Sonnet No. 1 – The Fighting Sonnet (Part Two)

silhouette of Viking warrior

By tiarshuspendragon

The mage let his head fall into his hands, seriously considering forcing the warrior to take a nap.

However, the bard popped up and squinted against the sun. “You know, I’ve never seen this viking dude, because I was busy buying food while you guys were kicking his butt. So I’m not gonna miss out on the off chance that he actually is – ” The bard’s jaw dropped mid-sentence. “Oh, wow. That guy is more bear than man.”

“Ah, good, so he’s not a hallucination.” The warrior grinned broadly, pleased with himself, as the mage helped him to his feet. As he caught sight of the large man again, he frowned slightly. “Or . . . not good. Not good, because that means he’s here. And wants to attack us.”

“I would want to attack us if I were him. You went a bit over the top with the creative insults,” the mage remarked, giving the warrior a dry look.

The bard snickered. “Now those I heard. But are we going to battle him this time? I have a feeling our main fighter – ” (a pointed look at the warrior) ” – isn’t really up for fighting.”

“I beg to differ!” The warrior bent over, picked up what he must have thought was his sword (it was, in fact, a stick, and not even a very pointy one), and brandished it in front of him. His face went pale from standing up too fast and he swayed on his feet.

The mage grabbed him before he could fall. With a Charismatic Grin™, the warrior slung an arm over his friend’s shoulders for support. “See? I’m perfectly fine. Able bodied warrior, right here.”

“I see what you mean,” the mage replied to the bard, ignoring the protests of the boy he was half carrying by that point. “You and I are distance fighters more than anything, which works best when we have someone else engaging the enemy up close. Unfortunately, our warrior here is the one who performs best in close combat. So I suppose we need a different plan.”

Frowning, the bard watched as Oswalt the Unfriendly Viking Man approached. The overly muscular man seemed to be in no hurry, which only made him all the more intimidating. “Hey – did the insults rile him up enough to make his fighting sloppy?”

“I think so . . .” The mage’s lips pursed as he tried to remember.

“They made him very angry,” the warrior put in smugly. He leaned toward the bard and whispered, “Especially when I made fun of his tiny, adorable battle axe.”

A grin started to form on the bard’s face. “Good, then I have an idea – no, not about the axe, you sleep-deprived weirdo – but you guys are just going to have to trust me and go with it.”

“Done and done.” The mage shifted his weight slightly (the warrior was not exactly light). “Just going with it is our main way of doing things. So what do you need us to do?”

Stooping over, the bard picked up the mage’s bag from the ground. “Well, I’ll be needing this. You should probably put our sleepy friend somewhere – ” (the bard gestured vaguely away from the path) ” – where he’ll be safe, because I’m going to need you, dear mage, to sneak up close to that behemoth. I’ll try to distract him. When he seems angry enough, strike as hard and fast as you can, and then get the heck out of there. Not that I doubt your strength or anything, but I haven’t fought this guy. I don’t know if one hit will bring him down.”

“It may and it may not,” the mage said grimly. “It all depends on whether he’s fully healed from our last encounter. But we’ll figure it out, one way or another.” He moved to duck into the surrounding tall grass, dragging the warrior with him; but before he did, he paused and turned back to the bard. “May I ask how you plan to distract Oswalt?”

The bard only gave him a smirk. “Oh, you’ll hear. I do hope you’ll enjoy the show.”


Julius Caesar: the Immortality Plot

Drawing of bust of Julius Caesar

By fmarie0112

Julius Caesar was a proud, strong and intelligent man. Some might ask, what could he possibly gain by orchestrating his own death? To this question the simple answer is immortality. Just as any great leader would, Caesar wanted to leave a legacy; he wanted to be remembered once he was gone. Caesar had “temporal lobe epilepsy, a progressive disorder resulting in a loss of mental and physical control (including bowel control)” (Hodder). This disorder would have eventually killed Caesar, and having his people witness his slow deterioration would have tarnished the strong self-image he worked so hard to build for himself. Would William Shakespeare have still written a play about him if he was a once undefeated dictator dying slowly of an incurable disease, rather than a powerful conqueror betrayed by his peers? He probably wouldn’t have. Caesar orchestrating a plan to die at the hands of the conspirators made him immortal through the unforgettable legacy he left behind. While this would justify Caesars desire to plan his own assassination, it does not prove that he took the necessary steps to create the plan. Although there are no firsthand accounts indicating that Caesar took part in planning his death, it can be seen through the actions during and leading up to the event that Caesar perfectly set the stage. As previously mentioned, Caesar was an inelegant man, he had to of known about “the impending plot – there have been persistent rumors of it throughout the city. And yet he dismisses his bodyguard and walks alone” (Bursztajn). Rumors had been spreading about the city, it is doubtful that Caesar had no idea that the assassination would be happening. Even knowing that he had men within his city that wanted him dead, he chose to leave his bodyguards outside. Had Caesar not wanted to die, he would have increased the presence of his guards after becoming aware of the threat. Lastly, Caesar changes his will just six months prior to having been killed and this provided insight to his political agenda. By leaving the guards at the door, Caesar created the perfect opportunity for the conspirators to kill him, which would “ensure that his will is honored, and that Octavian will succeed him. By tricking the conspirators onto the wrong side of the law, Caesar ensures that they cannot themselves seize power and that his dynasty will survive” (Bursztajn). In doing this Caesar has become not only immortal through his memory, but also physically through the dynasty he has created. The conspirators, such as Brutus, are the primary people that would have tried to seize power once Caesar had passed. Now that they have killed Caesar, they have become enemies of the state and the people are no longer willing to follow them. Therefor Caesar’s wish for his nephew to rule after him would be granted, seeing as there would no longer be a struggle for power.

The Elementals- book 1 -How it all Started

Image of sphere broken into four elements.

By: sharkgirl25

Chapter Four – Her Bark is Worse than her Bite

“Oh. My. Gosh!” Marina yells in astonishment. “I cannot believe that we have powers!”

“Okay, okay! Calm down, Marina! It’s not like we just won the lottery or something!” Earth says.

“Actually, Earth, it’s just like winning the lottery! Just think of what we can do!” Inferno says.

Earth thinks of the possibilities. Well, she thinks, I can always grow a tree and tie Shatcene the drama queen to it, and then have poison grow out of her sock. And I can make lots of trees grow, so that way the loggers don’t have to cut down the rainforests, and I can turn dry, dead grass into fresh, new green grass! 

“Well… WHO THE POMEGRANATE AM I KIDDING?! THIS IS SO AWESOME!” Earth yells, startling her friends.

Eliza walks by, and purposefully knocks Earth to the ground, shoving Inferno and Marina as well. When Earth’s hands touch the ground, two flowers pop up. She realizes what she did and points her hand toward Eliza’s feet, and poison ivy slinks its way up her leg, tightening its grip. She goes to take another step, and falls, smearing mud all over her pink dress.

“Auuuuuugghhhhh!” she screams, realizing that poison ivy was holding her down, and that she got mud smeared along the front of her new dress.

Vines wrap around her, pinning her to the ground, which Earth had coated with a fresh layer of mud. Earth, still on the ground, laughs so much she turns into a hyena. Earth the hyena rolls on the ground, laughing, and then springs up and runs circles around Eliza, laughing. Inferno and Marina stare at Eliza, who is on the ground, struggling, and then at Earth the hyena, who is running circles around Eliza, still laughing. Marina can’t stand Earth’s laughing, and Eliza’s screams, so she yells,


Earth changes back into a girl, but still has a hyena tail. The vines and poison disappear, and so does the mud on her dress. Earth’s hyena tail vanishes, and she stands up, saying,

“What. The pomegranate. Just. Happened?”

Eliza stands up and says,

“Ewww! What was I doing on the ground?! And why are you guys here? Get out of my way!” She walks away, clearly having no memory of the previous events. Earth, however, remembers it all.

“One thing’s for sure,” Marina says.

“What’s that?” Inferno asks.

“Earth’s bark is worse than her bite!”

Earth laughs. “Depends on what type of tree it is!”


Horror Story #2

Image result for creepy hospital room

By: shreythemockingjay36

I’m 15 years old and am visiting my grandfather at the hospital. This is his deathbed because he just had a stroke and is 91 years old. I didn’t know him very well.

I walk into the room and my mother is holding his hand. “I need to talk to him alone, sweetie” he says to my mom. “How’s it going kiddo?” He asks. “Why do you need to talk to me alone” I ask in suspicion. ” I need to tell you something that I’m not very proud of but it’s very important” he says. At this point I thought he was on some sort of drug to help him live.

He continues “It was 1965 and I was living in New Orleans. I committed a terrible crime and got caught. I was in my prison cell, when I remembered some sort of spell I heard in the streets.” He says “This is totally-” I’m cut of by a sharp high pitched sound. “We don’t have much time!” My grandpa says. “I chanted Eruzlie Zink over and over. Then a large amount of smoke and a very tall and slim ugly thing comes out of it. His face was very disturbing and had dark red eyes, no nose and very sharp teeth. He grinned at me” he says. ” Next thing I knew I was out of my prison cell and in the parking lot right outside.

He was right next to me, grinning and said in a deep and disturbing voice ” Everything comesss with a priceee”. Then he disappeared, until the stroke, he was there and he said ” You’re grandson will pay the price of your freedom,” He finished. When I was about to ask him what he meant, his heart monitor went to a straight line. A long perpetual beeping noise filled the air. I ran to get my mom and the doctor said there’s nothing they can do.

As I walked into the room to see him for the last time, I realized my grandfather had red in his eyes!

The Elementals – book 1- How it all Started

Related image

By: sharkgirl25

Chapter Three – The Discovery

In social studies it happens again, except this time a tree sprouts up out of the ground, knocking the teacher’s desk over.  Earth knows that it has something to do with all the chaos six years ago. Social studies class had to be stopped because of the whole tree incident, so the students had an extra twenty-five minutes of break time. That means more time to figure this whole plant growing situation out! Earth thinks. Inferno grabs Earth’s arm and drags her over to a tree.

“Tell me Earth, did anything happen at school those six years we were apart?” Inferno asks.

“No! At least, not that I noticed…” Earth replies. “Wait a second! I ran through a tree, and got this green stripe. You banged your head on a lava rock and your hair turned half red. Marina touched a mysterious rock at the bottom of her pool, and now the tip of her hair is turquoise. Inferno, stretch out your hand toward that patch of dead grass.”

Inferno reaches her hand out and concentrates on the grass. Her eyes start to turn a deep red-orange, and her hand becomes an orange color. Red sparks fly from her hand and light the grass on fire. Inferno jumps back in surprise, grabbing Earth’s arm.

“Ouch! That burns!” Earth claims when Inferno grabs her arm.

“Sorry,” Inferno says.

“Marina!” Earth calls, “Point your hand toward the fire!”

Marina does and soon, her eyes glow turquoise, and her hand glows blue. A burst of water shoots out of her hand, drenching the fire. Earth reaches her hand out, aiming at the patch of dead grass, and imagines a tree shooting out of the ground. Earth’s eyes become more green than ever, and her hand glows green. Green light bursts out of Earth’s hand. The ground begins to rumble and shake, and a huge oak tree shoots out of the ground. It’s leaves brush Earth’s fingertips, and the bark has a sweet smell to it. Earth stares in amazement, wondering how she just grew a tree. She aims her hand at the ground, and a flower pops up. She moves her hand in a circle, and a ring of mushrooms spring up out of the ground. Marina stretches her hand out and a pool of water begins to form. Inferno is busy… setting the ground on fire.

