The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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Review by: coolkid73

The Legend of Zelda is a video game series everybody has heard of, whether you’re a gamer or not. In 2003, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker was released for the Nintendo Gamecube. It was then re-released in 2013 for the Wii U under the name Wind Waker HD.

In this game, Ganon has returned and has kidnapped Link’s sister. Link must now travel to several different islands, get items, and defeat enemies. This game uses anime style graphics to make it cartoony, which is only in the Gamecube original. The Wii U remaster upgrades to HD graphics.

One of the biggest alterations between the versions is the huge triforce hunt near the end. The locations of the triforce shards are switched, and so are the locations of some other items. The soundtrack is a mixture of calm, upbeat, chaotic, and adventurous songs. The Wii U remaster upgrades some of the songs to sound more realistic.

If you are new to Zelda games, this is the game I recommend you try out first. If you ask me which version I prefer, I would have to say the Gamecube original because that’s the one I grew up with, but most other people prefer the Wii U remaster. This game is fun, so I give it a 10/10.

Fun fact: If you own an older model of the original Wii, you can play Gamecube games on your Wii. You will need a copy of the game you are playing, a GameCube controller, and a GameCube memory card to play. You’ll know its an older model because it has four controller ports and two memory card slots at the top.


Dye Review

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Review by: jakobsherman

Dye is a fairly new indie game about a white blob who jumps around to color stuff. I know, an engaging plot. But what this game loses in story it more than makes up for in game play. This game plays excellently, especially with a controller. If you’re using a keyboard, well, it’s not that great. I decided to use my Retrolink SNES USB controller. I had a problem using it in game, so I downloaded JoyTokey, a free application that reads controller inputs and converts them into key presses. If you go this route, make sure to get the application from JoyTokey’s website, or else you might be at risk of a virus.

Dye is very good for what it is. It is easy to compare to Super Meat Boy for their tough game play and tight platforming. In Dye, you will die. Like a lot. In fact, for the best experience, I recommend creating a mindset where you’re okay with dying. Otherwise, prepare to rage. This game is perfect for any one looking for a retro game similar to things like Mario World, but with a modern twist. There is a ton of content in this game, especially if you’re going to one-hundred percent or speed run it. In the newest patch, there’s even a speed run counter, so I encourage you to run through it.

I picked this up recently, when it was on sale for less than four dollars, but I would recommend picking it up now while it’s on sale, and maybe even getting the bundle with the soundtrack for only a dollar extra. This game’s presentation is very nice. There are things in this game called Pigments, which are basically this game’s main collectible. The more you collect these, the more the levels fill up with color.

In conclusion, I would recommend picking this up now while it’s cheap, but otherwise, you should probably get it anyways, unless you don’t like this genre. I give Dye a solid 9.2/10, for it’s solid, yet difficult game play.


Game review of “Super Mario World”


Review by: jakobsherman

Super Mario World was a game released in 1991 by Nintendo. This is a game that would go down in history as one of the best games to ever hit shelves in stores, and for good reason too. Many people praise this game for it’s complex yet simple gameplay. This game mostly revolves around jumping around and collecting power-ups (Mario’s version of items). The game does an excellent job of teaching you these mechanics without shoving them in your face with a tutorial like many other games. Most 2-D Marios are good at this. They show you how to dodge Goombas by letting them kill you, or rather, making you fly off the screen.

This game, however, has some flaws when it comes to that. For example, it teaches you nothing about the different Yoshi powers. Speaking of Yoshi, this is the first game to feature Yoshi, the iconic green dinosaur who’s famous for eating things, and then turning them into eggs. Yoshi sort of acts as a power-up in this game. You find him and other power ups by hitting a question mark block with your fist, although many believe it’s your head. One of these power-ups is the feather, which gives you a cape which lets you fly and glide by jumping once in a sprint. This however allows players to skip near levels entirely.

The difficulty of this game, in my opinion, is unbalanced and sometimes unfair. This is mainly due to the huge difficulty spike around the third world. Worlds are basically just a group of singular levels. At the end of each world you enter a tower and fight one of the eight Koopalings, each being one of Bower’s children. These levels range from haunted houses to underwater sequences to grassy plains, to caves with what seems like endless amounts tunnels. Nearly half these levels, have secret exits that lead to switches that help you in other levels, and even unlock more levels themselves. There are a total of 29 secret exits in this game, and there’s even the star world with five more levels and the special world with levels like Tubular which take hours to complete due to their difficulty. At the end of the last world, you finally face Bowser in his castle in a fight to save Peach from his grasps.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a retro game to play without a deep story or just a fun time, whether it be a quick play through or an one-hundred percent one with lots of content, I recommend Mario World. I give this game an 8.7/10.

A Drawing of Shu and Madonee from Ensemble Stars

By: hannahn281

For this post, I decided to draw the character Shu Itsuki and his doll who he calls, “mademoiselle”, or “madonee” for short. To put my own twist on it, I made Madonee a real human being. Shu is from the phone game Ensemble Stars, in which you can collect cards. I used the outfits from this card in my piece. I am actually not that familiar with this game because I’ve never played it before. My older sister is the one who really likes this franchise, in fact, she is sewing the exact dress that Mademoiselle is wearing! I kind of drew this in honor of her, because she is really good at sewing and she gives me a lot of support and encouragement about my art. I don’t know what I would do without her or the rest of my family!

