Froyo Shop: Part Fifteen

“I only met Holly.” Avery says bluntly.

The next following day, all the classrooms were in an uproar because Prince Matthew attended school.

“Hey, have you seen the Prince yet?” A random girl asks another girl, as Avery passes them across the hallway. Unlike the rest of the girls, Avery wanted to avoid Prince Matthew as much as possible.

“Hey, Avery! How is school going for you so far?” Avery’s brother, Liam, surprise-attacked Avery from behind. Avery let out a small scream for a second and drops her books that were in her hands.

“Oh my goodness, you scared me,” Avery sighs as she starts to knell to get the books. When she was about to pick them up, someone else did it first.

“Here you go. You sure are clumsy,” a low voice said as he chuckled.

Huh? Who does this guy think he is?” Avery thought at that exact moment.

“Thank y-” Avery was about to thank this stranger who picked up her books but instead, froze. As Avery looked up at the boy, she saw the person she didn’t want to meet the most. The one who will kill her- Prince Matthew.

The most surprising thing that Avery thought was that the red velvet book described Prince Matthews so perfectly- he had wavy hair like Damien, except his hair was blonde. He also had very unique round red eyes that were so shiny, that Avery could see her own reflection through his eyes.

After realizing she was staring, Prince Matthew smirked at her.

Rats. This is the last person I want to see.

Froyo Shop: Part Fourteen

“Oh my I totally forgot! My name is Holly! What is yours?” The girl asks.

“This is bad. BAD bad BAD BAd sjhdifhsofhioshohds” Avery thought to herself, “Wait where is the Crown Prince? Was he supposed to save her?! Ah I skimmed through this part in the book because I was more worried about my downfall!”

After a deep sigh, Avery replied, “Avery.”

“That’s a beautiful name,” Holly says cheerfully with another smile.

“I understand why Holly was the Heroine. Holly’s smile would make anyone smile back because she is super soft and sweet- the opposite of me.” Avery thought as she smile back one more.

All of the sudden, Avery hears a rustle in one of the bushes and suddenly gets up. Thinking it must be the Crown Prince, she quickly said goodbye and ran back to the entrance of the garden. There, Jeanette stood pacing back and forth.

“Avery! Its been like two hours! I seriously thought I lost you!” Jeanette starts crying as she was hugging Avery.

“Well did you see the Prince Matthew and Holly?” Jeanette asks.

“I only met Holly.” Avery says bluntly.

Prince Matthews POV:


I quickly picked up my pace to where the screaming girl was. I was just admiring the flowers in this garden and trying to get away from all the crazy girls who kept trying to come at me until I heard that girl’s scream.

“This better be worth it,” I say under my breath as I continue running to the girl. When I finally came across her, she was barely hanging on to a tree branch. But before I could save her, another girl came into rescue and caught her. Unfortunately, she fell along with the girl.

As soon as this happen, my body just automatically hid behind a bush. S

“Oh my goodness, are you okay?” The girl from the tree asks the savior.

“W-Why the heck were you on a tree if you couldn’t get down from it?” The savior says bluntly the thing I wanted to ask too.

After a few small talks, the girls finally exchanged names. I don’t understand why I was hiding and listening on their conversation but that girl intrigued me.

“Heh- Avery…”

Frosty The Snowman

After the mishap of watching the sequel thinking it was the original, I watched Frosty the Snowman. This Christmas classic is about a snowman that comes to life after a group of children put a magician’s hat on him. When this happy and jolly snowman starts melting, he and the kids plan to take him to the North Pole, but not without a few hitches. A little girl named Karen decides to accompany him and starts freezing. Meanwhile, the evil magician who threw away the hat is stalking the snowman to get his hat back and almost does. Just in time, Santa comes and tells the magician to go home and saves Frosty and Karen. The cast includes Jackie Vernon, Jimmy Durante, June Foray, Billy De Wolfe, and Paul Frees. This movie, though low quality, brought back nostalgic memories with its iconic animation and a fun theme song. With this movie and the sequel, two common themes I’ve noticed in this series are suggesting ridiculous things (such as naming the snowman Oatmeal before styling on Frosty and the United States President saving him and Karen) and addressing multiple issues in one special (such as saving Frosty from melting and Karen from freezing, as well as making sure the magician doesn’t steal his hat back). While my rating might seem a bit high, I’m confident in my rating because it brought back childhood memories!

