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Review by mightbelumi

Reddit is a social media-esque platform where users of the site can share across a wide variety of smaller communities called subreddits. These subreddits come in an extremely diverse variety and can either be specific or have a broader focus. Specific subreddits are usually focused on a form of media (i.e. shows and games) or are focused on a larger idea (i.e. art). Inside these subreddits users can post images, video formats, or text-based posts to share their thoughts and opinions. Other users of the subreddit can do three different things to these posts. They can upvote the post if they like it, downvote if it doesn’t relate to the topic or conversation, and finally they can comment with their own ideas on the post (which other users can upvote, downvote, or reply). Upvotes add to a user’s karma, or reputation points. There is also r/popular and r/all, which are a mass collection of the most upvoted posts from all the subreddits during that day. Every time someone upvotes a post it gets higher on the top reddit posts, but over time the post gets knocked down a little bit, so fast-growing posts with high upvote counts stay on top of reddit.

Jack,  8th grade


Luner Chronicles Scarlet book review

cover of the book Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Review by sumaiyasblogpage

I am back with another book review and this time its the second book of the Lunar Chronicles. In my opinion I don’t think that this book is as good as Cinder, but it’s still a wonderful book and I really liked it. Scarlet is similar to the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

In this book Cinder, the protagonist from the previous book ,meets Throne (a new character) and together they escape the prison. Meanwhile, in France, Scarlet’s grandmother is missing and Scarlet is working hard to search for her, but no one knows where Scarlet’s grandmother is. Until she meets a street fighter named Wolf who might know about her grandmother’s whereabouts. So she decides to go with Wolf to find her grandmother. During this time Scarlet falls in love with Wolf and trusts him, but Wolf has some dark secrets that are unknown to Scarlet. When Scarlet finds the mystery behind her missing grandmother, she crosses path with Cinder and Throne, now the country’s most wanted fugitives after escaping prison. Together Cinder, Throne, Scarlet and Wolf decide to team up against the dangerous Lunar queen and to keep earth out of Lunar control.

I would rate this book 7.8/10. The author did a pretty good job writing this, but I still like the first book, and the next books in the series are really exciting. I hope you read both Cinder and Scarlet. Overall I really enjoyed the whole series and I will be doing a review on the 3rd book in the series, Cress. Let me know if you want me to review any other series.

Thor: Ragnarok Review (Contains Spoilers)

Thor: Ragnarok movie poster

Review by mightbelumi

Thor: Ragnarok is the newest movie in the story line of Marvel’s Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and Mark Ruffalo. The movie starts with Thor on an unknown planet escaping with the Crown of Surta which becomes a major plot device later. The scene then jumps into the present, with Thor returning to Asgard to find Loki masquerading as Odin. Thor interrogates Loki until he gives up Odin’s location and they go to meet him. Odin tells the two brothers that he is dying, and once this happens his first-born daughter, Hela, will break free. She will undoubtedly try to conquer Asgard and other realms. When Thor and Loki first encounter Hela, she breaks Thor’s hammer, which greatly stunts his power. Thor and Loki are then trapped on Sakaar, an alien planet run by an insane grandmaster who forces people to fight in his colosseum. Thor is forced to fight Hulk and is knocked out by him. He eventually convinces Hulk to help him escape. Upon making it back to Asgard, Thor finds Asgard was taken over by Hela. The people had gone into hiding and were now moving to the Bifrost after Hela discovered their hiding location. When Thor is nearing death, he has a vision of Odin, who tells him that his hammer was only a catalyst for his power and that it didn’t directly make him any stronger. Upon realizing that their situation is incredibly dire, the heroes decide to place the Crown of Surta in The Eternal Flame. This summons Surta in his full power who destroys Hela along with Asgard.

Jack, 8th grade

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

cover of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Review by apiazza4

In 1866, several ships come in contact with a mysterious sea monster, which some people suggest to be a huge narwhal. The United States government decides to gather a group of people to find and kill the beast. The narrator of the story, Professor Pierre Aronnax, is a French marine biologist who is asked to join the group in New York, and he accepts. Aronnax brings along his faithful servant, Conseil, and they meet a new friend, Canadian Harpooner Ned Land. They set out on the navy frigate Abraham Lincoln and head into the Pacific Ocean. After days of sailing around and finding absolutely nothing, they spot a huge almost metallic mass in the water. When a storm hits the Abraham Lincoln, Ned Land and Pierre Arronax are thrown overboard. Conseil, being the loyal man he is, follows his master into the Pacific and they all wake up upon the Nautilus.

The Nautilus, explains Captain Nemo, is a new type of submarine that allows him and his crew to live completely isolated from civilization. They have to come to the surface every few days to refill their air stores and that’s how they accidently ran into the ships.

As the story continues, Aronnax, Land, and Conseil, along with Captain Nemo, hunt unknown species underwater, fight sharks, visit Atlantis, and encounter giant squid. Captain Nemo has a dark past, and the men realize this when he finally breaks. They know they have to get off the vessel and get back to land for their own sanity but also know that Nemo won’t let them leave easily.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was a riveting book that had me hooked from the beginning. The amazing detail made me feel like I was actually there with them under the ocean and I would definitely recommend it.

