Review – Rick and morty season 3 episode 3

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Review by: wrackon

Rick and Morty season 3 episode 3 “Pickle Rick” is one I have been anticipating for a while. The concept of Rick turning into a pickle and having to make his way back home struck me as a very intriguing concept. In this episode, Rick turns himself into a pickle in order to get out of having to go to family therapy. When Morty discovers a timer on a needle that appears to be the serum that turns Rick back into a human he tries to play it off as something unrelated. Beth then takes the needle, puts it in her purse and leaves to go to the family therapy with Summer and Morty. Right after they leave, a cat comes into the garage, knocking Rick into the driveway. After this, heavy rain starts pouring and carries Rick into the sewers. There he manages to kill a cockroach and uses its brain control its limbs. Using the cockroach he builds a trap that decapitates a rat and attaches its limbs to his body giving him arms and legs. From there he fights through all the sewer rats and manages to escape the sewer unscathed only to find out he escaped into an armed facility. When the guards don’t let him escape, he kills them one by one until the head of the facility decides to let a mercenary named “Jaguar” out of his cell to kill Rick. After a shootout between Jaguar and Rick takes place and it appears that Rick won, the head of the facility calls in a escape helicopter only to find that it is piloted by Jaguar with Rick in the back. Rick then takes a puff of a cigarette and flicks it onto the ground that is covered in kerosene with a fuse that leads back to explosives blowing up the building. Jaguar and Rick part ways as Rick flies the helicopter to the therapy session where his family is and barges in in the middle of their conversation about Rick. After the therapy session with a spot on analysis on the family’s problems Beth gives Rick the anti-pickle serum and the episode ends shortly after.


This episode I think is one of the best yet. It has a very interesting concept and was a funny episode all throughout. It was cool getting to watch Rick go through the process of finding his way to attach limbs to his pickle body and to escape the sewers and the armed guards to make it back to Beth and to get the anti-pickle Serum. Overall this was a cool idea for an episode with many comedic moments and is easily my favorite of the season so far. This episode is one that I have long awaited and it did not disappoint.

Rating: 9.3/10


Review – Rick and Morty Season 3 episode 2

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Review by: Wrackon

This review contains spoilers for Rick and Morty

Season 3 episode 2 of Rick and Morty first aired on July 30th and mostly takes place in a post-apocalyptic dimension. In the episode, Rick takes Summer and Morty to a post-apocalyptic dimension to obtain a powerful element. While there, Summer and Morty use the post-apocalyptic lifestyle as an unhealthy coping mechanism to deal with their parents divorce. It is there where Rick infuses Morty’s arm with the muscle memory of the severed arm of a deathstalker (person who lives in that dimension). This makes his arm large and muscular so that he can fight in the “blood dome,” which is a fight to the death arena, to occupy the deathstalkers while rick steals their rare element. Meanwhile, Summer goes off scavenging with the deathstalkers and builds a relationship with one of them. By the time Rick gets the rare element from the deathstalkers, Morty and Summer don’t want to leave. “Armothy” (Morty’s infused arm) then hits Rick’s bag revealing the deathstalkers stolen crystal which leads to them chasing him. Rick then escapes back to his dimension, but Beth asks where the kids are so Rick is forced to build life like robots of them to occupy her while he gets them back. During this time Morty is still fighting in the blood dome when Armothy notices a man in the audience who was responsible for destroying his village. Armothy then goes on a rampage killing him and then proceeding to tracking down and killing the man’s boss where he then shrinks back down, giving Morty his arm back. Rick runs into Morty while Armothy is murdering the boss of his village’s destroyer and then returns the stolen crystal to the deathstalkers. Right before they leave the deathstalkers ask Rick to show them what they could do with the crystal and then it fasts forwards to three weeks later. Now it shows the deathstalkers in a post-apocalyptic version of a civilized society with summer coming home with groceries to a post-apocalyptic suburban neighborhood where her new deathstalker husband is watching the “blood dome playoffs” on t.v. Summer and her husband then get into a fight which makes her want to go back to their regular dimension. Upon returning to their dimension the robot clones are disabled and Summer decides to go see Jerry at his new place where he moved at the beginning of the episode. She gives him the skull of someone she killed in the other dimension as a house warming gift and the credits roll. But, if you stay longer you get to see Jerry get his unemployment check eaten by a wolf which was what might have been the funniest part of the episode.
Overview: In this episode of Rick and Morty it shows how the rest of the season will look with Beth and Jerry being divorced and makes it an element to the story by showing how it affects Morty and Summer. Comedically, this episode is better than the pilot and feels much more like an actual episode of Rick and Morty. It has many funny moments and introduced (brief may it have been) a new character, Armothy (if it can be considered a character). All in all this episode just felt like a Rick and Morty episode which I think is a solid start to a season.