Frosty’s Winter Wonderland

I watched Frosty’s Winter Wonderland with my family. When it started playing, I thought it was the original, but I was disappointed to find out it was the sequel, which I was unaware even existed. In this movie, Frosty expresses his loneliness when he comes back and hangs out with the kids so they make him a snow wife named Crystal. Meanwhile, Jack Frost becomes jealous that the kids are having fun with Frosty and tries to steal his hat.

He is successful after the second attempt, but Crystal’s love brings Frosty back to life and they get married. They reason with Jack Frost and make him the best man and, in return, Jack offers to keep winter going forever. The local preacher tells them that if winter lasts forever leaves won’t grow on the trees and flowers won’t blossom, so Frosty, Crystal, and Jack Frost head to the North Pole. Andy Griffith voiced the narrator, Jackie Vernon voiced Frosty, Shelley Winters voiced Crystal, Dennis Day voiced Parson Brown and his snow double, and Paul Frees voiced Jack Frost and the traffic cop, in which the latter was the only understandable person in this movie for questioning the talking snow people.

I know it’s only a children’s movie, but Frosty came off as whiny, insufferable, and desperate in the sequel. Crystal and the children were not much better though. I love Frosty the Snowman, but the sequel is not good in any way. Because this movie is less than 30 minutes long, there’s not much else to say except, save your time and don’t watch it.

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals directed by Anna Mastro

I watched this movie recently with my family. I have to say that it was very good. It’s a movie that came out about a month ago and is available on Disney+.

This is a movie about, you guessed it, second-born royals. People whose older siblings are in line for the throne. These people are given special powers such as invisibility or talking to animals. They are trained to properly use their powers to defeat the evil that is everywhere in the world.

This plot starts off with a rebellious princess named Sam, which goes against what her family wants her to do. She’s in a band and apparently enjoys committing crimes. She is sent to “summer school” with four other kids. None of them particularly like each other’s company.

These kids eventually become friends and train together to fight evil. There are a few romantic side plots with some of the main characters.

We learn that the man that has been in jail in maximum security has managed to escape and is roaming the city looking for someone or something. We know that there is an accomplice but have no idea who.

We also learn that this evil man has a personal connection to one of the main characters. This is an interesting plot twist in the movie.   We find this out when the evil man fights the second-born royals’ mentor.   

The sister of the main character is set to be the next Queen of Illyria (the kingdom). Sam finds out that there is an evil plot to kill all the first born royals. There is a plot twist and someone unexpected is actually evil. You watch in great suspense as the movie unfolds.

In the end, everything works out and people are happy. Nobody dies and everyone manages to go back to their normal lives.

I really enjoyed this movie. I liked the plot and the creativity of this. I’ve never seen this type of story done before so watching something new that wasn’t cliché was nice. I would recommend this movie more to younger kids but I think older kids and adults could definitely enjoy it too!

I’d rate this a 9/10.

Dear, Me

Dear Future Me,

How are you?

How is life treating you?

What’s tugging at your heartstrings?

I love you, and I know you don’t hear that enough.

But I just promise you that I’ll tell you that everyday.

Look at your legs!

Remember all the places they’ve taken you?
The people you’ve ran to meet?
The goals you’ve scored?

Look at your eyes!

It’s let you read fanfiction during class, at night, and when you feel down.
You’ve seen how the sea sparkles at noon.
And remember seeing all those butterflies?

Look at your mouth!

It’s told people that you love them.
It’s yelled in excitement.
You’ve tasted food that you could eat forever.

Your hands!

The hands you’ve held.
The feeling of a soft blanket crawling into bed.
How you can pick yourself back up.

There’s so much you bring to this world.

And you’ve come so far.

I’m so proud of you. The things you’ve done; the things you said.

There are always moments when you feel down.

When you feel bad.

When you think you can’t go on.

But I’m here for you. Every step of the way.

So, future me.

How are you?

The Book Thief by Mark Zusak

My friend and I put this book on our reading lists, having been told it was a really good book. I honestly was kind of disappointed. It could be because the style of writing isn’t what I enjoy, and the plot of the story isn’t something that excites me.

This book is about a girl living with a foster family in Germany. It’s during World War II and you can read about many things such as book burnings and Hitler’s birthday. This story is mainly about the main character, Liesel. She steals books (hence the title) that are supposed to be burned or hidden. She reads them to herself, her papa and the people stuck in a basement during a bombing.

The family, for a long time, hides a Jew by the name of Max in their basement. This was really my favorite part of the book as I do enjoy his character and the excitement yet fright of their danger.

