Counting Down To Life Chapter 30

Girl Crying

May 1, 2017

Seattle, Washington

Brooklyn looked around the room and reminded herself that her friends wanted to know what was wrong, they wanted to know about her visions.

She took a deep breath and began her explanation, “it started a while ago before I even considered being friends with Atifa. They were never as dangerous. It was just a little bit here and there. The visions were just like quick daydreams. It didn’t become full episodes until mid-March. They didn’t even directly involve Zora until right before Atifa told me about all of this.”

“Zora? What does any of this have to do with him?” Atifa asked. Brooklyn looked down at her hands forcing herself to hold in the tears that were threatening to fall.

“I’m getting to that,” the girl said. “I didn’t know it was him until recently. I’m still trying to figure why he’s involved. I have some ideas, but I hope none of them are concrete reasons.”

“So, Zora is apart of this,” Atifa said, waiting for the rest of the of Brooklyn’s story.

“Anyway, that time we were training, when it was just the two of us, that was the first time I had a vision that bad. It was the first time I had a nightmare that knocked me out. It was this woman telling me she was my creator or something. I still don’t know what that means. I don’t even know who my birth parents are, much less my creator.

“After that, things began to get worse. After the first time I saw Zora in a vision, I was attacked. The second time, when the woman told me she was my creator, I was attacked by the Noson. While I was unconscious after that, I had yet another vision. I was being tortured by someone I think could have been a Guardian. He was questioning me about Zora’s location, and then Zora came in, rescued me and snapped the guy’s neck,” Brooklyn finished.

“Tamarisk,”Atifa breathed. The Empathy Guardian turned to look at Laz. “Did you know about this when you told me he died.

“I didn’t know about it. I just knew Brooklyn saw this stuff. She didn’t tell me any of the details,” Laz said, shaking his head. Atifa glanced at Brooklyn through the corner of her eye. The girl was crying as she remembered all the pain Tamarisk had caused her. The number of scars that now covered her body because of him.

Atifa held Brooklyn’s hand tightly.

“Every time I’m in physical pain, I have a vision. I think that’s what triggers them. That and saying things that somehow relate to the past that I don’t remember,” Brooklyn said. “When I was in this one vision, I realized that I had no control over anything I did in the nightmares. It was like it had already happened and I just remembered it. I can’t explain it because I don’t understand it. I think that those visions where I can’t control my own body are memories. That’s why we asked Bray to help. We’re trying to figure if their memories or not and if they are, what that means about me. For all I know, I could have been working for Zora. He could still be in my head. I don’t know.”

“Zora might know all our plans because he’s controlling you?” Atifa asked. “Now I understand why you didn’t want to tell us.”

Brooklyn looked down, a tear dropping onto her clasped hands. The tears continued to fall but not because of the fear of her friends rejecting her and becoming afraid of her. It was because of the painful memories of physical pain and mental torture Brooklyn had gone through.

”If I knew Zora was controlling me, things would be different. I know that at least, but it’s terrifying not knowing when someone is in your head or even if they are at all. Zora could be in my head right now. I don’t know. I never know, ” Brooklyn cried. Her body racked with sobs. Karter rubbed the girl’s back softly, doing the best he could to soothe his friend.

The Guilt Guardian could tell Brooklyn was terrified, but he couldn’t do much to help her considering he was helpless when it came to crying girls.

Brooklyn looked at Karter. He could see how scared she was to remember the visions as if she was going to end up in another horrible dream, one more horrible than the others. Karter didn’t understand why anyone would do this to Brooklyn, she was perfectly sane until one random day. The Guardian thought back to his friend’s story. Brooklyn had said she didn’t remember her birth parents. Karter looked out the window and then back at Brooklyn.

“Wait, Brooklyn,” Karter finally asked. The girl sniffled before replying.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Earlier, you said you didn’t know who your birth parents were. I didn’t know you were adopted,” Karter said.

“I’m not adopted. All my memories, everything down to the smallest detail was a lie. We think Zora stole all my memories and replaced them with new ones so I could spy for him without me knowing. Either that or he accidentally wiped my mind when he was doing something to me, I don’t know what but it’s a valid theory,” Brooklyn explained sadly, sniffing every once in a while.

