What Is This?

CCPL Writers’ Block is a place for Teens to share reviews and opinions about books, music, games and movies. It is also a place to share artwork and creative writing.


  • Opportunity to share what you know with other teens
  • Write about things you care about
  • Create a positive Digital Foot Print
  • Community Service

Who would be good for our Blog?

  • Students ages 12-18
  • Students who want to earn service hours, but are too busy to come into a branch to work
  • Students who enjoy writing and/or expressing opinions about books, movies, music and games
  • Students who like to share creative writing or artwork

If you are interested in contributing to Writer’s Block, click on the link below.


If you have any questions, please fill out the form below.

20 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Adriana,
      If you are interested in contributing to Writers’ Block, please complete and submit the form on the blog’s “About” page and a staff member will contact you with details.


    • If took me about a week to get a response. It’s not instantaneous (I thought I wasn’t accepted or something but it just took some time)


  1. In reply to: “Hello! I have posted several pieces of creative writing and two reviews without a problem, and I want to post some of my artwork, too. But when I go to make a new post and try to upload an image of my work, the site won’t allow it (it says I am not authorized to upload an image) and the only images I can include are google/bing searched photos, or insert something as a URL. How can I post artwork, and is there any way I can post my drawings without this happening? Thanks!”

    Hi sharkgirl25, I saw that your comment got deleted and wasn’t replied to. If you have a picture of your artwork you can copy and paste it into your post. (Unless this is not allowed – this is what I do.) Thanks!

    – Azalea / The Writing Clarinetist


    • Hi SapphireFox- We are having some tech difficulties but we think they are resolved. Please resubmit your request and we will get back to you!


      • I do not mean to be one of those annoying people, but I submitted my request three days ago and I have still yet to get the email with the information. Let me know if you are still having tech issues and I need to fill out the form again, or you just have not looked at it yet. Either way, it’s good👍🏼


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