StarCraft 1/2

starcraftStarCraft is one of Blizzards first video games for the computer back in the days of Duke Nukem and DOOM. It was considered one of the first RTS’s ever created that involved space and alien stuff. Now StarCraft II is seen in a lot of tournaments but of course the people who mostly play StarCraft II and I are mostly Korean or Dutch. The game’s plot is set in the time when Humanity became known as the Terran and started to populate planets by terraforming them so hurray right? No, there are two other races that are rather unhappy with the Terran taking planets as their own so they fight them. The two have completely different motives and you get to play as all three, see their point of view on what’s going on and what they are fighting for. The other two races that are present in the game are the Zerg and the Protoss. The Protoss are Biological aliens that have no mouths speak through telepathy with Phi-blades (basically laser swords) as their main weapon of choice and or using robotic troops that shoot plasma or some other kind of energy. Their goal and reason to fight is to stop the Zerg from wiping out all life on every world. They also want to take back their home world of Aiur from the Zerg who overwhelmed their home and killed many of their race. Now they have Terran who want to take over planets and the Zerg who want to kill everyone and everything they have a rock in a hard place “For Aiur”. The Zerg are aliens from unknown origin that serve under one single collective mind  known as the Overmind. Picture the Zerg as ants that are the size of a full grown Doberman to the size of a three story building with claws, plus it spits acid  and they are ordered by the Overmind to kill and consume everything “For the Swarm”. StarCraft is a great game to play for the story. It’s also fun to play and really challenging at the same time. It’s basically like very spicy wings that when you bite into them it hits you really hard but you still come back for more. I’d give it a good rating of 9.1/10.

Battlefield Franchise


The Battlefield series is by far one of the most popular large scale FPS’s (First Person Shooter) to date and it’s easy enough to say this franchise rivals the Call of Duty series. My own opinion on the two would be if you want a interesting single player play Call of Duty. If you want ground breaking graphics along with a realistic destruction feature to do damage to buildings and a large array of stuff Michel Bay would put in his movies in a game then Battlefield is for you.

History-Now to the details of the game. Battlefield’s game series started in 2002 and its first game was Battlefield: 1942 a World War II shooter (a lot of games that were released were in the WWII setting back in the 2000’s). After about a year and when all the popularity hit they released another game Battlefield: Vietnam. After that they created games every year until Battlefield: 2 then they released one every two years unlike its rival that releases another every year.

Gameplay-The Battlefield series always delivers with a fantastic multiplayer experience that would make you want to come back for more. The amazing vehicles, weapons that are easy to obtain, the large scale maps that span about 2000+ meters from one side to another, realistic suppression system and bullet drop on sniper rifles are all outstanding. Each class helps each other out in some way such as recon makes a spawn beacon so people may spawn closer to the objective and also spot enemies that are near by, support has a LMG that is great for suppression and an ammo bag to resupply his/her teammates that are near them. Some other great elements of the game are the assault that has a assault rifle that is versatile and a medical bag that heals nearby teammates and then they get a de-fib to revive their teammates, and finally the engineer that is equipped with mines, a rocket launcher, PDW/SMG and can repair vehicles with a blow torch so they all help each other out in some way. Now I’ll state it again Battlefield has one of the best multiplayer experiences that no other game could match up to besides it’s rival Call of Duty but in my opinion Battlefield has a better multiplayer by far. I’d rate this game 7/10 for single player and 9.6/10 for it’s multiplayer due to its creativity and it’s fantastic maps that make me excited to play on them.