“Wow,” Karter said, leaning back to process the information. A thought struck him. “Wouldn’t that mean you and I aren’t really friends, we just have memories of each other. Everything I remember doing with you is just fake up until when?”

“That’s right,” Brooklyn sighed. “I don’t know when this life became a reality. I don’t know where the fake memories end and the real stuff starts. I’m guessing the memories end when Atifa introduced me to monsters and Guardians and all that.”

“It’s complicated and hard to understand,” Laz said. “Is that all for the visions. Have you had any recently?”

“There were two I had recently, and I think those two are the most important, but they scare me the most. I don’t know what caused them, but they happened, and they were bad,” Brooklyn said.

“So tell us then,” Bray said. It was the first thing the Sadness Guardian had said since Brooklyn began her story. Said girl nodded and continued with her long, painful story.


Counting Down To Life Chapter 29

Healing Hands

May 1, 2017

Seattle, Washington

“Karter!” Laz screamed, fear and worry evident in his voice. He knew the youngest Guardian would hear him. The boy was a light sleeper, and the two rooms were connected. ”I need help!”

Karter burst through the door the was connecting the two room and yelled, ”What’s wrong?”

He was looking at Laz the annoyance evident in his face, but then he saw Brooklyn. His eyes widened as it dawned on him as to why the Anger Guardian was panicking. Karter’s best friend was bleeding out on her bed.

”What happened?” Karter shouted as he rushed to Laz’s side.

”I came in here to see if when was awake, but the sheets were all bloody, and then I realized she was bleeding, a lot, ” Laz explained.

”So you have no idea why she’s bleeding?”

”No, she was like this when I found her.” Laz looked at Karter and saw that he was just sitting there staring at his dying friend. “Why don’t you stop staring, and get help!”

“Oh, right. Should I get Atifa and Amorette?” Karter scrambled to the door.

“Yes get them, just hurry up, and find bandages after you get Atifa and Amy,” Laz ordered. Karter opened the door and sprinted away, slamming the door behind him.

Laz continued to press down on the deep cut across Brooklyn’s stomach. The bleeding was beginning to slow down, but Laz wasn’t entirely sure that was a good thing. Currently, he was using what little healing abilities he had to slowly seal the cut temporarily and stop the bleeding for a little while, but it didn’t seem to be helping as much as Laz hoped.

As he put pressure on Brooklyn’s abdomen, Laz wondered what could have caused something like this to happen. He or one of the four other Guardians in the vicinity would have noticed if an enemy was nearby. Brooklyn was the only one who couldn’t sense an enemy nearby making her the most vulnerable of the six of them. That was one of the many problems with being human, but knowing Brooklyn, she would have fought off whatever beast came her way. At this point, Laz wasn’t entirely sure the girl was human. They would hopefully get her memories back soon so that they could figure out what she was, if not human.

A bead of sweat fell down Laz’s face. Someone more experienced in healing needed to keep Brooklyn alive. If Karter didn’t show up with Atifa and Amy soon… Brooklyn would be dead in maybe two minutes, probably less. Laz had no idea how long she had been bleeding, just that he had been there for two and a half minutes, but he was sure there wasn’t much chance of survival at this point unless Amy was able to get to her since she was the most powerful healer of the group. She would be able to give Brooklyn back most of the blood she lost. It was strange what a Guardian could to heal people if they spent enough time practicing healing. It helped that Amy was the only one of them to go to med school.

Just then, Karter burst into the room breathlessly, two more Guardians in tow. Amorette rushed to Laz and Brooklyn before shoving Laz away and placing her hands gently on the younger girl’s stomach. The Love Guardian shut her eyes and poured all her concentration into what was happening to Brooklyn internally. The Guardian opened her eyes and stared at Brooklyn in confusion.

“She’s bleeding, but she’s not actually losing blood. The blood’s just coming out of her body, but it’s not affecting her in any way. I’m not sure why, but maybe this has something to do with what’s been happening to her that you two have been keeping a secret, but she’s not dying. She probably doesn’t even realize all this blood is leaving her body,” Amorette explained.

“So you’re sure she’s not dying?” Karter asked.

“I’m sure,” Amy assured confidently. The Guardian looked at Laz. “You should talk to her about telling us. After something like this… Next time this happens, it might not be an artificial bleed. We deserve to know whatever you’re hiding.”

