Deltarune is a 2018 indie RPG made by Toby Fox, known previously for Undertale. Right now only the first chapter of Deltarune is out, meaning there is more to come! Chapter 1 can be downloaded for free on Windows, Mac, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The story follows Kris, a human living in a town of monsters, though the town is very similar to the towns in our world. Near the beginning of the game, Kris goes to school and together with Susie, a classmate, delinquent, and purple monster, falls down into the Dark World. They encounter Ralsei, a prince with no subjects but also an adorable fluffy boy, and learn that they are heroes destined to restore balance to the world by closing the newly appeared Dark Fountain. From there, the trio journeys towards the new Dark Fountain and Card Castle surrounding it, meeting many lovable characters along the way, like Lancer, Seam, and Rouxls Kaard. The story is surprisingly emotional and never boring.

The characters are really the shining point of the game. They’re all pretty weird, but that’s what makes them great. Kris’s reputation as the creepy neighbor kid in Hometown and his role as the silent group leader in the Dark World are equally interesting. Susie’s character development in what is only the first chapter is fantastic. Ralsei is the absolute cutest and I want to protect him with all my heart. Lancer is hilarious (plus the song that plays whenever he’s around is an absolute bop.) The character interactions (both with each other and with the player) are witty, emotional, and super entertaining.

The graphics, in classic RPG style, are 8-bit. The scenery is detailed and gorgeous to look at, with amazing colors, adding to the charm of the game. The graphics aren’t hyper-realistic like many modern games, but this doesn’t make them any less beautiful. The movements of the characters and scenery are fluid and wonderful! The look of the game is truly one of my favorite parts.

The music in the game is also incredible! It’s amazing to listen to and also riddled with leitmotifs, adding to some of the mystery but mostly building the atmosphere. The soundtrack can be bought or accessed for free on Spotify.

The gameplay is fantastic! The exploring aspect, menu, chat systems, and especially the combat system are all easy to understand and exciting to use. There’s not a thing I could complain about here!

I recommend this game for everyone to play! It’s both funny and fun to play. The story grabs you, and the characters are very memorable. The graphics and music drag you even further into both Hometown and the Dark World. Overall, it’s a joy to play, and what more can you ask of a game?

Blinded by the Light: Movie Review

Description: Blinded by The Light is a true story based on the life of a Pakistani teenager named Javed. Javed is intent on leaving his small town of Luton in England but his father won’t allow this. Uninspired, Javed goes to a local college where he dreams of becoming a writer. He then meets a student named Roops and he gives Javed two albums from Bruce Springsteen. He connects immediately to Springsteen’s lyrics and almost turns into a completely different person. He begins to stick up to bullies and his father, who refuses to help Javed achieve his dream of becoming a writer. He also asks out a girl which shows how much his confidence has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, Javed’s father is let go at work due to the brutal economy England was going through. This forces Javed’s mother to essentially double her workload. This creates even more conflict when Javed tells his father he’s pursuing writing as a career and not just the hobby he makes it out to be.

Pros: This movie was had amazing acting and an inspiring story of a young immigrant trying to find his way through life. Not only did the movie involve Javed’s life but also showed how tough it was to live in England during the 1980s. Especially with the anti-immigration protests led by the political party entitled the National Front. Some of the messages in Blinded by the Light applied to today as well. The chemistry between each character is sensational. This may sound cliché but this movie made you laugh and feel true sympathy for the characters. Of course, the soundtrack was great because who doesn’t like Bruce Springsteen? Overall, this is probably the best movie I’ve seen all year which is nothing short of incredible.
Rating: 10/10




The Lost Hero-book review

The Lost Hero is the first book of the Heroes of Olympus series, which is kind of like a spin-off of the original Percy Jackson And the Olympians. 

The story starts off with Jason, who has no idea where he is or what he was doing on a bus full of kids going on a field trip. He finds himself holding hands with a girl that he doesn’t recognize. He establishes the fact that there are about a dozen kids. He later finds out that he and his group of friends are all actually demigods and Jason gets in a fight with a Ventai or a Storm spirit named Dylan as it is referred in the book. He defeats the Dylan with a huge sword. A chariot arrives piloted by Annabeth Chase. She’s looking for her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, who has disappeared.  Everybody discovers they have superpowers. Piper can charm speak people and make them do what she wants, while Leo can control flame. You’d think this would make them happy, but it doesn’t. Piper has been having dreams of an evil giant who has captured her father, and she’s afraid she’ll have to betray her friends or the giant will eat her dad, while Leo is afraid to use his fire powers because he thinks they resulted in the death of his mother. Jason doesn’t remember his family, which in comparison seems like maybe it’s for the best—though he does figure out that Thalia, one of the Hunters of Artemis, is away. While they were in the camp they heard about a bronze dragon. 

