The Fate


I am sitting here, waiting for it to end

In a prison cell dark and gloomy

The end is near, I can feel it

That shaking fear exists no more

I shall be without a head, soon enough

For so long I have waited…

Just for the end

Though I will tell on lies

I warn you all

They will shroud the truth

I did no such thing to be in this place

I am of innocence

The love was never fake, nor were my words

I did nothing wrong to love and believe

For those in the future

I shall remind you of my time

That I will go in front of them all

But with courage and justice, by my side

I do not care anymore of my fate

That trembling fear is gone

I welcome fate with both hands

As I am a queen that will be at the top

And no mortals can take that title away

The end is near,

The courage inside rises

My head held high

As I face my fate


I am Annalia: Part Ten

Image result for frozen fireI had never seen Tessa walk so fast. The three of us went down a bunch of corridors, torches with white fire lighting them up like light bulbs. Tessa was carrying the chair, very far ahead of us. I was doing okay, walking at a normal pace, but Liku stayed behind just in case.

The three of us were silent as Tessa quickly rounded the corner. I felt things were getting awkward, and Liku looked mortified. “Uh, Liku?” I asked. He looked down at me, his emerald eyes glazed with tears. “I…thank you. For what you did. Bringing me here. I know, it sounds stupid but…” I wasn’t sure what to say next, and Liku didn’t look any better. “If I do stay, I’ll try my best to live up to what you thought of me.” Liku breathed a quiet sigh through his nose and looked away from me.

After a couple more turns, we saw Tessa standing in the large room the mist had shown me. At the end of the room was Viallanne, sitting coldly on her throne. There were four smaller thrones on each side of her, each corresponding to an element with a human-dragon hybrid on it in their human form. The elements were plants, gems, soil, rocks, water, wind, day, and Liku’s throne: night. All together the thrones formed a U shape.

Liku went to hurry of to his throne, but Tessa stopped him. “Liku,” she said firmly. She was standing in the center, placing down the chair to face Viallanne. The large doors slammed behind us. Liku sighed and stood by the doors.

“Tessa, what is going-” She glanced at me. She had brown eyes like me. But oddly enough, even though her eyes were lighter than mine, her stare was colder. I could feel it in my veins. “Is this…R.J.?”

I opened my mouth to say something, but Tessa luckily cut me off. “No, Your Majesty. That is why we are here. Liku had told me that we were to retrieve Annalia instead of R.J. and bring her here. I trusted that he was right, but I was wrong. Liku has recently told me his story about what happened.”

Everyone was silent, staring at me and Liku except for Tessa. Viallanne returned her gaze to Tessa and went to open her mouth, but Tessa once again was quicker. “Oh! Right! Your Majesty, Annalia, she…” Tessa lowered her voice. “…she destroyed a Normwhaug.” Gasps rose within the crowd. Viallanne looked pleased, yet stunned. And a bit irritated. All eyes turned to me as they whispered anxiously among themselves. I felt myself blush.

Suddenly, the sound of Viallanne banging her scepter on the ground echoed throughout the room, instantly bringing them to silence. As soon as I saw her I could tell how she originally had ice powers. “As important as dealing with Liku is, the fate of our world is more important, along with dealing with her.” All eyes went on me again. Tessa was watching me from behind Liku’s throne, where she normally stood. “Annalia,” She pointed her scepter at the chair Tessa brought in. “Sit.”

I obeyed with fear. All eyes were watching me, examining me as a human. “So, Annalia,” She said my name as if it disgusted her. “What was it like when you were brought here?”

I panicked inside. I didn’t know what to say, or what the question meant. “Like, what was it like before I got here? What it was like in the portal? Or when I first arrived?” I prayed she wouldn’t whip me or zap me fro supposedly challenging her.

“The first one and last one. Mainly the first.” I gulped. I don’t think I was supposed to be brought into Azudacluke in that much chaos…I could get them in more trouble…But if I lie she might kill me…

“Well, I was in homeroom…my first sort-of class of school, when…when, uh,” I looked at Tessa, her face showed no hints or emotion. Liku on the other hand, was horrified. My heart even broke a bit when he nodded his head grimly to go on. “When my friend Beatrice walked into the hall and got frozen. Everyone was freaking out, Tessa was yelling at us to keep calm, then the next thing I knew the door was on Tessa, I rushed over to help her, Dragon Liku came in, froze the class, and then Tessa made a portal and Liku tossed me into it.” Viallanne’s eyes were wide. She glanced back at Liku and gave him a shocked death glare.

After a few seconds, she returned her gaze to me. “And what happened when you arrived?”

“Uh, I was in a forest full of lavender plants. Everywhere. Then Tessa told me where I was. I screamed, freaked out, she tackled me back to the ground where I was laying, then she stormed off, I ran after her, then she realized she somehow left Liku on earth, she left me, I wandered off, not too far-” I took a breath. “Then Haugliea, a Normwhaug attacked me.” Everyone started whispering anxiously.

“Haugliea, you say?”

“Uh, yeah, is there something special about her?”