“Marina! Fire over on patch of grass number 127!” Earth calls to Marina.

“I’m on it!” Marina says as she runs over to where Inferno is standing, gleefully setting the grass on fire.

Marina quickly shoots water onto the fire, drenching it.

“Hey! That was my fire!” Inferno yells.

“Guys! Calm down!” Earth says. “Do you even know what this means?!”

Inferno and Marina stare at her with blank expressions, clearly unaware of what it means.

“It means,” Earth starts, “That we have powers!”

The Elementals-Book 1- How it All Started

Image result for classroom

By: sharkgirl25

Chapter 2 – Trouble in the Classroom

After lunch and recess, the three friends go to math class, where they find Shatcene,   or Eliza, sitting down at their table. She looks up and smirks, as if to say, Ha! You can’t get away from me, can you, Earth? Earth just glares back at her and tightens her fists, as if she were saying, It’s over, Shatcene the drama queen. You aren’t going to ruin my year again! Because finally, I’m with my friends, and you can’t beat us! Earth’s eyes look more green than ever when she glares at Eliza, and all of a sudden, a vine shoots up out of the ground and wraps around Eliza’s chair, pinning her arms to the sides of it.

“Hey! Something’s pinning me to my chair!” Eliza screams, interrupting the teacher, Miss Rainey, and the students.

Earth stops glaring and realizes her fists are glowing green. she quickly releases them and the vine disappears. Miss Rainey walks over and sees nothing keeping Eliza in her chair. Eliza keeps on screaming, until Miss Rainey says,

“Eliza, I see nothing that is keeping you in your chair. Now please step into the hall so we talk. I don’t want you interrupting class again.”

“Miss Rainey, don’t you know that that’s no way to talk to a princess. Now say sorry to Princess Eliza and teach us about volume some more,” Eliza’s best friend, Penelope says.

“If you talk to me that way again, Penelope, you can find yourself in detention along with your friend here,” Miss Rainey says, nodding to Eliza.

“Oh, snap!” Some boys say.

Earth laughs just a little at the boys’ reaction. Miss Rainey leads Eliza out into the hall but forgets to shut the door.

“Miss Rainey-” Marina starts, but is cut off when Earth kicks her in the side of the leg.

Every student in Miss Rainey’s sixth grade math class could hear what Miss Rainey was saying to Eliza.

“You better not interrupt me again, you hear me, Eliza? I want no more of this nonsense in my classroom again! Two hours of detention!”

“B-but Miss Rainey!” Eliza stammers.

“No buts, Eliza. You will be serving detention in the gym, cleaning and waxing the floors for two hours.”

Eliza moans and sulks into the classroom, but quickly changes her mood. She looks at her seat to check that Earth hadn’t put  any pins on it. She sits, and starts pretending to be a princess again. She purposefully drops her pencil under the desk and says,

“Dear Earth, will you fetch my pencil for me?”

“No,” Earth replies, “I will not pick up your pencil because I know you dropped it on purpose, only for me to crawl under the desk and get it for you. You can get it yourself.”

“Earth! That is no way to talk to a princess!” Penelope says to Earth.

Earth rolls her eyes and turns back to Eliza, who is looking at her. Earth glares and clenches her fists. Her fists glow green again, and Eliza’s chair is pushed out from under her by a vine. Eliza falls on the ground and screeches. Another vine grabs her hands and ties them to the legs of the desk. Her sparkly pink pencil with the pink feathers and crown topper sits inches from her face. Earth and the other students start laughing while Eliza screams,

“Let me go! Something tied me to the desk! Let go! Earth, I know it’s you doing this!”

Earth loosens her fists and the vines disappear. However Eliza still struggles, acting as if she is still tied to the desk. Miss Rainey walks over, and looks down at Eliza, who looks up and smiles nicely.

