The beeping of the heart rate monitor, sitting a few inches away from my bed, keeping track and keeping steady along with the beats of my heart. Foot-steps, coming and going; papers ruffling and data being written. All muffled; subdued.

*                                                         *                                                      *

I hear everything. Before, everything sounded muffled but now the beep beeping of the heart rate monitor, the voices of the doctors, all of it was now crystal clear. I understand and hear everything. Well, almost everything.

“Welcome back, Miss Julie Rose,” said a short, brown haired doctor. The doctor stared at me, expecting me to say something like, Good morning doctor or Yea, its great to be back. Instead, I just stared right back, leaving an awkward silence.

Looking at her clipboard and ruffling through the pages, the doctor says, “Okay, um… Miss Rose, since you are now awake we will need to examine your injuries we will need to do some research.” With that, the doctor leaves the room at a pace faster than the normal walking speed.

With the awkward doctor now out of the room, I look around my room. Ugly, green-beige walls; dark, yellow curtains with dusty blinds on the windows. Yellow covers on the bed with rusty orange pillowcases. A heart monitor, keeping constant beats with my heart near the side of my bed. The window that is about four feet from my bed, overlooks the tops of a few trees, meaning I am on either the third or forth floor. I am in a hospital, but how and why?

A nurse walks in, diverting my eyes from the window. “Miss Rose, I’m sorry to bother you, but we need to take some tests if that’s alright with you.” The nurse stares at me waiting for me to tell him that I don’t mind the tests or sure or even a nod, instead I stare at him blankly just as I did the short doctor. The nurse waits a few more seconds before he moves towards the bed to start examinations. “So, um… Miss, I have to um… check your heart beat so if you could, maybe turn over?” I continue to stare blankly at the nurse. My eyes follow him as he moves toward me. I turn on my side to let him examine me, but I continue to follow his every move.

When the nurse finishes he goes to reach for my arm to draw blood. I flinch and pull my arm away from him as fast as I can. I am suddenly terrified. The beeping from the heart machine quickens as my heart beat accelerates. The nurse’s eyes widen and he grows pale.

“Doctor Bell! Code!” the nurse cries.

That must be the name of the short, brown haired doctor. I don’t need a doctor, I don’t need anymore pokes and prods. Anger mixes in with terror, as my heartbeat accelerates the Doctor Bell rushes in; concern and worry written all over her face.

“What are you just standing there for!?” The she snaps and the nurses that have gathered around, “Get the cart! Julie, you have got to breath. If you do not breath and calm down, you will injure yourself even more or even die!”

That stilled my panic, what were the extent of my injuries? Could I really die? How did I even injure myself? With every thought, I continued to panic. Black spots clouded my view; clear, rushing doctors became blurry blobs with loud voices and sounds that have no meaning. What was the point of yelling? It only made things worse. With that thought, I blacked out. * * *

Cold, strong hands. Fear rushing through my veins. Wind blowing, or maybe its the air conditioner or maybe fans? The rough ground biting in my feet. Air rushing past; no longer feeling the rough ground below me. I am confused and scared and angry. I’m falling. Then nothing, everything is black.


I am Annalia: Part Ten

Image result for frozen fireI had never seen Tessa walk so fast. The three of us went down a bunch of corridors, torches with white fire lighting them up like light bulbs. Tessa was carrying the chair, very far ahead of us. I was doing okay, walking at a normal pace, but Liku stayed behind just in case.

The three of us were silent as Tessa quickly rounded the corner. I felt things were getting awkward, and Liku looked mortified. “Uh, Liku?” I asked. He looked down at me, his emerald eyes glazed with tears. “I…thank you. For what you did. Bringing me here. I know, it sounds stupid but…” I wasn’t sure what to say next, and Liku didn’t look any better. “If I do stay, I’ll try my best to live up to what you thought of me.” Liku breathed a quiet sigh through his nose and looked away from me.

