I pass through places dark and lost,

Prices higher than what I’d cost.

I walk through worlds without a word,

Watching the flight of an mockingbird.

I stride through cities consumed by the past,

Sorrowful nations that had seen their last.

I stagger through streets sometimes all alone,

Searching for a seat to call my throne.

I dance through domains drowned by death,

Desolate darkness where none draw breath.

I ramble through realms wrought in the rain,

Rebels and rogues who realize pain.

I flee federations forgotten and found,

Fading fantasies that fear has crowned.

I linger through lands longing for her lips,

Lonely and lamenting this my heart’s Eclipse.


The Dream


By: gammälräkürin

As I lay asleep in bed,

a fiery dream flickers in my head.

Rotting corpses, rank and dead,

I cannot stop the feeling of dread.


As I fall down to the ground,

a fiery dream races around.

Pale faces, drained of blood,

gore soaked into the mud.


As I cry to my demise,

sobbing, choking on the lies;

my dreams come and go like thieves,

A cadaver going and going grieves.



By: gammälräkürin

Each and every word you spoke,

was fire in a wooden bowl.

A cloth you dyed; a chain you broke,

fingerprints upon my soul.


Every kiss in your warm embrace,

gently took its toll.

A knife in my heart, tears on my face,

fingerprints upon my soul.


Each day I live without you near,

is a day I weakly crawl.

Without you I have only fear,

those fingerprints upon my soul.


The click of a latch

a wave of sweet smelling sap arises

I gaze down at my reflection

on a polished chestnut surface


light makes rainbow waves

as I delicately pick it up

and hold it in my arms

so light and hollow with its wooden body

and a smooth, black fingerboard


as I cradle it in my shoulder

and draw the bow across the strings

a sad, mournful, melodic sound

vibrates into silence

stillness aching for more


fingers erupt and muscles move

as a tune is played for one ear

but for all to hear


and melancholy ringing fills the air

like a fresh breath into the lungs


though desolate of words

it does not lack meaning


an explanation of the sense

and emotion

that it holds


energy in my arms

music for my heart


body, mind, and instrument

move together

think together

express together


when I play the violin.


-Marie Walters 2017





In the distance

the slow murmur of tree frogs

and crickets so close

but unreachable

darkness settles down

so the glare of light from the candle

casts ghostly shadows on the ground

and the silence is overwhelming

broken only by a lonely wolf in the distance

howling at the moon

settled deeply in the stars

that reflect upon a moth’s papery grey wings

as it flutters into the forest

dark with secrets and house of the unknown

and outlined at the top

the black shape of a hawk perched

atop the highest tree

salutes to the night sky

and better yet

the coming day

Marie Walters 2017

Egghead: Or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone) by: Bo Burnham


Review by: Sophy

Egghead: Or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone is written by comedian Bo Burnham and is a collection of witty poems and thoughts with illustrations created by his friend Chance Bone. Though these poems and thoughts may almost cross the line of being offensive, they can make you laugh and think about the author’s wit and onstage personality. I recommend older teens to read this book, as some of the content is inappropriate for people any younger. Even though the content may be offensive, it’s still fun.



The feeling of loss

the feeling of loneliness

the feeling that something didn’t go right


Unfair and deeply sad

aching throughout the night


The feeling of hurt

the feeling of pain


Sorrow, hopelessness, fear


Like someone you love has just gone away

or something bad is drawing near


Is there nothing to ease the pain

is there nothing to prove the claim

to mend the tear

to fix the rip

to help myself

get a grip

a perfect life

that has been flipped


Is there anything

for a start


That can fix my aching heart?


– Marie Walters, 2016