Full Cicada Moon by Marilyn Hilton (Book Review)


When Mimi and her family move to Vermont in 1969, it is still a mostly white state. She is judged because of her appearance but also because of her dreams. A woman astronaut is practically unheard of but one who is half-Japanese half-African American is a crazy thought and that’s what people tell Mimi. Science is her passion but because she is a girl nobody, except her parents, support her.

On the first day of school, Mimi meets a girl named Stacey who treats her like an actual human being. While they are in class they get caught passing notes and get put in after school detention. When Stacey’s mom pulls into the parking lot, she doesn’t even glance at Mimi and her father. After this, Stacey starts hanging out at Mimi’s house but never invites her over to her house. Mimi eventually finds out this is because Stacey’s mom doesn’t like African Americans and doesn’t approve of their friendship. This doesn’t stop them though, they continue to hang out and grow closer and closer.

Mimi soon finds out that just because Stacey accepts her doesn’t mean everyone else will. She gets bullied in school and accused of stealing. This new town isn’t all bad though — Mimi’s neighbor is a boy her age and they quickly become friends. He helps her through hard times and stays with her when the town starts to accept her family.

Mimi and her family bring new ideals to this little town in Vermont and change the people’s views about being different.

I liked this book because it really opens your eyes to how hard it was for different people to live in a time when diversity was not accepted. It also shows you that if you believe in yourself you can do whatever you put your mind to.


The Candle

My candle flickers

fall and rise

the flame is golden

enlightened eyes

they see the future

and the past

they know beginning

and the last

fulfillment is not

just a word

for it grants us

wings of the bird

to fly and turn

and shift and soar



the wick it burns

through life itself

it represents not

foolish wealth

that which people


their strengths

and goals

point where they’re from

the wax a body

burning low

when it runs out

a soul must go

a life long-lived

a heart that’s full

a mind at peace

with beauty’s lull

my candle flickers

swoops then dies

my body is gone

my soul will rise


-Marie Walters, October 2017

Review of Relapse


Relapse is Eminem’s sixth studio album released in the year 2009. This album got mixed reviews, some people like it, and some people hate it. I am one of the people who like it, but his accents can be annoying at times. Nevertheless, this is my favorite album ever. Here are some good songs.

“3 AM”- A love letter to horror movies, this song has a nice beat, cool lyrics, and a great music video.

“My Mom”- In 1999, he mentioned in one of his songs that he would make a song about drugs and name it after his mom. That’s what he did in this song.

“Insane”- A very dark song. This song covers some very interesting topics and is a joy to listen to.

“Hello”- So much better than Adele’s hello in my opinion, the beat and lyrics are awesome.

“Medicine Ball”- A super cool beat mixed with some savage lyrics make this song a blast to listen to.

“Beautiful”- A song about judging people by their looks, this calm and peaceful song is amazing and is an amazing song in my opinion.

Overall this album is great, but it gets a 9/10 for his annoying accents. I reccommend this album to any rap lovers.

Roar by Cora Carmack (Book Review)


Aurora “Rora” Pavan was born into one of the oldest Stormling families in existence. A Stormling is a person who is gifted with magic strong enough to repel the world’s most lethal enemies. Stormlings destroy storms by reaching inside and taking out their heart. This is highly dangerous which is why having multiple stormhearts is a thing of honor. The more storms you conquer the more powers you pass on to your children.

The Stormlings are almost always royal because the royal families have to protect their people from the storms that threaten their cities. Rora, being the only heir to the Pavan throne, is in huge trouble when her powers don’t develop. To keep her crown her mother arranges for her to marry a dangerous Stormling prince from Locke that will cover up the secret that she is completely powerless. At first glance he seems like a great solution to this problem but soon realizes he has an ulterior motive.

One night, Rora sneaks out of the palace to follow the prince and finds herself in a black market. It’s filled with the one thing she wants most in the world, storm magic. The venders selling it are storm hunters, people who weren’t born with powers but gained them by defeating storms. Rora didn’t believe this possible but is now overjoyed with the thought that she could finally be a true Stormling.

Rora joins a crew of storm hunters under the name Roar, dies her hair, and makes her disappearance look like a kidnapping so the others on the crew don’t suspect her true identity. She automatically feels a special connection with a storm hunter, Locke, and he with her. He becomes her trainer and they continue to grow closer but he soon realizes he promised himself he would never get attached to anyone. He needed to be completely willing to risk death to take down a storm. Locke distances himself from her until something impossible happens and he can’t possibly stay away.

The crew has to battle storms like nothing they have ever faced and learn to trust each other with their lives.

I liked this book because it was the perfect balance of adventure, magic, and love with a well thought out plot. The story ended on a cliff hanger that I never saw coming and I can’t wait to read more.

Classic Music Review – Eye in the Sky


Eye in the Sky, a song by The Alan Parsons Project, is a relatively simple-sounding piece of music. But when you think about it a little bit more, the poetic, polished lyrics and the otherworldly feeling of the music create something that’s not just a fresh take on a breakup song. The pieces of the song fit together like puzzle pieces to create a beautiful, balanced whole. Eye in the Sky was made with love, talent, and hard work, and that comes through plainly in the music.


The lyrics could be a poem on their own (a song is really just a poem set to music, anyway). The words flow into each other neatly and rhythmically. This is a perfect song to daydream to – it doesn’t have a heart-pounding beat or screaming vocals, but it still .

