Batman: Arkham City Review

Cover of Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is overrated. Yes, it’s still good, but it isn’t a masterpiece in my opinion. The story is solid, the voice acting is great, the combat is satisfying, but it never feels like it’s a masterpiece.

First thing’s first, the story. It’s pretty solid. It tells a very dark Batman story with an ending that pulls off something that very few Batman storylines have ever done. The ending lingers long after you turn off the game and go about your day. If you’ve played the game, you get what I’m talking about.

Everyone’s voice acting here is great. Especially Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill,  But can someone please give Tara Strong some recognition? She gives a very strong performance as Harley Quinn, perfectly translating the emotions that someone like her would be feeling during the story.

The combat here is great. It’s smooth, fun, and satisfying, although getting repetitive at points.

The boss fights here are amazing. Mr. Freeze in particular. He can prevent you from use of a tactic more than once, which adds a whole new layer to the fight.

Overall, Batman: Arkham City is great but not a masterpiece. 8/10

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.


Deltarune is a 2018 indie RPG made by Toby Fox, known previously for Undertale. Right now only the first chapter of Deltarune is out, meaning there is more to come! Chapter 1 can be downloaded for free on Windows, Mac, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The story follows Kris, a human living in a town of monsters, though the town is very similar to the towns in our world. Near the beginning of the game, Kris goes to school and together with Susie, a classmate, delinquent, and purple monster, falls down into the Dark World. They encounter Ralsei, a prince with no subjects but also an adorable fluffy boy, and learn that they are heroes destined to restore balance to the world by closing the newly appeared Dark Fountain. From there, the trio journeys towards the new Dark Fountain and Card Castle surrounding it, meeting many lovable characters along the way, like Lancer, Seam, and Rouxls Kaard. The story is surprisingly emotional and never boring.

The characters are really the shining point of the game. They’re all pretty weird, but that’s what makes them great. Kris’s reputation as the creepy neighbor kid in Hometown and his role as the silent group leader in the Dark World are equally interesting. Susie’s character development in what is only the first chapter is fantastic. Ralsei is the absolute cutest and I want to protect him with all my heart. Lancer is hilarious (plus the song that plays whenever he’s around is an absolute bop.) The character interactions (both with each other and with the player) are witty, emotional, and super entertaining.

The graphics, in classic RPG style, are 8-bit. The scenery is detailed and gorgeous to look at, with amazing colors, adding to the charm of the game. The graphics aren’t hyper-realistic like many modern games, but this doesn’t make them any less beautiful. The movements of the characters and scenery are fluid and wonderful! The look of the game is truly one of my favorite parts.

The music in the game is also incredible! It’s amazing to listen to and also riddled with leitmotifs, adding to some of the mystery but mostly building the atmosphere. The soundtrack can be bought or accessed for free on Spotify.

The gameplay is fantastic! The exploring aspect, menu, chat systems, and especially the combat system are all easy to understand and exciting to use. There’s not a thing I could complain about here!

I recommend this game for everyone to play! It’s both funny and fun to play. The story grabs you, and the characters are very memorable. The graphics and music drag you even further into both Hometown and the Dark World. Overall, it’s a joy to play, and what more can you ask of a game?

Join me on a journey to the blocky world of Minecraft

Minecraft is a creative, all-aged building game, created by Mojang. It is a block world, where the only limitation is your own mind and imagination. Worlds in the game update each month, so there is always something new to try and new ideas to explore.

My personal opinion on Minecraft is that people should definitely spend time creating in the Minecraft Universe because it is worth using as it really gives the creator an outlet for his or her creative energy.

To get started on Minecraft, you either have to purchase the game or find a place to use it, such as a library that hosts Minecraft events. Once you do that, you want to start with a tutorial world that you can find in the start menu. It is here that you can learn the controls, how to maneuver through the world, and basic building skills. You can also find “how to” books on Minecraft either online or at the library, and you can look up tutorials for Minecraft building on

Once you familiarize yourself with game play, you can start learning in survival mode, which is the ultimate goal of regular game play. Survival mode is where you have to live off the land, figure out the story, and survive against the environment and the mobs/creatures within the world. You may also have to survive against other players who choose to raid you or who just tend to attack other players for no good reason, other than to do it. This, of course, isn’t very fun so you have to decide if you will continue to play with these types of players or move on to other worlds as you get better at getting around. Multiplayer mode is optional, so you do not actually have to play with other players at all, if you do not want to.

One essential element that you will want to familiarize yourself with, and get good at, is crafting. This can be explained as being able to make something else out of materials that you find within the Minecraft world. You have to gather the materials, and some of these materials are not always available, so you have to do special things to gather them. Once gathered, you make things with your materials, using a crafting table that you first must make using your inventory crafting table. To do this, you gather one piece of wood from a tree that you find anywhere in the world, and craft the wood into wooden planks. You then form a 2×2 block in your inventory crafting table, which then creates your crafting table in the Minecraft world. Examples of things you can make on your crafting table are tools, other blocks, different foods, and pretty much anything else within the world.

You always have to watch for your health and your hunger, because if either of these are depleted too much, you can die or you cannot sprint fast which means that you might not reach food and you could starve and then die slowly. I like to explore a lot and knowing materials are sometimes scarce, whenever I get the chance I will set up camp so that I can replenish my stock of supplies.

