Horror Story #3


I just got out of college and got a job in a small town. The small town is called Cedar Key and is located in rural Pennsylvania. I used to live in California so this is a big change in environment and temperature. I drive my car into my new driveway and the U-Haul follows. I pull my stuff out and inside the house and sit on my couch. The next day, I decide to work on the outside of the house. I get my push mower out, and start mowing. A couple hours later I see a local neighborhood kid playing basketball. I walk over to talk to him. He swishes it the second I walked over there. “Nice shot,” I say. He passes the ball to me and says thanks. I shoot the basketball and miss badly. He rebounds it and swishes it again. “Do you play?” I ask him. ” I used to,” he responds.

I decide to leave him be and I walk to my house. I drive to a local pizza joint and come back to see the kid still shooting the ball! I push it off and walk inside to eat. I go to sleep, but wake up to hear a big noise outside. I run outside fast to see the kid playing basketball at 12:30 at night. In the morning, I walk to the boy’s house and ring the doorbell. His mother answers and I say ” Your son sure does play basketball a lot!” I say. She looks at me shocked. “My son died 10 years ago!!”


The Elementals – Book 1 – How it All Started


Chapter Five – Animal Transformations

“Earth,” Inferno says, “If you can transform into a hyena, like just now, and a jaguar, six years ago, do you think you can change into other animals, too?”

“I don’t know!” Earth exclaims, “Let me try.”

She closes her eyes, and focuses on turning into an animal. A flash of light appears, and she turns into a black Lab. She runs around her friends, barking, while they stare, mouths open in astonishment, at Earth the dog. They laugh in amazement as Earth the dog does a back flip in the air, and, just as quickly as she turned into the dog, Earth changes back into a human.

“I … Never knew I could do that! Any of it, actually!” Earth says, excited about her newfound powers.

“Okay, okay. Earth, turn into … A CAT!” Marina says excitedly.

Earth concentrates on turning into a cat. A green flash of light appears, and Earth is now a cat. She sits on the ground, and licks her paw. Her friends giggle as Earth starts rolling around on the ground.

“Ooo, let me try!” Inferno exclaims, closing her eyes and thinking of turning into an animal.

A burst of flames shoot up, and Inferno is transformed into a wolf. She howls and trots around, tounge sticking out. Marina giggles and Earth transforms into a wolf as well. Inferno changes back into a human, but Earth realizes something’s not right …

“Ummm… I? Your ears and tail didn’t go away,” she explains to Inferno.

“Coooool!” Inferno yells, turning around to look at her tail. “I’m a werewolf!”

Marina closes her eyes, focusing on her animal transformation. A dazzling water display shoots up, and Marina emerges as an elegant blue swan. She struts around, shakes her feathers, and turns back into a girl.

“That was SO FUN!” she cries, bouncing up and down in excitement.

“Guys!” Earth exclaims, “We can transform into ANIMALS!”

Dark Rose

DarkRose.jpgWhy does the weeping flower stay,

It’s filled with nothing, it should decay

But there it stands with only pride

Oh, how I can not look at how it cried

It fills me with such sorrow

I even fear its life for tomorrow

Throughout the torture its suffered

It will not even stay covered

How I long to acquire the soul of that rose

Not to fear, this wish will not be lowest of lows

All I need is the power it wields

The type I do not breed whereas

A mere plant can have that power to withstand like no other

So, I wish to my father, cousins, brother, and mother

That no matter how hard I must try I will not wither away

Not even a moment to think about a chance of decay


Falling Heights


Do you lack imagination

where do your loyalties lie

when you find yourself feeling down

do you soar high up in the sky


Can you understand the feelings

of the beings around you

without even knowing

who they are


And why does watching

the birds flying up so high

make you feel down


Or does it lift you up?


But to do that you must have imagination

and know where your loyalties lie

and when you find yourself down

soar high up in the sky


And understand the feelings

of the beings around you

without even knowing

who they are


And when you feel the wind on your face

from the top of the tallest tree

and then fall down



and yet you’re still higher than you’ve ever been before.


-Marie Walters, June 2017







I pass through places dark and lost,

Prices higher than what I’d cost.

I walk through worlds without a word,

Watching the flight of an mockingbird.

I stride through cities consumed by the past,

Sorrowful nations that had seen their last.

I stagger through streets sometimes all alone,

Searching for a seat to call my throne.

I dance through domains drowned by death,

Desolate darkness where none draw breath.

I ramble through realms wrought in the rain,

Rebels and rogues who realize pain.

I flee federations forgotten and found,

Fading fantasies that fear has crowned.

I linger through lands longing for her lips,

Lonely and lamenting this my heart’s Eclipse.

A Very Merry Elemental Christmas


Part 1

“Make my wish come true! Cause baby all I want for Christmas…. Is YOU!” Earth sings into her broom handle.

