Thor Ragnaroks (Graphic Novel)


Thor Ragnaroks includes three stories:  “Thor: Blood Oath”, the graphic novels “Thor 80-85”, and “Stormbreaker: the Saga of Beta Ray Bill”.

The first story, “Thor: Blood Oath”, starts with Thor fighting a giant metal monster in New York City. Once he defeats the beast he senses that his brothers, The Warriors Three, are in trouble. Thor then travels back to Asgard to find his brothers on trial for murder. The brothers had been traveling across the North Seas when they slayed a massive sea monster, not knowing it was a shapeshifting giant. The giant’s name was Holth,  and his father Gnives demanded justice for his son. Thor tried to stop Gnives, but instead received the same punishment as his brothers, which was to complete five daunting tasks made by Gnives, or die.

The second group of stories, “Thor 80-85”, starts with the explanation of the creation of the gods’ weapons. They were all created in one mold, and were forged so powerfully that when they were being created they shook the nine realms.  The creators of the mold, three dwarves named Ertri, Buri, and Brok, tried to destroy the mold so it wouldn’t get into the wrong hands, but they died while trying to do so. The mold was found by none other than Thor’s half-brother Loki, who creates alliances with other enemies of Asgard and creates weapons from the mold he found to destroy Asgard. Thus bringing the end of Asgard, the Ragnarok.

The third and final story is about Thor’s oath-brother and one of the only survivors of Ragnarok, Beta Ray Bill. Part of the Korbinite people, he is their protector. After being taken out of the Final Battle of Asgard, Beta Ray Bill traveled back to his people to find them in great danger from the world ravager Ashta, also known as Galactus. To keep them safe, the Korbinite government had all citizens that weren’t needed in the military to be transferred to the Meta-Orb which Beta Ray Bill had to protect. But now Galactus’s herald stardust is out for the Meta-Orb. Will Beta Ray Bill be able to keep it safe?



Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor is not a typical sixteen year-old girl. Eleanor is a chubby redhead who has a crazy abusive stepdad named Richie.  While living with him, her mom, and her siblings – Ben, Maisie, Mouse, and Little Richie –  in a little household, things get rough. Even in school, Eleanor gets bullied because she looks different. But despite this, her life gets more confusing when she encounters Park on the bus going to school.

Park’s family is the only Korean family in Omaha. He lived there all his life, but never met Eleanor until her junior year of high school. Before that, Park had his own issues with his family and friends. He was different from everyone because of his race and his love of comic books and nonconforming music. Those issues soon fade, though, because he got to share these experiences with Eleanor. Between love and hate, Park and Eleanor conquer it all. Follow them in “Eleanor & Park,” as two people from different worlds collide with each other.

I would highly recommend this book for all the readers out there who loves a genre of fiction dealing with love. I would rate this book a 10 out of 10 too because I literally cried at the end and I usually don’t cry that often with books.

The Aspect of Poetry


There aren’t any rules to creative writing;

you just… write what’s in your head.

Using you’re emotions to guide you,

so… being a poet is more what you feel instead.

Then onto translating that into words (good luck)

Pen to parchment, parchment to laptop.


They may choose to judge you

or appreciate your work with a compliment!

Either way, it doesn’t matter, but you judge you.


When I write rough copies

my handwriting is absolutely terrible

and cat fur always somehow ends up on the journal.

It is both funny and maddening the fact that my brain thinks faster than my hand can form words


Poetry is hard in the eyes of some

or easy in the eyes of others,

but I believe its all about how you interpret it.

It doesn’t have to be the most complicated, long-worded essay

because even the simplest words can be charming

depending on how you fit them together:

to create a poem.


The Boy (Movie Review)

“The Boy” is a movie about a family with a doll as a son. The mother and father wanted to take a vacation, so they hired a nanny to watch their “son.” This boy isn’t like any other. It’s strange to babysit a doll in general, since dolls have no emotions and aren’t real, except there’s a twist to the story. The nanny thought she was going to babysit a regular kid, but when she found out it was an actual doll, she didn’t exactly know how to respond. The parents previously had a son who died in a fire, which they connected to the doll. The nanny had to follow a list of rules while watching the doll. She had to feed him at a certain time, give him piano lessons, read to him – things that were out of the ordinary. At first, she neglected these rules, but after seeing what the doll could do, she started to take care of him, while getting paid weekly. Without giving any major spoilers, this movie was thrilling and suspenseful. I really enjoy horror movies, but when I watched this one, I found it to be quite unique. There’s a major plot twist that you won’t expect. You’d think it’s an average haunted doll movie, but it isn’t. Overall, I really recommend “The Boy” and enjoyed watching it!

Peak book review


“Peak” by Roland Smith was an adventure book about a boy who tries to be the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. I thought this was more of a sad story because of the choices he makes before he climbs Mount Everest. The story was very suspenseful because you didn’t know what would happen to Peak. I think it was a good idea to include climbing jargon to educate people on unfamiliar vocabulary. This book defines the important characters’ backgrounds.  Also, I thought the map on page 1 was very useful so I could see what Mount Everest really looks like. I know this sounds a little cruel, but whenever a book talks about illness, like this book, it always makes me want to read more. I think it is amazing how a 14 year-old boy can climb skyscrapers and mountains. I am a little confused about how Peak did not have to go to juvenile detention for climbing a skyscraper. Being banished from a city is a little barbaric. I thought that the book made the climbing seem realistic and challenging. The trek up the mountain was very detailed and long, so to me that showed that the author put great effort into this book. This book was a very good book.

A Creature of the Night


You must walk confidently, shoulders back,

like you belong in this dark night world –

because then maybe they will believe that you do.

But I know, I know,

as I step out into the dark,

with its dampened sounds and slick sidewalks,

that this is where I belong.

The wind is at my back;

the rain doesn’t seem to touch me.

Invincible is the word racing through my mind,

rushing through my body

as if it’s an element infused in my blood.


But that thought always comes before the fall, does it not?

That belief that nothing can harm you,

that your skin, your mind, your soul,

is impervious to all harm . . .

I suppose I will find out when the sun returns;

but for now, I will remain in the dark –

a creature of the night.

Crescent Companionship

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The last of the songbirds cry

when the sun sets behind the trees

And out appears that light

not from our great star

not as bright

much too white

not as plainly sighted

Shadowed by lone clouds

that are still visible by dying rays

drowning in the fire of the sunset

The time is waxing

light to the right

and another friend beside him

burning in the night

Our beloved crescent moon is there

and his terrestrial companion: