Dear Past,

blue-sky-bright-clouds-125457Dear Past,

The day you left, the present came

Bought along with a brand new smile, and a brand new face

Don’t know why don’t know how

But this present will overshadow you

Dear Past,

I watched your things being packed away with a smile

Not wanting a piece of you,

To remind me of your horror

I know this present has bought me more

More, that I’ve asked for before

But, I still thank you,

For setting me on a beautiful path,

That I have never dreamed of

Tonight, the happiness is celebrated

With lots of lively laughter

Because, what I have wished for,

Has come to be true

And this present is onto something…

A lead to a beautiful future


Valentines Day for the Fun and Single



Beep, beep, beep,

The alarm wakes me from my sleep,

But I get some extra time to snooze,

‘Cuz I need not look cute for the single’s crew!


No need for makeup, perfume, or hair!

And you know my momma got me a bear!


Off to school nice and slow,

No must have hugs, or kisses to blow!


We make cards in first mod!

Mine reads: “With love the single’s squad!”


Couples kiss in the halls, it’s yucky!

And they think that they are lucky!


You can bet your girl gets Chocolate,

Eating all the truffles by myself, but I rock it,


I leave school without a special someone but that doesn’t mean I’m alone,

‘Cuz I got dog cuddles when I get home,


Time for a face mask, what a look!

I’m chill’n with Gosling and others from The Notebook!


But at the end of the night I do spread the love,

To my parents, friends, siblings, all of the above!

And though this might sound sappy,

This valentines I hope you are tremendously happy!


With love,

Single Pringle 🙂


Bird Leaves

it’s not very wonderful when the leaves escape,

skittering over the muck hand in hand with the wind.

we need to pin their fragile bodies down

and shove them into stiff brown paper leaf bags.

is it odd that we entomb these tree-children in

the pulverized entrails of their cousins?

would it be better if we left them, soggy and dissolving in the mud,

interlaced with grass, to liquefy and pass away from us?

to nourish the sprightly greenness of a spring lawn

to weave into the food chain rightful place, to feed the worms!

better? that is questionable. but every time the wind comes calling,

I do what I have always done, and see the brave few leaves that leave,

away across the pastel evening, singing through the chill blue rush of air

escaped from the rake like birds set free

Tempus Fugit

vinyl record


The more I have lived, the more I realize how there is never enough time to do everything.

There will always be those setbacks upon the plans of the day, and when I get back to them, I’ve already lost it.

It seems that the harder I work, the faster the clock ticks;

until its gone out the window and I’m down here crying on the floor.

All of the chances I get are gone in a snap, its all I can do not to lose my grip when I reach for them.

Just when autumn’s leaves start to turn, the snow is suddenly falling from grey clouds.

And you might as well just say Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all the same thing.

Life is a record, going around and around. We’re just changing the music.

So however long I live, I know that time will never stop.

And just like life, time is never going to slow up and wait for you either.


Marie Walters, 2018


A Tree Stump Poem

I was the best in the field,

and yet my owner cut me down,

Now I have become a short,

sad tree stump for now.


Once I was a towering tree,

the bravest and tallest giant of the woods to thrive,

Holding onto my leaves like an umbrella for humans,

happy to be alive.


And then I was cut down in pieces,

and sold for my parts,

Headed to a factory,

and then to supermarts.


You may have broken me down,

but still you use me everywhere,

From lumberjack to factory,

my life has never been fair.


I can be used for writing words and numbers,

acting as both required,

Or in the cold, frigid, winter months,

you burn me for your fire.


But now I have been cut –

a tree stump just sitting here I will rot,

alone and abandoned for more than a year.


And yet I still have faith,

and courage to shoot up again,

Become taller and stronger,

unable to be cut by men.


But for right now, I will just be staying here,

My back aching from the bumps I got,

So I shall just remain a sad little tree stump.


-Lynette M. Hemingway, 8th grader

Halloween Poem

On a hazy, moonless, October night,
The house glowed with an ominous light,
Like a moth to a flame,
The man was drawn just the same,
Through the creaky door,
The man heard a wailing roar,
Every hair raised on the back of his neck,
He pondered whether to leave or to check,
To the contrary of what he first saw,
The room was now as dark as a black cat’s paw,
He stumbled in and to his dismay,
The man felt breathing every which way,
The lights flashed on as he heard “Surprise!”,
He was surrounded by red beady eyes,
The man was never seen again,
And that house remains a vampire’s den.