Through various prophecies and surprise revelations and then more prophecies, the heroes discover that they need to go on a quest to rescue Hera, who is being held captive. Leo fixes a malfunctioning magical robot dragon named Festus to give them transportation, and up, up, and away they go, dragonning across the continent to Quebec, Chicago, Detroit—just all over the place. On their way they meet and/or battle lots of evil gods and mortals and critters. 

As they bump along they get even more prophecies and dreams and clues, and eventually put it all together to figure out that the earth mother, Gaea, is awakening, which is bad. Gaea has captured Hera, and plans to destroy her and use the energy to summon the giant Porphyrion, which will be even worse. They also meet Thalia (this, thankfully, is a good thing)—Jason’s sister—who tells them that Jason was given to Hera when he was two, at which point Thalia thought he was dead. Meanwhile, Piper decides that she can’t betray her friends, and tells everyone that her father is in trouble. So Leo, Jason, and Piper send Thalia to try to delay Gaea and Porphyrion while they go off to rescue Piper’s dad from the giant Enceladus.  

There is a big amazing super-battle with Enceladus, who loses like the bad guy that he is, because that’s what bad guys do. Piper saves her dad, Trevor McClean, and gives him a magical potion that makes him forget about the kidnapping and gods and all that because it was freaking him out, and no wonder. Coach Hedge takes Trevor under protection. Leo, Jason, and Piper scurry off to help Thalia try to prevent Gaea from waking. 

There is another even bigger, even more amazing super-battle with wolves and air spirits and so on. The bad guys lose because they are losers, etc. Hera is freed, Gaea doesn’t wake up, but Porphyrion gets away to fight another day. Curse you, Porphyrion. 

Once they get back to Camp Half-Blood, Leo starts to build a giant flying ship to take them on their adventures, using pieces from the broken Festus.  

Most importantly our heroes figure out that Jason comes from a whole other group of demigods who are children of the Roman, rather than the Greek, aspects of the gods. The Roman and Greek demigods were separated by the gods because they kept killing each other. But now Hera is trying to reunite them so that the seven demigods foretold by prophecy can kick Gaea’s earthy butt. Hera brought Jason to the Greek Camp Half-Blood to be a bridge to the Roman camp. Similarly, they realize Hera sent Percy Jackson over to the Roman camp, where he probably has amnesia. We have now run out of plot though, and won’t know for sure about Percy until the sequel (titled The Son of Neptune). I’d give this book a 8/10 because while it was thrilling I think it could’ve spent more time developing the characters, this book was overall great and I suggest you give it a read and check the out the sequel (The Son of Neptune). 

Sisters By Raina Telgemeier Book Review

Sisters by Raina Telgemeier is a graphic novel that is about Raina’s relationship with her little sister Amara. Before Amara is born all Raina wishes for is a little sister. But when she finally gets the sister of her dreams things aren’t how she imagined. Amara is grumpy and never wants to play with Raina. Flash forward a lot and the family, which now includes a younger brother named Will, is about to leave on a road trip to Colorado to be with family for some time. Raina and Amara still don’t get along well and are always fighting. But when they notice their parents are acting strange around each other they know they have to improve their relationship with each other if they want to survive the long road trip. This book is illustrated well, has a good story that makes you want to keep reading, is easy to relate to, and includes humorous moments too.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling

This book starts off with the muggle Prime Minister. He has a meeting with Cornelius Fudge and meets Rufus Scrimgeour. It then goes to Narcissa Malfoy meeting Severus Snape to discuss something forbidden. It then switches back to Harry, who is waiting for Dumbledore to come and whisk him away to the Weasley’s house. He goes. While making a detour, Dumbledore tries to convince a retired teacher to come to teach at Hogwarts.

            We are at Hogwarts, after spending all summer at the Weasley’s house. Harry can continue his ambition to be an auror when he thought he couldn’t. He needs to borrow a potions book from the school storage until he can buy one. He happens to get one that has lots of odd scribblings and markings on it. It almost seems like someone revised the book. Harry tries one of the edits and miraculously, it works and gives him the reputation, that he doesn’t really deserve, as expert potioneer.

             We progress through the year; Professor Slughorn tries to “collect” Harry, as his crown jewel to his selection of people with famous contacts or have good potential to have a successful job. Harry is invited to his Christmas party, after avoiding Slughorn as much as possible. Halfway through, Draco Malfoy is dragged in, claiming he wanted gate crash. He is taken away by Snape. Harry follows them and his suspicions, which have been going on for a while, are confirmed. He tries, in vain, to convince Ron and Hermione that Malfoy is up to something. He however, has a hard time doing this as Hermione and Ron are having one of their biggest fights yet.