Rating: 9/10

Review – Rick and Morty season 3 episode 1

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Review by: Wrackon

This review contains spoilers for Rick and Morty

At long last the premiere of Rick and Morty season 3 was released on April 1st of this year with the season kicking off officially this past Sunday. With the first episode we get to see what happens to Rick after the season 2 cliffhanger where he turns himself in to the Galactic Federation. To summarize the episode: after Rick is taken at the end of season 2, the Galactic Federation takes over earth as well, forcing all those who don’t join them to go underground. After being forced to live as a part of the galactic government , Summer gets tired of it and decides she is going to save Rick, but Morty tries to stop her. Using the portal gun found on another Rick’s dead body in the backyard, they travel to Morty’s original post-apocalyptic dimension to show Summer the consequences of Rick’s actions. While they are there, they are intercepted by a team of Ricks who bring them to the council of Ricks. Meanwhile, while under interrogation, Rick manages to escape the galactic federal prison by switching bodies with people who have high clearance access in the Galactic federation. He eventually makes his way to the council of Ricks where he teleports their space station into the galactic federal prison creating chaos. Then, he goes and rescues Morty and Summer from the council. From there they make their way to the galactic federation’s main computer and turn their standard centralized currency from being worth 1 of itself to nothing causing even more panic and chaos and thus dismantling the government. Upon Rick’s return, Jerry says one of them has to leave because he is tired of facing Rick’s consequences and Beth decides to divorce him. The episode ends with Rick and Morty alone in the garage and Rick telling Morty about his overrall goal to get schezuan mcnugget sauce and how this will be the darkest season of their adventures yet.

Overview: All in all this first episode was a great way to kick off the season. It was funny at times with some of Rick’s quips (as always) and especially when Rick and Summer were yelling at Morty for being an idiot. While funny, it wasn’t the most funny of the episodes. It had plenty of action but it also moved a little fast (especially considering it took Rick mere minutes to dismantle a galactic government and the Rick council. Although he IS the smartest man in the universe so maybe it isn’t too big of an issue). Overall it was still very good and left me in anticipation for the upcoming episodes. Particularly at the end where Rick proclaims that this will be the darkest season yet. The pilot of this season leaves you wanting more as any good pilot episode should which is why I believe it’s earned its score.

Rating: 9.1/10 (for a pilot episode)

Pretty Little Liars Review


Review by: dancingforever27

The renowned television show Pretty Little Liars, directed by I. Marlene King, aired from June 8th, 2010 through June 27th, 2017. Originally, this series was adapted from a multitude of novels by Sara Shepard. Simply, this show was centered around four girls, and their stalker(s), who reunite after their friend’s mysterious death.

In the “Pilot” episode, five girls are enjoying the last weekend of summer before they head back to Rosewood High School by having a sleepover on Labor Day weekend.

The Liars:
Alison (Ali) DiLaurentis- the most popular and mean girl in school. Valued by many as the “queen bee.”
Spencer Hastings- a girl too smart for her own good in a complicated family. The standards for her throw her into anxiety.
Emily Fields- a closeted girl on the R.H.S. swim team who has a crush on Ali.
Aria Montgomery- an artistic girl who fell in love with her young English teacher.
Hanna Marin- a girl who’s parents split up, leading to her eating excessively.

All five of the girls stay at Spencer’s barn and drink, party, and later fall asleep. Alarmingly, the four girls wake up to find Alison missing in the middle of the night.