Red Orchestra:2


Well, if you have heard of Hero’s and Generals then you may know what I’m going to talk about, there are many World War shooters that are created every year. Some fail while some become awarded the “Game of the Year” title/ award, and that’s the game I’m going to talk about. Red Orchestra is and will most likely will be the most realistic World War shooter ever made with realistic bullet ballistics, suppression system, all the weapons from history and details about them as well. Many roles you can play and are required to win a single game from a Commander who calls Artillery, recon plains, and forced re-enforcements to a basic rifleman who is the backbone of the entire defensive/offensive front. These go along with many other roles that either in a large way or a very small way all connect with each other to achieve a single goal… to win. That is the only way a team can win, by them all working together. Red Orchestra 2 is a World War II shooter that has made realism the highest priority. To this day I still play it for hours in my  free time. To give you a warning it’s a gore filled game, so age gate 17+ or parental advisory. Besides all of the above it’s filled with a great community that is somewhat hard on new people, but treat everyone equally as long as they pull their weight. Besides that Red Orchestra 2 is a game that is made for those who are patient and want to work with others to succeed. It’s also for those who value the realism that is within the game. In my opinion I would rate this game 9.3/10 for it’s great realism and its reliance on teamwork to get things done.

Call Of Duty


Well, let’s now talk about the Call of Duty franchise.  It has been probably one of the most on-going game series to date with it having a total of eleven games- talk about crazy work hours. This game franchise has three different game developers that make whole different genres of the game like Infinity Ward, known for their World War II games, all the way up to semi-futuristic to modern era.  Another would be Treyarch that brings you games from Vietnam to cyborg futuristic stuff(Black ops,two, and three) and probably the only reason the game series has even grown after Infinity Wards Ghosts, that I’d rather never talk about again for various reasons. The next and well only only other developer besides those two to make a game with the title “Call of Duty:…” was none other than Sledgehammer Studios which brought you Advanced Warfare that looked great at the beginning and basically crashed and burned. With all that, the Call of Duty franchise has been declining ever since after the release of Black ops and has never seen improvement until recently.  I still have yet to see Call of Duty become anywhere close to how popular the game was.  It was almost if not more popular than Counter-Strike( I have another blog about that one if you want a basic run down on what the game is) and had a great future.  It pains me to see this game franchise hurt itself anymore, but what can I do. If you are looking for a high pace game with action right out the gate with a great single player then most if not all the Call of Duty games can give you that and maybe more.  I would recommend playing the older ones first to see what the franchise was back then.

Far Cry

Far Cry is an open-world first-person shooter game that is split into four games, all with the the same name but different numbers at the end of Far Cry.  Far Cry usually puts you in the shoes of a soldier (Far Cry 1) a mercenary (Far Cry 2) a tourist (Far Cry 3) and finally but not least a son that is trying to put his mother’s ashes on top of a mountain (Far Cry 4). The great thing about that is you can play any game of the franchise and not miss any story because the games don’t connect to each other at all (well, one character from Far Cry 3 is in Far Cry 4 , but besides that you never see any connection to all the games), but all of the games have very interesting plots and are worth a look at, in my opinion. Far Cry 2 would be my favorite due to its interesting characters and the plot, and hey don’t forget that in FC2 the currency is diamonds, which is  fun.  All the Far Cry games have a wide range of weapons, beautiful environment, great stories, interesting and funny characters, a horrible main character that you will always come to hate even though you are playing them, antagonists that will make you think about things, and eight different endings(two per game), and all the games are about 8-12 hours of game-play before the story is finished, but in Far Cry 4 you can beat it in less than 10 mins(no joke). All enjoyable games that are worth the time and the money, but I’d say as the franchise as a whole, 8.3/10. “Do you know the definition of insanity?”-Vas, Far Cry 3