After a couple more turns, we saw Tessa standing in the large room the mist had shown me. At the end of the room was Viallanne, sitting coldly on her throne. There were four smaller thrones on each side of her, each corresponding to an element with a human-dragon hybrid on it in their human form. The elements were plants, gems, soil, rocks, water, wind, day, and Liku’s throne: night. All together the thrones formed a U shape.

Liku went to hurry of to his throne, but Tessa stopped him. “Liku,” she said firmly. She was standing in the center, placing down the chair to face Viallanne. The large doors slammed behind us. Liku sighed and stood by the doors.

“Tessa, what is going-” She glanced at me. She had brown eyes like me. But oddly enough, even though her eyes were lighter than mine, her stare was colder. I could feel it in my veins. “Is this…R.J.?”

I opened my mouth to say something, but Tessa luckily cut me off. “No, Your Majesty. That is why we are here. Liku had told me that we were to retrieve Annalia instead of R.J. and bring her here. I trusted that he was right, but I was wrong. Liku has recently told me his story about what happened.”

Everyone was silent, staring at me and Liku except for Tessa. Viallanne returned her gaze to Tessa and went to open her mouth, but Tessa once again was quicker. “Oh! Right! Your Majesty, Annalia, she…” Tessa lowered her voice. “…she destroyed a Normwhaug.” Gasps rose within the crowd. Viallanne looked pleased, yet stunned. And a bit irritated. All eyes turned to me as they whispered anxiously among themselves. I felt myself blush.

Suddenly, the sound of Viallanne banging her scepter on the ground echoed throughout the room, instantly bringing them to silence. As soon as I saw her I could tell how she originally had ice powers. “As important as dealing with Liku is, the fate of our world is more important, along with dealing with her.” All eyes went on me again. Tessa was watching me from behind Liku’s throne, where she normally stood. “Annalia,” She pointed her scepter at the chair Tessa brought in. “Sit.”

I obeyed with fear. All eyes were watching me, examining me as a human. “So, Annalia,” She said my name as if it disgusted her. “What was it like when you were brought here?”

I panicked inside. I didn’t know what to say, or what the question meant. “Like, what was it like before I got here? What it was like in the portal? Or when I first arrived?” I prayed she wouldn’t whip me or zap me fro supposedly challenging her.

“The first one and last one. Mainly the first.” I gulped. I don’t think I was supposed to be brought into Azudacluke in that much chaos…I could get them in more trouble…But if I lie she might kill me…

“Well, I was in homeroom…my first sort-of class of school, when…when, uh,” I looked at Tessa, her face showed no hints or emotion. Liku on the other hand, was horrified. My heart even broke a bit when he nodded his head grimly to go on. “When my friend Beatrice walked into the hall and got frozen. Everyone was freaking out, Tessa was yelling at us to keep calm, then the next thing I knew the door was on Tessa, I rushed over to help her, Dragon Liku came in, froze the class, and then Tessa made a portal and Liku tossed me into it.” Viallanne’s eyes were wide. She glanced back at Liku and gave him a shocked death glare.

After a few seconds, she returned her gaze to me. “And what happened when you arrived?”

“Uh, I was in a forest full of lavender plants. Everywhere. Then Tessa told me where I was. I screamed, freaked out, she tackled me back to the ground where I was laying, then she stormed off, I ran after her, then she realized she somehow left Liku on earth, she left me, I wandered off, not too far-” I took a breath. “Then Haugliea, a Normwhaug attacked me.” Everyone started whispering anxiously.

“Haugliea, you say?”

“Uh, yeah, is there something special about her?”

“I’m not sure, never heard of her. We’ll just have to remember that when the Normwhaugs ask who you are and I’ll say you killed Haugliea. Maybe I can even mock them with it…anyway, how’d you kill her?”

I explained everything, the pain, each phase, but I decided not to bring up how I met Rohtaan. I already had an army of Normwhaugs who were against me, I didn’t need the ruler of the good people to hate me as well.

