Review of the Movie “Bring It on: All or Nothing”

Two competing cheerleading squads


Britney Allen is the most popular girl in school. She’s the cheer captain and soon-to-be prom queen. But all of that changes when she is forced to transfer to a new school, her cheer squad’s rival. As she struggles to fit in at her new school, she tries out for the cheer team. At first, she has a conflict with the cheer captain of the new school. Camille. But Camille soon realizes that she needs Britney on her squad because of her skills. Rihanna holds a cheer competition and the winning team gets to be in her new music video. Britney’s new and old team are both competing in that competition. Britney has to figure out what team she is fighting for.

Rating: 10/10

My Opinion:

I absolutely love this movie! It was amazing! The choreography is great and the actors do a very good job at playing their characters! I love the plot and the movie is also funny. This movie inspired my love for cheer. This movie is PG-13 so it’s not the best movie for a younger kid to watch. There are many other movies in the series but this one was my favorite! I have re-watched this movie so many times!


Review of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

About this movie:

(Spoiler Alert)

Lara Jean Covey has a box in which she keeps love letters to boys she used to love. No one knows about these letters except for her. This box was given to Lara Jean by her mother who died two years ago. Lara Jean has a total of five love letters. One of which is to Josh, her neighbor. They used to be close friends when they were younger, but then they kind of drifted when he started dating Lara Jean’s older sister, Margot. Before moving away to college, Margot breaks up with Josh. One regular school day, Lara Jean sees Josh and 4 other guys with love letters that she wrote. Peter Kavinsky is one of the guys who received a letter. Eventually, Peter and Lara Jean start “pretend dating” so Lara Jean can convince Josh that she does not love him in that way anymore. Peter agrees to this in hopes of making his ex-girlfriend jealous and getting back together with her. Lara Jean goes from being ‘invisible’ to ‘visible’. But after a while, Lara Jean and Peter start to develop real feelings for each other.

Rating: 10/10

My opinion:

I absolutely loved this movie so much! The plot was so interesting, especially when Peter and Lara Jean started ‘pretend dating’.  I loved how well they picked the actors for the roles of the two main characters. I was waiting for this movie to come out for a while, since I read the book first. I knew the movie was going to be great after reading the book. I was not disappointed. I would definitely recommend this movie to my friends. This movie is intended for audiences 14+.

Thor: Ragnarok Review (Contains Spoilers)

Thor: Ragnarok movie poster

Review by mightbelumi

Thor: Ragnarok is the newest movie in the story line of Marvel’s Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and Mark Ruffalo. The movie starts with Thor on an unknown planet escaping with the Crown of Surta which becomes a major plot device later. The scene then jumps into the present, with Thor returning to Asgard to find Loki masquerading as Odin. Thor interrogates Loki until he gives up Odin’s location and they go to meet him. Odin tells the two brothers that he is dying, and once this happens his first-born daughter, Hela, will break free. She will undoubtedly try to conquer Asgard and other realms. When Thor and Loki first encounter Hela, she breaks Thor’s hammer, which greatly stunts his power. Thor and Loki are then trapped on Sakaar, an alien planet run by an insane grandmaster who forces people to fight in his colosseum. Thor is forced to fight Hulk and is knocked out by him. He eventually convinces Hulk to help him escape. Upon making it back to Asgard, Thor finds Asgard was taken over by Hela. The people had gone into hiding and were now moving to the Bifrost after Hela discovered their hiding location. When Thor is nearing death, he has a vision of Odin, who tells him that his hammer was only a catalyst for his power and that it didn’t directly make him any stronger. Upon realizing that their situation is incredibly dire, the heroes decide to place the Crown of Surta in The Eternal Flame. This summons Surta in his full power who destroys Hela along with Asgard.

Jack, 8th grade

The Conjuring: Movie Review

poster for the movie The Conjuring

Review by shreythemockingjay36

The Conjuring is about the Perron family who moves to a new house and right away something’s off. The dog the next day after they get there is found dead next to the house. They also experience noises, banging in the walls, and voices. The family then calls two paranormal investigators named Ed and Lorraine Warren. They quickly find that this isn’t a normal haunting but a satanic haunting which is trying to take a soul from them. The paranormal investigators decide to set up heat-sensor cameras and bells so they will know where the demon is. Can Ed and Lorraine get rid of the demonic presence or will the demon take a soul? Find out in The Conjuring.

Pros: Very scary, great characters/ cast , good ending and a very smart thriller, which you don’t see much now a days. It also has almost no digital effects which made it more realistic.

Score: 8.3/10

Background Information: This is based on the true story about the haunting of The Perron family. Ed and Lorraine Warren are also real paranormal investigators. They also investigated The Amityville Horror and the Enfield Haunting. Some movies based on their investigations are The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, A Haunting in Connecticut, and The Amityville Horror.