My Review of Bloodborne


For the readers that are unaware, Bloodborne is the most recent game released by developers, FROM SOFTWARE. This game was once thought of as a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series however Bloodborne is a standalone title, and has no connections to Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on March 24th, 2015. Many people were upset by the fact other consoles, and PC would not be able to play the game however I stand by the decision as PlayStation 4 at the time of the release of Bloodborne had not claimed many exclusive titles unlike the Xbox One and PC. Anyway, in regards to the game itself, Bloodborne in my opinion is a good game for many reasons however it lacks certain aspects that FROM SOFTWARE is known for in its most comparable series, that being the Dark Souls series. As said before Bloodborne is indeed a stand alone game and should not be directly compared to any other as it would breed a sense of unfairness to the developers. However, that is not to say Bloodborne shouldn’t have taken more features from other games such as Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. With that said I would like to state first what this game could improve upon. In Bloodborne there are fifteen right handed weapons, these being known as trick weapons. Weapons such as these will most notably have two different forms that scale off of your chosen statistics throughout leveling. These trick weapons are a nice addition however they are almost all the same. There is no distinction of fighting styles whether the player is going with a strength build or a skill build, these being practically the only two builds in the entire game. This lack of variety also holds true for the types of armor in the game, the only notable difference being the stats each armor set is held. There are no heavy armors in the game, all armors appear to be thin coats at best. The lack of ability to change hinders the player so the game has almost no replay factor, that being how much the player wants to replay the game for a new experience. With that said, another unfortunate aspect of this game that leaves it boring is the lack of class differences. The only readily available builds are strength and skill while others such as arcane or blood-tinge are not available until later in the game, making them difficult to the player. This also breeds a lacking replay factor for the player. Now then, I believe those are the only problems with Bloodborne, so on to the positives of the game. The combat system is very smooth and fluid allowing the player to have lots of fun ducking in and out of combat gracefully. The settings of the game are very detailed and stand apart from each other in a beautiful way. The enemies of Bloodborne are also very unique, well developed, and fun to fight while also giving a nice challenge expected from the developers as is their reputation. FROM SOFTWARE has created a good game however it does have its flaws. Do I as a player enjoy Bloodborne? Yes, and I would recommend it to certain friends however if you expect many restarts and different play styles, maybe this is not the game for you. However it is still worth checking out. That’s my review for Bloodborne and I do hope you enjoyed.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf A videogame


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is an entertaining game created for the Nintendo 3DS which involves many interactions between real players and computer players. In this addicting simulation, you get to become the mayor of your own town and customize an island.  This requires many things such as creating ordinances, changing the flag and theme of your town, setting up public projects, and of course, meeting the needs of your town’s citizens. There are many obligations and activities available for you to do! Expand upon your shopping district, take mini quests from your animal citizens, and vacation on a distant island to get more bells (the currency)! I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game because it was so captivating and addicting with all the things you can do.                                                                                                      

  The time ratio is based on one minute in game: 1 minute in the real world: 1 minute in the game, meaning as time goes by throughout your day so does it in your game, giving it a real-life type feel to the game. Also, it has holidays when you do! When Christmas rolls around, you can celebrate it with a party in your game; even smaller holidays like Columbus Day are celebrated! Finished getting gifts on your birthday? Why not receive another birthday party experience on Animal Crossing as well, and with extinguishable candles you can blow out yourself, an admirable addition to the game. Another amazing feature of this game is the high amount of interaction. Your citizens will tend to come up with many phrases and even come to you to talk! You can write letters to them, visit their homes, influence what greeting they want, and answer their simple multiple choice questions about how you would rate their outfits and other quirky topics. If you want a change in game experience, you can always restart your game and select a different option such as a new land map, a new character face and name, and receive new islanders and town colors, making this game full of endless possibilities that will want to make you keep playing even if you’re bored of your old town. An additional cool aspect of Animal Crossing: New Leaf is that you can invite other friends with the game to your town, exchange items, and visit the tropical island together. Some requests from your citizens will even require visiting someone else’s town. To enhance the game experience, the game makes it so your character is customizable. Over time, you can change your character’s hair, eyes, and clothes, or design the clothes you wear. Your house is customizable as well, you can fill it in with interactive furniture, expand, and change the walls and floors.                                                                                             

The things you can do are endless, from customization to the citizen requests, but there is another feature of this game that makes you want to play it daily, which is the prizes you can get daily and monthly. Everyday fossils are buried in your town which can help you earn Bells or be donated to the museum for a higher citizen approval rate. Each day also, you can break rocks to get a maximum of one ore and 16,100 Bells. If you shake your town’s trees, you can get furniture and Bells as well. Each month a new item can be attained at the Post Office, typically based upon the season. Seasons also play a big role in Animal Crossing. Snowmen that give out requests (and of course prizes) can be made in winter, new insects are exposed in spring-summer, and mushrooms during fall can help you to rack in Bells or get you furniture!  I recommend Animal Crossing: New Leaf for those who enjoy  life-based games and are willing to become addicted to this well-produced game.             

Jessica Grade 8