Viallanne tapped her fingers on her scepter while thinking silently. “Before we deal with you, Annalia, I’d like to deal with Liku first.” I turned around and saw him lift his head slightly. Gosh, I felt terrible for him. “Annalia, stand with Tessa. Liku, come forth.”

I obeyed and was shaking by the time I reached Tessa. I looked at her for any sympathy, but she was too focused on Liku. Her eyes were cold and squinted.

“Liku, is it true that you gave false information to Tessa and brought Annalia here instead of R.J.?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” he muttered.

“What was that?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” he said louder.

“Why might you do this?” Liku explained what happened the day he came with the reptile crew and how he just knew I was the one. But with every sentence he said, he grew more ashamed and quieter.

The Queen pondered upon this for a minute. “Liku,” she said. Her voice was softer than normal. “Your service up to this point has been well appreciated.” She paused. Everyone held their breath. Tessa grabbed my hand. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She was trying to look tough and formal, but it wasn’t working.

“But,” Viallanne continued. “Going against the my orders, me being the Queen of Azudacluke, is considered treason.” Tessa flinched. A tear rolled down her cheek. Viallanne stood up, now towering over Liku since her throne was raised on a large platform. “You shall be executed at sunrise tomorrow!” Her voice boomed. Everyone burst into noise. Tessa was full blown crying, her hand covering her mouth.

Liku was trembling, his face paler than snow. Her emerald eyes were bulging, staring up at Viallanne. But he didn’t say anything in return to object. I squeezed Tessa’s hand harder.

Tessa uncovered her mouth and looked at me. She actually stared at me for a while, as if she were coming up with a plan. “Guards!” Viallanne yelled. “Take Liku to the dungeons!” Two guards moved forward to grab Liku.

“Wait!” Tessa screamed. I was suddenly dragged by Tessa to the center, and she pulled us in front of Liku. “Your Majesty,” My heart was pounding even before it was about to break.

As a tear streamed down Tessa’s cheek, she looked at me before saying in a softer voice, “Take her instead.”

Behind the Paper: Part Twelve

625-cutting-food_625x350_61447238509After work, I decided to go home. I unfortunately went to Jacobs home because I realized my true home was not mine in the beginning. Its my cheating boyfriend, Darry’s. Maybe when I was in college with him, I may have thought that we would marry in the future. But apparently I was so stupid to think that, because he thinks different. That’s why I never bought my own house.

I sat down on the couch in the living room and dozed off, looking at the beautiful centerpiece in the middle of the low table. I apparently I haven’t heard Jacob walked in until he talked.

“When are you going to break up with him!?” Jacob disturbs my silence, “He is obviously disturbing you. Just forget him already. He is not worth it.”

I quickly whipped my tears that were coming down fast. He is right. For the first time in forever, Jacob Rod is right. He is not worth it.

“Oh no! I forgot to make dinner!” I quickly realized. I suddenly have a burst of energy and I run to the kitchen.

The first person who comes in the house after work has to make dinner! Its rule number 2. What if he kicks me out?? Its only the second day and I don’t have any place else!

When I started cutting the vegetables fast, a strong pair of hands grabbed my arms. Startled, I stopped cutting.

“Its okay, I will make dinner. It will be faster and more efficient. Just set up the table,” Jacob said.

“But rule number tw-” I get cut off.

“I want to make dinner,” Jacob grabs the knife off my hands and cuts the vegetables really fast and perfect. It was flawless.

Change in the Tides Part 2

Picture of the ocean with thunderstorm clouds overhead.

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate not having the choice on how to live my life. I hate having to wear black all the time, it is just depressing. I hate that because of this secret I can’t hang out with my best friend at school. I hate having to hide myself the most.

“Why can’t I at least try to be normal for once,” I whined to my parents who were reading the newspaper.

My dad turned to me with a dissatisfied look on his face. “Honey we’ve been over this. We don’t want to attract any attention to ourselves.”

