The Awakening

Part 3

Every single day is the same. Wake up, eat breakfast, work, eat lunch, do more work, eat dinner, sleep. The only mystery is what God forsaken hour they will wake us up at.

I don’t know the exact times because they don’t give us clocks, but I know they woke up at least an hour apart each day. Each day when they woke the Glaciers up, it was a little bit lighter outside than the last day. But I know their game, that are trying to make us fall for a pattern before that rip it away. I’m not going to fall for it.

They don’t give us clocks so they can end and start up new schedules as that please. We don’t have a set time for anything. Here at Hammond if they wake you in the middle of the night to polish their shoes or clean one of their uniforms, you have to do it. If you refuse, they’ll send you to the Pit. The Pit is a fate worse than death.

2 years ago it would have been possible to ask any of them, they would tell you that I was very outgoing and nice with the other Glaciers. But that changed because of my naivete.


The Girl Who Could Unite Them All, Part Five

Vali awoke some time later, her heart pounding. She was bound to a chair in a dark room, her hands and legs uncomfortably tied. She attempted to yell “Let me go!” but with tape across her mouth, it came out muffled.

She jolted to try to get out of the chair, but at that moment, a light flicked on. It was a small book light, and it was shining right in her eyes.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” asked a female voice.

The tape was ripped from her mouth and she shrieked from the pain.

“Why should I tell you anything?” she yelled.

Suddenly there was warmth on her leg. They were about to burn her!

Vali screamed. At that moment, she remembered her powers. She burnt all the ropes off of her body and jumped out of her chair, flinging her fists and flames at the unidentified person.

Or rather, people. She could see two silhouettes in the dark. One taller person, an adult, and one shorter, a person probably around her age.

Stop!” someone shouted. A door that Vali hadn’t known was part of the room opened, and a thirteen-year old girl with dirty blonde hair and glittering black eyes was standing there. “Everybody calm down.”

“You naïve child,” said the female voice Vali had heard from earlier. “She was going insane! We were merely trying to stop her.”

Vali swiveled around. The speaker was a middle-aged woman with wavy turquoise hair, gray streaked, and electric blue eyes. An aquatic.

“Hello,” the woman said, regaining her composure. “I am Storm, and this is Max.”

Vali looked at Max. He looked very similar to the girl in the doorway, except his face was peppered with freckles and he was a little bit shorter. He was holding up a lighter, sheepishly smiling.

Storm looked pointedly at the girl, and the girl pursed her lips. “I’m J.”

“Who are you?” Max asked. He had a raspy, strong voice.

“I’m not saying anything until you tell me why you did that to me.”

J rolled her eyes. “Well, we were taking precautions. We had a plan that if anyone ever found us, we would knock them unconscious and then question them. Which is exactly what we did.”

“But burning me?” Vali asked incredulously.

“Max was trying a new tactic,” Storm said after a short pause.

J walked inside of the room and flicked the light on. Vali was surprised to see that the room was an office, which looked like a hurricane had come through.“So,” Max said.

“You can trust us, I promise. What’s your name?”

Vali decided to come up with a fake name in the spur of the moment. “Harriet,” she lied.

“And a flame, I see,” Storm muttered. “But with purple hair!”

“It’s”—Vali stumbled over her words—“it’s a disguise thing.”

J narrowed her eyes for a moment, looking up from the papers she was rearranging and throwing on the desk, but she quickly looked back down.

Horror Story #5

Image of a ghost in a darkened hallway
Image by ariadne-a-mazed from Pixabay

Today I went to my friend’s house for a sleepover and a very odd thing occurred. After the devouring of cake and the violent tearing of presents it was almost ready for bed.

“Hey,” my friend Josie said, “Do you want to watch this horror movie called The Ring?”

I smiled, “Is that a romantic comedy?”

She laughed almost manically and replied, “Sure.”

