Behind the Paper: Part Twenty-Two

“Is this a bakery?” I asked Jacob in confusion. Its been thirty minutes since we left the soccer field and Jacob wanted to show me something.

Before Jacob could answer me, the door of the bakery opened and an old woman appeared before us. I could assume that this was the owner of the bakery, just by the way she looked. Her face quickly changed as she took a closer look at us.

“Jacky?” She smiled at Jacob as if today was the best day of her life. Jacob, on the other-hand, kept a straight and emotionless face as he replied back with a short and simple yes. Wait- could this woman be his mother? She called him a nickname which means that he was someone she adores and is super close with, but from this short casual conversation, it seemed like he barely knew her.

She laughed at his reply and as if she didn’t see me before, she looked at me in awe and then sighed, “Why didn’t you invite me to your wedding. Your wife is beautiful!”

“Oh we aren-” I was going to say that we aren’t a couple but Jacob cut me off.

He spoke, “We aren’t married yet but we are in engaged.” Like her worries just lifted, she smiled and sighed again, but this time in relief.

“Yay! I didn’t miss your wedding. I thought you purposely didn’t invite your parents,” she said in a cheerful tone and then added, “I should tell your best friend, Quinn, about this joyful event! You wouldn’t mind would you? She told me she hasn’t talked to you since you left and she has been very worried.”

“Its fine. You could tell her but we would want this wedding to be a small event so less people the better please,” he stated. Hearing wedding coming from Jacob made be spring with happiness but I knew it was only fake and a few months this would all end. This is when I realized I don’t know what I would do without Jacob. Now to think about it, I would miss his sarcastic and mean comments.

Jacob’s mother said, “Oh actually she is in the bakery right now, why don’t you both come in and I could get to know my daughter-in-law? By the way- my name is Kimberly, what is yours?”

“My name is Molly Graff, ma’am.” I replied in the best possible tone I could.

She seemed like she liked what she heard and invited me to come into the Rod Bakery. I quickly peeked through the window of the bakery before heading in. It was a nice and quaint isolated place, even the scent of the bread filled the street. It was a clean, slightly sweet, creative aroma that somehow smelled warm and welcomed. When I went inside, my mouth began to water as I looked around. Every inch was filled with many delectable pastries of all sorts. As I walked in, my jaw began to drop as I laid eyes on the bakery’s most expensive piece. It was a 5-layered cake. Every one of the 5 layers was filled with intricate designs and patterns.

Midnight, August 24

Today, it rained.

Tonight, the song Saturn by Sleeping At Last came on. I went downstairs to take my pill and give my sleeping dog a hug, listening to the beautiful half of the song that’s pure instrumentals, from the mourning violin to the fragile heartbeat of the drums. I rose from the couch and the warmth of my dog and traveled to the kitchen. Looking out the window, I saw nothing, and figured the dark sky was covered in a cloud. I opened the back door with a creak and stepped out onto the porch, the wet mat soaking my sock and chilling my body.

From there I knew there was no turning back.

My foot landed on the deck, and as I looked out, I was amazed. The rolling hills and distant forest were colored blue and hazed in fog, one warm, white house light illuminating it all. But the best was yet to come. I travelled out further on the deck and looked up, and starlight filled my gaze as soon as the singer began:

You taught me the courage of stars, before you left

Many nights had I wandered out onto this same deck, and looked at this same sky, these same hills, these same houses, and these same stars. But never before had they looked quite like this.

How light carries on endlessly, even after death

The heavens gazed down on me, numerous and growing. I could point out the main constellations, but behind them more stars seemed to grow. At the edge of my vision was a field of lights, but when I focused on one spot, I could only see a few. Still, I knew they were all there.

With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite

The words of countless people talking about how small they felt compared to the endless universe rebounded inside of me, their voices echo of another world. I had thought I understood what they meant, but I’d been wrong. In that moment I felt as much as the universe as a human possibly ever could.

How rare and beautiful it is to even exist

And that was how I greeted the new day, unnamed emotions and tears in my eyes.

Happiness Is

Happiness is driving full speed down at empty road at night, wind tumbling through your hair and the world totally silent except for you, stars twinkling and laughing from above.

Happiness is the crystal waves crashing over and over onto a sunlit beach, sand smiling and sailboats shining in the distance.

Happiness is laughing for no reason, panicking as your breath can’t come in fast enough, tears streaming down your face, giggles so strong they’re silent.

Happiness is the sunset on a hot summer day, eating watermelon as time passes ever so slowly, one good moment stretching an eternity, your existence enveloped by pure joy.

Happiness is snowflakes falling, coating the world in a calm white, everything seeming so clear and candid, the silence comforting and the stillness giving way to content.

Happiness is a perfect ending to an even better story, filled with satisfaction and pride, characters you’ve seen grow for so long become the people they were meant to be, reflecting on what they’ve taught you, smiling through the tears.

Happiness is seeing an old friend and picking up right where you left off, even though it’s been years, reminiscing and talking and laughing about nothing and everything.

Happiness is a dog’s never ending excitement when you come home, wide eyes, wagging tail, and a smile day after day after day after day…

Happiness is sunny days, being overcome by how gorgeous and gracious nature is, unable to process the beauty of each and every tree and flower and strand of grass you see, not even the wind able to distract you from your glee.

Happiness is the perfect song, each note guiding your soul, the melody touching your heart, the lyrics flowing around you like a storm, passionate and powerful.

Happiness is a smile from a stranger, their life a mystery, their circumstances unknown, their story unfathomable, but their euphoria clearer than day.