Laz was about to reply, but Bray slammed the door open before he could say anything.

“What’s going on?!” He shouted.

“Bray?” Atifa yelled back, confusion written on her face.

“Hey,” he said, barely glancing at the Empathy Guardian. Bray looked at Laz, and his blood covered hands and clothes, and then at Brooklyn’s bloody body. “What the Hell happened?”

“She was bleeding, a lot,” Laz said. “She wasn’t even hurt, she was just bleeding.”

“Maybe she’s having one of those vi-” Laz kicked the back of Bray’s knee forcing him to stop talking. Brooklyn had to be the one to tell people about her dreams and visions partly because Laz still didn’t entirely understand it and also because if Brooklyn explained it to the others, they wouldn’t be as angry with the young girl.

“Can someone please explain to us why Bray is here?” Amy asked. “I thought he was dead.”

“I wasn’t dead, I was in hiding until these two decided to have dinner at the restaurant I worked at. They asked for some help with something,” The Sadness Guardian explained.

“No offense,” Amy said. “But what could you help them with that we couldn’t?”

Bray glanced at Laz and decided against saying anything. He valued his knees and his ability to walk. “Something for training Karter’s mind so he could work on controlling his powers. The boy does have strong mental abilities as well as physical abilities,” Bray lied.

Atifa would have said something else, but a groan came from the bed. “Brooklyn?” Karter asked. The Guilt Guardian went to his best friend’s side. He took her hand and watched her eyes open slowly.

Brooklyn saw her friend, sat up and scramble back against the headboard.

“Why are you here? Why is everyone in my room?” Brooklyn questioned.

“You were bleeding heavily, and we thought you were dying, but it turns out, you are completely healthy and not dying somehow,” Atifa explained. “We were worried. Brooklyn, we need an explanation. What’s going on with you?”

“I want to explain it, I really do, but you might hate me if I tell you. If I tell you, promise not to kill me. I’m still trying to figure out what any of it means. I’m not sure if it actually happened or not, but there are definitely several signs of it happening. I’m scared, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were scared of me because of what I tell you. That’s why I’m not telling you. I only told Laz because I had a feeling he would be the only one to really understand what’s going on and not judge me or get scared of me all the time,” Brooklyn explained.

Atifa walked to the bed and crawled up next to Brooklyn. The Guardian grabbed the girl’s free hand and held it gently. I know I’ve been cold, but I’ve just been anxious. To be honest, you were my first human friend that I’ve told about my “job” and actually believed me. Even my husband wanted to send me off to an asylum until I had Bray wipe his mind. I know what it’s like to be called crazy and be feared by your own friends and family,” The Empathy Guardian comforted.

Brooklyn looked at Amy. “What about you, will you be scared or try to kill me?”

Amy looked at Brooklyn apologetically. “I can’t make any promises. It all depends on what it is,” she said walking to the couch across the room from the bed.

“Is that why Bray’s here?” Atifa asked. “To help you with whatever’s going on?”

“Yeah, he’s going to help me fix it because it’s all in my head and it’s affecting my outside. It’s making me do things and it’s causing me to get hurt.”

“I think it’s time you tell us,” Karter said. Brooklyn looked at Atifa, then Karter.

“All right, storytime,” Brooklyn said.


Counting Down To Life Chapter 28


May 1, 2017

Seattle, Washington

Brooklyn wasn’t sure if she was awake or dreaming, but she was definitely hoping she was asleep soundly in her bed at the hotel. She was sitting tied to a pole like a dog. People were standing around her, but they looked less like people and more like hideous monsters. They were horribly disfigured, and it seemed like their flesh was melting off their faces and bodies. Brooklyn realized their skin wasn’t melting, it was just so torn up and scarred it was hanging off their faces.

The situation seemed familiar, it was like the vision where she was being tortured for information about Zora, and she was sure the same thing was happening now. The only difference was that these people seemed more experienced with torture. One of the hideous people stepped up. She was taller than the rest, and her long hair might have once been blonde but now looked permanently stained red with blood.

“You know,” she said. Her voice was raspy. “We thought Zora’s lieutenant wouldn’t be so easy to catch, but I guess we were wrong.”

