On the Road to Peace

dove of peace

What is peace one might ask,
A magificent thing that will save us all,
Without it, humanity is a failing task,
That will cause our fall,

Some help others in finding it,
While others think they can create it if they were in charge,
If you don’t let pride consume you bit by bit,
Then your hate becomes small and your love becomes large,

Fear not- hope is arising in everyone,
And one day peace will be upon us,
In every mother, father, daughter, and son,
We will be united in kindness and trust,

Peace lies on the road ahead,
If you believe, then pass on what I have said.


letter tiles spell out the word adventure above a compass
Adventure, picture from Pixabay

Why would you do a dangerous stunt like that?

When will you grow up?

Can you do anything right, you snotty brat?

Haven’t you done enough?

These are questions we get asked after doing stunts most wouldn’t endure,

Why we do these stupid things,

Is simple, for the adventure,

We need something to make us feel like we have wings.

The thrill of flying,

The thrill of falling,

The thrill of trying,

The thrill of calling.

These make the punishment worth it,

You only need your imagination and wits.

Ode to Music

An artistic rendering of sheet music has the treble clef and the musical staff fading into the distance
Music; image from Pixabay

Emotions, feelings, pouring out of me

in the form of song

A waterfall of words

turns into chords

The sound of an orchestra

surrounds me

stills my thumping heart

The darkness

turns into light

with this serenade,

a part of my soul

Vibrance rolls off of my eyes,

wide open to see

The touch, icy, of quarter notes

blooms beneath my palm

This psalm is part of me,

yet growing everywhere

It thrives in unlikely places:

in the others

in the city

in the sky

in you

The thrumming of the baseline sparks me

The melody, the harmony

a tender tune

It brings to life sorrows


But also freedom

new hope

May the song ever stay in my heart

the warmth

chromatic cold

The song falls

so joyfully onto my face

like sweet rain

The music rockets in my ears

and I’m alone

in its embrace

Music has been a huge part of my life, and this poem is dedicated to that. The meaning of this poem is that it hasn’t just been a singular instrument that I enjoy the most. It’s what an entire band can make together. When I feel sad I listen to music, when I feel happy I play the clarinet, and I sing all the time.


A croissant


I’ve dropped,

My sweet, buttery croissant,

It’s slow fall, seems to taunt,

My hungry need,

For this croissant,

It hits the floor, “Ah!”, I scream,

It seems to haunt,

My ghost croissant,

Now the five second rule,

Cannot apply to this croissant ghoul,

Yet my  mouth starts to drool,

“No!” I say,

It can’t be eaten,

There’s too big a price to pay,

So I go sit haunted, hungry, and sad,

Maybe next year I can get,

The croissant I love and need so bad!



Happy 2020! And I hope you enjoyed my ode to my favorite vine!!!

When do I Give in?

A woman is shown in a superhero pose, as if blasting through the air
Image From Pixabay

When do I give in?

Everyday “friends” joke about your looks,

Because that’s what matters these days,

Not if your smart, brave, or love books,

Beauty is what we praise.

When do I give in?

Every night you can’t sleep,

“Don’t think about it, don’t remember” is what your mind screams,

You fear people will think you’re a creep,

Those are your frightening dreams.

When do I give in?

Every time your name is said,

You’re scared of what they mean,

You wonder if they’re just messing with your head,

But you realize they were talking to to the popular girl, that’s actually seen.

When do I give in?

Never, face your problems head on, and win.

Peace to Everyone

A metal heart with the peace symbol inside
“spread the peace 21” by karen H. nickname.{ pooh} is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Peace is something hard to find, 

Even if it’s just someone kind, 

Peace means something to everyone here, 

Weather it’s segregation or stopping fear, 

It could be as little as sisters fighting, 

Or as big as wars lighting, 

We will know the world is at peace, 

When all hatred has seceded, 

Till then we can only try and believe, 

But think of it as a blessing, not a burden to heave, 

For we are lucky to have love in our heart,  

Instead of one that has been ripped apart,  

Share this message with everyone you see, 

Friend or foe, you will truly feel glee. 

Powerless or Powerful

Empower You

Some are born with power,

They think they are the best then self,

In truth they just cower,

Behind money, greed, and wealth.


Those who aren’t born with power will,

Rise to the occasion,

Or trick themselves into thinking their live will stay still,

But it’s more than that, life has many stations.


The only person who can break that loop though,

Is the person you see in the mirror every day,

If you want happiness then you need to stop being blue,

Look at life differently and love will stay.


Rip off the labels others have given you,

So you can go out and do.