I wish we never met.  And went our separate ways.

I thought you’d be like them

Loving you one minute. Then over it

and every time we try to say a word

we leave each other mid- sentence,

and you leave me wondering when we’ll finish.


I know you never liked me

and you probably never will.

Made the biggest mistake of life

So now I pay the price,

Being close to someone else yet,

I still think of you


I’ve tried to forget you over and over,

but at the end of the day

you are always stuck in my head.

We’ve went separate ways,

I’ve tried someone else.

You forgot me yet,

I can’t be rid of you.


All my memories, none of them good but, one.

Why does it matter anyway?

You never really liked me.


Fake Me

Teen sitting on floor with self portraits on wall

The perfect smile. The perfect laugh. The perfect friends.

So perfect at everything I do.

You see so many people that laughs with me,

From a distance you see me as flawless.

Everything I do. Everywhere I go.

They all know me as the perfect

That fake smile I use. That fake laugh that comes out.

They are all foolish enough to belive I am perfect

I may not be in your head….

But I know you are one of them

Yes, I am happy with these people

Yes, sometimes they make me laugh

But… they are never there through dark times

They abandon me with nothing to do but cry

Have you evet wondered…

What makes me cry

What darkens my world and breaks me down

What turns me into shards of glass, or silver sharp knives

I’ve seen you look at me,

When I am having a good time

When I am one of them, the perfects

But we both have different roads to go

I wish to cross our paths but, we might never

I see you going farther and farther

To a place where I will never know you

I am running out of time until…

You fade away

Deep into my memories where you will be lost

If thats for the best than let it be

Then I might be far happier than now

One less person to think I am perfect



Why can it be so hard to remember things?

Who do I always forget to be?

Why is it that I can remember the big important events

but not the fine details that shaped me?

I can see it ever so clear in my mind

the details in the memory are so clean and pure

but why is it that I feel that pang

like I should have remembered something more?

Good memories remembered give me hope

hope to move on to the next day

that happiness that drove me

From the memory of yesterday

-Marie Walters, March 2018

Poem to my favorite food

close up photo of pizza

Hey favorite food I love you

On a cold wintery night when I take a big bite!

From your hot chewy cheese

To the warm stuffed crust

I really don’t know where to start

Leftovers? even more fun!

Gives me enough energy to light up my mood

“Pizza” thats what you are called

Now I really want one just like every other night

Because I know it will make me feel more that all right


photo of the sun

The heart of our solar system

Bright yellow, red, and orange

Lights up the mood of earth

Much hotter than your hearth


Shines the best in the summer

So we aren’t in a bummer

It;s beautiful, yet it’s dangerous

One straight look will blind you forever

The answer to when you’ll see again? is probably never


We need it to keep the earth alive

While the moon needs it to glow up all night

Yes, it’s dangerous but the sun loves us all so it keeps everyone bright


If the sun ever dies we will be left in the dark

With nothing to do but, die without a mark

Collection of Sonnets

photo of river with small waterfall

Words of a Poet

Words on a page can do you no harm.

Isn’t that a unique charm?

In a world that constantly spews hate

there is no need to wonder at your fate.

We would rather isolate our feelings,

down in the darkest pits we stop dreaming.

Our rainbows turn to storms

while we suffer and conform.

Your words turned to daggers,

and our victims left alone to stagger.

No one seems to remember

that the best way to light an ember

is to give a rose

to those you call foes.


Evening Light

Do you remember

The unholy pretender?

Who came into town

with the sun upon his crown?

He swept me away

then disappeared like the fae.

With a love he knew would end

he left me too broken to mend.

He left me by the river,

shimmering like quicksilver.

The town talked of crime

of how he ran out of time,

but I know what he left.

The perfect theft.


Fairytale World

Princes and Queens, Princesses and Kings

A good fairytale of these will forever ring.

The tales of dangerous, heroic feats,

they perform without missing even half a beat.

But who has heard of the weeping

King; the Queen bleeping?

No one wants a story of real, bleeding, people,

so what we feed them is pure evil.

We speak of stone men,

and emotional women.

Of meaningless death

and tales of Macbeth.

Stories where no one ever communicates

and the heroes are always straight.

The Darkness amidst us


Life is of massive dark skies

underneath which cannons blow

swords clang and arrows fly

Chains abound your scornful wrists

imprisoned in the lurking mist

Power comes from want and greed

and those who want it

do not stop until they succeed

Betrayal in a gruesome way

all of life has seemed to decay

And the wailing fills the listening ears

but they dread what they come to hear

for it may just become their worst fear

When they come to find it inside themselves


– Marie Walters, 2018