The show skips ahead one year after Ali was reported missing where the police officers find her dead body. She was then pronounced dead at the scene. This then changes her case from a missing person investigation to a homicide investigation, which surely distresses many characters. Nothing quite like this has ever happened in Rosewood, well, of course since the liars came along.

While Ali was “missing”, the four girls part ways without their leader to keep them close with lies and deception. This was, until, they started receiving texts from an anonymous person going under the surname “-A”. This “A” knows all of the girls’ secrets, which each person only had revealed to Alison, rasing the question, “Who is A?” For the following seven seasons. Every two seasons or so, a new “A” seems to be revealed under troubling circumstances. The entire show is filled with mysteries over who killed Alison and what their stalker(s) want from them.

This show keeps all characters and audience members on the edges of their seats to find out answers to the destabilizing event, as many people could’ve wanted Ali gone.

I have to say that this show is my all-time favorite due to the constant suspense and dark undertones. Also, it sets itself apart from other murder mysteries as they cannot tell anyone about “A” without their secrets being revealed, too.

Throughout all of the seasons, each character gets further and further traumatized by the torture “A” puts them in, mentally and eventually physically. This is enhanced by the number of plot twists, especially while they try to uncover “A” and when he/she is revealed to everyone.

The pros above can really be summed up in the following-
The immense amount of secrets for such a small town makes everyone look suspicious; a great way to keep “A’s” identity hidden.

The only main negative part of this show to certain people could be that it can get a bit repetitive with the “game,” dubbed by many characters in the show, always somehow continuing by another, or even unheard of, character. Although, this would only be the case for someone who is not into mysteries and who does not really enjoy the up-and-down plot line that resembles an emotional roller coaster.

I would rate this television series a 10/10 because of the endless suspense, unpredictable (for most) “A” reveals, and shocking secrets the liars make and discover. In addition, I would highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for another “Netflix show,” and for new surprises around every corner. (Due to the fact that this show aired the series finale in June, it is an especially great television show to watch on your own schedule without waiting for it to air every week.)

Age- 13+

The Office


“The Office” is absolutely one of my favorite shows of all time. It’s perfect for anyone with a more mature sense of humor. It’s humor roots directly from the dialogue and reaction shots of the characters, it doesn’t have the added-on background laughs that channels such as Disney and Nickelodeon seem to have on a constant loop in the background of all of their shows.

The show is about a Dunder Mifflin Paper Company office located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The main characters include an oblivious, eccentric boss, a salesman hopelessly in love with an engaged receptionist, and an unusual, aggressive beet-farmer. There’s a perfect mixture of romance, drama, and humor. The relationship between all of the characters is truly hilarious, but also heart-warming. At the end of the show, you can really tell that everyone truly cares about each other despite the behavior they’ve shown throughout the seasons.

Although it ended in 2013 after 9 amazing seasons, it still continues to be a popular favorite among many people.  Having started in 2005, when I was only 7, I didn’t get to experience the show while it aired on television.  Currently, I’m re-watching the show for the third time and I’m loving it just as much. (God bless Netflix.) “The Office” continues to be popular despite having ended 3 years ago- I still hear classmates, and even teachers, talking about the show every so often. It was referenced by my teacher in my AP Literature class and I overheard a conversation in Health III where a classmate binged-watched the show over the weekend.  I feel like a proud mom when that happens.

If you’ve already seen “The Office” and loved it, “Parks and Recreation” should be next on your list. It also uses dialogue and camerawork for humor and it has a variety of hilarious characters that the audience will surely fall in love with it.



The Librarians

“Books! Greatest weapons in the universe.”      -Doctor Who

We all know them, whether we regularly go to the library or not. The ever-friendly librarians who make every visit a delight. But what do they do when we’re not around to ask for help? According to The Librarians, a 10-episode miniseries airing on TNT, they wrangle magic all across the globe and keep evil in line. Sounds about right.

