Celeste Review

Celeste, an Indie game made by Matt Makes Games Inc., is a precision platforming video game with easy-to-learn controls and a great, relatable story. With a 97% recommendation rate on Steam and over 500,000 total sales on PC, Switch, and PS4, it is obvious that the community loves this amazing game. Furthermore, it was recognized as the best indie (non corporate) game of 2018, and many critics believed that it could even take the award for the best game overall.

Other than moving around with the arrow keys, Celeste has three main controls: jump, dash, and climb. Jump does what you think it does, dash allows you to “dash” a short distance across the ground or through the air before touching the ground again, and climb allows you to hang on and climb up/down walls. Also, you can combine controls by dashing upwards after a jump to go higher, jumping upwards off of a wall to go over a spike on the top, or even try advanced movement such as jumping at the end of a dash across the ground to jump very far and still keep your ability to dash (also called dash cancelling). Although individually these are very simple mechanics, each level uses them in so many different and original ways that it is just remarkable. For example, there are green crystals that allow you to dash a second time in the air (before touching the ground), blocks that move in different directions when you touch them, blocks that allow you to dash through them (and even let you jump out of them for a speed boost), blocks that throw you in a direction based on where you touch them, feathers that allow you to fly through the air as a ball, and much more. Furthermore, after introducing each new mechanic, the level slowly gets you used to them by building up the difficulty while also introducing unique ways to use these new mechanics.

Celeste’s story is a whole other topic. The main character, Madeline, travels to Celeste Mountain to try to reach its summit. Although it is infamous for its insane difficulty and deadliness, Madeline’s only reason to climb the mountain is because she just needs to. With a cast of relatable characters and an amazing story about a struggle against oneself (both figuratively and literally), Celeste creates a story that is, in my opinion, the best story in the history of all platform games.

Overall, I would highly recommend Celeste to anyone who likes platforming games and a good story, and even if you aren’t one of those people, I still believe that you should try it out.

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an action-adventure game developed by Insomniac Games and released on September 7th, 2018, to the PS4, receiving praise from both critics and gamers alike.

The question I am here to ask is: does it really live up to the praise? Is this truly a genre-defying game? That’s what I am going to answer. This is my review of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Quick note: this is just my opinion. If you disagree with me, that is completely fine.

The story of this game revolves around Spider-Man, who beats Wilson Fisk, a crime lord he has been dealing with for years. Spider-Man’s triumph over this does not last long, as he is plunged into a uprising of criminals.

Story-wise, this game is superb, with a plot that will keep gamers engaged and Spider-Man fans squealing for its roughly 10-hour completion time. The story also has some events that may surprise you.

The game also explores Spider-Man’s life as a regular person, Peter Parker, and shows that he has his everyday struggles, just like all of us.

Without giving anything away, the story is absolutely amazing. 8.5/10

Gameplay: The game’s combat system involves battling the AI with normal fist to fist combat, and gadgets and upgrades you get as you progress through the campaign and complete side tasks.

The focus bar is a bar that fills up as you battle your enemies, and you can use it to heal yourself or, once the bar is full, perform a takedown on an enemy.

Stealth combat involves performing perch takedowns or web strike takedowns on enemies who are safe to take out. If an enemy is not safe to take out, another enemy is very close by and can see the other AI. You can lure the enemies out with web shooters, making it safe to take down the other AI.

Finally, stealth sections with other characters are present in the game. These are definitely the more mundane parts of the game. These consist of sneaking around to an objective, and not getting caught by enemies by interacting with the environment.

Gameplay: 8/10

Overall score: 8/10

My answer to the questions earlier is: Yes. This game is absolutely spectacular, and I hope other superhero games can be as good as this one.

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.


Stick Fight: The Game Review

Stick Fight: The Game is a 2-4 player PvP-only fighting game with thousands of players. You and your opponents play as stick figures who battle it out on very interactive stages. With many different weapons and stages, there is no end to the fun that this game brings. Boasting an 89% recommendation rate on Steam with over 17,000 reviewers, it is shown that the community loves this cartoon-like fighting game containing infinite possibilities.

Stick Fight: The Game was published by Landfall and later released on Steam on September 28, 2017. It is currently $4.99, and solely multiplayer. However, to make up for the lack of a single-player mode, it is possible to play both locally and online, or even both at once. You can join friends who invite you, or you can host a game yourself. There is also an option to let anyone in, so you can play with both your friends and random people at the same time. As the game supports 2-4 players, you don’t need to wait for other people: you can start a game once you get at least one other person to join. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t connect in time, because they can join in the middle of a match. The host of the lobby is able to control certain aspects of the game, such as the frequency and type of weapon spawns, the health of all players, and the next stage. There are also general settings that anyone can change, since it only affects the computer of the person that changes it. These include settings that control graphics, sound, and other game-specific options.