Three minutes into the movie I knew that this was not a romantic comedy, and was on the edge of my sleeping bag the entire length of it. I sighed a breath of relief the instance the ending credits started to roll and that marked our bedtime.

Josie got up from her bed and turned off the lights. “Goodnight,” she said softly.

I replied the same and closed my eyes to rest until morning.

3:00 A.M…

I woke up quickly to the sound of a door creaking open slowly. As the doorway became more visible, I noticed an old woman standing there. In complete horror, I saw her glide over to Josie’s bed. She was floating just above the ground but low enough that her dark purple cloak would drag on the ground. She looked into the sleeping eyes of Josie and kissed her on the cheek. I stared at the old lady and quickly realized that it was her grandmother from the family photos. I closed my eyes in relief that I was probably imagining her floating. I opened my eyes to reveal the old lady was gone.

9:00 A.M…

“Hey, Cheryl, wake up,” she said.

As the image of Josie grew clearer, I could see tear drop flowing down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her politely.

“It’s my grandmother,” she said, “she died yesterday night in her home.”

I froze and my heart started beating rapidly.

“What time did she die,” I replied.

“I think around 2:59 in the morning.”


Sun rising over grass with dew
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

(This is four haikus in one poem.)

the wet sparkling dew

it is cold and clear and crisp

on the bright green grass

the sun starts to rise

up above the golden trees

a chilly breeze blows

the sky is silver

and mist floats above the ground

the world is so calm

so early in the morning

we venture into the woods

so early in the morning

A Day to Never Forget

Flag flying on cloudy day

May 13, 1966.

A boy is born.

The boy quiet and kind,

But one not lost in the crowd.

A boy full of adventure.

A boy who loves his family,

And not afraid to show his sense of humor.

The downward slope with his skis became his passion.

The Colorado Mountains became his home.

The firehouse, family, and friends

Soon called the young boy back to New York.

Sports were taught, games were played, trips were taken.

The people of New York soon called to the young boy.

The boy, now a man full of courage.

A building full of danger.

The young man, however, was only able to return in the hearts of those who have lost.

George Cain

A godfather, an uncle, a brother, and a son.

A young boy, who lives in the hearts of those who will never forget.

On September 11, 2001 nineteen terrorists, part of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group, hijacked four airlines shortly after departing. Unfortunately, the hijackers were successful in flying the planes into the two World Trade Centers and one plane into the Pentagon. However, the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93, fought back against the hijackers and were able to crash the plane near Shanksville, Pennsylvania in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in one single day and 343 firefighters, including George Cain, died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

On the morning of September 11th, the New York fire department company Engine 16, Ladder 7 rushed to the World Trade Centers at the call of the North Tower being hit. The men of Ladder 7 left their truck on West Street and were then directed to evacuate the Marriott hotel, which stood between the towers. The Marriott was a 25-story building and was cut in half by the South Tower collapsing. After the North Tower collapsed, the hotel was completely demolished. All Ladder 7 firefighters were killed in the collapse of the hotel. However, the men of Engine 16 were miraculously saved. The 343 firefighters that had laid down their lives for the people of New York City will never be forgotten. They will continue to live and thrive in the hearts of all the citizens and people who continue to remember and to teach others of 9/11. 

At 7:59 am, American Airlines Flight 11 takes off from Logan International Airport with the intent of successfully leaving Boston and arriving in Los Angeles. There were 76 passengers, 11 crew members, and five hijackers on board.

At 8:14 am, United Airlines Flight 175 takes off from Logan International Airport with the intent of successfully leaving Boston and arriving in Los Angeles. There were 51 passengers, nine crew members, and five hijackers on board.

At 8:20 am and 8:42 am, both American Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 93 take off from Washington Dulles International Airport and Newark International Airport. Flight 77 had 53 passengers, six crew members, and five hijackers on board and flight 93 had 33 passengers, seven crew members and four hijackers.

At 8:46 am, American Airlines Flight 77 is crashed into the North World Trade Center.

