, and I was caught doing something illegal by Lorian law. And then we found each other, and then we hid in this house, and we were never found. That is the shortened version.”

“Uh, what’s Lazen?” Vali asked, though she suspected it was the name of the Other Place.

“Oh, child. So full of questions,” Storm muttered.

“Here. It’s the name of this country,” Max explained.

“And what did you do that was against the law?” asked Vali.

“It is your choice to tell her,” Storm said.

“Well, we, uh—” Max started.

“Shush!” J exclaimed through clenched teeth. “We are not telling her!”

“Yes we are,” Max said, nostrils flared.

“Oh my,” Storm sighed.

“We made robots!” Max quickly yelled. “Illegal robots.”

“How were they illegal?”

No more,” J scowled.

“They were equipped,” Max paused mysteriously, “with guns. Lazer guns!”

“That’s it!” J exclaimed. “You’re in for it!”

J got up from the table, and darted after Max, who was just getting in the elevator. The elevator shot up, and on the floor above them Vali heard shouting and yelling.

“I always try to control them, but it fails,” Storm said, putting her head in her hands.

Behind the Paper: Part Twenty-One

“Where are we going?” I ask Jacob as grabs my arm and starts walking.

Jacob replies: “You will see. Just follow me.” When we were walking to the place, I heard girls behind us whispering and calling Jacob hot. Wow, he sure is popular with girls. 

“I dare you to go up to him and ask him for his number!” One of the girls says to another girl.

“Okay!” The other girl says and runs up in front of us to stop us.

“Hey, um you’re really really dreamy. Can I have your phone number and we could go out sometime?” The teenager asks to Jacob.

Jacob smiles and says, “I’m sorry, I have a fiance.” Whoa, did he just say that!? The girl turns annoyed and looks at me.

“Is she your fiance?” She asks in a polite tone even though she is annoyed.

Jacob quickly replies: “Yes.” Oh no, I am probably blushing like a insane person.

The girl quickly looks at me up and down and then smiles, “She is really beautiful! You guys are such a cute couple! I am sorry for disturbing you both and I apologize for asking.” DID SHE SAY CUTE COUPLE!? SHE CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL TOO! Aw, she is too nice.

“I don’t know about the beautiful part but no need to apologize,” Jacob looks at me and laughs. Gosh, he is so mean.

The girl laughs and says, “I’m sorry for bothering you guys. I should have known you were a newly-wedded couple.  Anyways, bye!!!” She runs off to her friends to tell them what happened.

Did she just call us a newly-wedded couple? Today has been such a long day.

Behind the Paper: Part Twenty

When Jacob and I got to the interview, Kenitu Lovas, the soccer player, was already getting interviewed by other competitor article companies. When we walked in the room, Kenitu Lovas suddenly stopped answering the interviewers questions and walks through the crowd to us! Why!?

“Hey man!” Kenitu cheerfully says to Jacob. Do they know each other?

Jacob smiles, “Hey, how has it been!?”

“You know- same old, same old. How bout you?” Kenitu replies. He seems like a super nice enthusiastic guy.

“You know each other?” I ask, as Kenitu looks at me.

“Yeah, Jacob and I are old schoolmates!” Kenitu says proudly.

I lightly punch Jacob’s shoulder, “And you didn’t tell me!?” Jacob yells in pain and Kenitu laughs.

“Wow, you’re awfully strong for a petite woman,” Kenitu laughs and Jacob smirks.

“Yeah, I don’t know if she is a woman anymore…” He laughs along with Kenitu and I just eye-roll them both.

After the interviewers and photographers talk to other soccer players on his team, they start coming toward us! Kenitu frowns.

“Maybe we should continue this conversation later. How bout at the usual restaurant at 2?” Kenitu asks in a hurry.

“We will definitely be there.” Jacob says. Usual restaurant? What place is that?

“It was a pleasure meeting you also … whats your name?” Kenitu asks.

“My name is Molly, Mr. Lovas,” I reply back in a formal manner.

He smiles and says, “Please just call me Kenitu.” He walks off to the crowd and continues to answer their questions. No wonder why girls fall for Kenitu- he has a nice tan body figure with wavy blonde hair and green eyes. Unlike Kenitu, Jacob has a nice bold body figure, with piercing brown eyes, and dark, beautiful brown hair. All the girls want them both, but I prefer Jacob… Oh my, what am I thinking!? I prefer none of them!

“Hey..,” Jacob says with a annoyed tone when I was accidentally gazing in Kenitu’s direction.

“Huh?” I turn to look at Jacob.

“Stop looking at Kenitu…” Jacob says half blushing, half annoyed. Is he jealous!? I started laughing.

Jacob eye-rolls and then quickly grabs my arm and says, “Come on.”

Behind the Paper: Part Nineteen

A few days went by. Today is June 9, the day Jacob and I have to attend a interview for a very famous soccer player, Kenitu Lovas. This may be the first time I would be working with Jacob. Isn’t he nervous to meet a famous soccer player like I am?

We both took a train to the soccer stadium. We had very few non-important conversations on the way to the stadium on how to interview someone and gather notes in order to write a good article.

“You look nervous,” Jacob laughs like it was entertaining watching me freak out, “you can’t walk into an interview having a face like that!” I lowered my head suddenly, hoping that Jacob wouldn’t see my scared face now.

“Huh-” I say as he grabs my chin and highers my head that he could see me. Oh my gosh, our faces are a centimeter away from kissing!

He says and he smirks, “Don’t look down and frown. Smiling is proven to hide anxiety and besides, your smiles are beautiful.” He lets go of my chin, making me blush like crazy. Oh my.

“You’re so funny hahahha,” Jacobs comment made me realized he was just teasing me.

“HMPH!” I say to him as I start walking fast to the interview. I can’t believe he teased me.

He finally caught up to me and gently smiles, “At least you’re not nervous anymore.”

“Whatever…” I say. Suddenly he stops and looks at me. Oh no, not again.

“Wait,” he looks at me.

I stop and look back, “What now?”

He looks deeply in my eyes and says, “You remind me of someone..”