The woman knelt down and leaned close to Brooklyn, too close for comfort, and headbutted her, hard enough to knock Brooklyn over. When she fell and groaned in pain the men surrounding Brooklyn and the other woman burst out laughing. Their laughs were loud, and it hurt her head to listen to them.

She sat back up and tried to stand, but the rope would only move up so far, so Brooklyn was awkwardly half standing, half sitting. It was like doing a wall sit against an uncomfortable pole that was digging into her back.

Brooklyn tried running at the other women but she took one step forward before her arms were wholly extended behind her, and it wasn’t a good feeling. Her arms were sore, but she didn’t know what this Brooklyn since she had deemed it was a vision unless the girl was kidnapped, which she hoped wasn’t the case, but the pain didn’t feel real in a way. It was hard to explain, but unlike the last time she was tortured in a vision, the pain didn’t feel like it was genuinely affecting her. At the same time, it could’ve just been that they hadn’t done anything too painful to her. The pain from the headbutt was gone already.

“Join us,” the woman yelled. “We can help each other. I am sure of it.”

“How could you ever help me? I know I can help you, I mean, look at you, but I don’t understand how you could do anything for me,” Brooklyn said cockily. The woman growled at the girl.

“Believe me, girl,” one of the men snarled. “We can help you in ways you couldn’t imagine.”

“Shut up, Gaiman,” another man yelled. The woman hissed at the two men that had just spoken.

“Untie her,” the woman ordered. “We’ll take her with us.”

One of the men stumbled to Brooklyn and untied her from the pole before rebinding her hands in front of her instead of behind her like they were before and placing a sharp six-inch dagger lightly against her throat.

“Make a move to escape,” the man said. “You’ll be dead in seconds.”

“Sure I will,” Brooklyn replied skeptically. He kicked the back of her knee so she would start walking.

Brooklyn studied her surroundings as they walked in silence. It was dark, and their footsteps echoed loudly, that being the only sound. “So what is this place?”

“That’s none of your business,” the women rasped.

“What’s your name? Who are you? What do you need me for?” Brooklyn interrogated.

“My name is Elaina, I’m human, but Zora ruined me with experiments. I was once his lieutenant you know. We all were at one time at another. He claimed he loved us or at least, he told us we were his family. He told each of that for years before he made us into something else, something unique,” Elaina explained softly. “Then he carved us up and used us to make himself more powerful,” she shrieked.

Brooklyn let out a single laugh. “Like he would ever hurt me,” she said.

“I thought that too, but no matter how many times I thought it, he still hurt me. Zora did this to me,” Elaina yelled as she pointed at her face.

“I don’t believe you. I doubt Zora would hurt me like that,” Brooklyn denied. “He’s killed for me. He has personally saved me the few times I was in danger.”

Elaina blew out a breath and said, “liar. Zora wouldn’t do that for anyone.”

“He’s done it for me,” the younger girl said.

“That’s it,” Elaina snarled. “You’re a fool. I tried to be kind, I attempted to warn you, but you are too foolish to listen. I guess I was mistaken, Lieutenant Brooklyn Miran is no more than a smitten little girl. Instead of making you one of us, I guess we’ll just have to see if Zora really does care for you.”

“Do you really think you can hurt me?” Brooklyn chuckled.

“Do I think? No. I know, I can hurt you,” Elaina growled. She waved a hand at the goon that had a blade pressed against Brooklyn’s throat. “Finish her.”

The man pressed the dagger into her throat harder, but Brooklyn shoved her foot into the most sensitive part of his body. He dropped the knife like it was on fire right into Brooklyn’s bound hands. Thankfully, when he rebound her hands, he wasn’t smart enough to realize it would be ten times easier to do things with her hands tied in front of her.

Brooklyn maneuvered her hands so the blade could cut through the rope. When her hands were free, Elaina was still frozen in shock, and her men hadn’t moved either. Brooklyn noticed that the man she had kicked was still bent over and groaning in pain, so she held up her dagger and swiftly plunged it into his back. The man screamed in pain and fell to the ground. The girl yanked it back out and looked at Elaina and the four men in front of her.

“See, it won’t be as easy as you think,” Brooklyn taunted brightly.