A continuation of the 90s movie trio, The Librarian, this exciting and highly entertaining series explores magic and mythical creatures in a modern setting. The first few episodes deal with the classic tale of King Arthur, the Sword in the Stone, and Excalibur. Which is a sentient sword named Cal who is friends with the main Librarian. Not convinced yet? The Librarian, an eccentric man named Flynn Carsen, is in charge of The Library, a gargantuan, labyrinthine library containing a copy of every written document in Earth’s history. It also serves as a storage facility for magical artifacts like The Ark of the Covenant, Pandora’s Box, and the Spear of Destiny. His job is to protect the world from these magic artifacts causing chaos in modern society. In the show’s opener, he shows up at a delicate nuclear bomb situation to retrieve a magical item forgotten nearby. There, he helps the NATO officer in charge, Eve Baird, defuse the bomb with his obscure knowledge of everything. Baird, not believing his appearance through a door that leads to a storage closet, goes home to discover she’s been offered a job at the Metropolitan Public Library. After the day she had, nothing can stop her from heading there to inquire about the mysterious “Librarian” she met in the middle of urban Stuttgart.

As it turns out, The Library has recruited her to be the Librarian’s new Guardian, in charge of keeping the Librarian alive. And with a sinister plot forming in the shadows, what better time to get acquainted with the magic entity that is The Library? Not right now! The evil plan involves murdering past potential Librarians, seven of whom have already been offed. Without even a day of training, Baird and Flynn scramble to find the remaining three.

– Cassandra, a synesthete with a brain tumor and a penchant for math

– Jake Stone, a well-educated “cowboy” whose interest in art betrays a more cultured interior

– And Ezekiel Jones, an international thief with a big ego who pulls off big heists for fun

Together, they work together to fight against the sinister Serpent Brotherhood. It doesn’t go so well on their first outing…So to avoid the Brotherhood taking control of The Library, The Library closes itself in a spectacular (though somewhat badly-animated) fashion. With no Library left, the four Librarians and their Guardian are forced to rely on wits to stop the Serpent Brotherhood from bringing their warped version of magic back into the world. And that’s just the first episode!

With magic, betrayal, history, and a strong cast, this series is one of the rare one-off fantasy gems you find scattered throughout TV networks. It’s light-hearted and funny but deals with some heavy issues like betrayal, protesting, suicide, and cancer. It deals with all these issues really well, and leaves me with so much respect for the writers. Cassie’s terminal tumor is written so heartbreakingly beautiful, despite her cheerful quirkiness.

Though it starts out cheesy and somewhat cliched, The Librarians is definitely a show you should consider watching on the many snow days we’ve been getting.

-Ryan 11th

N. C. I. S. TV Review


Have you ever spent a day wondering what profession you want to take up? We’ll let tell you about a profession that is very unique yet confidential. It is the men and women who strive to keep us safe each and every day from cyber-attacks to bombings. They patrol the naval bases and keep confidential reports on chemicals and criminals that may strike. Their job is to get to the criminal before the criminal gets to us. They are N.C.I.S. also known as Naval Crime Investigation Agency. I’m here to tell you that NCIS is an American television show on CBS about a fictional group of agents within the NCIS agency. The main character Jethro Gibbs is the head of the NCIS team and he pertains order with an iron fist through his now 51 rules. Some rules coincide but they all teach a lesson. Then there is Leon Vance who heads the whole NCIS operation. Then there is the friendly rivalry between Tony DiNozzo and Tim McGee which usually ends up with Tony victorious but in some cases the tides are changed. Then comes agent Eleanor Bishop a new comer just dying to jump right into a case yet has the keen eye for attention to detail. There is also Ducky, who is the team’s surgeon with his assistant Jimmy, who performs autopsies on dead victims. Lastly there is Abby an ingenious scientist who helps find information and form theories. Then there is always a criminal or a person to be brought to justice. Together they are the ultimate team who sacrifices everything for each other and the victim. There is usually a moral to the show and in the end the team all work together to stop criminals and help justice prevail. This show always keeps you hooked from beginning to end. It is for thrill seekers who don’t mind a little violence and love a good mystery. Once you start to watch this show you can’t stop it is almost addictive. I would most definitely recommend it for 14 and up but that depends on your preferences. I would give NCIS a five out of five, but would like the agent Ziva David to come back (She was the best character!) Overall NCIS rocks and is entertaining to watch!
-Caitlin 7th Grade