Stick Fight: The Game has many stage packs, and each of them have their own unique style and mechanics.

The laser pack, as its title suggests, contains a lot of lasers that can move, spin, and turn on and off, and do heavy damage to players on contact. This pack also contains platforms that tilt based on the position of players, so a good strategy is to tilt platforms that have lasers attached to them to try to hit your opponents with the beam. The overall feel of these levels is very futuristic.

The ice pack contains stages that have both normal and icy platforms. The ice platforms can be broken by weapons, causing anyone standing on the platform to fall if they don’t react fast enough. One stage in particular is great for 1v1s, because it spawns both players on opposite sides of the map, and the easiest way to be victorious is to shoot and destroy the platform below the other player, as it is impossible to jump to the other player’s platform.

The western pack includes a more western-like feel with barrels that explode, countless snakes (which trap and continuously hurt you), a sandy background, and wooden buildings. There is even a stage where exploding barrels fall from the sky, causing players to have to worry about getting cornered into an explosion while fighting.

The special Halloween pack, which was recently introduced, consists of platforms that appear and disappear, a dark and dreary background, and stages that contain powerups. These powerups trigger what is basically a boss battle between the collector of the powerup and everyone else playing, and the “boss” is able to use special attacks that nobody else can use.


There are two main types of weapons: ranged and melee. Ranged weapons, which include pistols, shotguns, SMGs, machine guns, and game-specific guns, like the black hole gun, are normally used more than melee weapons, since the latter is only effective when you are close to the other player. However, unlike the spear or katana, which have this flaw, there is a knife that allows you to teleport a short distance in the direction of where you click, damaging whatever you pass by. This allows you to virtually fly around the stage while attacking everyone, since there is little to no cooldown between teleports.


Overall, Stick Fight: The Game is very fun and creative, and it is always a blast when I play it with my friends.

The Division

maxresdefaultAlright I managed to get my hands on this game really early and have played it for maybe 30+ hours. The Division is set in New York after a terrorist group decided to lace the small pox virus on money to infect the populous and guess what they couldn’t of picked a better day, Black Friday. Yep, Black Friday that day when a lot of cloths, toys, electronics are on sale and basically their prices are cut in half . Now imagine the amount of money circulated throughout that day and think what would happen if the money was laced with a very harmful toxin, that is the setting of The Division. Now lets move on to what you play as and what you are. You are a Division agent and they are supposed to be the final resort, an elite group of individuals that are meant to restore order and government in areas of the United States that have gone to Anarchy or are in chaos. When you are called upon you must immediately drop whatever your doing and meet at a location with other agents, proceed to analyze the threat and end it and bring order to the area. The Gameplay: It’s a third-person shooter that has a fantastic cover system, along with a Diablo style loot system where it will always be different loot drops.  Another piece, there are 3 NPC factions that you have to fight, the Rakers: a group of individuals who want to take advantage of the outbreak to steal, murder, and cause all sorts of mayhem for their enjoyment; Cleaners: a group of fanatics that want to burn anything or anyone who has the slight suspicion of being infected; N/A: a group that has military training and has no ideal origin and are suspected to be the ones who started the outbreak. This game so far has been fantastic to play and very addictive. Also the community is great too, they all help each other. Unless you’re in the Dark Zone: The Dark Zone is where the infection hit the hardest and where the best loot is. Here’s the catch players may kill you and proceed to take the loot but you will get marked Rouge when that happens they will be marked by all other players in the area to be able to kill and get rewarded for it so be careful. Rating I’d rate this game a 9.2/10 due to it’s interesting and great replay ability and the great game mechanics. It’s worth the $60 price tag in my opinion.

Game Review: Half-Life


Background: Long time ago, an alien race known as the Vortigons lived happily in their home world. Suddenly a space time rift was opened and an alien empire known as the Combine flooded into their home world. The Combine’s goal was to take over, to enslave the creatures and to exhaust their resources. Then they would leave that world and move on to another world and repeat this process until they have taken over everything. To escape them, the Vortigons and other creatures [known as race x] fled through an inter-dimensional portal to a border world known as Xen.

