A croissant


I’ve dropped,

My sweet, buttery croissant,

It’s slow fall, seems to taunt,

My hungry need,

For this croissant,

It hits the floor, “Ah!”, I scream,

It seems to haunt,

My ghost croissant,

Now the five second rule,

Cannot apply to this croissant ghoul,

Yet my  mouth starts to drool,

“No!” I say,

It can’t be eaten,

There’s too big a price to pay,

So I go sit haunted, hungry, and sad,

Maybe next year I can get,

The croissant I love and need so bad!



Happy 2020! And I hope you enjoyed my ode to my favorite vine!!!


What a queen really. Jenna Mourey has a YouTube channel called Jenna Marbles. She is very down to earth, creative, quirky, caring, adventurous, and  hilarious.

She usually posts a video where she does some crazy beauty trend or a crazy art project. And if not that, she posts a video with her adorable and hilarious dogs:

Mr. Marbles (cute chihuahua)

Kermit (nasty Italian greyhound)

Peach (Italian greyhound)

Bunny (greyhound)

She also makes videos with her rambunctious boyfriend Julien Solomita. They do a podcast with each other. They often share vegan recipes if you’re interested in that. They joke about how they’re a Virgo and Aries couple, two signs not known for being compatible, which makes them even cuter. They’re both super cool and progressive. She also has a radio show on iHeart Radio.


She is a comedian and actress and YouTuber/ twitch streamer. She was born in 1986, so she’s 32 years old. She has the 86th most subscribed channel on YouTube. She has her own wax figure at Madame Tussauds.

Her Channel:

Jenna produces and edits her own videos. She has over 3.1 billion views and almost 20 million subscribers. She posts  every Thursday. She also twitch live streams video games like PUBG.



Julien’s Channel –


She and Julien make a funny and chill podcast. It comes out every Monday. It has 12,000 reviews on apple podcast and over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube. There are over 200 hour-long episodes available.

Radio Show:

Jenna hosts a radio show on Sirius XM at 6pm Fridays 6pm, Saturdays 2pm ET, and Sundays 8am and 8pm ET

Her stylish and funny persona makes her so fun to watch- so come join her fans!


My Brother, My Brother, and Me

mbmbam_317.0What can I say- the McElroy brothers are where it’s at!

MBMBAM (my-bim-bam) is a comedy advice podcast.

It stars Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, and is edited by Griffin McElroy.

Each episode is about one hour long and they come out each Monday.

What’s great about the podcast is that it has 450 episodes, BUT it doesn’t matter what episode you start with because there is no real plot!

The boys take listener’s questions and come with hilarious (and often bad) advice. They also have people find weird Yahoo! Answers questions and create comedy out of those.

There are some really funny bits within their podcast:

Munch Squad — they find ridiculous food ads and restaurant menu items.

Movie Watch — they create a fake plot for a new upcoming movie.