            Ron has been dating Lavender Brown, which Hermione dislikes, she tries to do things like make him jealous, to some degree of success. Ron however, is still in a passionate relationship with Lavender Brown. This whole fight was started because Hermione had kissed Victor Krum, two or more years ago. Hermione is hurt and doesn’t know why Ron is angry and Ron refuses to explain or apologize. Then something happens, that both heals their friendship and makes Harry even more obsessed about finding where Malfoy disappeared to and what he is doing.

            Throughout the year, Dumbledore has been teaching Harry about Voldemort’s past, how he has made Horcruxes in his quest to become immortal. Dumbledore found a potential Horcrux and takes Harry with him to find it. In a secret cave that Voldemort visited as a child, they find Slytherin’s necklace. They are successful. However, when they are returning to Hogwarts, they come upon a horrible sight, Voldemort’s sign, the Dark Mark, is hovering above the school. They come and land on the Astronomy Tower, after riding brooms there. Harry is somehow frozen in place and must watch as a horrible scene unfolds before him. After said horrid scene happens, the perpetrators run away. Harry is freed from his bond and chases after them. There is a large fight and when Harry calls someone a traitor, he finds out who the “Half-Blood Prince” is, who he has been obsessing over almost as much as Malfoy. The Half-Blood Prince is the person who has been providing helpful tips and spells in his Potions book all year.

            Livid and yet very sad, he goes back up to the castle, after who he was chasing managed to escape. There is a funeral for a very special person who died, and everyone goes home for the summer.

            I really enjoyed this book, although the ending was both a surprise and was quite sad. I expect anybody who has been following the Harry Potter series, after reading this book, will understand. Sorry that I didn’t include who died and such, but I feel that would be a large spoiler. This book was very good. It follows lots with Harry’s obsession, which made me a little irritated. I expect that was supposed to be the effect though. Harry would think of nothing else, aggravating even his best friends. Overall, I would suggest this book.

                        I would rate this book a 8.5/10


What a queen really. Jenna Mourey has a YouTube channel called Jenna Marbles. She is very down to earth, creative, quirky, caring, adventurous, and  hilarious.

She usually posts a video where she does some crazy beauty trend or a crazy art project. And if not that, she posts a video with her adorable and hilarious dogs:

Mr. Marbles (cute chihuahua)

Kermit (nasty Italian greyhound)

Peach (Italian greyhound)

Bunny (greyhound)

She also makes videos with her rambunctious boyfriend Julien Solomita. They do a podcast with each other. They often share vegan recipes if you’re interested in that. They joke about how they’re a Virgo and Aries couple, two signs not known for being compatible, which makes them even cuter. They’re both super cool and progressive. She also has a radio show on iHeart Radio.


She is a comedian and actress and YouTuber/ twitch streamer. She was born in 1986, so she’s 32 years old. She has the 86th most subscribed channel on YouTube. She has her own wax figure at Madame Tussauds.

Her Channel:

Jenna produces and edits her own videos. She has over 3.1 billion views and almost 20 million subscribers. She posts  every Thursday. She also twitch live streams video games like PUBG.



Julien’s Channel –


She and Julien make a funny and chill podcast. It comes out every Monday. It has 12,000 reviews on apple podcast and over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube. There are over 200 hour-long episodes available.

Radio Show:

Jenna hosts a radio show on Sirius XM at 6pm Fridays 6pm, Saturdays 2pm ET, and Sundays 8am and 8pm ET

Her stylish and funny persona makes her so fun to watch- so come join her fans!


Farewell to Manzanar by: Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston

Jeanne was hardly 10 years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. When the president ordered for all the families who were Japanese to be moved to internment camps, Jeanne didn’t understand! She couldn’t believe they were moving her entire family to Manzanar. Upset, she gathered a small bit of her possessions.

Manzanar was… hard to get used to at first. The small barracks had to be shared with other families, and there were many cracks that had to be filled. Privacy was hard to get and the government, during the first years, kept the residents inside. The food was better than you’d expect. The government, as time went on, did let people go outside of camp and hike and play. The children could go to school, classes were taught, and recreations were learned. Jeanne took up baton twirling. There was church that she could attend as well.

Unlike the concentration camps over in Germany, Manzanar was more civilized and had much more freedom. However, that doesn’t mean people died. Women who gave birth had a high risk of dying, as they could bleed to death while giving birth. People also probably died from the cold that swept through the camp.

I loved this biography! Usually, I would detest reading biographies, but this book is an exception. Jeanne wrote her book cleverly and I was able to read it through without being bored. I absolutely loved it. It highlights the racism that happens after the Japanese were freed from camps, the disagreements with her father because of cultural differences, and many other problems. I would rate this book a 4/5 just simply because I would be confused at times. Overall, this biography was splendid, and if anyone needs to read a good history book, this book will suit you just fine. Happy reading!