Boss Baby: Movie Review

Image result for Boss BabyReview by Alyssa7128

The Boss Baby is a fun family movie released March 31, 2017, told from the point of view of Tim, a 7-year-old who loves to use his imagination. Everything is perfect for him until his baby brother shows up. He seems to be taking over the whole house in his miniature suit and tie; Tim can’t even get a special song before he goes to bed! Tim wonders if there is enough love in his parent’s heart for himself. Can Tim finally get rid of the Boss Baby, and have his parents for himself or will he suffer for the rest of his childhood, standing in the Boss Baby’s shadow? Find out in The Boss Baby.

Setting: This movie takes place in Tim and his family’s house located in a small town, but later in the movie the scene changes to the airport, where they board a plane that takes Tim and Boss Baby to the convention center in Las Vegas. Theres also a small part of the movie that takes place in Puppy Co., and Baby Corp.

Characters: Boss Baby, Tim, Mom, Dad, Eugene (The Babysitter), Wizzie (Tim’s Talking Alarm), Staci, The Triplets, Jimbo (The overweight Baby), and Big Boss Baby Lady

Pros for the Movie: This was a very splendid movie. I love the moral at the end. The graphics are great, and I love how they made the Boss Baby’s eyes all cute and shiny when the boss baby ran out of aging formula. You get very attached to the characters too!

Cons for the Movie: The only con is that at the end when Tim gets Lamb-Lamb (Tim’s stuffed animal) back from Boss Baby, the face looks really creepy because of the button eye. I know that in the beginning Boss Baby rips Lamb-Lamb, but I don’t remember anything about the eye falling off when Boss Baby ripped it, so I don’t feel that they had to make Lamb-Lamb look scary with its button eye because of that. I do like the tie they put on Lamb-Lamb though, it’s really cute!

Age Recommendation: Maybe 8 and up. It could be higher or lower though.

Overall Score: 9.5/10 – To be honest, Lamb-Lamb creeped me out at the end, so that’s why I’m giving that score!

I feel like The Boss Baby might have been like a Sequel to Storks, because in the beginning, when the babies were getting their diapers and pacifier, it looked a little bit like how the babies got ready for when they got delivered by Storks. Comment what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Review of Dunkirk

Poster for the movie Dunkirk

Review by: jakobsherman

Dunkirk is a movie produced by Christopher Nolan, and soundtrack done by Hanz Zimmer. Dunkirk is a movie about the evacuation of over 400,000 men in WW2. This movie takes place on the beach of Dunkirk, the sea surrounding it, and the sky above it. As such, the movie revolves around three different plot lines. The movie starts off with the sound of ticking, like many other Hanz Zimmer films. The soundtrack uses something called the Sheppard’s tone, a musical illusion that is able to hold up everlasting suspense.

As for the acting, it is done perfectly. This movie stars Harry Styles, who I was fairly skeptical about, mostly because he has never acted before. However, this singer definitely has a future in the acting scene. This movie is not for the faint of heart. Many people die, however most characters live, and to be honest, it’s terrifying. It really just goes to show how it must’ve been like when real people were fighting on those beaches, because yes, this was a real event.

The plot of this movie is not for everyone. It’s more about the event rather than the people in it if that makes sense. There is very little dialogue and no character even has their name said to my knowledge. This movie grabs your hope, and just chucks it out the window, as boat after boat gets sunk by torpedoes. All three stories do connect in the end, but I don’t want to spoil what happens. This movie might be confusing, since everyone looks basically the same (which is accurate to the actual event). Plane fights are very realistic, but are still confusing. Just remember the planes with the yellow noses are Germans.

Overall, Dunkirk is amazing, and is definitely worth seeing in Imax theaters if at all possible since that’s how it was shot. I give this movie a 9.3/10.

Moana movie review


Review by: shreythemockingjay36

Moana is the story of the Hawaiian islands. Well one in particular as Moana, who’s supposed to become the leader someday, only wants to go to other islands and explore. It also tells the story of Maui and how he stole the heart of the creator of the islands. This created a butterfly effect which would eventually destroy all the islands. Moana finds that her island is next and goes on a journey to find Maui and return the heart before it’s too late. Find out if she succeeds or fails in the Disney instant classic Moana.

Setting: a small island in Hawaii.

Pros for movie: This was a very good movie. The graphics were great, it has a great plot, and a very good story. The  characters were very lovable too.

Cons for movie: The only con is not having Moana’s pet pig in the whole movie because that could have made it even more light-hearted.

Overall score: 8.5/10

If any of you have seen Moana there are rumors going around that there will be another one but live action. I also heard she was going to make an appearance in the new Wreck-It-Ralph movie. Comment if you know anything else about the movie.