Sonic Unleashed


Sonic Unloaded is a game released in 2008 for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii systems. The game follows Sonic the hedgehog as he stops Dr Eggman from unleashing a monster known as Dark Gaia. Sonic does so with the help of an amnesiac Light Gaia. Meanwhile Sonic has to deal with his werehog form, which he turns into at night.

There are two versions of the game, version one was released for the Xbox360 and PS3, and version two was released for the PS2 and Wii. Version one was pretty fun to play. The daytime levels are fast placed and action packed, but the nighttime levels are bland and boring. Not to mention it has the worst difficultly of any video game I’ve ever played. I love the open worlds that you explore in between levels.

Version two had action packed day levels, but they were kind of bland. The night levels are more fun, but still not that great. I also hate how in between levels you point and click on pictures of the world, rather than exploring it.

Overall this game is good, but not great. I can’t decide which version I like better. My final score is a 7/10.


We Are Okay — Review


Christmas break has begun, and the students have all gone home, but Marin has chosen to spend the holiday all alone in her college dorm. Orphaned when her grandfather died last summer, Marin not only has no place to go, but isn’t sure she wants to return to the home they shared in San Francisco. Staying in New York keeps the ghosts at bay, and helps Marin keep from slipping back into the emotional abyss she fell into when she discovered her grandfather was gone.

But New York is so much colder than California, and while snow is pretty, it’s a bit much for a girl raised near beaches and sun. And now that her best friend, Mabel, has come to visit, Marin finds herself facing some tough questions. Will she stay in New York or come back to California? And, if she does return, who exactly will she be?

Told in chapters that alternate between the present and the summer prior to Marin’s coming to college, this novel explores the events leading up to her grandfather’s tragic death and the subsequent grief she chooses to navigate on her own. While Marin and her grandfather had lived together since her mother died when she was three, the two navigated in separate circles that overlapped in the shared center space of their home. Marin does not question the fact that she has never entered her grandfather’s bedroom or study, nor has he ever ventured into her rooms at the front of the house. She simply believes it is because they both like their privacy, and doesn’t think the arrangement odd until her friends question why she doesn’t even know how many bedrooms her home contains.

This separation and the revelation of several secrets Marin discovers after her grandfather dies leaves her not only grieving his death, but questioning their relationship and whether she ever even knew who her grandfather was. In addition, Marin must face the fact that she had been deeply lonely her entire life, and that she is worthy of the love and support Mabel and her family continue to offer her.

This novel, which was selected as the 2018 Printz award winner by the Young Adult Library Services Association, is a very strong novel that I would recommend to any teen reader.

Annabelle: Movie Review

picture of movie cover--doll and title


Synopsis:  Annabelle is the story of a young couple who are expecting a baby.  Since the husband is going to medical school, and doesn’t see his wife often, he buys her a doll. One night their neighbors are brutally murdered by Satanists, and after, break into the couple’s house. The couple is saved by the police, but the cultists conjured a horrible demonic presence into the doll.  After the baby is born, the demon uses the doll as a conduit and tries to capture the new born’s soul.  Can the couple get rid of the demon or will the demon take the baby’s soul?  Find out in the movie Annabelle.

Pros: The doll looked perfectly creepy but looked nothing like the real one. Pretty good acting, and characters.

Cons: The story was awful, shallow, and confusing. The movie was not scary, but more suspenseful.  Annabelle also copied parts from Rosemary’s Baby but failed.

Rating: 5.5/10, Very Bad

I was looking forward to this movie to see how Annabelle fit into The Conjuring universe, but it was just another overhyped horror movie that will be forgotten if it hasn’t been already. Thankfully, The Conjuring creators saved the Annabelle franchise with a spectacular prequel to this trainwreck.


The Runaway King – Review

book cover for "The Runaway King" - a broken sword on a green background

The Runaway King is the second book in the Ascendance Trilogy.

Jaron has just barely become king when an assassination attempt forces him to begin making plans. As pressure mounts on his shoulders, he finally concludes that deserting the kingdom is likely his only chance to save it. Or, in other words, going to the Avenian Pirates is the only lead he has on how to begin saving his country. Resuming his old identity of Sage, he is forced into dangerous situations in hopes of pulling off a miraculous save. Jaron must face his past, learn his friends from foes, and who he truly can trust, or more correctly, who he cannot.

