Random Poetry Collection 2

This poetry collection is just a few random recent poems I’ve created. Even though they do not follow a particular theme I hope you enjoy them!

Let Them Be

Let them be stars.

Close to earth, recognized,

Their glow diminishes all others

I am but a planet.

From a faraway galaxy,

No one cares enough to name.

Let them be diamonds.

Poking from the earth,

Sought out by everyone.

I am but a rock.

Thrown below the coal black dust, Waiting to be discovered.

Let them be paint.

Of bright blazing brilliance, Staining the world vivid hues.

I am but a pencil.

Of graphite dancing across papers, Gritty erasers smudge out mistakes.

Let them be them.

Admired but admired,

Presumed to be perfect.

I am but me.

Sometimes wishing to be them,

But I am but me.

And there’s nothing or no one I’d rather be.


A rumble of thunder

The buzzing of bees

A clattering of footsteps

The rising of voices

Like a wave from the sea

Crashing on the shore

Sometimes I am a single drop

Adding to the wave

But most times I am silence

Letting the sound fill me up

My quiet

Against the tide


Sun rising over grass with dew
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

(This is four haikus in one poem.)

the wet sparkling dew

it is cold and clear and crisp

on the bright green grass

the sun starts to rise

up above the golden trees

a chilly breeze blows

the sky is silver

and mist floats above the ground

the world is so calm

so early in the morning

we venture into the woods

so early in the morning

Poetry Collection 1

Musical notes

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

This poem collection features two of my poems about music. As an avid musician I am excited to share these!

World Off

Music on, world off.

Lyrics my story,

songs are my moods.

A world in my head,

soundtrack in my mind.

I turn shuffle on,

all of the time.

When encores conclude,

Still stuck in my head.

Played over and over,

It won’t stop again.

My heartbeat is rhythm,

My footsteps are base.

My actions the melody,

The artist my faith.

Music on, world off.

Just turn it on,

I will escape.

Spilling Music

A deep breath and music spills from the keys,

Rhythm on with my heartbeat.

Nodding my head,

tapping my feet,

Almost like the piano can sing.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,

But music is worth even more.

Each song an emotion, a color, a feeling,

A language for even those who can’t speak.

A book for even those who can’t read,

A picture for those who can’t see.

With every country and government,

Culture, race, religion, and belief.

It seems like connections are few and far between,

But music is the one thing to which we all relate.

The old and young, the small the great.

And just to think something so big is a part of me,

So I take a deep breath and music spills from the keys.

Mask / Letting Go

I shroud myself in camoflauge

Blending in with the world around me

I be what they want me to be:


Just right

But sometimes it fails

Some of Me leaking through the shadows

Some light in the darkness

My mask is sometimes unstable

What I love:




What they want me to love:




Outside is camoflauge

Blending in

My Mask

Inside is swirling colors


A song

I can’t always help

Letting my true self out

But maybe I do want to

Maybe one day I could shine

Letting out my rainbow

Throwing down my mask

It’s an obsession

To hide behind my wall

Never wanting to come out

But I will have to


Break down my mask

It starts as a speck

A little tweak in the system

Then it grows

Spreading everywhere

A mass of malignity

It’s more than just sickness

It’s disease

The late nights

The breakdowns, the tears

The IVs


In a constant flow

The sadness

The neverending hole of depression


And then a relapse

And then


A funeral



On the ground



Sun peeking over a hill

Letting go

Finding happiness


Healing the hole in your heart.

Note: The first poem is true, the second is not.

— The Musical Author 🙂

The Truth of Reality


The told truths,

And the found lies,

Poison the air around.

The truth of reality

Is the friends that support,

And the enemies who devour.

The feelings of happiness

When antics are shared.

The pain, the anguish,

And the humiliation.

The thrill of being superior

Around the peers of society.

A black hole of society,

That feasts on the anguish

And degradation of all.

The truth of reality,

A blanket of untruths,

That obscures truth,

That is ambiguous

To the human eye.

Never true contentment.

Thoughts of hated oppressors,

Attack! Attack! Attack!

The minds of all.

With nowhere,

Nowhere to hide.

The truth of reality,

Is never truly seen,

The truth of reality,

Is that society,

Is King!

Long Poems


I felt like trying out something new, so why not a sonnet? They are very complicated though, and you need exactly ten syllables per stanza, and an ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheme. Beware: it’s kind of dark. (The second poem isn’t a sonnet, it’s free verse.)

A girl fights the wind of an icy storm.

Her cracked, ice-covered face is turning blue.

Her billowing cape is so ripped and torn,

it is dirt-crusted, threadbare, and not new.

She dreams of her house, of her clothes and comb

as the wind relentlessly pelts her hard.

She wishes that she could get back home,

and to this, she would prefer getting charred.

And then in the storm’s one last daring feat,

her dusty cloak is stolen by the sky.

She is broken, but it’s not her defeat,

her body drops to the ground, her eyes dry.

She thinks to herself, This is not the end.

I’m determined, I’ll eventually mend.

In a world of darkness, where is the light?

In a world of wrong, where is the right?

In a world of no melody, where is the song?

In a world of short messages, where are the long?

In a world of confusion, where are the solutions?

In a world that should be clean, why is there pollution?

In a world of wars, where is the peace?

In a world that should be rising, why do we decrease?

In a world where some are wealthy, why do those take gems?

In a world where the piles of bad are growing,

why do you add to them?

Thanks for reading!