Behind the Paper: Part Four

Cat Mug

“How long have you been there?” Jacob stands there, shocked.

“For a good solid five minutes. On a side note though, I loved to hear your comments about the soccer game.” I sarcastically say. As he stood there frozen as a statue, I make myself productive by getting coffee from the coffee machine. I first made Garretts, and then mine. The aroma of coffee spread throughout the break room.

“Oh, can you make me coffee too?” Jacob snaps back into reality and walks over to me.

Confused, I questioned, “Why can’t you make your own? Your right here.” I hold the coffee mugs and was about to depart until Jacob said something that made me mad.

“God, why can’t you just do it? You are so mean.” Jacob rolls his eyes at me. Umm excuse me! He is the one who tried to get me fired!

“Im mean!? I frankly remember an hour ago, you tried to get me fired!” I yell louder than I anticipated. We both stand there, angry at each other.

“Well we can’t afford slackers in this department!”

“Says the one who is too lazy to walk a few steps to get coffee!” Just then, Frank comes in from the elevator with a bag.

“Just the two I was looking for! Do you guys wanna go eat out for lunch with me?” Frank smiles, making me feel guilty. Jacob angrily says no and pushes me and Frank out of the way so he could leave the break room. Without remembering I was holding two mugs, Garretts cat mug fell to the floor, crashing into pieces.








Behind the Paper: Part Three


“This is your new cubicle.” My boss Fernando introduced us all and showed all of us around the floor. When you first walk in from the elevator, you are in the break room. The break room has a coffee machine, sofas, and a tv. The break room also has a hallway which leads you to the cubicles and the meeting room, (where I was previously). Jacob and Fernando have their own personal room, which is connected to the cubicles, where I will work.

When my boss, Fernando left, I put all of my stuff down and started to organize my work space. I sorted my pencils, folders- literally everything.  If you had known me since I was a kid, you would know I’m a neat freak. But apparently I’m not the only one because I noticed on the left side of my cubicle, Garrett (the man who agreed with Jacob in the beginning), was cleaning his own cubicle.

“What are you looking at?” Not realizing that I was staring at him, I blushed. I then look at his empty cat mug on his desk.

“I am going to the break room to try the coffee. Do you want me to refill yours?” I ask to not make anything between us awkward.

“Um… Sure if you don’t mind. I like mine black. No sugar or anything.” He hands me his cat mug and I carefully grab it from him. As I entered the break room, I see Jacob standing near the coffee machine, watching soccer.

“No! Come on!” He yells to the tv. I tried to walk quietly around him but then Jacob notices me.

To be continued…

Behind the Paper: Part Two

meeting room table

“I think this is a mistake, but I got moved to this department.” There were five people in the room sitting near the round table. I quietly gather my stuff, and sat in the nearest seat, right next to Jacob Rod.

“Yeah, that is a mistake.” Jacob Rod says, while reading the newspaper for today. How rude can he possibly be!

“Shut up, Jacob. If the board says it, then it’s true. Also if you don’t know my name it’s Freddy Palms. It would be a pleasure to work with you.” Sitting across from me, a very cheerful friendly man says. OH MY GOD! This man was the fastest man in this company to strive to the top. He is my role model!

Suddenly, my boss walks in. Boss Fernando looks at all the boys, then back at me.

“You are fifteen minutes late, Ms. Graff. We were all waiting for you. ” He stiffly says with a concerned face, “Do you want to lose your job on the first day?” Anxiety and fear creeped into me. I gulped.

“N-No sir. I won’t do it again.” While saying this, Jacob laughs to himself, while staring at the newspaper.

“Good,” Fernando then turns to Jacob who is STILL reading the newspaper, “Does this amuse you, Jacob?!”

“No Fernando. But all I know is that this woman can’t even last five minutes without getting into trouble. You should just fire her now instead of later.” Jacob proclaims. This time, I could feel the sweat forming on my face. I can’t afford to lose this job!

The quiet man who was drinking his cup of coffee in the farthest seat since I walked in, finally spoke.

“I don’t usually agree with Jacob, but I think he may be right. We can’t afford silliness in this department.” A low voice, echoed the room. Defeated, I looked down. I can’t believe I am being fired by Jacob and this random person. Any other day, but I can’t get fired today. I rose up to my feet without thinking.

“Stop talking nonsense. We have work to do. Unless you want to get fired yourself, then keep talking.” Everything came bursting out my mouth without thinking. Everyone stared, shocked. For a while, no one spoke.

The coffee man spoke first, “Feisty..”

“Well you heard her, Garrett. No one is going to be fired unless they don’t do their job. And you may sit now, Molly.” Realizing this, I could feel my face blushing like crazy and I quickly sat back down.

And the only time I wanted Jacob to not look up, he did. And he laughed. Again.

                                                         To be continued…

Tempus Fugit

vinyl record


The more I have lived, the more I realize how there is never enough time to do everything.

There will always be those setbacks upon the plans of the day, and when I get back to them, I’ve already lost it.

It seems that the harder I work, the faster the clock ticks;

until its gone out the window and I’m down here crying on the floor.

All of the chances I get are gone in a snap, its all I can do not to lose my grip when I reach for them.

Just when autumn’s leaves start to turn, the snow is suddenly falling from grey clouds.

And you might as well just say Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all the same thing.

Life is a record, going around and around. We’re just changing the music.

So however long I live, I know that time will never stop.

And just like life, time is never going to slow up and wait for you either.