At 9:03 am, United Airlines flight 175 is crashed into the South World Trade Center.

At 9:37 am, American Airlines Flight 77 is crashed into the Pentagon, near Washington D.C.

At 9:59 am, the South World Trade Center collapses.

At 10:03 am, United Airlines Flight 93 crashes in Somerset County, Pennsylvania after the passengers hear about the attacks on the World Trade centers and the Pentagon.

At 10:28 am, the North World Trade Center collapses.

Those lost on September 11, 2001 live in our hearts, the hearts of those who will never forget what happened on the morning of September 11th.

Memory-Bound Chapter 2

There’s a sound. Almost like a clock ticking, but too loud and too close to be a clock. Maybe it’s a metronome keeping time with the beats. But there’s no musician. And what beats?

I crack my eyes open and the light pores in. The same beige-yellow walls and the same window. And that weird, annoying sound! I look to the right of my bed to see the heart monitor keeping beat with my heart. Oh, right, I knew that.

“Ah, Miss Julie, Welcome back,” says the short doctor who’s name I have forgotten. I continue to stare at her until she gets too uncomfortable, and starts ruffling through her papers. “So it seems that your temperature is normal, your pulse is normal, you’re all good!” the doctors smiles. I don’t smile back.

A nurse comes in–the same boy nurse as yesterday or whatever day it was when I passed out or fainted or whatever they want to call it.

“Miss Julie, it–it’s–um time for examinations,” the nurse stampers.

I look at him like he just said the sky was black. Why does he seem so scared? What exactly happened?

“It’s alright, Tyler. Just go slowly and talk to her the whole time,” instructs the short doctor.

The nurse walks over to the side of my bed and tells me to roll over so he can check my heart beat. When he is done, he goes to reach for my arm but pulls back with a look of guiltiness. “Miss, may I please see your arm? I’m must draw blood for a blood test.” I hesitate before giving him my arm.

After he is done with the examination, both the doctor and the nurse leave, however, they look more like they were two mice scurrying away from a cat.

“Good afternoon, Margie!”

“Well hello there Tyler. Do you finally have the blood samples?”

“I do,” says Tyler, “she has finally woken up–again.” Tyler hands the patient’s blood samples to the doctor. “She looks scared but brave at the same time. You know what I mean?”

“Yeah, well she probably just has Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder. Her blood is normal. Good luck,” snorts Margie.

“Thanks as always Margie!”

“Whose that?” a patient, near by, asks his nurse.

“Tyler,” the nurse answers. “His patient was in a coma when she came in and she has only been awake for an hour or two combined.”

“Really? Wow. What happened to her?” the patient asks.

“No really knows exactly. We just know that the police brought her in and she was in a coma with a few bumps and bruises.”

“Wow. Um… What’s her name again?”

“Huh?” The nurse distracted by the papers on his clipboard. “Oh his patient’s name is Julie.”

“Miss Julie?”

The terrified nurse is back. Is he here for more “examinations”? Or more tests? Or is he here to just be in the way?

“I have your blood test results back.”


I slowly sit up and face the nurse. He looks almost nervous and like a five year old little boy that did something wrong and is scared to be punished.

“So um… Miss Julie… your results came back normal,” the nurse stampers out.

I squint at him. Why is he so nervous and scared if my results came back normal? Did a different test come back with a concerning or bad result? Am I contagious with something?

I start to feel a little dizzy and weak from sitting up. I start to close my eyes but then suddenly pain spikes up my back and I scream. Everything around me goes black.

I am Annalia: Part Eleven

Image result for images of fixing broken heart

(credit to @SirQuantum from DeviantArt for image)

I was stunned. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one. Instead of the members shouting in shock, they went dead silent, making it harder for me to object. “But…” I began, practically whispering. “Tessa-”

“I’m sorry,” she quickly whispered.

“Tessa,” Viallanne boomed, raising her eyebrow. “Explain your reasoning for this.”