“Eliza, you know what I’m going to say about this. There is nothing that is tying you to the desk. Now get your pencil, and sit down in your chair. You now have an additional two hours of detention,” Miss Rainey says.

“And what would that be?” Eliza asks.

“Cleaning the floors and the kitchen ware in the family and consumer sciences room.”

“But that is no job for a princess!” Penelope yells.

“She is not a princess, and neither are you. Now stop back talking me and do your work,” Miss Rainey tells Penelope.

Penelope hangs her head in shame and goes back to work. Inferno slips a piece of paper onto Earth’s desk. It says, What happened, E? It’s like you made those vines appear when you clenched your fists. They were glowing green, after all. Earth reads the note and grabs one of her own sticky notes, folds it into a flower, and writes, No idea. It has to do with our past and, you know, when I ran through that tree, I’m sure of it. Let’s investigate at break time. We can find out then.


The Elementals-Book 1- How it All Started

Image result for school cafeteria

By: Sharkgirl25

Chapter 1 – Reunited

It’s been six years since Earth has seen Inferno. In fact, Earth barely remembers her best friend. When Earth enters her sixth grade classroom, she stands out from the other kids. She may look like your average sixth grader, but on the inside, she’s different. She has a secret that lurks inside of her, waiting to pop out. A secret that Earth doesn’t even know exists inside her. During science class, Earth notices a girl with half red hair staring at the green stripe of hair that runs through her ponytail. Earth only briefly remembers the night her and Inferno were separated, but the memory is clear enough that Earth gets suspicious of this girl.


At lunch, Earth casually strolls over to where the girl with the half red hair is sitting. Earth notices that another girl with blue curls is sitting next to her. The girl who is possibly Inferno looks up.

“Who are you?” She asks, looking at Earth.

“You met a girl when you were very young, and the two became fast friends. However, your mom was suspicious of your friend and her sense of adventure. So, six years ago, you and that girl raced each other back from the market, and you tripped and fell on a lava rock, making the bottom half of your hair red. Your hands started glowing a bright red, and your best friend rushed you to your mom, only to figure out that your mom had plans for you and your friend. Your mom flipped out, and made your family, including you, move away from your best friend, and it stayed that way for six years. But friendship couldn’t keep them apart. So, you know who I am?”

“E-Earth?” Inferno stammers quietly, shocked that her best friend was actually right there in front of her!

“That’s right Inferno. I am that girl from six years ago,” Earth says, grinning like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Inferno just stares at her, and finally jumps up and hugs Earth. The two are finally  reunited, after six years of being apart. The girl sitting next to Inferno says,

“Um, what is going on?”

Earth and Inferno look at her, and Inferno answers,

“Oh! Earth, this is Marina, we met when I transferred schools.”

“Hey,” Earth says casually, looking at Marina and the turquoise tips of her hair.

Marina sees Earth looking at her hair, and says,

“I know, I know. The tip of hair is turquoise. It happened when I was swimming in my pool, of all places. I saw a shiny blue crystal at the bottom, and I had never seen it before. I swam down to touch it, and when I did, I felt a shock run through me and I was pushed back through  the water. I swam back up and the tip of my hair was turquoise.”

“Strange, very strange. We all had something happen to us that made our hair change colors. It must mean something,” Earth says, thinking on the idea.

“Move out of my way, freaks!” sneers a girl with middle length white blond hair, cold, ice blue eyes, pink lips like a rose, and a sassy attitude.

“We’re not even in your way, Shatcene!” Earth calls to the girl.

“Who’s that?” Inferno asks.

“Shatcene the drama queen, or at least that’s what I call her. Her real name is Eliza Rose Pearl, but I call her Shatcene, only because it rhymes with drama queen.  Her friends, which are more like followers, call her Princess Eliza, like she’s royalty or something. It’s sooooooooo annoying! She started being mean to me in third grade, and I’ve been stuck with her ever since,” Earth says, clearly annoyed.

“Well, at least we’re finally reunited,” Inferno says.