One Day

Message in a Bottle

Your presence in my world, like a fiery sunrise

Your dark eyes crashed with the eyes beneath the mask

And destroyed the barrier within the coast and water

Finally, I emerged to land, fearless


So long I have drowned in the blues of the ocean

Yet you, a nobody, broke the barrier the fiercest couldn’t do

Oh, I was blind with the beauty of the deceiving water

That I could not see the pure green of the land


You tried, you cried when you needed me the most

When I look into your eyes, for the first time with sane sight

I saw the light of gold that shines beneath the darkness

An apology is what I owe


For being blind with the oceans I despise

It’s waves trapped me with full force

Yet, you saved me from the suffocation


But oh fate!

Oh fate was so cruel to tear us apart

Before the apology which pains me with guilt from dawn to dusk

Now you are far away, out of reach


Yet, I can’t hide what I have this time

I am not going to lie and I shall tell the truth

No matter how the crowd might judge

I believe there is more beneath your dark mask


One day,

You will come and we will be together. Once more

This time I will apologize

And talk and laugh of the tales of old times

And I must bring the smile to the face gone dark


I am dreading through this time

I know, and I believe you will come back to me

And I will come to you, grinning from ear to ear

To hold your hands and fly up high to the sky


We shall laugh and we shall cry

The stars will light up the night

No matter what they say we will be alright

Because you are my chance,


To rewrite the stars

The savior of my cruel fate

You are the one I will never take for granted

Few more days, Few more hours, Few more minutes,


Just a few more seconds

Then we will unite once more


Fahrenheit 451 poem


(In order to understand the poem, please read my review of the book.)

Books Burning

The Firemen                                   

By Marie Walters


“Burn them as they burn you.”

Minds are shut and locked, the keys lost in the folds of society.

Everything twisted into believing a lie, morals of the old world have vanished.

Men come silently in the night, Firemen are deaf to their own sirens.

Their victims smell the acrid smoke before the kerosene ignites.

Books aren’t for reading, they are for burning.

Burn the words. Burn all knowledge. Burn away defiance.

In the lifeless ruins of blackened, smoking ashes lies the deceased truth.

No one is free here. If you know too much, you are horrified.

If you’ve seen too much, you no longer trust your eyes.

If you’ve heard too much, your ears are scorched by cogency.

If you’ve read too much, you are the most powerful weapon.

Fire is beautiful. Power is dangerous.

“Burn them as they burn you.”

“Burn them as they burn you.”


Recall Springtime

Springtime Cherry Trees

Recall springtime:

crows circle on the sweet wind.

you trudge along the slippery gravel-mud road under

fragile blue sky, clover springing up around you

feel the honey gold sun landing

on your arms lighter than butterflies;

take heart. Spring is coming back again.



I felt the water, same as always,
but the light was gone.
pinned down like a moth
under the warm cascade,
both eyes and mind
struggling to adjust.
uncharted territory,
new decisions to make,
freedom and confusion
in the unexpected dark.

Short Poems

a fountain pen propped upward on a stack of papers

These are a collection of short poems I’ve written over the years. Some of them were written a couple years ago, some were more recent. Enjoy!


In a clearing of crowded trees stands a home.

There is a fire burning in the fireplace, beckoning you.

The snowflakes are falling slowly outside.

Little cousins play, making snow angels.

The adults are sipping cider in the kitchen.

And a happy teen, lying in her bed.

Her home is where her soul belongs.

If only all homes were like this, warm and inviting,

thinks a sad little boy in the woods, frost biting his nose.


A clatter, a crash, it’s suddenly cold.

The walls are closing in.

An owl hoots, a wolf howls,

the night is pitch black, but it’s only four in the evening!

I am frightened . . . I refuse to be home alone again.

These ones were written for a writing prompt. You were given two words, and you were supposed to write a poem about each. Mine were home and scary.


Blow a bubble into the sky,

you hope it goes where mermaids cry,

you hope it goes where no one dies,

you hope it goes where nobody lies.

Blow a bubble into the sky,

but, alas, it goes as far as I.



Petals falling softly down,

vibrant colors all around.

Springtime, suntime, flowers dance,

slowly dipping in a trance.     

Sunshine, birdsong floating ‘round,

singing, buzzing, sweet spring sounds.

These are my happiest poems (so far). You always need to have some happy poetry in there!


Reaching aimlessly through the dark,

in this blackness there’s not even a spark.

Racing quickly towards the light,

running, beginning, starting my fight.

Please consume me, I silently say.

Make all this night go away.

Turn me into golden rays,

turn me into brilliance, day.

Like a moth to the flame,

a frightening, very dangerous game.

Flying away into the night,

hoping one day there will be light.

When the day comes that I reach the sun,

nevermore will I have to run.

This is one of my sadder/darker ones, and I like how it could mean anything. It could symbolize struggles with depression, anxiety, death, sickness, or any other thing like that.


Fighting with their lives on the edge,

trying to capture the miracle that will save.

United hearts pound, echoing eternal.

Everything has been hurt, mud, dirt, blood.

The faces turn straight toward the danger.

Their minds flash, seeing their family, friends, future, past.

Souls, remembering everything.

They fight for love.

This one actually one a writing contest. So I decided to save best for last!

Thanks for reading!

For the Love of a Cat

cream colored cat laying with its chin on a red petunia bloom

Mischievous, Magnificent, Majestic; these words can only begin to describe the joy she brings. Magic, love, beauty; the thought of leaving her is unbearable. Happiness, laughter, and attention is all that she needs.

When one day she runs and jumps up onto the table; knocks off the plants and spills potting soil all over the clean, shiny floor. Shattered ceramics give the previously wooden floor a new rocky look; she marvels at her accomplishment, then chirps at the sight of me. She knows I still love her, no matter how close the scream is to my lips.

She stalks out of the room with her tail held high, her way of telling me she’s the fuzzy queen here. I guess queens nowadays are more mediocre in elegance because she trails out with dirty pawprints splattering the floor. (this adds to the rocky floor effect)

I am the queen’s servant. I must clean up the mess, for I have no other choice here. And yet I can’t help smiling at the thought of my royal highness. I can’t stop the laugh when my family sees the mess. Because it is impossible to be repulsed when you are a kitty.

-Marie Walters, 2015


Free Verse

girl running in the twilight

I saw the girl running
She was so very pretty
But she fell
And fell again
It seemed as though she did not know she was falling
She repeated that same mistake repeatedly
But her hair was still nice
Eyes still bright
I envied how she did not care
For I never fell
But my hair was matted
Eyes have long lost hope
This girl had too much
How could one be so happy
Was the secret to not care at all
I have always cared so that maybe one day I could be like her
But I now see that it was all a waste
And so I fell for the first time in so long