I really enjoyed this book. Jaron is the sort of character that you love and cannot help but be driven up the wall by at the same time. This new adventure is full of exactly the sort of ridiculous things I could see him doing, and he does them perfectly. Or not perfectly, I guess, but incredibly well, given what the actions themselves are. He is hilarious and determined to save the day,  no matter the personal cost.

I would give this a 4.6/5. Jaron is determined to save everyone and everything, and this book shows that determination perfectly.

Light of Mine by Kyle

Light of Mine is the debut album released by the rapper Kyle. It was released May 18, 2018. Because there are so many songs I will not be reviewing all of them, just some of my favorites.

“Ups and Downs”- A good way to start the album. This song introduces us to both Kyle’s singing and rapping.

“Zoom”- The beat is nice. I love how it sounds like he’s singing and rapping at the same time.

“To the Moon”- I like the beat and the lyrics. This is one epic song.

“Rodeo”- This song has my favorite beat on the album. The lyrics are also really catchy and awesime.

“I Spy” featuring Lil Yachty- This song is the song that made Kyle popular and its easy to see why. This song is catchy and has a great chorus.

Overall, this album is good and awesome. The rest of the songs are pretty cool too, but those were just my favorites. Overall this album gets a 10/10.

The Adventure Zone: A D&D Podcast

The Adventure Zone is a maximum fun podcast. It is hosted by three hilarious brothers – Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy as well as their equally funny father Clint McElroy. For each episode you join the family playing their  twist of version 5 Dungeons and Dragons. The first episode will touch on the rules of D&D so it’s ok if you don’t know them.

Through out the 69 episodes of the “Balance” Arch you follow the lovable characters of Taako the elf (played by Justin), Magnus the strong man (played by Travis), Merle the dwarf (played by Clint), and every other friend and foe (played by Griffin) on their adventure to recover magical relics and discover the truth of their world and existence all while cracking jokes.

Later in the episodes you will find that they have developed into more of  a story telling podcast. Each character begins to take the game much more seriously. The plot becomes more evolved and a bit more serious,with many twists. There were definitely moments where I cried as well as the players cried.

This podcast makes many mature jokes and innuendos it’s not appropriate for kids and I recommend that they don’t  listen. They also talk about/ include in their story some topics that may be considered controversial to some, homosexuals and transgenders,  but they handle these topics appropriately and respectfully – I myself believe that it is a perfect addition to the story.

This podcast is great to listen to and enjoy while running/ exercising, doing homework, making art, or just chilling.

Five stars all the way- it’s recorded by wonderful people, has a twisty plot and zany characters that will make you laugh, cry, and help you escape your problems.

You can find this podcast at maximum fun or- or on the podcast app.


Dracula by Bram Stoker

Jonathan Harker, an English lawyer, is traveling to the Castle Dracula in Transylvania, to transfer real estate in England to Count Dracula. Harker becomes nervous when all of the local citizens react in fear after they hear of where he is going; regardless, he continues on the road to the castle until he meets the Count’s driver in the Borgo Pass. The mysterious coach driver drives on to the castle, arriving in pitch darkness, surrounded by the howling of wolves.


Even though his rooms are comfortable, Harker finds Count Dracula to be a strange man and Harker is confused when, after accidentally cutting himself shaving, the Count lunges at Harker’s throat in “demoniac fury.” Harker soon finds himself locked inside the castle and attacked by three female vampires, whom he can barely fight off. Harker also discovers the Count’s secret, which is that he drinks human blood to survive and, now he wants to kill Harker. The Count escapes Jonathan’s attempt to kill him, and he leaves the castle with boxes of earth, toward England. Jonathan Harker is now weak, sick, and left alone with no way of escaping from the castle.

Back in England, Dracula is wreaking havoc on Harker’s family and friends. With the help of Van Helsing and others they finally track down Dracula and put an end to his destruction.

I definitely recommend this book if you like a good classic with a mix of romance and horror.