“We’ll see about that,” Elaina snarled. She unsheathed two matching short-swords from her belt, but when the woman ran at Brooklyn, it seemed she was out of practice. Brooklyn quickly disarmed her and shoved her already bloody dagger into Elaina’s stomach. Elaina keeled over, blood pouring from her mouth as she fell. Her lifeless body fell to the ground eyes open and the puddle of blood she was lying in quickly growing larger.

“Wasn’t so easy was it,” Brooklyn chuckled. She tilted her and looked at the four remaining men. Their eyes were wide with fear.

“If you’re as bad as her,” Brooklyn said, nudging Elaina’s body with her foot. “This is going to be so easy.”

Three of the men turned and sprinted away, the fourth rushed at Brooklyn. He was weaponless, so Brooklyn quickly picked up one of Elaina’s swords and turned the already hideous man into a shish kabob.  

She pulled it out and ran after the three remaining men. Two of them were easy kills, but the third seemed to be the most experienced of all of her kidnappers.

He put up a good fight with a series of parries and strikes. He managed to give Brooklyn a massive cut across her stomach. The pain was bearable at the moment, but she knew it would hurt and at this rate she would bleed out in about an hour and a half. She was getting tired, and she could tell he was too, but he was relentless.

Brooklyn was going lose, and he would kill her unless she played dirty. It would be painful, but she couldn’t lose to this brute. Brooklyn dove to the side and dragged her own blade against her stomach right above the cut the man had given her. The blood was coming faster now.

Brooklyn pressed above wounds and let the blood pool on the floor. The man didn’t seem to notice as he came closer so when he stepped directly in front of Brooklyn, poised to kill her, he slipped in a pool of her blood.

His sword skidded away from, and Brooklyn managed to bury her sword in her throat before collapsing next to his body. She pulled out her phone and dialed the first number to come up on her screen.

Lyvlen would help her. It was minutes before Lyvlen finally picked up.

“Lyv,” Brooklyn gasped. “I need help. Hurry up and get here, I’ll send you a description of where I am because I’m not totally sure. There’s a possibility I’ll be dead when you get here.”

Brooklyn hung up and quickly sent a description of the place to Lyvlen. She dropped her phone and put both her arms on her stomach putting pressure on the wound, trying to slow down the bleeding.

Her vision was getting fuzzy, so she knew she was going to pass out at any time now. The best she could do was hope Lyvlen would find her.

Laz had a feeling something was wrong. After his failed training session with Karter and Bray, he went back to bed, but he couldn’t fall asleep. It was almost nine o’clock now so he was sure Brooklyn would be awake by now. Laz got out of bed and went to check on the younger girl, he couldn’t help but have a feeling that she was in trouble.

When he opened the door to her room, Laz noticed she was still in bed, so he walked over to her bed and noticed something off. The crisp, white sheets had an enormous red stain right where Brooklyn’s stomach was. He pulled the sheets down and saw that Brooklyn’s shirt was soaked with red as well. Laz rolled up his friend’s shirt to find a massive slice across her stomach. There was blood pouring out all over the bed.

“Crap!” Laz yelled.

Bullet: Part Ten


Mug with Rain Cloud

I blinked open my eyes, blinded by a light shining above me. “Bullet! Come here!” A familiar voice echoed in the distance. Am I dead? I wondered.

“Hey,” The same voice said. I heard someone walk towards me. I blinked my eyes again and saw a male figure hovering over me.

“Huh?” I muttered.

“You’re alright!” I blinked my eyes again, Okay…uh, red hair… I thought, trying to figure who he was. I blinked again. Dark eyes, pale skin…

“Rob?” I whispered.

“Yeah, it’s me, your coworker, Rob,”

“Coworker?” I could clearly see his face now. It was him alright. “You got me fired,” I murmured.

“What? No! I would never do that!”


“You know who I am, right?”

“Yeah, you’re Rob Maerring. Also, where am I?” Rob hesitated to answer.

“You…you do remember what happened, right?” I had no idea what he was talking about.

“I don’t know…what I remember is you got into a car crash on your way to an emergency meeting, we were enemies because you got me fired, I used this magic bullet thing that can grant you one wish if you shoot someone living in the heart, and that’s how I saved you,”

“Wait, what?”