What I haven’t yet mentioned is that this book is told entirely in the perspective of the Grim Reaper. He watches Liesel, even takes her brother’s soul. Along with that particular fact, there are also many side stories going along with the main one. It is sometimes hard to keep up with that and the rather odd pacing The Book Thief sometimes has. It jumps around and will tell things in advance, hint at what happens and then never really explain what actually happens. Some of the side stories are interesting, especially the one’s about Papa and what he does.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this book very much although I can see what the appeal is to some people, especially those more interested in historical fiction types of books. Myself being more interested in fantasy and fiction, I just didn’t find it very interesting!

    I’d give this book a 5.5/10

Parasite: Movie Review

Parasite is a film about a poor family and their relationship with their rich neighbors. However, a series of events occur that start to derail this and everything goes haywire. Parasite was released in October of 2019 in the United States to overwhelming praise from both audiences in critics, citing its humor, writing, and relevant subject matter. I watched it a few months back and after having time to think about it I have made up my mind. It’s pretty good. The humor is legitimately funny, the story is insane, the issues it brings up are worth thinking about, and overall it’s solid. The writing here was pretty good. The overall story was moving very quickly and I never was bored. It also brings up some timely ideas that groups can discuss after their viewing. All of the acting here was great. I have no complaints. I have never heard of any of these actors but I enjoyed their performances. That’s all I have to say about this movie. It’s good, but I struggle to pinpoint why exactly. I highly enjoyed it, though, and I recommend it.

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.

Stay Alive- a Hunger Games fanfiction (ch. four)

Chapter four

Once off the train, Walter and I were taken to the remake center, where prep teams poshed us up for the Capitol. It was a rather strange, rather annoying treatment- body waxing, eyebrow trimming and plucking, and a full wash-down. The preps were told to leave our hair alone, style-wise, but they brushed mine and washed it, making it fluffy and shiny and all so Capitol-ish. When they were done, I was sent into a cold metal room with metallic walls and a metallic floor, my bare feet freezing on contact. I sat on the cot (which was also metal) and waited for my stylist.

Several minutes later, a young man walked in. I was pleased to see that he wasn’t dressed in extreme Capitol fashions, but instead had on no makeup and a very simple outfit.

He walked forward, his tan, golden skin bright in the poorly-lit room. His blue eyes sparkled and his hair was almost the same color as mine.

“I’m Xander,” he said. “I’ll be your stylist for your time here.”

His voice was kind, but I snapped back with, “Which won’t be very long at all, will it?”

His perfect eyebrows creased. “Don’t say that. Listen, if I’m being honest here, the minute I walked in here and saw you, I thought, ‘there she is. There’s our victor.'”

“Everyone’s been saying that,” I said. “They’re all telling me that I’ll be the victor.”

“And do you believe them?”

I shrugged. “I’d certainly like to.”

“Well, you have to. You have a sister and a boyfriend to get back to.”

“How do you-“

“-reaping. And when you’re a victor, everyone knows everything about you. And don’t you remember Jason talking about you during his interviews here?”

I grinned. “Well, I guess there’s that.”

Xander studied me, as if judging what colors would look best on me. “You know, I was a victor.”

I was taken aback. “You were?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “The… seventeenth Games, I believe. The Capitol wanted to spice me up, but I told them I wanted to become a stylist.”

Ohhhh,” I said. “I remember you now! From District Eight!”

He nodded again. “Yes. And I’d rather not recall my Games.”

I scooched forward on the cot. “But you could help me!”

He put a finger to his lips and I followed his eyes to a shiny metal ball in the corner of the room, just above the door.

“I’m not allowed to involve myself in mentoring business,” he said softly. He raised his voice when he said, “but I’m here to help you earn sponsors and look your best.”

“The tribute parade comes first, right?” I asked, catching his drift of “let’s stay off the Games topic.”

“Yes. Stand up, please.”

I stood, and he circled me. It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable; it felt weirdly natural, because it was his job to make outfits for me. He placed his hands on my shoulders and studied my face.

“I think,” he said, “that red will look wonderful on you.”

“But wouldn’t it clash with my eyes?” I asked.

“No, it’ll make your eyes stand out.”

“So I’ll wear a lot of red here?”

“That’s the plan.”

Later, after he had crafted a stunning red dress for me, and Walter’s stylist made him a dark suit with a red tie, we loaded onto the chariots for the parade.

“Now, remember, Fay,” Xander said, “when you come in view of President Terraman, click this.”

He handed me a tiny remote. “I remember,” I said.

“You pulling a Katniss Everdeen?” Jason asked, his arms crossed over the edge of the chariot.

I tweaked his nose. “You’ll just have to find out.”