No Summit out of Sight

Cover of book No Summit Out of Sight by Jordan Romero

Review by 3344marigold

Jordan Romero was inspired by the mural on the wall of his school of the seven summits, and set a goal to climb them from that day. He researched the mountains and recorded their elevations and weather conditions. But he couldn’t have done it without his dad, stepmom, friends, and sponsors.

When Jordan first told his dad, he was very surprised and even a little doubtful. But Paul and Karen turned out to be Jordan’s biggest supporters. And their confidence gained every step, and every mountain that they summitted. It started with Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro, and continued to Vinson, in Antarctica.

Sometimes Jordan felt like giving up. The weather beat at him, the aching, the altitude sickness, and the dangers. But he kept reminding himself of what his friend Samuel had told him on Kilimanjaro. “The mountain wants you to climb it.” So Jordan perservered and did it. He now travels all over the United States and made his next goal to inspire other kids to find their own Everest.

No Summit out of Sight is a true and very intriguing story about Jordan Romero and his adventure. I like how the book is divided up into sections of each mountain he climbed, and how there are so many details to the book that make me feel like I am living it with him. The book was never boring or dragging. I recommend for all readers, and 5/5 stars!

“Perfect Escape”

Cover of book Perfect Escape by Jennifer Brown

“Perfect Escape” is a  young adult novel written by Jennifer Brown. Published by Little, Brown & Company, “Perfect Escape” is a book of 368 pages. Though it has no extraordinary suspense, the plot and interesting words the author uses, as well as the imagery, this book will have you keep reading until you discover the secret the protagonist has been hiding since the beginning.

The entire novel is written from the protagonist’s point of view, named Kendra. Kendra’s brother, Grayson, or “Genius Boy” as Kendra calls him, is suffering from severe OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). OCD is defined as “a mental illness in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), and behaviors that drive them to do something over and over (compulsions). Often the person carries out the behaviors to get rid of the obsessive thoughts”. Kendra, as the “normal” child in the family, has always found herself having to be perfect in order to be a replacement for Grayson.

Kendra’s world seems to turn upside-down when her best friend since birth moves from her old house, because her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monett, didn’t want their daughter in a relationship with a mentally-ill person. Now, one of her best friends, Zoe, is gone, and her other best friend and brother, Grayson, is depressed. She feels lonely, especially when her brother went from sharing all his secrets with Kendra, to closing himself in a “bubble” which he refuses to come out of. Will Kendra ever be herself? Will she move on, or will she wait for everything to go back to normal?

Kendra has now found a replacement for the blank space in her heart, by having Lia and Shani as her friends. Her life is starting to get easy again for the first time in years. No more staying up at night, listening to her brother’s screams as her parents rush him into the hospital. No more searching for him in the middle of the night with her parents and neighbors. No more searching for him in the quarry, his only company being the thousands and thousands of rocks and a ruler. No more drama. With her brother away for treatment, her friends by her side, herself being an example of success at school, and being ready to graduate high school, her life seems to be okay – almost normal. Almost. That is until her brother returns from treatment. It is until she makes a mistake – a big one; a mistake that will cost her going to college. The mistake that will keep her from building her future. She now finds herself in a dead end. Add the fact that Zoe has been ignoring her e-mails, and there you have the perfect recipe for escape. Will she stay to face the consequences? Will she stay to see the disappointment in her parents’ faces? Or will she run away? Will we ever know what Kendra’s big mistake was?

“We all know what Grayson’s difficulties were. Grayson’s difficulties dominated his life. And Mom’s and Dad’s. And mine. Sometimes it felt like especially mine.”

For the most part, I really enjoyed reading this book. From the plot twist, to the interesting information about OCD, this book was almost perfect. I did not like the fact that Kendra is so jealous of Grayson throughout the whole book, and that she uses him as an excuse in her everyday life. No matter what she does, whether that is failing a test or being late to class, her excuse will always be her mentally-ill brother. She does not show much empathy for Grayson, and does not even try to understand him. However, after all that happened to her, she finally got to understand him and love him for whom he is. I recommend this book, mainly because of the interesting information on OCD and how it can affect people’s lives, as well as the interesting plot twist. However, I would not recommend it if you – or a loved one – are suffering from OCD, since I think that this novel might be triggering in that case. 4/5. +12.

War Cross – Book Review

Cover of book War Cross by Marie Lu

“For the millions who log in every day, Warcross isn’t just a game – It’s a way of life.”

Emika Chen, an eighteen year old girl, couldn’t imagine how horrid life would be without Warcross. It’s a way for her to forget her many troubles. Emika is so poor, she can barely afford her apartment room in New York. In attempt to afford her food, shelter, and rainbow hair dye, Emika gets a job as a bounty hunter and a part-time waitress; neither of which will sustain her enough. Once the restaurant gets a robot waitress, Emika won’t know what she would do. In fact Emika doesn’t even know what to do right now.

Why is an eighteen year old worrying about money and food instead of exams and college you may ask? Well, ever since she was eleven her father, who was too happy and fell in love too quickly, died Emika was left no money and the responsibility to pay off all of her father’s gambling debts.

So, Emika pulls on her glasses and enters into the virtual world of War Cross Champions, and attempts to get more money by stealing an expensive item, causing her to glitch into the championships. Convinced she is going to be arrested, Emika is utterly shocked when she gets a call for the War Cross game creators asking her to go to Tokyo. She leaves behind her old life and adventures into a life of fame and luxury.

Recommended for ages 12 – 16, this sci-fi novel is definitely a must have.