The music catches your attention from the first second of the song. It has a melancholy, slightly ominous tone and is supported by a strong and interesting drumbeat. Electric guitar accents some of the later verses and changes the song enough to keep it just as interesting throughout as it was when it began. The tune is original and cleverly transitions between different sections of the song. There are some subtle but noticeable shifts in the tune that segue smoothly

The vocals are not trying to stand out. That’s a good thing – if they were, the entire track would be focused around vocals, vocals, vocals. As it is, Eye in the Sky emphasizes all the parts of a good song – interesting lyrics, catchy and original music, and polished vocals. The singing is simple and beautiful.


Nowadays, everyone’s used to intense, ‘obvious’ music. When you’re used to that kind of music, it might be harder to appreciate the quiet, many-layered mystery of this track. I’ve never really had a problem with it, though.

Just take a few minutes out of your day to listen to Eye in the Sky. Why miss hearing some good, underplayed classic music?

“Life Just Got Real”

“Life Just Got Real” is written by Sadie Robertson with Cindy Coloma. Published by Simon & Schuster, Inc., Life Just Got Real is a fiction novel of 278 pages. The setting takes place in Nashville, and the point of view alternates between the two protagonists, AJ Smith, and Kate Kelly.

AJ Smith is a sixteen-year-old who grew up in Louisiana, with her mom, dad, and her brothers, Micah and Noah. Her life mainly consisted of repairing cars with her dad, which was what her dad did for a living, and was AJ’s favorite thing to do. She attended a normal public school, had good friends, and loved to go hunting with her brothers. After her dad died, her mom decided to leave the place where AJ had spent all of her life, and bring the whole family -except from Noah, who went into the military- with her. The change in her life is huge. Her mother has already found a husband, Charles, who has a so n, Sam, and it breaks AJ’s heart to see how fast her mother moved on. She has to attend a private school, and it is very apparent to her that the students there come from a much higher class in society that she does. Many things go wrong- she has to take classes she has never taken before and knows she is going to fail, her grades are not so good, and she has to get through all the drama and gossip that stirred-up the minute she stepped foot on her school. Something feels weird and wrong when she discovers that her mom cannot afford to pay the school, which means that someone else is paying for it- and AJ has no idea who that is. She makes several friends such as Homer and Tae, who used to be Kelly’s best friend. But all this is just the beginning of the drama that is about to change her whole life.

Kate Kelly is the daughter of a famous music producer, and the owner of one of the most famous boutiques. Kate Kelly has two siblings: her older brother, Kaden Kelly, and her younger sister, Kasey Kelly. Kelly is more on the wealthy side, and much more professional. She is mature, a very good student, and a control freak. As an already successful person and class president, Kate has many fake friends, who just want something from her: they want to harm her, or do not care about her. Her “friends” include Lauren, Sandra, Priscilla, Mel, though her best, and probably only true friend, is Palmer. She is in a relationship with Alex, and later in the book, their relationship takes a dramatic twist. Her family is planning to take part in a reality TV show called “Real Life”. Kelly is chosen for the finalist, and is shocked when she learns that AJ, the weird girl who wears red converses, jeans, and her father’s advertisement t-shirts, is chosen to be the other protagonist in Real Life. Along with the fact that her brother, Kaden, is AJ’s prom date, Kate’s life seems to have changed ever since AJ appeared.

“When things go wrong, it’s reality TV’s right”.

I enjoyed reading this book. Even though high school drama seems to be a common theme in many books and movies, this book is much different than the other ones. It does not match the typical stereotype of one person being the mean, spoiled rich girl who is a horrible student, but somehow manages to get through each grade, and the other person being an innocent, poor girl who is a good student. The talents and values of both girls, and all the factors that make them special is what make this novel very unique and interesting. Even though there is no suspense or cliffhangers, there is something about this book that will make you stay up all night reading it.

I would recommend reading this book. I would give this book a 5/5 rating. +12.

Confliction of Feelings

The best way to clear your mind is with a fresh start; a new day, an unread book, a blank paper. Your head is so full of everything that thinking is impossible, and you can’t focus on the current world. Your thoughts are drawn to something irrelevant, that no one else finds care to worry about. But you just can’t get it off your mind. Everything you do is a struggle, like trying to swim against the waves in the ocean. Every time you think you have a way out, CRASH. Another wave hits you, reminding you of that burden you shouldn’t have to bear. So why are you bearing it then? We have a choice to do things, the capability to know right from wrong. And yet our feelings always lead us down a road that overtakes us, making us weak and selfish. Your wisdom cannot be shared if you have no care to share it. New opportunities cannot be pursued if you have no care to pursue them. But your feelings can always be felt, that is something that we have no control over. Let me ask, how do you deal with yours?

What I describe as these overtaking feelings is not for every emotion. Most of the time, it is good to feel. We feel love, joy, grief, hurt, and compassion. The endless positive persuaders of the mind are not evil. But when you let your mind take over is where the problem begins. There is now room for excessive longing, hatred, and depression. They are unexpected and tolling. The confliction of feelings it that you no longer have the control, and your life just turns upside down because of the smallest thing possible. You have to fight the waves. And never stop. Because the longer you fight, the stronger you become. And then you may take control once more.

– 3344marigoldsunrise-182302_960_720