“I’m not sure, never heard of her. We’ll just have to remember that when the Normwhaugs ask who you are and I’ll say you killed Haugliea. Maybe I can even mock them with it…anyway, how’d you kill her?”

I explained everything, the pain, each phase, but I decided not to bring up how I met Rohtaan. I already had an army of Normwhaugs who were against me, I didn’t need the ruler of the good people to hate me as well.

Viallanne tapped her fingers on her scepter while thinking silently. “Before we deal with you, Annalia, I’d like to deal with Liku first.” I turned around and saw him lift his head slightly. Gosh, I felt terrible for him. “Annalia, stand with Tessa. Liku, come forth.”

I obeyed and was shaking by the time I reached Tessa. I looked at her for any sympathy, but she was too focused on Liku. Her eyes were cold and squinted.

“Liku, is it true that you gave false information to Tessa and brought Annalia here instead of R.J.?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” he muttered.

“What was that?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” he said louder.

“Why might you do this?” Liku explained what happened the day he came with the reptile crew and how he just knew I was the one. But with every sentence he said, he grew more ashamed and quieter.

The Queen pondered upon this for a minute. “Liku,” she said. Her voice was softer than normal. “Your service up to this point has been well appreciated.” She paused. Everyone held their breath. Tessa grabbed my hand. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She was trying to look tough and formal, but it wasn’t working.

“But,” Viallanne continued. “Going against the my orders, me being the Queen of Azudacluke, is considered treason.” Tessa flinched. A tear rolled down her cheek. Viallanne stood up, now towering over Liku since her throne was raised on a large platform. “You shall be executed at sunrise tomorrow!” Her voice boomed. Everyone burst into noise. Tessa was full blown crying, her hand covering her mouth.

Liku was trembling, his face paler than snow. Her emerald eyes were bulging, staring up at Viallanne. But he didn’t say anything in return to object. I squeezed Tessa’s hand harder.

Tessa uncovered her mouth and looked at me. She actually stared at me for a while, as if she were coming up with a plan. “Guards!” Viallanne yelled. “Take Liku to the dungeons!” Two guards moved forward to grab Liku.

“Wait!” Tessa screamed. I was suddenly dragged by Tessa to the center, and she pulled us in front of Liku. “Your Majesty,” My heart was pounding even before it was about to break.

As a tear streamed down Tessa’s cheek, she looked at me before saying in a softer voice, “Take her instead.”

Behind the Paper: Part Twelve

625-cutting-food_625x350_61447238509After work, I decided to go home. I unfortunately went to Jacobs home because I realized my true home was not mine in the beginning. Its my cheating boyfriend, Darry’s. Maybe when I was in college with him, I may have thought that we would marry in the future. But apparently I was so stupid to think that, because he thinks different. That’s why I never bought my own house.

I sat down on the couch in the living room and dozed off, looking at the beautiful centerpiece in the middle of the low table. I apparently I haven’t heard Jacob walked in until he talked.

“When are you going to break up with him!?” Jacob disturbs my silence, “He is obviously disturbing you. Just forget him already. He is not worth it.”

I quickly whipped my tears that were coming down fast. He is right. For the first time in forever, Jacob Rod is right. He is not worth it.

“Oh no! I forgot to make dinner!” I quickly realized. I suddenly have a burst of energy and I run to the kitchen.

The first person who comes in the house after work has to make dinner! Its rule number 2. What if he kicks me out?? Its only the second day and I don’t have any place else!

When I started cutting the vegetables fast, a strong pair of hands grabbed my arms. Startled, I stopped cutting.

“Its okay, I will make dinner. It will be faster and more efficient. Just set up the table,” Jacob said.

“But rule number tw-” I get cut off.

“I want to make dinner,” Jacob grabs the knife off my hands and cuts the vegetables really fast and perfect. It was flawless.

Review of The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau

Lina is an artistic girl that lives in the city of Ember, going about her normal life as twelve-year olds do in the city, working at her newly assigned job.

She lives at home with her Granny and her baby sister Poppy. All is well, until the city of Ember takes a turn for the worse.

Only when the blackouts begin happening, more and more frequently, Lina decides that something should be done. She knows that Ember won’t last forever, and she believes there’s another city, at least in her mind, out there somewhere . . .

When she finds a document of mysterious instructions, she knows it means something. So with the help of her friend, Doon, they decipher the instructions, bit by bit, in hope of escape.

Rating: 4/5 stars. This book was interesting and made me think: could there possibly be a city like this constructed in the future? I liked Lina as a character and how determined and curious she was. However, the book was boring at the beginning for me, though you might think differently! I am definitely the type for fast paced stories. Also, I felt that the story didn’t tie up some loose ends that I was curious about.

Ages: 9-13. I would definitely reccomend this book to younger readers.



My hands curled around

Screaming crowd before my eyes

A grin, I thought never existed

Bringing home the gold for my people


I see her, high up, with all the attention

What have I done?

To not deserve, working endlessly

Yet nothing.

