Hobbs and Shaw Review

Oh goodness, I have so much to say about this movie. This movie is just insane. Robotic superhuman played by Idris Elba?  Check. Over-the-top action? Check. Buff guys? Check. This is the ultimate popcorn flick. Let’s just get right into this review.

Listen, if you’re looking for some high class movie with an actual plot, do not watch this movie. If you want to see The Rock deliver a one liner and proceed to beat up a bunch of bad guys, then please watch this movie as soon as possible.

Speaking of beating up bad guys, the action here is insane. Things that happen during the action scenes are so over the top it’s funny.

The acting here is pretty good. It’s not incredible, but does the job.

An issue I did have is that Idris Elba is one of those “Hey, look at me, I’m a bad guy!” villians. These villians are uninteresting and just not compelling. If you’ve seen “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, this is a similar situation. Ultron is a very uncompelling villian just like the one in this movie.

That’s all I have to say about this. It’s solid and a very fun watch overall.

Overall score: 8/10

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.

The Experiment

Here I am, the place where the letter was addressed to me. Sent by my old friend Mikey. He was a highly regarded scientist back in the day before he went rogue. He started messing with things he shouldn’t have, made him go crazy. I lost touch with him ever since. He was just too unstable for me. Time went on, and I forgot about him until he sent me a letter. The letter said to visit him again and help him with an important project. I didn’t want too until it mentioned getting paid $10,000 for the work I would be doing. I needed cash, after getting fired from my job, so I was desperate for money. Knowing Mikey it was probably something absurd and dangerous but I needed that money. All my job applications have been denied so far.
When I finally reached the meeting place, Mikey was nowhere to be found. He was probably in the giant abandoned building. This place looked extremely run down and old. The walls were rusted up and the hallways were trashed. The ceiling leaked with an unknown fluid. I stopped in the middle of the hall and shouted.
“Mikey are you out there!” I paused, “You’re wasting my time.” I shook off the feeling of dread and moved on. As I moved, things got creepier. Broken shards of glass were on the ground along with some blood. What if someone was hurt? Should I call 911? I moved onward. But it grew worse I heard creepy footsteps around me and heard scratching from the walls. Where was Mikey? I got ready to shout again before I heard a scream. I ran to where the noise was. I saw Mikey’s lifeless body laying there. I looked up from the carnage to see who the culprit was. I couldn’t comprehend what I was staring at. It was not human. It had scarred skin with popping veins, dark soulless eyes, with spider-like limbs and it’s flesh popped like pop rocks. Its limbs cracked and twisted to see me. On its mouth was Mikey’s flesh. It unrolled it’s large and long tongue and crawled to the ceiling. Its limbs cracking to look at me again. I ran as fast as I could to get out of there. Tears leaked from my eyes until I hurdled to the ground in pain. Glass pierced deep into my skin, blood seeped out of my body. I had to keep going, I looked back to see the creature running to me at an alarming rate. It screeched with ascending power. I saw a room near me. I limped to it and locked the door behind me. I looked to see if there was anything for me to use. I saw an ax, but saw no bandages. I cursed under my breath and used part of my shirt to wrap the wound up. I heard pounding on the door before the creature broke into the room. There was nowhere else to go; no windows, and no other rooms. I was trapped in here. It moved at a slow pace as if it knew there was nowhere for me to go. I clutched onto my ax, as the creature ripped off my leg. I screamed in pain as it got closer and grabbed me by the other leg. It pulled me. I slashed its arm off. It let go of my leg as green blood came from the creature. I got up and slashed another arm off. I limped out and down the hallway. I saw the light, then fell back down as darkness covered my vision.
“Sir, I have the documents.”
“Put them on my desk, your work is done for the day.”
“Can I ask you a question, sir?”
“Go ahead.”
“Did you ever manage to solve those murders in the abandoned building on Burnham Street?”

She’ll Never Be the Same, Part 1

“Oh no,” I say.

Tina, ripped jeans and makeup galore, is walking over to our table.

“Just play it cool, Charity,” Harmony says, tucking her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear. Chelsea and I turn in the other direction. Chelsea’s green eyes are wide. I eat my sandwich and pretend she isn’t coming near us.

“Hey Chelsea,” said Tina in her beautiful, annoying voice. Chelsea turns around and faces Tina, twirling her wavy chestnut hair nervously. I can’t help but turn around too.

“Here’s an invitation to my birthday sleepover,” says Tina. She hands Chelsea a pretty lavender envelope.

“Umm . . . ,” Chelsea says. I can tell she’s completely dumbfounded. “Okay.”

“Hey Charity,” says Tina. I gulp and say “Hi” quickly.

“You’re not invited.” She sneers and flounces away, flipping her jet-black hair.

It’s over. I breathe out a sigh. “Wow,” says Harmony. “I can’t believe she’d invite one sister but not the other.”

