The Magician’s Nephew

The Magician’s Nephew

This is the first book of the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. It starts off with a boy named Digory. He meets a girl named Polly and they become friends. Digory is staying at his uncle’s house while is father is fighting in a war and his mother is deathly ill. Digory and Polly have many adventures together including going up to the secret part of Polly’s attic.

            One day, they plan to go exploring and try to get into abandoned houses. However, the plan doesn’t work, and they end up in Digory’s uncle’s forbidden study. Polly touches a beautiful ring she likes and suddenly disappears. Digory then has to go save her. He takes a ring too and disappears. He takes two rings of a different color that will bring them back.

            They both appear in a forest. The forest just consists of trees and a variety of small pools. It is quite mysterious. Once knowing they can get back, they decide to explore more. They end up in a magical yet silent creepy land. They are in the courtyard of a castle and walk around. They eventually find a large room full of silent waxy figures. In the front of the room, there is a bell and a hammer. Digory goes against Polly’s warning and rings the bells.

            A beautiful yet fierce woman awakes. Her castle starts to fall apart, and she must escape with the children. Polly knows she is bad and Digory doesn’t care. Polly tries to escape with Digory and without the woman, but the woman holds on. They go back to Earth where the woman (who is actually a witch) wants to rule over the humans like she did in her original world. She goes with Digory’s uncle all over town, stealing things and trying to just cause chaos.

            In the end, there is a big crowd in front of Digory’s house. The witch is quite strong and starts to cause even more problems. Digory and Polly decide to try and teleport away with the Witch. They take a few other people (and animals) along too. They end up in the beginning of Narnia which is just pure darkness. A magical song starts, and Narnia begins to come to life. Aslan the Lion appears and begins to select animals to talk.

            There is a conference and they disband. Digory and Polly then go to meet the Lion. The Witch and Digory’s uncle have both run off. The children meet Aslan and learn more about Narnia. The first book ends with one of the people Digory and Polly took becoming King of Narnia. Eventually, the children and some of the other people go back to Narnia, leaving the Witch and King. They get back to their world where no time has passed. The book pretty much ends there and transitions onto the next book.

            I really enjoyed this book. It again has been recommended to me by a friend. Though I haven’t watched the movies in a while, I can say the books are much better. The movies also skip some of the books which doesn’t make sense. This book was made and is based around the 1950s, this means that some of the words and phrases may have different meanings or just aren’t used today. Some of my favorites are “you naughty little boy” and “I do say”. Overall, I think this book is very good and should definitely be on your reading list. My book set has all 7 books in one but the 7 books in the series are usually individual. Anyways, yes read it.

            I would give this book an 8.5/10



I write behind a screen,

No one can tell its me,

I want to make a difference, that is my dream,

Some day, that ambition may be set free.


I hide behind a mask,

When it comes to writing I’m great,

But if it’s a people task,

Social abilities is not one of my traits.


I know that’s no excuse,

And that doesn’t make me special,

But life is so swirled that it’s hard to make a truce,

Sometimes in only takes one person to answer the call.


Give me a pencil and it will fly,

Put me in a group and, well, I’ll try.

Break Through Sadness

Smiling Face

Without bad, there is no good,

There can’t be a light in the dark with no dark,

This world is not perfect but nothing should,

Is there no choice between happiness and a sad embark?


The bad stay bad,

The loved just keep getting loved,

The sad are forever sad,

And the runts still get shoved.


But there is a way to escape,

No one can tell you not to be elated,

You decide for yourself what kind of future you want to shape,

That’s why we have been created.


Stay sad or rejoice,

It’s your choice.

Counting Down To Life Chapter 40

Who Are You?

May 13, 2017

Miami, Florida

That Saturday, Brooklyn was lying in bed when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Brooklyn yelled. A girl walked in. She had brown hair and blue eyes. She looked familiar, but Brooklyn couldn’t a finger on where she recognized the girl from. Brooklyn sat up and reached under her pillow for the knife she’d started keeping with her. “Who are you?”

“Are you okay?” The girl asked. “It’s me, Kayla.”

“Kayla? I don’t know a Kayla,” Brooklyn said. The girl faintly remembered knowing someone by that name, but Brooklyn wasn’t sure who it was.

