Bring me Back


The moon shines over the truth

Nothing that I want to hide

Every time I try, the mountains rise

Higher than I can climb

You are the change, the different

Something that I am not afraid to confess

Unlike the rest, always buried in my mind

I am fighting a losing battle,

Promise you I will hold on till my last breath

Tell me we will meet again

Promise me you will break through these mountains

When I never can

I know,

One day you will turn around

To break through these mountains

To give me another chance, to see the sunlight

To bring me back


The Fate


I am sitting here, waiting for it to end

In a prison cell dark and gloomy

The end is near, I can feel it

That shaking fear exists no more

I shall be without a head, soon enough

For so long I have waited…

Just for the end

Though I will tell on lies

I warn you all

They will shroud the truth

I did no such thing to be in this place

I am of innocence

The love was never fake, nor were my words

I did nothing wrong to love and believe

For those in the future

I shall remind you of my time

That I will go in front of them all

But with courage and justice, by my side

I do not care anymore of my fate

That trembling fear is gone

I welcome fate with both hands

As I am a queen that will be at the top

And no mortals can take that title away

The end is near,

The courage inside rises

My head held high

As I face my fate

Short Poems

a fountain pen propped upward on a stack of papers

These are a collection of short poems I’ve written over the years. Some of them were written a couple years ago, some were more recent. Enjoy!


In a clearing of crowded trees stands a home.

There is a fire burning in the fireplace, beckoning you.

The snowflakes are falling slowly outside.

Little cousins play, making snow angels.

The adults are sipping cider in the kitchen.

And a happy teen, lying in her bed.

Her home is where her soul belongs.

If only all homes were like this, warm and inviting,

thinks a sad little boy in the woods, frost biting his nose.


A clatter, a crash, it’s suddenly cold.

The walls are closing in.

An owl hoots, a wolf howls,

the night is pitch black, but it’s only four in the evening!

I am frightened . . . I refuse to be home alone again.

These ones were written for a writing prompt. You were given two words, and you were supposed to write a poem about each. Mine were home and scary.


Blow a bubble into the sky,

you hope it goes where mermaids cry,

you hope it goes where no one dies,

you hope it goes where nobody lies.

Blow a bubble into the sky,

but, alas, it goes as far as I.



Petals falling softly down,

vibrant colors all around.

Springtime, suntime, flowers dance,

slowly dipping in a trance.     

Sunshine, birdsong floating ‘round,

singing, buzzing, sweet spring sounds.

These are my happiest poems (so far). You always need to have some happy poetry in there!


Reaching aimlessly through the dark,

in this blackness there’s not even a spark.

Racing quickly towards the light,

running, beginning, starting my fight.

Please consume me, I silently say.

Make all this night go away.

Turn me into golden rays,

turn me into brilliance, day.

Like a moth to the flame,

a frightening, very dangerous game.

Flying away into the night,

hoping one day there will be light.

When the day comes that I reach the sun,

nevermore will I have to run.

This is one of my sadder/darker ones, and I like how it could mean anything. It could symbolize struggles with depression, anxiety, death, sickness, or any other thing like that.


Fighting with their lives on the edge,

trying to capture the miracle that will save.

United hearts pound, echoing eternal.

Everything has been hurt, mud, dirt, blood.

The faces turn straight toward the danger.

Their minds flash, seeing their family, friends, future, past.

Souls, remembering everything.

They fight for love.

This one actually one a writing contest. So I decided to save best for last!

Thanks for reading!

Morning Haiku

sun shining through clouds onto a green mountain range

In the ravines of

the fruitful morning valleys

fog rises slowly

driven by the heat

the mist is burned by the sun

water crackling

In the shadows of

the trees and beneath the ferns

cool air and calming

so that dewdrops sit

alive and in the petals

of a dying flower

Atop the peaks of

the greenest of the mountains

for longest miles

only can be seen

the breathtaking horizon

morning, sun, and mist

-Marie Walters, February 2019

For the Love of a Cat

cream colored cat laying with its chin on a red petunia bloom

Mischievous, Magnificent, Majestic; these words can only begin to describe the joy she brings. Magic, love, beauty; the thought of leaving her is unbearable. Happiness, laughter, and attention is all that she needs.

When one day she runs and jumps up onto the table; knocks off the plants and spills potting soil all over the clean, shiny floor. Shattered ceramics give the previously wooden floor a new rocky look; she marvels at her accomplishment, then chirps at the sight of me. She knows I still love her, no matter how close the scream is to my lips.

She stalks out of the room with her tail held high, her way of telling me she’s the fuzzy queen here. I guess queens nowadays are more mediocre in elegance because she trails out with dirty pawprints splattering the floor. (this adds to the rocky floor effect)

I am the queen’s servant. I must clean up the mess, for I have no other choice here. And yet I can’t help smiling at the thought of my royal highness. I can’t stop the laugh when my family sees the mess. Because it is impossible to be repulsed when you are a kitty.

-Marie Walters, 2015


Free Verse

girl running in the twilight

I saw the girl running
She was so very pretty
But she fell
And fell again
It seemed as though she did not know she was falling
She repeated that same mistake repeatedly
But her hair was still nice
Eyes still bright
I envied how she did not care
For I never fell
But my hair was matted
Eyes have long lost hope
This girl had too much
How could one be so happy
Was the secret to not care at all
I have always cared so that maybe one day I could be like her
But I now see that it was all a waste
And so I fell for the first time in so long

Saying Goodbye

Stars in the night sky. One cluster is very bright.

Stars scattered around the blurry night sky,

it’s time for me to say goodbye.

The moon shining down, a flashlight from above,

it’s time for me to release my love.

Your shining eyes, my hurting heart,

you don’t want us to be apart.

You don’t understand, I must, I must,

just give me a little trust.

If we felt colors, there would be gray inside,

we are merely ants in destiny’s tides.

You promise to never, ever forget me,

but you will . . . eventually.

True love is deeper than the deepest wells,

so powerful, it you could never sell.

We stand there, I’m about to leave you,

maybe when I’m gone, you can begin anew.

You can get a new family and a home,

then you won’t be on your own.

Then the rain starts falling down,

it mixes with tears and the dirt all around.

So, the last thing I whisper to you

is that I hope all of your dreams come true.

One last hug, a couple of tears,

I’ll be gone for more than a few years.

So goodbye, I say, I love you so,

I’m afraid I have to go.

Away I fly, up to the stars,

past Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Mars.

And on Earth you await my return,

and living your life I hope you learn

to truly let someone go,

and know that you are my home . . .