Plot: Fast-forward to 8:47 on May 16th in 2000’s, Gordon Freeman is riding a monorail tram, late on his way to work in the Black Mesa Research Facility. After putting on his HEV (Hazardous Environment Ventilation) suit, he goes down to the test chamber. His job is to help in the physical analysis of the Xen crystal GG-3883. During the analysis something goes wrong and a resonance cascade occurs and a portal from Earth to Xen opens up. The aliens in Xen want to put further distance from them and the Combine and use this chance to escape to Earth. Thousands of Xen aliens flood into the Black Mesa Compound. Gordon then wakes up, begins his attempt to kill the aliens and escapes from the compound. He travels through the office to meet one of the surviving science team members and he has been told to go through the rocket silos then to use the decommissioned rail lines to head to the waste management facility. From there, he needs to exit the waste management structure and go along the surface until he reaches the rocket launch site. The launching system is preset so the activation is all that is needed. While traveling through the facility Gordon hears that someone had called the military and a HECU (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) unit had been dispatched. Soon he finds out that the soldiers are being called in to cover up the incident and are killing everything and everyone. Gordon and the aliens eventually overpower the soldiers and they hastily leave the compound leaving some of themselves behind. Now the government hires a mercenary black-ops team. The black-ops’ mission is to plant a nuclear bomb deep into the facility then blow it up. Gordon finally reaches the rocket launch site and launches the rocket but it ends up without closing the portal. He is told by another member of the science team to go to the Lambda Complex (λ) whereas plan b, they will make a portal to Xen from there he can deal with the alien holding the portal open. Soon Gordon arrives at the Lambda Complex. The remaining scientists and security guards arm him with HEV suit upgrades and experimental weapons. Then they open a portal to Xen and send him through. Black Mesa is soon after nuked. In Xen he defeats powerful aliens and finally battles with Nihilanth, a super alien who holds the portal to Earth and is the leader of the Xen aliens. After Gordon kills him, the portal to Earth closes and a mysterious man known as the G-Man offers him a job. Gordon accepts and is put into stasis in one of the far corners or the universe until further notice.

This game is one of my favorite games and I think others will enjoy playing it. Though it was released in 1998 it goes beyond standards for a modern day game. Even though the graphics aren’t the best, it has one of the most compelling story-lines ever. What really amazes me is that that even though there are thousands of science-fiction games which have you to fight aliens, this game takes one of the most cliche story themes and gives it a new depth that makes it so good! I really hope people will read this and want to check this game out. Of all the games out there, I have liked this one by far the absolute best.

Arjoneel Dhar, 7th Grade

Unreal Tournament


Unreal Tournament is probably one of the oldest games out there right next to Duke Nukem, Quake, and Counter-Strike. Unreal Tournament is one of those games that throws almost any type of team work and the term “Slow and steady” out the window and into the next content.  The game throws you into a guy (They really don’t give you a back story at all… Ah, lovely plot) who is wanting to get the prize money from the tournament for lord knows what reason. The sponsors for that tournament say “Don’t worry we have a way to magically respawn you”. For the people who love the fast paced action games like Call of Duty, welcome to its crazy twin brother that is even faster, has more Ramboistic tendencies, loads of chunks from people flying everywhere, and weapons that make borderlands gun system hoarder mode to the max.   You will find someone remotely good at the game to wreak havoc on your team, crazy robots that want to kill you, conspiracy theories, and a whole whopping one-hundred grand prize for winning the tournament (Totally worth dying about over a hundred times and killing about thousands of robots, Scar, rebels, humans, and crazy people).  There is a final boss that makes you ask your self “Who’s this guy and why is he the final boss”. THEN Unreal Tournament is the game for you. In my honest opinion it’s a worthwhile game that is really enjoyable for some reason. Rating 9.1/10.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Review


Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic (KOTOR), is a fairly dated RPG game set in the Star Wars universe. Your actions in this game are a heavy focus, giving you many choices to make and giving them heavy impacts. You can follow the Sith Code, gaining Dark Side Points and becoming a much darker Jedi, or follow the Jedi Code, gaining Light Side points and becoming a valiant defender of the Light. The places you travel to in your star-ship, the Ebon Hawk feel alive, and the people you will meet will have intricate backstories. You can meet companions to travel with you along your journey and get the chance to play as them as you continue your adventure. Since this is an older game, there are no “quest markers”, and you’ll have to explore many locations on the planet to continue the quest, but finding many side quests along the way. The story in this game is detailed and could even be considered better than the 7 Star Wars movies’ stories. The replayability value is high, as you can do many playthroughs with different choices that will affect your character and the overall story. This is a great game, and I highly recommend it.

Cole, 8th grade