“Brooklyn, I’m your sister,” Kayla reminded. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

Brooklyn’s eyes widened. Why couldn’t she remember her own sister? She shut her eyes and tried to remember, but it wasn’t working.

“Right, yeah. I was just joking,” the confused girl lied.

“Um, okay,” Kayla said. “I was just coming in here to ask what you wanted for lunch.”

“I’m not hungry right now, and I have plans with a friend so I should go,” Brooklyn fibbed again.

“Alright.” Kayla shut the door as she walked away. 

Brooklyn stared at the door. She couldn’t remember having a sister. The girl had an older brother, Mason, and a younger brother, Jonah, but no sisters. Her mother’s name was Lena, and her father was Noah. 

Brooklyn hadn’t seen any of them since Zora found her and changed her. The only reason Brooklyn had gone with Zora that day eight years ago was that he had paid her struggling family handsomely.

So why was Kayla saying she was Brooklyn’s sister?


How and Why

Why How Scrabble Tiles

How could you know me for a hundred years

Yet, not know the contents of my heart

How could you be  right next to me

But still be a thousand miles apart

How do we call ourselves by the same name

When our minds are nothing alike

How can I be related through your blood

While you betrayed and left me in the dust

To another face, I couldn’t help but ask

Why have you known me only for a day

And know my heart like it is your own

Why do we live in two different worlds

Yet here you are with me, close to my heart

Why do we put on two different masks

When we have too much in common

Why am I told you are nothing to me

When we held each other through the  darkest of times

Counting Down To Life Chapter 39

Picnic Table

May 11, 2017

Miami, Florida

Less than a week later, everything had gone back to almost normal. Brooklyn was happy. She was ready to graduate, and she was back with her friends and her boyfriend. The only thing that was different was Karter. Ever since he found out about Atifa, he’d been cold to Brooklyn, and he refused to speak to Atifa. 

The Empathy Guardian had also been ignoring Brooklyn, no matter what the younger girl did. She’d apologized profusely and tried to make it up to her friend, but nothing worked. Brooklyn understood she made a huge mistake. Brooklyn might have ruined any chance of Atifa fixing her relationship with her daughter. 

Laz and Dinah had arrived the day before, and they’d brought Lyvlen with them. When Brooklyn told the Anger Guardian’s daughter that she was trying to get her memories back, Lyvlen had looked like she was panicking and Brooklyn knew why. Laz still didn’t know about her working with Zora. Brooklyn would have to find time to talk to the Guardian’s daughter about the vision she’d had weeks ago.

Currently, Brooklyn was sitting at a picnic bench with Lily, who’d forgotten about the fight they’d had in March thanks to Bray’s magic, Finn, Karter, and a few of Brooklyn’s other friends. As far as Brooklyn’s friends knew, she’d just been on vacation, and Atifa only went with her because she had family in California. Since the Empathy Guardian was pissed at Brooklyn, it still seemed like they hated each other, but the human would fix their friendship. She just needed to corner Atifa long enough to talk, she’d have to do the same thing with Karter. Maybe Brooklyn would just lock the two Guardians in a room together and force them to figure things out.

Finn wrapped his arm around Brooklyn’s shoulder. “You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah,” Brooklyn replied. “Just thinking.” Karter glanced at Brooklyn questioningly.

“‘Bout what?” Lily asked.

“Just something.” Brooklyn looked at Karter. “Hey, Karter, can you come with me. I want to talk to you about something.”

Atifa was probably eating lunch in the library so she could talk to Karter first and convince him to speak to the Empathy Guardian before she went to the library and apologized to Atifa. Once they both were talking to Brooklyn again, she could lock them in a classroom and force them to talk.

“We can talk here,” Karter said cooly.

“I need to tell you something about the thing that happened when we were in California. I remembered something,” Brooklyn lied. It was perfect, Karter would have to talk to her if she told him she remembered something important.

“Why don’t you call Laz and tell him. I’m eating,” Karter dismissed. 

“I need to talk to {you},” Brooklyn tried stressing the part where she said she need Karter.

“Just go with her,” Finn said. Karter rolled his eyes.

“Fine, where are we going?” Karter asked as she led him inside.

“In here,” Brooklyn said, opening the door to a supply closet.

“What did you remember?”

