Dread Nation

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The American Civil War comes to an abrupt halt at the Battle of Gettysburg when the dead begin to rise and attack the soldiers on both sides. Too busy dealing with the new threat to worry about each other or their differences, the issue of slavery is resolved. Or is it? Because former slaves are forced to be the front line in the new war on the dead, and Negro children are rounded up and sent to combat schools to learn the necessary skills. If they are lucky, like Jane McKeene, they are sent to a good school like Miss Preston’s School of Combat in Baltimore. There are far worse schools. But when Jane notices that several prominent citizens seem to have gone missing, she opens a can of worms that lands her and her friends in the soup. She is in far greater danger than she ever imagined and must find a way out of certain doom. But she can handle it. She’s a Miss Preston’s girl.

This alternative history has it all. Amazing, strong characters, evil villains, action, adventure and humor. And…zombies. Did I mention zombies?

4.5 stars.



The Last Hero


In The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett, Cohen the Barbarian and his agèd Silver Horde go on a quest to return fire to the gods, in the form of fifty pounds of very explosive clay. Of course, this would destroy the Disc, the five great elephants that carry the Disc, and Great A’Tuin, the giant turtle on which the five elephants stand. They don’t know this, but the wizards of Ankh-Morpork do. They realize the only way to stop the Silver Horde is to launch a ship to reach the Hub before they do- propelled by dragons, of course.

Rincewind (a wizzard) knows how his life works. So when he hears about this, he knows it’s easier to just volunteer and go, even if he doesn’t want to. If he tried to run, he would eventually wind up on it, no matter what he did- that’s just how his life is.

So Rincewind, Captain Carrot of the Ankh-Morpork Watch and Leonard, a painter who has the uncanny ability to invent things so obvious no one noticed them, are on a quest around the Disc to reach the Hub before the Silver Horde does. And the Librarian, an orangutan who somehow got stowed away in the back of their ship. It’s a story full of humor and adventure and a great book to read.

Part 2: Review – “The Madman’s Daugther”

I have mixed feelings about this book. Personally, I found the story incredibly unique and interesting. The plot and vivid descriptions of “The Madman’s Daughter” definitely deserve a 5/5 rating. This novel has the perfect combination of the Victorian Era, along with crazy and complex science. While some people may find it hard to read through the procedures (which occupy a decent portion of this book), I thought they were fascinating without being disturbing. However, there was too much romance and drama, which took away from the story. The fact that Juliet was attracted to both Edward and Montgomery at the same time was cliché and boring. Still, there are unexpected turns that make it almost impossible to know anything before it is mentioned. It is also worth mentioning that, depite some cliché themes, the ending was so different than what I expected, which is always a great quality in a book.

I would recommend this book if you like romantic novels, science fiction, or just science in general. The focus on the scientific and medical field  is what makes this book amazingly fascinating. However, there are some graphic scenes during the surgeries, so if you do not feel comfortable with that, this book is not for you. I must also mention that the plot may be difficult to understand, mainly due to its complexity. I look forward to reading the other two books of “The Madman’s Daughter” series. 4.8/5. +12.


Reddit Review

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Review by mightbelumi

Reddit is a social media-esque platform where users of the site can share across a wide variety of smaller communities called subreddits. These subreddits come in an extremely diverse variety and can either be specific or have a broader focus. Specific subreddits are usually focused on a form of media (i.e. shows and games) or are focused on a larger idea (i.e. art). Inside these subreddits users can post images, video formats, or text-based posts to share their thoughts and opinions. Other users of the subreddit can do three different things to these posts. They can upvote the post if they like it, downvote if it doesn’t relate to the topic or conversation, and finally they can comment with their own ideas on the post (which other users can upvote, downvote, or reply). Upvotes add to a user’s karma, or reputation points. There is also r/popular and r/all, which are a mass collection of the most upvoted posts from all the subreddits during that day. Every time someone upvotes a post it gets higher on the top reddit posts, but over time the post gets knocked down a little bit, so fast-growing posts with high upvote counts stay on top of reddit.

Jack,  8th grade

Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen

orphan monster spy

When Sarah’s mother is killed attempting to drive through a Nazi checkpoint, she finds herself orphaned, alone and on the run in a hostile world. So when a mysterious stranger offers his help she takes it, never dreaming where it will lead. Because the stranger is a British spy posing as a wealthy Nazi businessman, and he has a task for Sarah. All she needs to do is attend school with the daughters of the Nazi elite, and befriend the daughter of a scientist who is working on a new weapons project–an atomic bomb. The project must be stopped, and Jewish Sarah is placed in the lion’s den to find a way. She soon discovers that Nazi daughters are every bit as cruel and sadistic as their fathers, but Sarah is a force to be reckoned with. If she can manage to survive her classmates, she just might find a way to prevail.