“I want to catch on fire,” Walter said sadly.

“You realize how wrong that sounds, right, kid?” Jason said.

“Oh. Yeah, um, but, well- you know what I mean.”

I put my hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry. I might get this moment, but I’m sure you’ll be the star of the interviews.”

He smiled. “Really?”


“We’ve got two minutes until you pull out,” Xander reported. “Jason and I have to go to the stands.”

I kissed Jason and gave Xander a hug. “See you guys soon.”

Walter turned to me. “Are you excited?”

“Hardly,” I said truthfully. “We’re getting sent in here for entertainment. Their entertainment. Kids are dying, and those people are out there betting on us; they root for us and then cry when we die and then move on. The only thing that matters to them is seeing their Games and making sure there’s a good victor.”

Walter’s face fell. “Oh. I didn’t think about it like that.”

I patted his shoulder. “It’s fine. You’re young, and I should learn to control my impulses to say things like that.”

“Yeah,” he said, dropping his voice, “especially things against the Capitol, ’cause you know they have ears everywhere.”

“Now you’ve got the idea,” I said, grinning.

A cannon went off and the horses began trotting forward, pulling our chariots into the open area. I couldn’t see the crowd, but based off the cheers that erupted when One pulled out, followed by Two, I’d say it’s a pretty dang large crowd.

As we cleared the archway, coming into view of everyone, including the cameras that projected our images onto the screens back home, I ran a thumb over the small remote.

“You’re not gonna get hurt, are you?” Walter whispered nervously to me.

“Nope,” I said. “I’ll be fine.”

I stared directly at the cameras as we rolled down the track, and I pictured what Sage was seeing back in Twelve:

Her sister but not her sister. I look like me, but I don’t. My hair’s in two braids, pulled up. The rest criss-crossed my head and wrapped around the braids. A red flower was tucked behind my ear, matching my dress. Now, the dress itself was the real killer of the evening- it had a tight bodice with flowing lace draped over my chest and upper arms, leaving my shoulders open. The skirt flared out in multiple layers of fabric and tulle. It was layered, with the front coming to my knees but the back long, touching the chariot’s floor. It was the most brilliant red I’d ever seen, and I adored it.

As One, Two, Three, and Four pulled into their spots, I knew Terraman could see our chariot. And if he couldn’t, he certainly would after this.

I found Xander and Jason in the crowd, then pushed the button confidently.

I fixed Terraman with a stare as my dress went up in flames.

It started in the back, the flames burning away the train of the dress. It snaked its way up, coming round to the front, shorter section of the skirt. It moved up my body, the flames consuming the rest of the dress. Xander was right; I couldn’t feel a thing. By the time the flames were gone, our chariot was pulling into its spot in front of the presidential podium. I looked down at my dress.

It was now coal-black. The skirt was wide and layered, and rested at my knees. The lace was gone, and the top half of my dress was now strapless and sparkly. It was amazing.

The crowd screamed the whole time. When the flames died and the smoke cleared, they gasped in shock. Even President Terraman smirked, taking in my outfit.

Our chariot pulled to a complete stop and Walter leaned towards me. “That was awesome,” he whispered.

“Thanks,” I whispered, not taking my eyes off Terraman. I didn’t realize I was glaring until Walter told me to relax.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Terraman said, standing at the podium. “Tributes. We welcome you all to the twenty-fourth annual Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”

His piercing ice-blue eyes found me again, and his eyebrows lowered on the last line of his annual speech.

At first glance, Terraman doesn’t look like a dictatorial leader who slaughtered the government to take control. His black hair is neat and close-cropped. His blue eyes are the color of ice. He can’t be over age thirty, one would think. And that’s his secret: he somehow stays young, or at least keeps his appearance young. Based on his face alone, one would believe him to be kind and generous, but he’s the complete opposite.

The chariots pulled away again, taking the tributes out of view. Jason, Xander, Sugar, and Peppermint, Walter’s stylist, were waiting for us.

“Oh, Fay!” Sugar exclaimed. “That was amazing!”

“Thanks,” I said as Jason helped me down off the chariot.

“She’s right,” he said. “It was stunning.” He draped an arm across my shoulders.

“Thanks,” I said, smiling and leaning into him.

“Well,” Xander said, “what’d you think?”

“It was beautiful,” I told him. “Could I get a dress in that color for the interview?”

He laughed. “We’ll see, Fay, we’ll see.”

Stay Alive- a Hunger Games fanfiction (ch. three)

Chapter three

Settled next to Jason on the couch, we watched a recap of the reapings. Only a few tributes stood out to me.