Her teacher, Mrs. Mason, claps and says, “Wonderful, Earth! Wonderful! Thanks for staying after school to help me clean up from the big holiday party, you guys!”

“Aw, no problem, Mrs. Mason!” Earth says.

Hickory sets his broom down and says, “Hey, guys, let’s go to Earth’s house now!”

Earth, Inferno, Marina, Thunder, and Blaze all shout “Yeah!” in reply.

“Bye, Mrs. Mason! See you after winter break!” Earth yells to Mrs. Mason while heading out the classroom door. The six friends run out to their lockers and grab their book bags from their lockers. Earth swings her book bag over her shoulder and says, “Last one to their jump speeder picks last from my mom’s cookie batch!”  And she dashes down the hallway to the small set of stairs leading to the lower level of school.

She jumps the last few steps and runs across the floor to the school door. Earth flings open the doors and sprints over to where her jump speeder is parked. She straddles it and thrusts the handles forward to start the engines. Her friends come out shortly after, and Marina is last to get on her jump speeder.

Earth laughs, “Ha ha! Marina! You get to pick last from my mom’s fresh batch of cookies!”

“Awwww! Earth! You know I hate running!” Marina whines, getting on her jump speeder

The six friends zoom off down the road, heading towards Earth’s house. They zip up her driveway and park their jump speeder in the garage. They sprint off down the sidewalk, and Earth knocks on the door to her house.

“Mom! Open up! We know you have cookies in there!” Earth yells at the door.

Her mom opens the door and says,

“Earth, sweetie, you don’t have to yell at the door!”

“I know, I know,” Earth replies, walking into her house, which was decorated ceiling to floor in Christmas decorations.


The Good Inspector’s Sacrifice, Part 3


This is part 3 of my story. Part 2 can be found here: https://ccplwritersblock.wordpress.com/2017/07/31/the-good-inspectors-sacrifice-part-2/

Peering around a tree, and noticing something odd lying on top of a pile of dead foliage, Elmhurst carefully walked towards the object. No concrete evidence of the cultists had been discovered yet, but, nevertheless, Elmhurst still tried to keep himself aware of his surroundings. He had not yet slept, and the task of awareness was getting harder and harder by the second. Defying the weight in his eyelids, Elmhurst crouched down and began to inspect the object. Brushing away some dead leaves, he recoiled in terror. Laying before him was a bloody, severed arm. Elmhurst swallowed the bile rising up into his mouth, and slowly reached out towards the limb. He gingerly grasped the arm and lifted it up, pushing away his disgust in an attempt to examine it. It was quite pale and appeared as if it had been separated for quite a long time. Experiencing a flash of morbid curiosity, Elmhurst continued to examine the gruesome thing, and noticed something imprinted into its pale, half-rotting flesh. Is that a scar? He thought A tattoo? Realizing what it was, his eyes widened, his thoughts once again turned into the mess they once were, and he snatched up and started running. Not long after he left, a vulture discovered its next meal, and circled in slowly to eat the rotting arm. Landing on the pile of leaves, it ruffled its feathers and settled in to eat its macabre snack. Tearing off the flesh of the rotting stump, it noticed the ominous symbol imprinted on its meal, and screeching, it flew away, driven to insanity by what it saw on the dismembered limb.

Elmhurst continued running, and realized he was more frightened than he should be by the symbol discovered on the severed arm. However, that “flash of insight” did nothing to quell the sheer terror he felt inside of him. He had gone from resolute and determined to cowardly and weak, running away from his fears. This thought briefly interrupted his run, before he continued running. After all, being surrounded by mad cultists supported by a vile god was something to fear, was it not? As he ducked beneath a tree branch, and rushed out into a clearing, another thought hit him. If death awaited him sometime in the future, how was he to support his ailing mother? If he was to die now, what awaited her would be an incredibly slow, painful death. Trembling at the thought, Elmhurst looked around him, taking stock of the situation. Somehow, he had managed to find the well-worn path again, which could serve as the way of escaping the forest. Fighting them would be like sticking his head into the mad god’s lair and asking to be sacrificed. Sneaking out would be the best option, but if he was found, he would be dragged back into the forest with the cultists, kicking and screaming the whole way. Calling for reinforcements? He lost all means of communication in his mad dash after finding the tree, and creating something like a signal fire would attract unwanted attention. Hell, he was too scared to even light his campfire, or even his cigar, in the middle of the night! He leaned against a tree, and exhaled loudly. Sneaking out would be the only possible way of escape. He attempted to visualize his route, and closed his eyes, picturing the map before him. Eventually he fell down, curled up on the side of the trail, and slipped down into the cold void of sleep. As a result, he never noticed the crazy, frothing-at-the-mouth man creeping up on him with a burlap sack in his hands.