Fablehaven – Review

Fablehaven is the first book in a series by Brandon Mull. Forewarning: the reviews about the next books will contain spoilers possibly. I will try to avoid them, but I’ve given you fair warning 🙂

Kendra and Seth Sorenson are siblings, being sent to stay with their grandparents for a few weeks while their parents go on a seventeen-day cruise. They have never really met their Sorenson grandparents, but they know that they rarely let people visit their home and they almost never come out to see the family either. Kendra and Seth were both worried about two and a half weeks with relatives that they hardly knew, and suspected were slightly crazy.

When Kendra and Seth learn the truth about Fablehaven, the magical preserve that Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson are caretakers of, the children are exposed to an incredible, and dangerous, new world to explore and grow to love. There is so much to learn about the hidden magical worlds that have been disguised for safety, of both the amazing creatures and humanity. But when everything goes wrong, it is up to Kendra and Seth to try and maintain some sense of control, and to save the preserve from the evil side of the magical world they never anticipated encountering.

I love this series. Mull created a world that incorporates lots of the mythical magical creatures you’ve heard of, like satyrs, dragons, centaurs, fairies, evil witches and all sorts of others, and gives them entertaining and realistic personalities to incorporate them into the story as more than just the cool but ultimately mindless or evil creature; but as real beings that have thoughts and ideas, and can be total game changers. The series is a exciting adventure, but overall is a tale of what people will do to protect the world they love, and the strength that comes forth when forces of evil threaten to tear that world apart.

I would give Fablehaven a 4.6 / 5, mainly because I felt that some parts dragged a little, but that is to be expected, especially when he was trying to get background information in that he could build off of in the next books. but I’m also giving it that review because I love this book. I love the series and the characters and the magical world that is inside.


American Vandal Season 2 Review

AmericanVandalI first started watching American Vandal because of season 1 supporting actor Jimmy Tatro. He has a a YouTube channel that I’m a huge fan of and when I heard he was appearing in a Netflix original, I knew it’d be hillarious. While I wasn’t wrong and the show is a comedy at heart, it’s the mystery and mockumentary aspect that had me finishing the show 3 days after I had started it.

I didn’t think they were going to end up making a second season as the first season had already told it’s story. However season 2 starts up in a new direction with Peter and Sam now traveling to a Catholic School in Washington to solve a new mystery. This time instead of the crime being genitalia on staff cars, it was a poisoning of the cafeteria’s lemonade. This new crime was dubbed The Brownout by students because the lemonade was spiked with laxatives. I personally believe that poop humor still has its place in comedy and in this show it’s hilarious. Some may be grossed out or even disturbed at the sight of high schoolers defecating all over the school, and I understand where you’d be coming from, but the true humor comes in the fact that it’s treated so seriously. An Instagram user by the name @TheTurdBurgular takes credit, and the police starts pointing the finger at oddball student Kevin McClain. Similar to season 1’s Dylan Maxwell, Peter and Sam quickly realize Kevin seems to be falsely accused. The police make a very compelling case against Kevin and eventually he confesses. Peter and Sam start digging and realize a forced confession may have occurred. As they unravel the mystery we meet several charming, believable characters, and each episode get closer to solving the crime.

The season had me on the edge of my seat as each new theory seemed like the answer had finally been found, only to be proved wrong that same episode. The ending not only fully satisfies the mystery lovers in all of us but gives an interesting perspective on my generation. So, yes while maybe not as inovative as the first season, American Vandal Season 2 is must watch for fans of mystery, comedy or any teenager.

Final Score: 9.6


Insidious: Movie Review

close up of a boy with a creepy house in the background

Insidious is a 2010 horror film directed by James Wan and starring Patrick Wilson, Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins, and more.

Some people say this is one of the scariest films they’ve ever seen. Do I agree with this? Partly. It may be because I am not frightened very easily, but whatever it is, it did manage to satisfy my scare craving.

The movie revolves around a kid named Dalton, who falls into a coma. Nobody knows the cause at first, but over time it becomes apparent that something unusual is causing his state. Something rather….. Insidious. After a set of strange occurrences, it’s up to supernatural investigator Elise Rainer, her crew, and Dalton’s family to figure out what, or who, is causing his state.

As stated earlier, I wasn’t too scared by this film. I will say, however, it is the scariest horror movie I’ve seen so far, although I’ve only seen 2 others. If you do watch it, watch it alone, at night, by yourself, with no distractions.

Now, I will go over different aspects of the film and how it executes them.

Writing: The writing of the film may seem cliched and predictable at first, but it makes up for it by its insane twist ending.

Writing score: 8/10.

Acting: Nothing to say about this other than it’s pretty good overall.

Acting Score: 8/10.

Directing: James Wan did a great job with this film, really proving he’s a great horror director.

Directing Score: 8/10.

Overall, Insidious is a scary reminder that a horror film doesn’t need to be rated R to be scary.

Overall score: 8/10.