“Rude,” I yell. Harmony and I crack up. “Right?” I nudge Chelsea. She stares ahead, as if in a trance. “Hello?” I ask. I wave my hand in front of her face.

“Oh, yeah,” she says, shaking her head and facing us. “I just wonder if maybe I should go?”

“What the heck?” Harmony asks. “Why?”

“Well, just ‘cause, you know, she’s the most popular girl in the school. If I go to her sleepover, I could become popular,” says Chelsea.

“You care more about popularity than having actual friends?” I ask her. “Wow.”

“Don’t be weird, okay?” asks Chelsea. “I just want to know what it would be like to be liked.”

“You are liked,” I say. “Us? Remember?”

Harmony looks uncomfortable. Chelsea rolls her eyes.

“Fine. Whatever,” I say. “Be BFFs with Tina for all I care.” The lunch bell rings and we get up from the table. I get mad at my sister sometimes. She just doesn’t get it.


Blond hair and those blue eyes

Oh what a lovely sight

British accents, Scottish voices

Better than music to my ears

None that you possess

Basic boy from who knows where

Lonely throughout the years

A hint of mystery in your eyes

All it took for me to fall

The air is unattractive

Yet, so magnetic

Not a love at first sight

But feelings from your absence

Mysterious face lights up my day

Rather than statues and sculptures

Is it true?

Is this real?

Is it truly what I believe?

Mysterious boy from who knows where

Don’t ever leave me. Stay

That is the truth and honest

Rim of the World

Alex (Jack Gore), ZhinZhin (Miya Cech), Dariush (Benjamin Flores Jr.), and Gabriel (Alessio Scalzotto) barely started summer camp when aliens start to attack Earth and cause havoc.

Things get even more weird when an astronaut gives them a key and tells them to go to JPL, a NASA facility, to get rid of the horrendous aliens. Dodging aliens, military units, prisoners, and other dangerous things, the kids trek 48 miles to get to JPL.

Along the way, great friendships are started and maybe a little awkward romance. Like, really awkward. So they begin the journey together, hoping to save the world.

This movie was not the best, but it definitely wasn’t that bad. The cast was really good and the action and adventure wasn’t all that bad. The movie was a little too straight forward for me, but if you’re looking for a bloody, friendship, action and adventure movie, then this one is a good idea.

I give this movie a 8.2/10 partially because I could kind of guess what would happen next but there were some parts where I was scared. Or maybe it’s because I scare often. There are cute friendship moments and bravery so it wasn’t bad. The movie overall was great, and all the cast members did a good job becoming their character.

I will warn you, this movie does have mild language in it, and parts of the movie are creepy, but if that doesn’t bother you, definitely watch this movie! Hope you like it!

Sherwood by Meagan Spooner

To: All the people who love Robin Hood and those who like twists in original stories (like Robin Hood…)

From: The girl who loved the twist in classic Robin Hood

Marian was betrothed to Robin when she was young. But instead of being a “proper lady,” she was a little different. While she did enjoy embroidery, she wasn’t normal. She loved fighting Robin with makeshift swords and archery. She was daring and loved Robin with all her heart, until he died.

The people of Locksley always held hope because of Robin. He was their protector, the one who shield them from the persecution of the Sheriff of Nottingham. They were proud. Safe. Somewhat happy. But then Robin died.

Then the Guy of Gisborne comes into play, wishing to be Marian’s new fiancé and Lord of Locksley. No way! The right hand of the Sheriff, the one Robin grew wary of, wanted to take the place of Robin! And as time passed, tensions grew, and Marian, wary of the tensions, became her hero and the people’s as well. She was Robin Hood.

This book was highly enjoyable. I loved the story’s flow and the way Meagan wrote her characters. Marian’s journey about secrets and heartache really hit me in the heart. And brain. This book stayed with me for an extra few days. I even read it during vacation because I had to know what happens next! Anyone who loves fantasy, adventure, and Robin Hood will definitely love this book. I know I did.

I rate this a 9/10 just because of some of the slow parts. This book is a long book, 467 pages to be exact, but every second is worth it. This is great if you need a book to last for a bit longer than usual. Hopefully, I just gave you a new favorite book to read, so go ahead! Enjoy!

Take me with you

Take me with you

Wherever you go

I am you and you are me

Your words will be in these pages

Your life will go on here

These pages hold many memories

From friends and Families

To truest loves of your life

Memories of Tragedies and Joys

This book will hold forever

Don’t open me and close me

Just to throw away

Take me with you

No matter the cost

If fate is to ever make you unhappy,

I will always make you true and happy

You will find memories of those days

The good old joys that make you laugh

I hold your other half, your faith, your love

The world can betray

Yet, I never will

As I am just a book

Holding memories and knowledge

That will come in handy

Where ever you go