First, Velvet, the girl from One. She volunteered for the twelve-year-old that was chosen, which I thought was sweet at first, but then she said “I’m only doing this because I’ll win and you’d die within seconds.”

Second, the boy from Two, Draco. He was tall and muscle-bound, and held this death glare the whole time that told me he’d be tough competition.

Third, a small boy from Eight who was easily the size of Sage. I silently prayed for him to make it through to the second day, but I knew it was unlikely. I list him as noticeable not because of his size but because a tiny voice in my head told me that he’d be unexpected competition.

And the fourth tribute that stood out was the girl from Nine, who cried the whole time but shouted “NO!” at a girl who tried to volunteer for her.

Walter looked frightened. “Some of those boys looked scary,” he said quietly.

“You’ll be fine,” I told him. I went to cross my heart but realized he didn’t know what it meant. And it’s a lie, anyway. He probably won’t be fine.

“So what did you think?” Sugar asked, all too happily.

“The boy from Two seems like he’ll be hard to defeat,” I said, “and I think that girl from Nine will be tough even though she cried.”

“Both of the tributes from One will be tough ones to beat,” Walter said, “and the two from Four looked like they knew what they were going into.”

“The Careers,” Jason said.

I took my head off his shoulder to look up at him. “Careers? Who’re those?”

“The tributes from One, Two, and Four,” he answered. “They’re called Careers because they’re trained for the Games their whole life. It’s why there’s always a lot of volunteers from those districts. They’re eager and bloodthirsty and ridiculously cocky.”


“They’re usually the winners,” Sugar said. Then, as if out of respect or encouragement, she added, “Usually. Sometimes there’s an unexpected winner from an outlying district.”

“Like me,” Jason said.

“Fay,” Walter said, “if you win this year, then you’ll be District Twelve’s fourth winner, with only three years since the last win.”

“Or if you win,” I said with a smile, trying to keep his hopes up.

Walter shook his head. “No. It’s gonna be you. You or a Career.”

Jason and I exchanged a look.

“Keep your hopes up, kid,” Jason said. “It’s the only way you’ll make it through training.”

We were all silent after that. Finally Sugar told us to go off to bed.

I made my way into my sleeping quarters, amazed by the fact that I couldn’t feel the train moving. I slipped into the silk pajamas provided and snuggled under the covers of the amazingly soft bed.

In my dreams, I won the Games. And then Sage appeared, telling me not to go.

I woke up sobbing, and the door to the car opened.

Jason hurried in. “I heard you crying,” he whispered. He sat down next to me and I curled up beside him, my head on his chest. “Was it Sage?”

I nodded, stifling a sob.

“It’ll be okay,” he said, rubbing my back comfortingly. “It’ll be okay. You’ll make it back.”

I quickly fell asleep, and when I woke up, we were in the same position from last night. It was light outside.

Jason woke up when he felt me pull away. “It morning?” he asked sleepily.

I kissed him real quick. “Yes.”

He smiled. “Good.” He stretched and stood up. “Sugar will be expecting us to be ready. I’ll leave you be.”

Once he left, I got back into my reaping dress and met Sugar in the dining car for breakfast.

“Good morning, Fay!” she said, her bright yellow wig and dress matching her perky attitude. “Sleep well?”

“Good enough,” I said, which seemed to satisfy her.

“Good. We’ll be pulling into the Capitol in just a bit. Oh, I’m so excited!” She clapped her hands. “You’ll love it there!”

I just smiled, not wanting to snap back on her with some response like “I’ll love it till I’m dead.”

Jason walked in, looking dashing in a not-as-formal-as-it-could-be suit. “If you look out the window,” he said, “you can actually see the Capitol.”

“Really?” I said, trying to sound exciting but fearing for my life at the same time.

I crossed to the window and, sure enough, there it was. The gleaming metropolis surrounded by majestic mountains.

Walter bounded in. “Guys, guys, look! It’s the Capitol!”

I plastered a fake smile on my face. “Oh, yay,” I said, trying to keep the sarcasm out of my voice.

Jason wrapped an arm around my shoulders. “You’ll be fine,” he whispered, his breath warm on my neck.

I dropped my head onto his shoulder. “I know.”

The train pulled into the station and through the window I saw a bunch of people waving and cheering. The colors hit me like a bomb blast, the Capitol fashions clashing yet all the same.

“And here we are!” Sugar said enthusiastically.

Walter pressed his face up against the window, waving to the crowd as the train came to a stop.

It would take a lot from me to be able to get even one sponsor.