“But at first you kinda died and I was driven away in the police car for murdering you, but then you were alive, and we were all happy, I came back, and then…and then I heard your voice, booming about-” My dog, Bullet, suddenly jumped onto my bed, and started licking my face. I laughed as his kisses tickled my skin. “-about Bullet,” But then, I winced in pain as Bullet licked a cut on my face, and Rob set Bullet on the ground worriedly.

“Wow…that…that was quite a dream you had,”

What?” I couldn’t believe my ears. “A dream?” Rob nodded “So…so you’re telling me none of that happened?” Rob nodded again, solemnly.

“Yeah…you were the one in the car accident on the highway. Some truck rammed right into your car, flipping it completely upside down. I was on that highway, a few cars behind you since we were on our way to a work meeting. I rushed to see what happened. It-It was bad. Really bad.” Rob looked down at my right leg, which I now noticed had a big and bulky cast on it. “You were clinically dead for about almost a minute. You shouldn’t have survived.” I was stunned and slowly sank lower into my bed.

“Wow…oh, wow…” I muttered.

“Y-Your parents are down in the cafeteria. In case you were wondering,”

“Oh, uh, th-thanks,” I looked across the room at the wooden door with a small window on it. Bullet was sitting, whimpering softly at the door. He quickly swiveled his head around and grinned at me, his tongue flapping out of his mouth.

For the first time in those few minutes of an unknown horror being made clear to me, I managed a small smile. “Was Bullet in the car with me?” I asked.

“No. Thank God, no. Your parents ran by your house and brought him here on their way here, since he apparently means so much to you.” I kept staring at Bullet, wondering how the sparkle of joy in his beady brown eyes never seemed to fade away with everything that had happened. What I thought happened and what really happened.

Although it was a bit painful, I patted my hand on the bed, and Bullet raced towards me. He pounced onto the bed, nearly slipping off. I lunged to grab him, but was immediately struck by pain. Luckily, Rob beat me to him before Bullet plunged to a sad collision with the tile floor that reeked of hand sanitizer.

Bullet was placed on my bed and immediately curled up into a ball at my side. “So…you shot me with a magic bullet to save me?” Rob laughed as I petted Bullet’s fur lightly and slowly.

“Apparently,” I replied.

“That’s odd. Wouldn’t that kill me?”

“It was magic. I don’t know, it was just a dream, what do you expect?”

“I dunno, just thought there’d be more logic,”

“Logic?” Bullet rested his chin on my leg. “You’re kidding me, right?”

“Not really.” Then, Rob looked down at his beige trench coat pocket. He smoothly pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and checked a message on it, narrowing his eyes a bit as he read it over.

But I wasn’t too concerned about that. Because when he pulled out his phone, I noticed something fall out of his pocket and quietly roll under my bed. I couldn’t get a good look at it, but it seemed to glisten as it slid across the floor and into the darkness beneath me.

“Did you drop something?” I asked. Rob glanced up from his phone. He patted his pocket and raised an eyebrow.

“Huh, guess I did.” Rob leaned over and looked at the ground.

“What was it?” Rob got down on the ground and reached his arm under my bed. When he sat back up in his seat, his fist was clenched tight.

“Nothing important,” he responded as he slipped it back into his pocket along with his phone. “Just some, uh, loose change.” He crossed his arms and slumped a bit into his seat, which was odd for his usual intimidating, “go-getter”, manipulative stance.

I heard Rob’s phone ding again, and he pulled it out once more. “Hey, it’s a message from our boss,” he said, getting up from his seat. He walked over to my bedside and pulled up an image. It was my cubicle at work, but it wasn’t. It was decorated with cheap “Get Well Soon!” balloons, a new coffee mug with a rain cloud on it, and a poster taped to my computer that had all of my fellow employees’ signatures on it with smiley face stickers.

“Aww! That’s so sweet of them,” I said, discovering more and more hidden details the closer I looked.

“Yeah,” Rob stuck his phone and hands into his pockets. “We’re all glad that you’re okay,” I looked down at his hands and noticed that his fingers were fidgeting with something in his pocket. Something…small. “Now, things can go back to normal soon,” Rob looked into my eyes, and his hands stopped moving. “Well, almost normal…Rainey.”