Death Note: TV show review

Death Note is centered around a boy named Light Yagami. He is bored of his average life and his perfect grades. One day a Shinigami (Death god) drops a notebook into the human realm. Light finds it in his school’s courtyard and takes it home. Upon further inspection, he figures out the name you write in the notebook shall die. Quickly after, the Shinigami appears further explaining the book. Light uses this as a way to destroy all evil in the world . Any criminal that appears on the news , Light kills. The Japanese government then recruits L, who is just as brilliant as Light.  Light begins to be called “Kira” meaning killer in Japanese. L and Kira become fierce rivals making every single move count as if they were playing chess. Will Kira succeed in creating a world without evil or will he be stopped by L, find out in the fantastic anime Death Note.

Pros: The soundtrack perfectly fits the show, the show is brilliant in a way others can not achieve, and it always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Cons: The mind games between Light and L became repetitive near the middle but finished off strong.

Rating: 9/10, Great!



Review of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

About this movie:

(Spoiler Alert)

Lara Jean Covey has a box in which she keeps love letters to boys she used to love. No one knows about these letters except for her. This box was given to Lara Jean by her mother who died two years ago. Lara Jean has a total of five love letters. One of which is to Josh, her neighbor. They used to be close friends when they were younger, but then they kind of drifted when he started dating Lara Jean’s older sister, Margot. Before moving away to college, Margot breaks up with Josh. One regular school day, Lara Jean sees Josh and 4 other guys with love letters that she wrote. Peter Kavinsky is one of the guys who received a letter. Eventually, Peter and Lara Jean start “pretend dating” so Lara Jean can convince Josh that she does not love him in that way anymore. Peter agrees to this in hopes of making his ex-girlfriend jealous and getting back together with her. Lara Jean goes from being ‘invisible’ to ‘visible’. But after a while, Lara Jean and Peter start to develop real feelings for each other.

Rating: 10/10

My opinion:

I absolutely loved this movie so much! The plot was so interesting, especially when Peter and Lara Jean started ‘pretend dating’.  I loved how well they picked the actors for the roles of the two main characters. I was waiting for this movie to come out for a while, since I read the book first. I knew the movie was going to be great after reading the book. I was not disappointed. I would definitely recommend this movie to my friends. This movie is intended for audiences 14+.

Bulletin Board DIYs

Craft Supplies

Bulletin boards are a great way to organize small papers and memoirs. Here are some craft ideas to add to your bulletin board:

* Painting: Using acrylic paint and a paintbrush, you can carefully add color to the cork part of the bulletin board. Use painters tape to prevent getting paint on the frame of the bulletin board.

* Decorative Tape: Spice up the edges of the bulletin board by adding washi or duct tape. Simply stretch the tape from one end of each side of the bulletin board frame to the other, and the frame will have a new pattern and color.

* Posters: If you don’t want a permanent decoration like paint, try putting a poster over the cork of the bulletin board. Secure it down with thumbtacks, and you can put all your other papers over top of it. This creates a unique and decorative background that you can easily remove if want to. Just be sure to only use a poster that you are okay with getting holes in, from the  thumbtacks that might go over it.

* Decorated Thumbtacks: Thumbtacks are pretty necessary for using a bulletin board, but there can be some pretty boring selections in stores for them. Decorate you own by buying basic thumbtacks and adding Pom poms or other small decorations onto them. Use hot glue or Mod Podge to attach them and voila, you have original and beauteous thumbtacks!


Overwatch: Game Review


Overwatch is a first person team based game that was released on May 24, 2016, to overwhelming praise from both critics

Overwatch is based in the near future. Thirty years before the current events of the game, robots known as omnics turned against humans and started the omnic crisis. To combat this, the world set up a group called Overwatch, consisting of members Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes, Torbjorn Lindholm, Reinhardt Wilhelm, and Ana Amari. The group ended the omnic crisis. Years later, the public turned against them, and the government shut Overwatch down.

Around 8 years later, in the current events of the game, a genetically modified gorilla named Winston (Yes, I’m not joking. A talking gorilla) activates a recall for the group, as Talon, a terrorist organization, is posing a threat for the world.

I will now describe the gameplay.

This game is amazing. It is incredibly fun. Most game modes involve an objective, in which you are either defending or attacking. The game is easy to play, but hard to master. Both teams battle it out with the heroes the team selected. All of the characters have weapons they can use to damage and eliminate other players, and their abilities also help out their team, either from damaging, healing, or leaving a player on the enemy team vulnerable.

Mechanics: Characters are set into groups.

Tanks are able to withstand tons of damage. They are also able to inflict damage.

Damage characters are designed to do damage, as implied by the name. They do not have as much health as tanks.

Support characters are meant to heal teammates and keep their health in tact to prevent them from being eliminated and having to respawn at spawn point. Support characters also inflict damage.

Ultimates: Ultimates are charged by inflicting damage on the enemy team. Each character has a vastly different ultimate than the others and once charged, is capable of wiping out the entire enemy team. An example of one is Junkrat’s riptire, where he unleashes a controllable exploding device.

I would recommend Overwatch because on the surface, it looks fairly simple, but after a while of playing it, you’ll learn it will take more than just charging at the enemy team to get to the objective.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.