An exciting, engaging read with a strong and impressive lead. (4 stars)


Luner Chronicles Scarlet book review

cover of the book Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Review by sumaiyasblogpage

I am back with another book review and this time its the second book of the Lunar Chronicles. In my opinion I don’t think that this book is as good as Cinder, but it’s still a wonderful book and I really liked it. Scarlet is similar to the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

In this book Cinder, the protagonist from the previous book ,meets Throne (a new character) and together they escape the prison. Meanwhile, in France, Scarlet’s grandmother is missing and Scarlet is working hard to search for her, but no one knows where Scarlet’s grandmother is. Until she meets a street fighter named Wolf who might know about her grandmother’s whereabouts. So she decides to go with Wolf to find her grandmother. During this time Scarlet falls in love with Wolf and trusts him, but Wolf has some dark secrets that are unknown to Scarlet. When Scarlet finds the mystery behind her missing grandmother, she crosses path with Cinder and Throne, now the country’s most wanted fugitives after escaping prison. Together Cinder, Throne, Scarlet and Wolf decide to team up against the dangerous Lunar queen and to keep earth out of Lunar control.

I would rate this book 7.8/10. The author did a pretty good job writing this, but I still like the first book, and the next books in the series are really exciting. I hope you read both Cinder and Scarlet. Overall I really enjoyed the whole series and I will be doing a review on the 3rd book in the series, Cress. Let me know if you want me to review any other series.

Part 1: Summary – “The Madman’s Daughter”

cover of the book The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd

Review by evant794

“The Madman’s Daughter” is a novel written by Megan Shepherd, and is the first out of the three books in her “The Madman’s Daughter” series. Published by HarperCollinsPublishers, “The Madman’s Daughter” is a science fiction novel.

The setting takes place during the 1800s in London, England.  Juliet Moreau is the main character of the novel. Her father, Dr. Moreau, used to be London’s best and most widely recognized surgeon, making him a very wealthy individual– but that was before the scandal happened.

Fast-forward, six years later, and Juliet Moreau went from being a happy, young, rich girl with loving parents and many servants, to being a poor sixteen-year-old orphan who makes a living as a maid at King’s College. The only person who seems to care about her is Lucy. Juliet and Lucy have been friends for a long time, back when Lucy’s parents thought that Juliet was a good influence to their daughter, but that changed. However, even though Lucy’s parents do not approve, they are still friends.

One evening, right after her shift, Juliet meets Lucy, who had been waiting for her in the cold. After socializing with some drunk male college students, all of them, including Juliet, decide to go inside the college to explore, only to find a group of students performing vivisection (dissection performed on a still living organism) on a rabbit. Juliet, wanting to end the poor creature’s misery, cuts its head off. When she sees the chart according to which the college students are performing surgery, she sees her “dead” father’s signature – which is what makes her want to search for him.

She desperately searches at a hotel in hopes of finding him. To her surprise, she finds Montgomery, her old friend and servant, who is about to leave London in two days, only to go back to her father with a ship full of supplies for his crazy experiments. After cutting the tendons in Dr. Hastings’s wrist, who calls the police, Juliet convinces Montgomery to take her with him.

Their trip is a long journey with a boat, accompanied by wild, loud animals in cages, Balthazar, who has an awfully deformed face and body, a very aggressive captain, many storms, and an almost-dead castaway, Edward Prince. Juliet is thrilled to reach her father’s island. From the moment she sets foot of that island, though, it feels like something is wrong – terribly wrong. Then her father “jokingly” throws Edward into the water and lets him drown, until Montgomery decides to finally save him.

While Juliet lives there, she sneaks into her father’s laboratory at night, since she cannot hold her curiosity in after long hours of hearing the terrible, horrific screams of desperate animals. To her surprise, she finally finds out about “the scandal” that has ruined her life. Her father, being an amazingly skilled surgeon, performs vivisection on animals to transform them into humans. This requires numerous complex surgeries on the animals’ spines, and replacing their organs with a variety of animal organs. The result? Monstrous beings, also known as the islanders. The worst part is that he does not anesthetize them, therefore making them suffer an enormous amount of pain. She also gets suspicious when she learns that these islanders take the same treatment as her and starts questioning her existence. Though Montgomery keeps telling her that she is thinking irrationally, since her treatment is for her pancreatic disease, while theirs is to keep their bodies from rejecting organs, Juliet is convinced that there is something wrong with her.

Juliet knows the she will not be able to live a life like this; knowing that her father is the madman everyone was talking about. Also, the creature that is free, slaughtering the islanders, is not making the situation any better.  She must escape – fast. Even though the plan was to escape with Edward, Montgomery, and Alice, the plans change – and they change a lot.

“In the darkest of places, even love is deadly”.