Haunted Doll Watch — they read ads for haunted dolls on eBay.

~~~~~~~plus more ~~~~~~~

The brothers never fail to make me laugh whether I’m baking, doing homework, running, or on a bike ride.

You can also find their tv show (which I want to write about in the future) at:

They also do live shows all over the country. You can find the tour dates, merchandise, YouTube videos, social media, and other podcasts:

Find the episodes at:


Apple Podcast

or on the Max Fun Network

Pleassssssse go check them out you’ll love them so much!

(Not recommended for anyone under 15, there is adult humor.)


Valentines Day for the Fun and Single



Beep, beep, beep,

The alarm wakes me from my sleep,

But I get some extra time to snooze,

‘Cuz I need not look cute for the single’s crew!


No need for makeup, perfume, or hair!

And you know my momma got me a bear!


Off to school nice and slow,

No must have hugs, or kisses to blow!


We make cards in first mod!

Mine reads: “With love the single’s squad!”


Couples kiss in the halls, it’s yucky!

And they think that they are lucky!


You can bet your girl gets Chocolate,

Eating all the truffles by myself, but I rock it,


I leave school without a special someone but that doesn’t mean I’m alone,

‘Cuz I got dog cuddles when I get home,


Time for a face mask, what a look!

I’m chill’n with Gosling and others from The Notebook!


But at the end of the night I do spread the love,

To my parents, friends, siblings, all of the above!

And though this might sound sappy,

This valentines I hope you are tremendously happy!


With love,

Single Pringle 🙂


history of the entire world, i guess (Video Review)


This is a crazily informative, wildly hilarious Youtube video by bill wurtz.

In the video, the history of everything, yes, everything, is explained using funny images and graphics. It’s surprisingly accurate on most things. bill wurtz goes through the Big Bang, the theory of evolution, and the development of animals on Earth, then jumps over to humans. He explains how human societies changed to countries and then began fighting with each other, making alliances, inventing cool stuff, etc. It’s all told in a crazy, hilarious, and easy-to-understand manner.


The jingles! (AKA: super-funny singsong soundbites)

Accurate history (Whoa, I did not know a quarter of that stuff)

It’s only 19 minutes, 25 seconds long! (How did he fit all of world history into that time? Nobody knows.)

Graphics (Not sophisticated, precisely, but very brightly colored. It’s like a party for your eyes.)


WAY too much profanity (Argh, my delicate ears! I really don’t appreciate unnecessary swearing, and that was definitely unnecessary. There’s a cleaned version on Youtube too, and after the first minute and a half of the original, I fled to that one.)

Score: 4/5, for the swears. Too many swears, bill wurtz. I could not deal. If there was no profanity at all, this would be a 5 1/2 out of 5.


(original) (cleaned) < I recommend cleaned

(his other video History of Japan) (censored History of Japan) < these are about 9 minutes

The Scariest Place in the World


Hi guys! Instead of art today, I have decided to submit in a poem I made about two years ago. Looking back on this, it seems a lot darker than anticipated…

Oh, somebody help me!
I’m in a scary room!
My tongue is slowly drying out,
I’m now facing my doom.

I stare into the bright lights,
As they continue to blind me.
Then things couldn’t get any worse,
A person walks behind me.

They are equipped with sharp tools,
And a scary mask too!
The person gets their big drill,
I don’t know what to do.

They do their special work on me,
I don’t know how it helps!
The horrible taste in my mouth,
It makes me want to yelp.

This is the worst place ever!
The worst place on my list.
I never want to go there again,
The place known as the dentist.


Spud by John van de Ruit


This is a hilarious novel set in South Africa in 1990. The book spans the time when the apartheid crumbles and Nelson Mandela is released from prison, but surprisingly it isn’t some book about foreign politics. “Spud” follows a boy, John Milton, through his experience in an all boys private boarding school (in Africa of course). Milton’s life is full of typical boyhood problems: girls, sports, academics, and hazing. The novel connects all those aspects with a humorous spin, and perhaps an exaggerated narrative voice.

“Spud” is John’s nickname given to him by other boys in the school. Spud is at the school on academic scholarship and begins his first days scared and worried. His dorm-mates are the wackiest people he’s ever met, and they throughout the novel get in lots of trouble. But within the school trouble means being cool and earning bragging rights amongst the other students. They eventually earn the group name “Crazy Eight” for all their feats.

Spud also has to deal with leaving his beloved, but crazy, relatives and the girl he loves. His mom is the normal one of the family, but she has her work cut-out managing a forgetful grandmother and Spud’s governmentally-paranoid father. But the person he misses most of all is Mermaid, his beautiful water-loving girlfriend. Spud makes a point to constantly write letters and keep in touch with distant family and friends.

John van de Ruit writes a story that touches on all the emotions. You feel the love and companionship from the schoolboys and Spud’s parents. The daring acts and sly jokes from the “Crazy Eight” bring tons of laughter. But de Ruit doesn’t just omit the tense political and opinion differences of the period, plus the culture and difficulties with South Africa are hit as well. All around great great great book. Some say it is the South African equivalent to Catcher in the Rye. Spud by John van de Ruit is my new favorite book.