“No. Acting like I am emo and that I hate the world is making me stand out more. I am separating myself from society and I look suspicious, dad. It is not who I am. Plus, you and Mom don’t act like you hate the world now do you. Why does it have to be different for me!” I yelled at the end starting to get angry.

“Don’t raise your voice at your dad, Lily,” warned my father.

“I deserve to have a say in my life, Mom,” I huffed at her.

“You are only a child and you don’t know enough about the world.”

“I’m 16 dad. I’m old enough to drive, so I’m old enough to at least have a say in my life. I’m going to college in two years and I am so not going to community just so you can hold me in your voice longer!” I yell.

“Go to your room, Lily!” Boomed my father.

His veins we’re starting to glow blue. When us Calorians get really upset or just too much of any emotion, our veins start to glow. I was angry, they always treat me like a little kid. I clench my hand and make the water in my dad’s cup expand so much the glass shatters.

“Hope you enjoy your water,” then I turn to leave grabbing my hoodie along the way.

I hear my parents calling my new as I step out the door but I keep walking. I know that I’ll be in trouble but I don’t care. I just had to get out of there before I accidentally hurt one of them because I was so angry at them. I just kept on walking and walking not knowing where I was going, just needing to clear my head.

I end up at the park, so I sit down on a bench. eyes just listening to the chirping of the birds and chatter of the squirrels.making there way across the forest behind.

“Your Lily, right?” A random boy said startling me out of my thoughts.

“Yes….?” I asked obviously waiting for him to say his name. He looked vaguely familiar though.

“I’m Peter. Peter Carter. I’m in your Chem class with Mrs. Dubowsky,” he said sitting down.

Sure sit down. Please, why don’t we have a not completely unwarranted and unexpected conversation. It’s not like I was interrupted on my relaxing time or anything.

“So why are you out here all alone? I’m here with my little sister Emma,” he says as he points to her.

She was a bouncing, giggly ball of energy. She had hair the color of flames pulled back into two pigtails and was currently lost in her own fantasy world.

“Just to get away from my parents,” I indulged him with conversation.

“Yeah, parents can get pretty annoying. I don’t mean to pry but what were you fighting about?”

He seemed so genuinely nice and curious that I decided to answer him even though I usually don’t open up to people, let alone strangers. “Um, the usual. College and them being too controlling. I’m most likely in trouble for just bolting but I had to leave.” I wasn’t lying just not saying the whole truth.

“I get what you mean. Me and my parents are ways talking about how I need to focus on football so I can get a scholarship to a good college, but the truth is, I hate football. Wow I’ve never told anyone that,” Peter confessed.

My mouth flew open and o just stared at him with a shocked expression. I bet I looked dumb but I just could help it. “Wa-wa-wait. Hold on, aren’t you the star quarter back and the captain. How are you that good if you don’t like it?” I asked disbelievingly.

“I know right,” he dryly chuckled. “Football used to be my life, but ever since sophomore year started it started to become less about me and more about my parents. I played football because it was fun and I enjoyed it, bit my parents to play it so I can have a career in football like my dad. I don’t want to be a football player, I want to be a computer science engineer. Whenever I bring it up, it never ends well,” Peter said sadly.

“I know the feeling. Can I tell you a secret?”

“Sure,” he said turning to me with a curious face.

“I’m not actually emo, it I’d just an act. My parents told me that I had to act that way so I wouldn’t stick out. Do you know Cameron Diaz?”

“Who doesn’t know Cameron Diaz?” Peter scoffed.

“Well, she is my best friend. We have been best friends since I moved here in kindergarten. All a part of the act. We are never seen at school but are practicing inseperable after school.”


“I know–” I was cut off by the sound of thunder. I just now realized that the sky had considerably gotten darker and big, black angry-looking clouds had formed over us.

“Uuuh, I need to go back home. It’s getting late and my parents are probably angry enough,” I said panicking.

No, no, no. This cannot be happening. I am so screwed.

“Okay do you need me to walk you home, Lily?”