The mobs that you might have to deal with, if you choose survival mode, usually spawn at night and consists of skeletons, zombies, spiders, creepers, and Endermen. These five are the normal mods that will spawn regularly at nighttime. Skeletons are weak ranged attack enemies that have bows and arrows. Zombies are typically the easiest to deal with, because they have weak hits. They do have more health than skeletons, and get annoying in packs, but are easy to fool into going into the water which turns them into a new mob called “drowned”. This is a water only based mob, that can’t come out of the water during the day. Spiders are big and creepy, and like to climb walls. They sometimes get the chance to poison you by hitting you. Creepers are easy to deal with if you know the round about ways of defeating them. To do this, you can hit them once and back away to avoid their explosion, since they come towards you to explode in an attempt to harm your character. Endermen are a relatively safe mob if you do not look at their face. They do attempt, periodically, to steal blocks from you.

I have been playing Minecraft for many years now, and I have loved every minute. I have used it in education as a homeschooler, to build DNA strands, the Alamo, Castles, Art Museums, Government buildings from US History, and other virtual field trips to made up places that came from my mind. I have played for enjoyment, to challenge my building skills, and to see what my friends and I could create together. When I first started out, there was definitely a learning curve, but the game is so fun, it goes fast. You will be a master in no time.

As you know, there are many facets to Minecraft that I have not gotten to in this first blog entry. I hope that this has given you a little opener that will get you started and interested in the Minecraft world.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of my all time favorite games. This was the game I would spend hours playing in the living room. I had a blast playing through the game and it was always very exciting to unlock new worlds. I would play the same levels over and over again and never get bored. I always enjoyed exploring the open worlds and finding secret levels. There is always something to do in the game that has not already been done. After you complete the main game, there are more levels and challenges to complete. The game wasn’t easy for me to complete, which also made it worth playing.

Like other Mario games, the game is very long. I think it took me two years to complete the main game. There are many different worlds and levels inside of them. The game’s graphics and the open worlds are extremely good. That is what mostly took me away about this game. Everything in the game is open and you can see an entire galaxy from a space ship. It’s as if seeing it in real life. This game also breaks the laws of physics with the way gravity is altered.

Color Bump 3D

Color Bump is a mobile phone game. It’s created by Fugo Games and Good Job Games.

Right now I’m very addicted to it. I have been casually playing it every once in a while for a couple months and I am already on level 325!

The objective is simple, move a ball through a course while avoiding any objects that are not the same color as the ball. There are added dangers with holes on the course, as well as moving objects that will kill you.

My favorite part about the game is how satisfying it is. If your ball is purple you run into the purple blocks and sphere. It’s so fun to try to push all the blocks off a cliff.

The downside… dunh, dunh, dunh!

Just like all free game apps there are a million ads. They all those annoying thirty-second ads that if you accidentally touch- they will send you straight to the app store. It is very obnoxious and makes the game hard to enjoy at times.

But , all in all, it’s a cool app for just a fun distraction, especially in between home work- but it has no real challenge and a lot of ads.

It’s also free and you can find it on the App Store.




Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock


     Guitar Hero is a rhythm simulation game that uses a controller that looks like a guitar. This Guitar Hero is the third in the main series and is the number one best selling guitar hero in the entire franchise. The game features guitar battles with rock and roll legends Slash and Tom Morello. Guitar Hero III contains legendary songs like Rock You Like A Hurricane by the Scorpions, Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses, and much more. The game also includes local and wireless multiplayer to compete for the best scores. Not only is this game extremely fun and challenging, but it also changed my life. This game encouraged me to learn to play real guitar and now I practice guitar non stop every day. This game has introduced me to many songs I have never heard of before and is the reason for my taste in 80s rock. The thing about Guitar Hero is that you don’t have to be a prodigy or have been playing guitar for decades to rock and roll. The game features different difficulties that range from easy to expert. Guitar Hero features practice mode, where you can practice any song at different speeds. The tutorials have been very useful for me because I was struggling with concepts like hammer ons and pull offs.

Injustice 2: Game Review

Injustice 2

Think of the DC Comics universe. Some of their past films were very dark. Currently, this is not the case, as some of the more recent films like “Shazam” have been fairly light hearted. Okay, I’m getting off topic. I’m here to tell you “Injustice 2” takes the dark material of the DC universe and cranks it up to a 13. I’m also here to tell you that as a first time fighting game player, this game is incredible. Let’s get some into the game’s aspects.

Gameplay: Gameplay in this game is great. It’s very deep, but never gets horribly confusing.

Base mechanics: The game has 3 basic fighting attacks. Light attack, medium attack, and heavy attack. All of these can be combined with specific button combinations for a character to perform a specific move. (Ex: Back, Forward on analog stick with X on PS4 or A on Xbox One will cause Batman to perform a power slide.) these moves can be hard to pull off, but are easy to pull off once you get the hang of things. Hitting attack buttons in a certain combination can perform a combo. Pressing O on PS4 or B on Xbox One performs a character’s special move.

To block, hold down the left analog stick. Finally, you can perform a super move with using L2 + R2 on PS4 or LT + RT on Xbox One. To perform a super move, you need to build one up by taking and inflicting damage.

Story: The story here is not the greatest, but it does its job well. That’s basically all I have to say about that. 7/10

Characters: The roster in this game is fairly balanced. For example, the character Bane is powerful but is slow. All of the characters have a unique move set to learn and how to counter. 10/10

Also, a little bonus, the Local Multiplayer is insanely fun. Fighting either a friend on your skill level or an inexperienced button masher, (I’m looking at you Dad 😏) it is still a crazy good time and I recommend it to anyone planning on playing on the game. 10/10

Overall, Injustice 2 is a fun, balanced game for either casual players, competitive players, or people looking to waste time, with characters fit for every play style. 9/10

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.

Also, for my next review I will be reviewing an album being slammed by critics and loved by fans. What will I review? Wait and see.

You know what? I don’t care, it’s Neotheater by AJR.