Marie Walters, 2018


Behind the Paper: Part One

Magazine Display

This is the fifth time I woke up in the middle of the night. I grabbed the water bottle on my night stand and chugged it down. It was 3:00 AM and I had no intention of doing anything at this time, so I put the water aside and lied down again.

I got luckier this time, 3 more hours of sleep, and then I woke up again. This time, I got up, took a shower, ate breakfast, and rode the bus into town. As a magazine editor for Newsflash Magazine, today was the day that I interview Prince Charles, the crown heir of Frauda.

I should feel excited because this is a one time opportunity but I couldn’t care less. To me, he is so selfish and has a horrible personality, (based off of tv and books). Well anyways, he is supposed to be getting married to Allison, the princess of Gounda and I am suppose to write an article about it.

I arrived at the headquarters a little later than I anticipated. Everyone was working when I walked in, so I quickly sprinted to my cubicle. Right next to me, my best friend, Charlotte was working on her piece about women’s fashion. When she saw me, she quickly stands up and walks over to me.

“Have you seen the board!? I can’t believe you are working with the the most popular and hard working people in this company! Congrats!” Charlotte excitedly says, while I’m standing here confused.

“What?! What does the board say!?”

Charlotte answered my questions by just smiling. We have a board on the wall at my workplace that shows you updates and news about the company. I am suppose to look at the board first thing before going to my cubicle, but I rarely do because I am always late. Nervously, I walked to the board and looked. As I was walking, everyone was whispering and staring at me. As I got near the board, there was  a lot of papers on the board so I skimmed them all until I found my name on one.

“This is a mistake!” The paper stated that Newsflash Magazine Company added a new department. Usually, when you get moved to another department, it means that you get promoted in your job and you also have new people to working with you. As I saw my name on the paper, I recognized a few more of the people’s names.  Jacob Rod, Freddy Palms.. No! I am going to be in the same department as them!

Everyone that was listed were all men and they all were the most popular and hardworking people at work, like Charlotte said. This must be a mistake! Shocked, I returned to my cubicle and got all my stuff to head upstairs to my new department. As I entered my new department, I saw all eyes on me.

                                                         To be continued…

The Traveling Musician and a Native American


Music Notes         

    Hello readers! Sorry but I have not finished the third book in the Apollo series so I will share with you a little story of mine that I have been writing. It is a simple story about a traveling musician and a Native American. From the view point of the musician. This is part one.

       Life as a musician is not as carefree as you’d think. People don’t take you seriously, they laugh at you, beat you up, and take your money. My life was spent on the streets of London, born from dreams and ruined by reality. So when the sailors offered me a free ticket to the new world, what could I say but yes? What I didn’t know was that they meant I would be allowed to join their expedition in exchange for being a cabin boy on the ship.

      As we sailed the seas, I was left with the unfortunate ailment of seasickness. Throwing up in the bucket did not help the mopping of the decks. When I got off I realized that I had left my instrument on board, but again things were not in my favor and I was not allowed on board. I had to build my own! I was one of the first people here though so I had a good pick of land. It was large but on it lived a huge group of, well I think they’re Indians. I guess they are since we don’t have another name for them ever since the new world was discovered. I’ve heard terrible stories about them hurting settlers with weapons like clubs and spears and… and axes! I thought my luck, however much I had to begin with, ran out! But then I met you. 

       Since the villagers in other towns taught you English you understood me and welcomed me. Thank you” James stood and bowed politely. His sandy hair damp and freshly washed, splattered water on the crackling fire. His hosts had given him a pair of buckskin pants and a fur shirt as an act of good will. He went to leave when the chief of the village spoke.

       “You’re so very welcome, young man! We were glad to have you.” He grinned and added “But you said you are a musician, right friend? Why don’t you sing is a song before you go to sleep eh?” 

       “I… I’m not sure I can…”

       “Well we do have your type of money if that’s what you need.”

       “No! I’ll do it, it’s just that people don’t tend to like my music.”

       A young man spoke “Who cares? We just want to hear you!”

       A little girl smiled widely “Yeah! I bet you’re great anyway!”

James smiled with a little more confidence. He grabbed his instrument. A string instrument that was hit with a hammer to be played. “This is called: We will fly” 

       He closed his eyes, breathed in, and played. A soft melody flowed out into the room and echoed through the camp grounds. He accompanied it with gentle singing that grew in volume until the Queen of England could hear it.

       What he sang caught the attention of a young woman, who sat near them making their feast for the night. She was elated when she heard they were having a guest. She was disappointed when she realized he would not be staying for dinner. Now her hopes lifted like the song this man played. 

       “A song of a man in love” he said, though he’d never experienced it himself.

       This is what he sang:


       “Do not cry my love

       I can hear you now

       Even if you’re down, I am here


       I will never

       Leave you 

       In tears

       Stronger than all the other girls

       Brighter than the night sky

       You can’t ever be 

       the one I hate in my life 

       This world is so lucky to

       Have you in it 

       Will you be my wife?”

       The last verse was yet to be sung and was so melodic and uplifting you could hear a collective sigh echoing throughout the entire forest when he finished.

        “I know the stars shine on us

        When you are here with me

        Don’t ever lose hope

        So we can go flying 

        Away from all our strife

        So we can live”

       With James’ conclusion came the brightest smile on his face and the largest waterfall everyone swears they saw, rushing from his eyes. The song that slurred together many notes for sometimes one and other times multiple words made James so emotional that he would pour his heart into the song. And. They. Loved it.


       Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it, Rachel