The Awakening

Mud Ball

Part 2

You may be wondering what I meant by saying that I was only pretending to be a Glacier. Well…. I have the powers of a Furry, a Cylcone, a Groundshakers, and a Glacier. It is dangerous to be apart of just one faction, let alone all four.

When I first got to Hammond they shot a girl like me right in front of us saying that anyone like her would suffer a similar fate.


I was pushed out of the van without warning, so I had no time to even think of breaking my fall. I got a face full of dirt. Sometime between the time I was taken and now it started to rain. Not too much but enough for dirt to turn to mud.

I was yanked up harshly and onto my feet. There were many nondescript vans parked near mine. While I was out they must have picked up others because more men were pulling them out the same way they had did me.

A man was barking orders to get us all in lines separated by gender. He was a large man and what little hair he had left was snow white and scruffy. His voice was as if you scraped sandpaper down his throat. He opened his mouth to bark out another order when he was cut off by girl no older than me flinging a guard against the wall.

The girl had just flicked her hand and the guard was sent flying feet away with a gust of wind. With another flick of her hand, the rain started to gather and form a ball with the mud. In seconds she had a dozen identical balls of rain water and mud ready to take aim at anyone.

She turned to the man and raised her right arm to take her aim. Her face had an expression of pure and unfettered hatred and anger.

There was a loud pop that made my ears start to ring. The girl crumpled to the ground and with her so did the balls of rain and mud.

“Put her in the cell,” barked the huge man with a face filled with so much disgust. After she was taken away, he turned to us. “Now listen you freaks, if any of you try to escape or even so much hint that you have more than just one power, we will not hesitate to take you out. Your old life is over,” he ended with a smirk.

Some people started to cry, I would’ve have too if I wasn’t so shocked.

‘She’s like me. She has more than one power. Oh are they going to kill me too when they find out. –No Sam, they won’t. They are not going to find out. No matter what.’

After the director left, we were pushed into a facility that held a lot of equipment.


“Keep moving, Glacier,” a guard shouted at me, roughly nudging me with the butt of his rifle.

That made me move twice as fast blending back with the other Glaciers without any complaints. Here at Hammond to complain is to draw attention to yourself. To draw attention to yourself is to die.

Behind the Paper: Part Eleven

girl holding her finger to her lips as if to shush someone

The day went by smoothly and I felt reassured. Charlotte appeared from behind my cubicle when I working on an article.

“Hello stranger! I haven’t seen you since the day you moved out of the department! Where were you?” Charlotte smiles and then frowns, “I called your home phone but only Darry picked up. He sounds worried because you haven’t been coming home. Is this true?”

I shrugged and looked at my clock in my cubicle, “It’s lunch time. How about let’s go out to eat.”

After I told my best friend Charlotte about everything that happened, I felt relieved to tell someone about it.

“J-Jacob ROD!” Charlotte screams at the top of her lungs. Noticing curious eyes around us, I quickly stepped my foot on hers under the table.

“OWWWWWWWWW!” She yells.

I secretly whispered, “Its suppose to be a secret! Shhhh!” Like she understood me, she hushed and nodded.

“So, that cheating scoundrel thinks he can live his life without Molly!” Charlotte said as she madly stuffed food in her mouth.

“Yeah, but its okay,” I smiled, “at the end, it’s a win-win. He gets to cheat on me and I get to see Jacob’s house.” Giggles came out of Charlotte. She suddenly stops her laughing and looked sad.

“Are you okay though?” Charlotte stops eating and looks at me, “I mean you have been dating him for three years and this happened suddenly.”

I looked at my cup and said, “When life brings you lemons, sell them.”

To be continued…

Change in the Tides Part 2

Picture of the ocean with thunderstorm clouds overhead.

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate not having the choice on how to live my life. I hate having to wear black all the time, it is just depressing. I hate that because of this secret I can’t hang out with my best friend at school. I hate having to hide myself the most.

“Why can’t I at least try to be normal for once,” I whined to my parents who were reading the newspaper.

My dad turned to me with a dissatisfied look on his face. “Honey we’ve been over this. We don’t want to attract any attention to ourselves.”

“No. Acting like I am emo and that I hate the world is making me stand out more. I am separating myself from society and I look suspicious, dad. It is not who I am. Plus, you and Mom don’t act like you hate the world now do you. Why does it have to be different for me!” I yelled at the end starting to get angry.