“No, I’m fine,” I was about to turn away when it was like the heavens decided to open up on us and a huge deluge of water dropped down on us, soaking us in seconds.

I could feeling it happening, the tingling sensation all through my body. Then I could see a blue glow reflect against Peter’s face. When Calorians get wet our marks that are otherwise invisible start to glow and our powers start to ignite. Judging by Peter’s face it was starting.

I bolted back home, not sparing even one look back at Peter. Tears started to stream down my face. I had messed up. Big time.

The Awakening

Ice cracked over the top of water

Part 1

There was no warning when they started to take us away from our families. They said we were special, now I know that was just a glorified way of saying that we were freaks and are too dangerous to keep in society. They split us by our abilities. The Furies who could manipulate fire, the Groundshakers who could manipulate earth, the Cyclones who can manipulate air, and the Glaciers who can manipulate water. I am a Glacier, or at least that is what I pretend to be. I was taken when I was twelve.


It was the middle of the night. I had been having this dream of a girl on a hill. Only that hill seemed fresh, like it wasn’t there two seconds ago. You could see the dirt mound with no grass on it. The girl had an aura about her as if she had just risen the mound all by herself in a matter of seconds. With a flick of her hand she rose off the ground and the hill ignited in flames. As the image got closer and her face got clearer, I realized it was me on the hill. I was the one with that tremendous power. And that is when it all changed, her face contorted in fear, like she had just awoken from a trance and whipped her head around, looking for something. Her eyes landed on a river and she seemed to command the water because a deluge of water was pointed straight at the hill.

I woke up with a start because a loud creaking and then a bang sounded through my house. Water was pouring from everywhere. From the ceiling, from the floor, from the walls. Everywhere. My parents came rushing in asking if I was okay. The expression on there face was like they already knew what happened, what I did –before I even told them.

My dad left the room saying that he was going to call the plumber, the expression on his face was distant, cold even. My mother was talking to me as if I was a stray animal, gentle but wary.

Another ten minutes went by before I heard it. Before I heard the sound of my front door slam open, squeaky boots rushing up the stairs and the surprisingly gentle knock on my bedroom door.

“Why is the plumber knocking at my door mom?” I say confusedly.

“Um, they aren’t plumbers,” she explained with the same voice, like I’m a caged animal, ready to lash out at any moment.

“Who are they?”

. “They–

My mom was cut off by another knock, this one a little less gentle. My mom rose from my bed and padded her way through my flooded floor and opened my door for the men. They were wearing yellow hazmat suits with shiny black boots. I couldn’t figure out why they where here, none of is were sick.

“Nobody is sick Mom? Why are they here?” I started to feel panicked.

“Yes you are honey, but it is okay we are going to get you help though. These men are going to take you to a facility where they can get rid of your…… specialities,” then she turned and said something I couldn’ t hear to the men and they walked towards me.

I had heard of kids with special abilities who got taken away from their families, but I never thought I would be one of them. Most cases they were forcefully taken from their families, I never once heard of their parents simply giving them up.

I feel cold gloved hands gripping my arms and lifting me off my bed. I struggled against their hold but it was futile. They were stronger than me and I would not be able to break free.

“Mommy, Daddy please don’t do this! I-I-I’ll be good! If I did anything, I’m so, so, so, so sorry! Just please, don’t send me away! No, let me go! Let me go! Please–!” my pleading was cut off by a gloved hand over my mouth.

I tried to bite it, bit the glove was too thick and did nothing to injurE the man. I was just rushed into this non-descript van faster. I tried to summon the power I felt earlier when I burst the pipes, but nothing came. Nothing happened. I didn’t feel powerful, I just felt empty. They must have injected me with something because everything went black.


It has been seven years here at Hammond and I cannot get their faces out of my mind. The look of utter righteousness makes me sick, but I can never hate them because after all they are my parents. Even though they condemned me to this hell, I still love them. I still miss them.

