Short Poems

a fountain pen propped upward on a stack of papers

These are a collection of short poems I’ve written over the years. Some of them were written a couple years ago, some were more recent. Enjoy!


In a clearing of crowded trees stands a home.

There is a fire burning in the fireplace, beckoning you.

The snowflakes are falling slowly outside.

Little cousins play, making snow angels.

The adults are sipping cider in the kitchen.

And a happy teen, lying in her bed.

Her home is where her soul belongs.

If only all homes were like this, warm and inviting,

thinks a sad little boy in the woods, frost biting his nose.


A clatter, a crash, it’s suddenly cold.

The walls are closing in.

An owl hoots, a wolf howls,

the night is pitch black, but it’s only four in the evening!

I am frightened . . . I refuse to be home alone again.

These ones were written for a writing prompt. You were given two words, and you were supposed to write a poem about each. Mine were home and scary.


Blow a bubble into the sky,

you hope it goes where mermaids cry,

you hope it goes where no one dies,

you hope it goes where nobody lies.

Blow a bubble into the sky,

but, alas, it goes as far as I.



Petals falling softly down,

vibrant colors all around.

Springtime, suntime, flowers dance,

slowly dipping in a trance.     

Sunshine, birdsong floating ‘round,

singing, buzzing, sweet spring sounds.

These are my happiest poems (so far). You always need to have some happy poetry in there!


Reaching aimlessly through the dark,

in this blackness there’s not even a spark.

Racing quickly towards the light,

running, beginning, starting my fight.

Please consume me, I silently say.

Make all this night go away.

Turn me into golden rays,

turn me into brilliance, day.

Like a moth to the flame,

a frightening, very dangerous game.

Flying away into the night,

hoping one day there will be light.

When the day comes that I reach the sun,

nevermore will I have to run.

This is one of my sadder/darker ones, and I like how it could mean anything. It could symbolize struggles with depression, anxiety, death, sickness, or any other thing like that.


Fighting with their lives on the edge,

trying to capture the miracle that will save.

United hearts pound, echoing eternal.

Everything has been hurt, mud, dirt, blood.

The faces turn straight toward the danger.

Their minds flash, seeing their family, friends, future, past.

Souls, remembering everything.

They fight for love.

This one actually one a writing contest. So I decided to save best for last!

Thanks for reading!

My Fan Art of Katsuki and Eijirou from My Hero Academia

Hello! Wow, I feel like I haven’t posted here in forever. Last year I was very busy. Studying for AP exams, juggling my after-school activities, and other obligations took up my time, so I had less time to do my favorite thing in the world: draw. Though I did sketch some doodles on my homework here and there, I didn’t make many completely finished digital or traditional paintings.

When I started drawing again this summer, I was out of practice. I became frustrated because nothing I made turned out the way I wanted. I know I’m always the one preaching about having confidence in your art, but I began losing confidence in my own. I felt like I was behind. There are so many people better than me, some much older and some younger.  However, there’s nothing wrong with that! Even though I’ve talked about this in all of my posts, it is SO important to work at your own pace. There are most likely people better than you at something, but so what? Look at the progress you’ve made, be proud of yourself and keep improving! This really works with any activity or passion, so I hope any of you reading this take my words to heart and apply them to your life.

If you’re still reading this, then let me talk about the actual picture I drew. As always, I drew it with my Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet Small (I wrote Intuos 5 on my last post, but that was a typo). In total, this took me like 4-5 hours? I split up the work in two days. The characters are from a series called My Hero Academia, which is all about a superhero high school training teens to be superheroes! The characters I drew are Katsuki Bakugou and Eijirou Kirishima. The one on the right, Katsuki, is really hot headed and kind of jerk, but Eijirou, the one with pointy teeth, brings out the best in him. They’re great friends, and I love their powerful dynamic! The outfits are based off the matching suits they wear in the upcoming My Hero Academia movie!

I’m still trying to figure out a good coloring style, so this serves as yet another experiment. I’ve learned that different shades of shadows and the smallest touches of detail really make a picture. I tried placing different colors in my shadows, like blues and yellows, as you can see. To be honest, the coloring looks kind of awkward in some places, but I’m still figuring out color theory and lighting. In the past, my coloring was a lot more bland, and sometimes it was too overwhelming; however, with more practice, I’m sure I can get it right!

This was a long post! I had a lot to say, I guess. In the future, I’m going to try to make more traditional art and step out of my comfort zone some more! Anyway, I hope you liked my drawing and please share some of yours! I’d really love to see some more art on here. As always, thank you so much for reading and remember to keep drawing!!

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Review


Image result for mr rogers

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” is a documentary that was released in select theaters June 8th. It follows Fred Rogers, the host of a TV show titled “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood” that aired from 1968 to 2001.

This film is very enjoyable. Even though I personally never grew up with the show, considering Fred Rogers passed away before I was born, from this movie, I can see that Fred was a man who was able to speak and relate to children, even through the seemingly invincible barrier of the TV screen.

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” also explores the idea that Fred Rogers was actually a troubled man. He had a fair number of issues.  In the film, there is a scene showing a note written by Fred Rogers which describes his own insecurities. He wasn’t a flawless person, and this adds a new complex layer to the story.

The film is set up like a broken timeline, following Fred Rogers’ life while occasionally skipping back and forth, covering topics like rumors involving him. It also covers his childhood.

Another thing: Watch the trailer. The trailer is one of the best I have ever seen. It’s gut wrenching, but in a beautiful way. Seriously, watch it.

Verdict: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” is a wonderfully crafted reminder of a kind man who was loved by many children, and still loved to this day, for his ability to relate to children and speak the truth. In this day and age, we need somebody like Fred Rogers, which the film implies perfectly.

Overall score: 8.5/10.



Summer Light Becomes (Nove Otto Poem)

photo of the sunDelightful day on summer’s dawn
Calms me so much it brings a yawn
To behold the sight is magic
The sun creeping out of the night
The joy of the light brings no fright
Though the end of peace is tragic
But bird calls are hymns of nature
Elegance of noise manifested by this creature

This is a new style of poetry I tried out, it’s nine lined with eight syllables each line with a rhyme scheme of aacbbcddc. You can read up on it on this site.

An Elegy

image of red rose with quill

Tonight I will stand for you even though you have fallen

Your life may have ended but the light you brought with you is immortal

For you I will never let my heart sink in despair

So, I will never waste the positivity you have planted in our hearts

But to mourn you for one second I shall stand in the darkness with you until you dropped deeply enough your burdens will have left you

In this your mark is branded on our hearts

Even though you lie elsewhere

This is my attempt at a very abbreviated elegy. An elegy is basically a reflective poem typically for when someone has died. You could compare it to a eulogy except an elegy is more reflective and obviously in a poem format.

If you want to read some elegies, I have a website for you:


Quietly the light it gathers

slowly comes the start of day

tranquillized and peaceful forces

gradual trail from eastward way

Pastels of colors carefully formed

and crystal moons in the rising sky

through which direction wind is blowing

every sound echoes softly by

Independent, cherished gold

soulful, touching through beauty’s eyes

there is waking on the Earth

welcoming the warmth of the sunrise

-3344marigold, 2017





The Other Wes Moore (Book Review)


Baltimore in the 1970s was a rough place. Around every corner were gangs of drug dealers and thieves, and the word murder was commonly used as much as it was committed. Growing up was especially hard for Wes, whose father had died when he was very young. Later on in his life, Wes learned that there was another man who grew up not far from himself, who shared his name. But their fates went in the opposite direction. Both boys had a troubled childhood. The other Wes was fatherless as well, and both battled moving and bad friendships. Friendships that led the other Wes to becoming a drug dealer in his early teens, and eventually taking part in a robbery and murder of a police officer. Both got in trouble with the police. Wes had trouble at academic school, and his mother eventually sent him off to military school. Finally finding his place and respect, Wes graduated from John Hopkins University and became a Rhodes Scholar. Both Wes’ were in the same situation. So how did their paths lead in completely opposite directions? Wes was so fascinated by this, he decided to visit the other Wes in Prison and find out more. Maybe it was because the other Wes grew up without an older man to be his role model. Or maybe it was his neighborhoods in his early life. But in the Novel The Other Wes Moore, written by Wes Moore, Wes finds out “the chilling truth that his story could have been mine. And the tragedy that my story could have been his.”

I would rate this book 5/5 stars for its depth and moral. A story may begin with a struggle, but you can still stand strong and become a great person. Because of certain language and content, my age recommendation is 13+. But of course, a mature reader below that age is welcome to read it if they see fit.