“Don’t raise your voice at your dad, Lily,” warned my father.

“I deserve to have a say in my life, Mom,” I huffed at her.

“You are only a child and you don’t know enough about the world.”

“I’m 16 dad. I’m old enough to drive, so I’m old enough to at least have a say in my life. I’m going to college in two years and I am so not going to community just so you can hold me in your voice longer!” I yell.

“Go to your room, Lily!” Boomed my father.

His veins we’re starting to glow blue. When us Calorians get really upset or just too much of any emotion, our veins start to glow. I was angry, they always treat me like a little kid. I clench my hand and make the water in my dad’s cup expand so much the glass shatters.

“Hope you enjoy your water,” then I turn to leave grabbing my hoodie along the way.

I hear my parents calling my new as I step out the door but I keep walking. I know that I’ll be in trouble but I don’t care. I just had to get out of there before I accidentally hurt one of them because I was so angry at them. I just kept on walking and walking not knowing where I was going, just needing to clear my head.

I end up at the park, so I sit down on a bench. eyes just listening to the chirping of the birds and chatter of the squirrels.making there way across the forest behind.

“Your Lily, right?” A random boy said startling me out of my thoughts.

“Yes….?” I asked obviously waiting for him to say his name. He looked vaguely familiar though.

“I’m Peter. Peter Carter. I’m in your Chem class with Mrs. Dubowsky,” he said sitting down.

Sure sit down. Please, why don’t we have a not completely unwarranted and unexpected conversation. It’s not like I was interrupted on my relaxing time or anything.

“So why are you out here all alone? I’m here with my little sister Emma,” he says as he points to her.

She was a bouncing, giggly ball of energy. She had hair the color of flames pulled back into two pigtails and was currently lost in her own fantasy world.

“Just to get away from my parents,” I indulged him with conversation.

“Yeah, parents can get pretty annoying. I don’t mean to pry but what were you fighting about?”

He seemed so genuinely nice and curious that I decided to answer him even though I usually don’t open up to people, let alone strangers. “Um, the usual. College and them being too controlling. I’m most likely in trouble for just bolting but I had to leave.” I wasn’t lying just not saying the whole truth.

“I get what you mean. Me and my parents are ways talking about how I need to focus on football so I can get a scholarship to a good college, but the truth is, I hate football. Wow I’ve never told anyone that,” Peter confessed.

My mouth flew open and o just stared at him with a shocked expression. I bet I looked dumb but I just could help it. “Wa-wa-wait. Hold on, aren’t you the star quarter back and the captain. How are you that good if you don’t like it?” I asked disbelievingly.

“I know right,” he dryly chuckled. “Football used to be my life, but ever since sophomore year started it started to become less about me and more about my parents. I played football because it was fun and I enjoyed it, bit my parents to play it so I can have a career in football like my dad. I don’t want to be a football player, I want to be a computer science engineer. Whenever I bring it up, it never ends well,” Peter said sadly.

“I know the feeling. Can I tell you a secret?”

“Sure,” he said turning to me with a curious face.

“I’m not actually emo, it I’d just an act. My parents told me that I had to act that way so I wouldn’t stick out. Do you know Cameron Diaz?”

“Who doesn’t know Cameron Diaz?” Peter scoffed.

“Well, she is my best friend. We have been best friends since I moved here in kindergarten. All a part of the act. We are never seen at school but are practicing inseperable after school.”


“I know–” I was cut off by the sound of thunder. I just now realized that the sky had considerably gotten darker and big, black angry-looking clouds had formed over us.

“Uuuh, I need to go back home. It’s getting late and my parents are probably angry enough,” I said panicking.

No, no, no. This cannot be happening. I am so screwed.

“Okay do you need me to walk you home, Lily?”

“No, I’m fine,” I was about to turn away when it was like the heavens decided to open up on us and a huge deluge of water dropped down on us, soaking us in seconds.

I could feeling it happening, the tingling sensation all through my body. Then I could see a blue glow reflect against Peter’s face. When Calorians get wet our marks that are otherwise invisible start to glow and our powers start to ignite. Judging by Peter’s face it was starting.

I bolted back home, not sparing even one look back at Peter. Tears started to stream down my face. I had messed up. Big time.