“Well,” Tessa thought about it for a moment. “You see, Liku is a leader of an element and it would be pointless for him to give his element to someone this early when he’s already so experienced. Since Liku cares about Annalia so much and the rest of you want R.J., getting rid of Annalia would prevent our secret being exposed, punish Liku in some sort of way, and we can choose R.J. instead. Besides, you know the pixies hate doing memory wipes. It nearly kills them, and there’s only a couple left.”

“Pixies?” I asked.

“Hush,” Viallanne hissed.

Tessa looked around awkwardly. “So…yeah.”

The Queen nodded slowly, seeming impressed. “I see your point.”

“Your Majesty, can’t we just bring R.J. as well and they can fight together? And then we can memory wipe them at the end?” Liku objected.

“That’s too risky,” Tessa countered. “One earthling is bad enough, but two? We’ll be exposed within minutes.”

“But…Tessa,” I began again. “We’ve been friends for a couple years now! A-And I already killed one Normwhaug, that means I can kill more, right?”

“The way you did it took a lot of energy. I mean, look what happened to you! You nearly died!” Tessa said.

“But she didn’t,” Viallanne grumbled.

“You’re right,” I quickly said, directed towards the Queen. If I was going to stay – more like stay alive – I needed to act like I deserved to stay. Viallanne widened her eyes at me. “A normal human wouldn’t be able to stand a Normwhaug, right? And survive?” I waited for an answer.

“I don’t suppose so,” she eventually replied, rubbing her chin. “But you’re the only human we’ve had that faced one, so that is just a guess,” she said, pointing at me.

“O-Okay. But what about back on earth? If you kill me, people are going to notice I’ll be gone, and they’ll be even more suspicious about everyone being frozen and my whereabouts. Not to mention my dad will be really mad at you if he finds out.”

Viallanne raised an eyebrow at me. “Your father is going to be mad? That’s a valid reason?”

“I-I guess. Anyway, I don’t care what you think, I’m not going to be killed, or memory wiped by, pixies, or whatever. I’m staying, and that’s that.”

“I told you she was stubborn,” Tessa muttered under her breath.

“Oh, don’t even Tessa,” I snapped at her.

“Me?” Tessa shot back.

“Yes! You! You’re the one that wants to kill me!

“It’s not you, it’s our world! I’m trying to do what’s best for the majority! So what if one life is lost, it’s better than thousands!”

“Why can’t you just believe in me? I was your second pick.”

“It’s more than just who was picked, it’s about character and bravery. Sure, you’re nice and daring sometimes, but for the sake of an entire dimension? We can’t be taking any risks, Annalia.”

“I can stay and fight, and if it doesn’t work I’ll fix-”

“You don’t get it, do you?” Tessa yelled. “You’re a mistake, Annalia. We chose R.J. for a reason and not you! It’s the only way! Someone is going to have to take the fall in the end, and I can’t let that be Liku! Sure, this will hurt Liku emotionally, but if you really want to help us, then…” Tessa stared down at the ground, trying to find what to say. “Then just die!” She yelled. Tessa released her fists, breathing hard. I wanted to flinch, but Tessa had practically sucked the life out of me.

I couldn’t seem to swallow down the second heart that was beating in my throat. No. I thought. I darted my eyes across the room. They were all either disgusted, shocked, or looking to Viallanne for her wisdom. Not Tessa. She…she wouldn’t. Something isn’t right, she- 

Someone grabbed my shoulder. I swiveled my head to see that it was Tessa, her gaze fixed firmly on Viallanne, as if trying to avoid any eye contact. “Well, your majesty?” She sputtered. Tessa looked back at Liku. She grabbed my shoulder harder. “If this is what it must come down to, then what’s your verdict?”

Rage fired up inside of me, outweighing the utter confusion of Tessa moving on so quickly. There’s no way that I can go down like this. I brushed Tessa’s hand off my shoulder and gave her the fiercest glare I could manage. “Tessa.” She examined me, like a dog not obeying its master. If you can change, then so can I.