Happiness is youth, and memories, and the seasons you’ve lived through, and the wisdom you’ve gained, and the people you’ve met, and the ones who’ve changed you, and the world all around you, beautiful beneath both above and beneath the dirt.

Happiness is surviving through both the good and bad, pushing through the dreadful, and soaring above the excellent.

Happiness is living. Happiness is life. Happiness is here for all of us.

Starting a New Chapter (Part One)

Lucy was always a timid girl and always kept to herself. She was the victim of bullying since 3rd grade. She had a friend named Betty that would stick up for her and help her through her hardships. Betty was everything to Lucy and the reason she was able to keep going in life.

Lucy would get bullied because of her weight and looks which lead to her skipping meals in order to loose weight. But no matter how much she tried, her weight stayed the same. She endured the bullying for the rest of her elementary school career. The summer before 6th grade, Lucy had not stayed in touch with Betty. She decided to loose weight over the summer and turn a new leaf in life. Lucy wanted to start a new chapter in her life, have friends and enjoy her time at school.

The summer passed and Lucy did not have any success in her weight loss. So, she went to school expecting the same treatment as in elementary school. She got what she expected but something was different. She noticed that Betty was not by her side but in the crowd staring down at her. Lucy ran to the bathroom. She felt sick to her stomach. She wanted to go home. She didn’t want to be at school. She didn’t want to even be alive.

The bell rang for first period. She reluctantly walked ever so slowly to her first period class. She walked to the back of the classroom to her desk and to her relief Betty was sitting next to her. This was her chance to confront Betty about what happened early.

“Betty, why did you just stare at me while I was being bullied? You never did that in elementary school,” Lucy asked.

“I can’t stand being bullied because of you anymore. So, over the summer I decided that I wanted to cut ties with you in middle school if you didn’t change. And you didn’t change one bit, so stop talking to me you pig,” Betty retorted. The insult hurt like being shot in the heart to Lucy because it came from the mouth of her only “friend.”

The lunch bell rang. Everyone rushed to the cafeteria. Lucy sat at the farthest table from Betty. Her table was empty. To her surprise the most popular girls of the school approached her.

“Hi, my name is Brittany. This is Sarah, Emily, and Diana. You seem like a loner. Would you like to be a part our group?” Brittany asked.

Lucy hesitated, ” Ar……… ar …are you serious?”

“Of course, ” Brittany replied with no sincerity.

“YES PLEASE!” Lucy exclaimed. This was the very first time Lucy was offered a friendship in her whole life.

“You can join our group, but you have to complete this one task,,,” Brittany replies.

Preview to part two:

What will the task be and will Lucy take up the task in order to befriend the popular girls? Will she ever make up with Betty? What will happen next on Starting a New Chapter.

***Disclaimer: This is not a true story. Please remember that everyone is beautiful no matter what. Love Yourself.

The Girl Who Could Unite Them All, Part Eight

“So,” grinned Max. “It’s sort of a thing to change your name once you join.” He looked as if he were keeping a huge secret.

“What are all of your real names?” Vali wondered.

“J’s is Julina, Storm’s is”—Storm shot Max a look—“classified, and mine is . . .” Max’s face reddened.

“I didn’t even know you had a fake name!” Vali laughed.

“His name is Weasel,” J said, smirking at her brother. Max looked miserable. “Ha! Our names are Julina and Weasel.”

“Shut up, J,” Max grumbled. “It’s a family name. My great uncle was called Weasel.”

Vali attempted to stifle a laugh but failed.

“What would you like your new name to be?” asked Storm.

“I think I’d like . . . ,” Vali thought for a moment. “Ember.”

Oh, great. She was now juggling two fake names and a weird story about how she was a flame that had dyed her hair purple. Of all things, Vali hated to lie.

“Well, Max,” Storm said. “Take Ember to her new room upstairs.”

Max and Vali got on the elevator. “Well, there are only three rooms, so you’ll have to share with someone, or someone could move,” Max explained.

“Who has the biggest room?” asked Vali.

“J, obviously. She needs the extra space for her ego.”

“Well, how about I move into her room?” Vali asked defiantly.

Max’s face turned confused for a second. “Uh, okay,” he said. “Whatever floats your boat.”

Dream a Little Dream


Vibrant, brittle.

Falling, flourishing, developing.

Falling is never the end.



Never ending.

Brutal and ugliness,

The truth of reality.



Cause: unknown,

Ready to explode.

How can you forgive?


A girl young of age,

With a dream to be,

The princess.

A girl young of age,

Now in school,

Her dream,

Now forgotten.

A girl now older,

Scared for the future,

With nowhere to go,

She hides in Books.

Pages are filled with her

Friends and Family.

Her dream has changed,

And never the same.

A girl,

With a dream to

Speak her mind.

Too scared to bear,

The judge of peers.

A girl young of age,

With a dream to be,

Her young little self.

Everyone grows up with a dream of some sort. Whether it’s to be a veterinarian, a doctor, a writer, a musician, or even a cook. At some time, those dreams fall away to the back of our minds and collect dust and become forgotten. Around seventy percent of people never dust off their childhood dreams and actually go to school to be that long forgotten person. Life gets in the way of the things we want to do in our spare time (whether it’s sitting down and reading a book; writing a blog; or going to school). Sometimes it’s better to take a break and do what makes you happy, than to continue to do what make you frustrated and angry. Take the time to dust off your childhood dreams, and dream a little dream. 🙂