“Oh, I didn’t remember anything. I just needed a reason to talk to you alone,” Brooklyn revealed.

“I’m leaving.” Karter tried to walk out, but Brooklyn sat down and blocked the door entirely.

“No, you’re not,” Brooklyn said. “You are going to sit down and talk to me. I am your best friend, and it isn’t my fault Atifa didn’t tell you she was your grandmother. In fact, I tried to get her to tell you, but she didn’t want to. She didn’t know how, and I understand why. Karter, how would you tell someone you’ve been going to school with for four years, that you’re his grandmother?”

Karter sighed and sat down across from Brooklyn.

“I just don’t know what to say to her. My mom’s been a mess since she found out, and I just don’t know what to do. I’m freaked out,” the Guilt Guardian explained.

“Why don’t you try talking to her. It might help,” Brooklyn suggested. Karter nodded. “Now, go talk to her. Atifa will probably in the library.”

They stood up and walked out of the closet. The pair walked to the library in total silence. Brooklyn was right, Atifa was in the library, and she was alone. That made everything easier. 

“Go in, I’ll wait out here, she’s pissed at me.”

“For good reason,” Karter added. Brooklyn whacked him.

Karter played with his hands nervously before sitting down across from his newly found grandmother.
“Hey,” he greeted. “This is really weird. Do I still call you Atifa or do I call you grandma.”
“You can call me whatever you want as long as it means you forgive me,” Atifa cried.
“I just want to know why you kept it from mom and me.”
“Naomi couldn’t know about me. If I stayed around, she would have figured out something was wrong. She’s a smart woman, your mother. Naomi was an amazing writer. She always said she wanted to write a book, and I was so proud of her when she did it,” Atifa laughed, tears slipping down her face.
“You could have told her you were a Guardian. You can still tell her, I mean you might have to because of me. I haven’t said anything, but I don’t want to disappear. She’s lost enough. First, it was you, then it was her dad, then my dad. I don’t want to join that list,” Karter explained.
“We can figure something out Karter. You are my grandson, and I love you so much.” Atifa was glowing with happiness.
“How long have you known?” Karter asked.
“Well, I knew Naomi was pregnant with you the last time I saw her, and the moment I saw you freshman year, I knew who you were,” Atifa explained. “You know, you got your eyes and your smile from me, and that mess on your head that you call hair.” Karter laughed.
When the two were finished talking, Atifa and Karter walked out of the library together. When the pair passed Brooklyn, Atifa mouthed the words Brooklyn wanted to hear.
“Thank you,” she mouthed. Brooklyn smiled. She’d done it, and it had been so much more straightforward than she’d initially thought. The girl walked back to her friends and continued to eat happily.



It: Chapter 2: Movie Review

It: Chapter Two

Description: It Chapter 2 directed by Andy Muschietti, is the sequel to the remake of It which was made in 2017. It picks up 27 years after The Losers Club defeated the demonic clown called Pennywise. A young homosexual man named Adrian Melon is enjoying the carnival with his boyfriend when homophobic locals attack them. They are harshly beat Adrian and he is thrown into the river. His boyfriend looks over the edge to see a mysterious figure help him out of the river. Just as his boyfriend feels relieved, the clown takes a bite out of him. Mike Hanlon, a member of the Losers Club finds out about this and realizes it’s time to call everyone back to Derry to finish what they started. Ever since defeating the clown, the Losers lived their lives separately, mostly moving on to a future out of Derry. Therefore, when Mike calls them, they all have seemingly forgotten what events had transpired 27 years before. Most of the Losers show up, one last time to finally finish the clown off. Even if it means death they will do anything to defend the kids of Derry from sharing a similar fate to the countless lives lost. Especially Bill Denbrough, whose brother Georgie was taken by Pennywise. Together, Bill Denbrough, Eddie Kaspbrak, Beverly Marsh, Ben Hanscom, and Mike Hanlon team up to prevent any further destruction to the town of Derry, Maine once and for all.

Pros: The actors/actresses chosen for this movie, I personally loved. They seemed to have a good connection with each other and looked like older versions of The Losers Club.

Cons: It: Chapter 2 is supposedly considered a horror movie when it’s just suspenseful. It failed to deliver on that horrifying Pennywise that was depicted in the book and was very bland.

Rating: 7/10




Overall Score: 7/10