Disgusted, I took a step away from her. I took in a shaky breath. I adjusted my yellow glasses and pushed them up my nose, trying to think of how I could express the complete and utter chaos my mind was in the state of in audible words.

So, I came up with what needed to be said. What I needed to hear. “I am not a mistake,” I calmly said. “I am Annalia.”

I took a careful step forward, hoping my glasses would make my glassy eyes look brave and not recovering from despair. “Viallanne,” I said. She raised an eyebrow at me before furrowing them.

“It’s ‘your majesty’ to you-”

“No, it’s not.” The room filled with an awkward mixture of silent tension and breaths of shock.

“Annalia! Please! Stop!” I heard someone whisper-scream from far back. Assuming it was Liku, I didn’t bother to turn my head.

“Viallanne,” I repeated. “I’m a human and I’m not even from here. That doesn’t grant you any power over me.”


“You know what?” I interrupted Viallanne. “It doesn’t matter where I’m from or I am! I’m not going to allow someone as prissy and bossy as you simply kill me because I didn’t meet up to your standards!” I took another step, confidence bouncing underneath my feet. “I don’t care if you like it or not, but I have a purpose here. Whether it’s good or bad, just let it be! If you’re such a good ruler, then fix this problem without showing yourself as a killer!”

Viallanne shot up from her throne. “I refuse to take orders from a mistake!

“I am Annalia!” I screamed back. “I don’t care what you think or what anyone else thinks! You will not kill me. You will not send me back home with no memory or having done nothing. You will not harm Liku for believing in the greater good. You will not punish me or try to stop me! Because I am Annalia!” I walked up the stairs of her throne and stood on my toes to get up in her face.

“Your words are nothing compared to my power,” she hissed in my face.

“Please, my dog speaks more eloquently than thee,” I replied instinctively with a smirk. Viallanne’s face reddened so much you could mistake her for a tomato. I was beginning to grow satisfied. “So what if I’m clumsy? So what if I’m stubborn?” I looked back at Liku. His face was shaking side to side in his hands. Tessa looked like she was going to murder me if I took one step closer to the Queen.

The guards even started to approach me, but stopped. I looked back forward and saw Viallanne holding out a finger to them. I took in a deep breath before sealing my most likely terrible deal. “It doesn’t matter if you like me here or not,” I whispered. “I’m a human. I can either restore your world, or completely shatter it with a few simple steps, some words, and anyone ready to listen. Do I make myself clear?”

Viallanne stared at me for a good while. I started to replay everything I had just said and began to regret it more and more with every word. I was dead meat.

Eventually, Viallanne nudged me down the stairs and sat down in her throne. She tapped her fingers, seemingly in a villainous way, on the armrests of her throne, occasionally glancing at the torches next to her throne.

“Wow,” she eventually laughed. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were stubborn.” I remained silent. “Well, if this is what you wish for-” she pointed her finger firmly at me. “-then you may stay.”

I blinked. Is…is she kidding me? I literally defied all of her power and even used fandom references against her. I looked back at Tessa. She was dumb-founded. I made a mental note of adding her to my imaginary list of enemies. Liku looked like he was going to drop dead right there.

“She’s going to be okay?” Liku gasped.

“Hmm…” she tapped her finger on her chin. “No.”

“Huh?” I responded.

“What?” Liku said.

“You’re right, Annalia,” Viallanne began. “You are a human. But what humans don’t realize is how different Azudacluke is from your…earth,” she spat. She stood up and stared at the guards.

“Guards!” She barked. They stood up even straighter than before, if that was possible. “Open the doors and lead her way to the exit.” The guards opened the doors, and waited for me to come down and follow.

But I couldn’t. Not with her malicious smirk hovering over me, and her cold eyes sending shivers up my spine. “I’m being nice,” she hissed. I gulped. “After all, I am giving you a head start.”