Shes’s more loved, she’s golden

I am broken, a mess

I fought till the very end

Yet, I woke up to see it was hopeless after all


Running as fast as I can

Yet, the world slows me down

She the silver and she the golden

Too perfect for me to beat

I wish I was one of them…

How? Whats the tactic?

Prince Charming’s Search (Charming Academy #3) – Review

Prince Charming’s Search is the third book in the Charming Academy Series, by Jessica L. Elliot. This book centers on Jacobi and Clarissa’s quest. I’ll go over some of the things we know about the two based off the first book.


  • Very sweet, but is not as large of a character in the first book.
  • not very good at dancing
  • Was in the year younger than her prince, like Allegra was.
  • Struggled along with Allegra to help Leticia after Eleanor’s death.
  • In the second book, we learned from her interactions with Allegra at the beginning of their last year of schooling that she was in lots of servitude classes. Huh, Cinderella?


  • Was good friends with George, Kaelan, Adrian and Lucian.
  • Was also (very) not good at dancing,
  • Okay, to be honest, we really know the least about Jacobi and Clarissa from earlier books. That is probably why I felt like the beginning of this book dragged a little, because Elliot had to try and establish both the plot for this story and simply who the characters were.
  • Oh yeah, Jacobi was funny. He often tried to lighten the mood, though less comically than Adrian would. He was just good. He wanted everyone else to also be happy.


I enjoyed this book because it was a very creative retelling of Cinderella. I feel like the Cinderella story is a classic, and it, as with many other fairytales, (I’m not ignoring them, I just particularly enjoy Cinderella), can be retold so many cool ways. I also particularly loved how just good Clarissa and Jacobi are, they are sweet and loving and they try. Some may interpret Clarissa based on her words during servitude that she was spoiled, but it was the exact opposite of everything she had grown up in and she did want to change things not only for her, but for all servants in general who were treated as horribly as she and Angel were.

Which leads me to Angel. Oh, how I loved her. I thought that having Angel work along side Clarissa was a fantastic way to bring in the Fairy Godmother character. She was so kind and I really liked the background story she made, though it was false, and her constant care for Clarissa.

There were some other really interesting characters in this book. The ghost people and queen that Jacobi met were interesting, and how Jacobi got himself a new pet after he so selflessly gave Patches to Jezzie. The baker who was in that scene was also entertaining and a very practical addition.

The family that Clarissa is serving had some very interesting dynamics as well. The Master and Mistress were definitely not kind, and Cynthia is ridiculous. Jezebel tried so hard to please. Toby was just mean, but I really appreciated the character development surrounding him and those around him that occurred later.

I think it is really interesting how all of the books have lines that cross over from the other books that blend the quests together. Many of the mysteries resurface in other books and I find it really cool how Elliot brings the information together. This book did drag a little at the beginning but became an intriguing read where the questions continue, some the reader knows may not be answered even in later books. The twist on Cinderella was very well done and creative.

Short Poems

a fountain pen propped upward on a stack of papers

These are a collection of short poems I’ve written over the years. Some of them were written a couple years ago, some were more recent. Enjoy!


In a clearing of crowded trees stands a home.

There is a fire burning in the fireplace, beckoning you.

The snowflakes are falling slowly outside.

Little cousins play, making snow angels.

The adults are sipping cider in the kitchen.

And a happy teen, lying in her bed.

Her home is where her soul belongs.

If only all homes were like this, warm and inviting,

thinks a sad little boy in the woods, frost biting his nose.


A clatter, a crash, it’s suddenly cold.

The walls are closing in.

An owl hoots, a wolf howls,

the night is pitch black, but it’s only four in the evening!

I am frightened . . . I refuse to be home alone again.

These ones were written for a writing prompt. You were given two words, and you were supposed to write a poem about each. Mine were home and scary.


Blow a bubble into the sky,

you hope it goes where mermaids cry,

you hope it goes where no one dies,

you hope it goes where nobody lies.

Blow a bubble into the sky,

but, alas, it goes as far as I.



Petals falling softly down,

vibrant colors all around.

Springtime, suntime, flowers dance,

slowly dipping in a trance.     

Sunshine, birdsong floating ‘round,

singing, buzzing, sweet spring sounds.

These are my happiest poems (so far). You always need to have some happy poetry in there!


Reaching aimlessly through the dark,

in this blackness there’s not even a spark.

Racing quickly towards the light,

running, beginning, starting my fight.

Please consume me, I silently say.

Make all this night go away.

Turn me into golden rays,

turn me into brilliance, day.

Like a moth to the flame,

a frightening, very dangerous game.

Flying away into the night,

hoping one day there will be light.

When the day comes that I reach the sun,

nevermore will I have to run.

This is one of my sadder/darker ones, and I like how it could mean anything. It could symbolize struggles with depression, anxiety, death, sickness, or any other thing like that.


Fighting with their lives on the edge,

trying to capture the miracle that will save.

United hearts pound, echoing eternal.

Everything has been hurt, mud, dirt, blood.

The faces turn straight toward the danger.

Their minds flash, seeing their family, friends, future, past.

Souls, remembering everything.

They fight for love.

This one actually one a writing contest. So I decided to save best for last!

Thanks for reading!