Change in Tides part 1



My name is Lily and I’m an alien. My parents are also aliens. I have special powers that I am not allowed to use. You are probably thinking that sounds familiar to another story, but it isn’t. I am nowhere close to a superhero.

I wear all black. Black nail polish, black clothes, black eyeliner, even black eye shadow. Except I am not emo, at least I don’t want to be. My parents forced me to dress that way because since I’m really pretty– their words not mine– I would attract too much attention to myself. Emo kids are left alone, so that is why I only have one friend, Cameron. She is the only other person who knows my family are aliens.

Cameron is not emo, she is your regular highschool girl. Not popular, but everyone knows her anyways because she is really nice. Me and Cameron don’t talk at school because someone like her and someone like me hanging out together would raise too many questions, bit after school we are inseperable. It works that we are next door neighbors.

At home, I am nothing like what I pretend to be at school. I don’t have social anxiety, I don’t wear the color black, and I study really hard instead of pretending like I just don’t care about anything. I’m actually really girly, bit like everything else, I have to hide that part away.

I told Cameron that I was an alien on her 13 birthday. It was just us and we were having a sleepover…


Let’s go in the pool, it’s so nice outside today,” Cameron told me as she went through her dresser to get us some bathing suits.

Sure,” I said before going to sit on her bed.

“Pink or deep blue,” Cameron said turning around to show me the options in her hand. The pink one in her right and the deep blue one in her left. I nodded my head in the direction of the deep blue one and she threw it in my face.

Cameron!,” I giggled and so did she.

“Now go get dressed. You know where the bathroom is,” she said with a smile on my face.

After we both got dressed we headed over to her new pool that her family had just got. It had a nice pathway that led to her backyard to the pool. I don’t know what it was but it was like the water was calling my name because as soon as she opened the gate I darted into the pool.

When I stepped in, I felt a tingly sensation all over my body and could hear a low humming in my ears like the purr of a Lamborghini starting up for the first time. I had a smile on my face, but when I turned to look at Cameron, she was till frozen by the edge staring at me. I was relieved that the look on her face was not terror, in fact it was the opposite.  It was excitement with a hint of concern. It seemed that concern and excitement were battling for dominance, but concern seemed to win because she jumped in after me and quickly pulled me out. Her head kept on darting back and forth as she wrapped me in her towel and led me to her room before shutting the door behind us.

“Tell me everything,” she said, excitement seeming to come back now that I wasn’t out in the open anymore.

It was at that moment that I seemed to remember what my dad said to me before I left…

Don’t go into the pool. As you are nearing your 13th birthday, the water is going to start changing you. You are also going to start changing it as well.

Behind the Paper: Part Six

An hour later after the coffee incident, my boss, Fernando, told us all to go to the conference room for our first meeting. As I settled in my chair near the others, boss walks in. 

“If you haven’t finish your work from your last department, then I suggest you finish it and leave no strings attached. This isn’t a part time job either so you guys should know if you don’t do your work here, your most likely gonna get fired real soon. You are in the best department here so I suggest you should keep up with your work,” Fernando tells us as he sits in his chair with stacks of paper.  

“Yes sir,” everyone in the conference room says.

“Ok so let’s go over the details for the magazine articles. We will want this to be a hit. Garrett and Freddy, you guys are going to write a piece about a scandal that’s going on with the pop star, Isabella Gouma and President Henry. Rumors have been going on that Isabella cheated her way up top because of the help of the president. Molly and Jacob, you guys will be focusing on an very famous soccer player, Kenitu Lovas. He will an interview on the 9th and I expect you guys to go. Louis and Andrew, you guys will….”

After that, I didn’t listen. I am working with Jacob?! I swear, what did I do to deserve this?! But apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought that way. 

“Wait. I didn’t hear you correctly. Who is my partner again?” Jacob questioned.

“Molly. Is there a problem with that?” Fernando looked at Jacob with an cold expression.

“No sir,” Jacob looked at me and wrote something in his notebook. 

When he put his notebook down I took a peek and read . . . .