I painted this piece using my Wacom Intuos Tablet and the art program FireAlpaca (as usual). This took about six hours, which felt like forever, especially drawing all of those gears and cogs in the background. Drawing mechanical, straight-edge objects has never been easy for me, so this was pretty good practice! This also helped me practice drawing people at a side view/ profile. The profile is definitely the angle of the face that I struggle with the most. But it quickly began to feel more natural as I went through the lining phase to the coloring phase. In the end, I really did enjoy coloring the sparkly gold trims of these outfits, as well as the steampunky feel they have. Thank you for reading!

Hannah, 10th grade (I will be, next year)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Review by: coolkid73

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the seventh game in the Grand Theft Auto series released in 2004 for PlayStation 2, and in 2005 for PC and Xbox. A high definition remaster was later released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2015. This game is set in the fictional city of San Andreas, and follows Carl “CJ” Johnson and his friends Ryder, Sweet, OG “Jeffery” Loc, and Big Smoke as they try to rid the city of a rival gang. This game is addictive to play and is loads of fun.

The best part of the game is the music. While in a car, you have access to various radio stations. One is a talk show, and the rest play music. This game uses rock, reggae, heavy metal, gangsta rap, and various other genres of music. All songs used in the game are real songs made by real people.

This game has loads of missions, involving stuff like beating up drug dealers, stealing crates of guns from a guy’s house, catching and killing a guy, stealing a famous rapper’s rhyme book, and so much more.

This game has loads of fun missions and loads of weapons, like batons, golf clubs, and, of course, guns. This game is fun so I give it a 10/10. I hope you try this game yourself.

StarCraft 1/2

starcraftStarCraft is one of Blizzards first video games for the computer back in the days of Duke Nukem and DOOM. It was considered one of the first RTS’s ever created that involved space and alien stuff. Now StarCraft II is seen in a lot of tournaments but of course the people who mostly play StarCraft II and I are mostly Korean or Dutch. The game’s plot is set in the time when Humanity became known as the Terran and started to populate planets by terraforming them so hurray right? No, there are two other races that are rather unhappy with the Terran taking planets as their own so they fight them. The two have completely different motives and you get to play as all three, see their point of view on what’s going on and what they are fighting for. The other two races that are present in the game are the Zerg and the Protoss. The Protoss are Biological aliens that have no mouths speak through telepathy with Phi-blades (basically laser swords) as their main weapon of choice and or using robotic troops that shoot plasma or some other kind of energy. Their goal and reason to fight is to stop the Zerg from wiping out all life on every world. They also want to take back their home world of Aiur from the Zerg who overwhelmed their home and killed many of their race. Now they have Terran who want to take over planets and the Zerg who want to kill everyone and everything they have a rock in a hard place “For Aiur”. The Zerg are aliens from unknown origin that serve under one single collective mind  known as the Overmind. Picture the Zerg as ants that are the size of a full grown Doberman to the size of a three story building with claws, plus it spits acid  and they are ordered by the Overmind to kill and consume everything “For the Swarm”. StarCraft is a great game to play for the story. It’s also fun to play and really challenging at the same time. It’s basically like very spicy wings that when you bite into them it hits you really hard but you still come back for more. I’d give it a good rating of 9.1/10.

Battlefield Franchise


The Battlefield series is by far one of the most popular large scale FPS’s (First Person Shooter) to date and it’s easy enough to say this franchise rivals the Call of Duty series. My own opinion on the two would be if you want a interesting single player play Call of Duty. If you want ground breaking graphics along with a realistic destruction feature to do damage to buildings and a large array of stuff Michel Bay would put in his movies in a game then Battlefield is for you.

History-Now to the details of the game. Battlefield’s game series started in 2002 and its first game was Battlefield: 1942 a World War II shooter (a lot of games that were released were in the WWII setting back in the 2000’s). After about a year and when all the popularity hit they released another game Battlefield: Vietnam. After that they created games every year until Battlefield: 2 then they released one every two years unlike its rival that releases another every year.

Gameplay-The Battlefield series always delivers with a fantastic multiplayer experience that would make you want to come back for more. The amazing vehicles, weapons that are easy to obtain, the large scale maps that span about 2000+ meters from one side to another, realistic suppression system and bullet drop on sniper rifles are all outstanding. Each class helps each other out in some way such as recon makes a spawn beacon so people may spawn closer to the objective and also spot enemies that are near by, support has a LMG that is great for suppression and an ammo bag to resupply his/her teammates that are near them. Some other great elements of the game are the assault that has a assault rifle that is versatile and a medical bag that heals nearby teammates and then they get a de-fib to revive their teammates, and finally the engineer that is equipped with mines, a rocket launcher, PDW/SMG and can repair vehicles with a blow torch so they all help each other out in some way. Now I’ll state it again Battlefield has one of the best multiplayer experiences that no other game could match up to besides it’s rival Call of Duty but in my opinion Battlefield has a better multiplayer by far. I’d rate this game 7/10 for single player and 9.6/10 for it’s multiplayer due to its creativity and it’s fantastic maps that make me excited to play on them.