Weird story I had to do for school

Autobots sending the Europeans away.

During the major battle at Chicago, a weird light appears and some of the Autobots are teleported to a time far from where they were. It’s the year 1500 and the Autobots land in what was North America Virginia.
“Uh were we at Optimus?” Jazz asks.
“Seems to be In America but it’s not the same, seems to be less developed” Ratchet responds.
“So when are we, guess is the right question” jazz suggests to Ratchet.
“Ratchet please scan the area to find the date of today?” Optimus Prime asks.
“It seems to be the year 1500 sir and we’re in Virginia now” Ratchet says.
The autobots walked around for a while when they saw a very small camp of people. They tried to blend in but then again they’re giant alien robots. Ratchet scans the humans and learns they are of European origin.
“Sir looks like we are where the small town Plymouth would be and the very start of the Europeans taking the Native American land” Ratchet announces.
“Ou-ou can we please stop the Europeans from taking this land. I want to help the natives. Come on, prime you want to help the humans. This is a great way” Jazz says.
“No jazz we can’t alter the future. Optimus we need to get back to the future to fight Megatron and his decepticons” Prowl suggests.
“Oh come one we all thought it was sad when we learned what happened to these Native People who are hiding somewhere around here” Jazz says.
“We are not harming any humans Prowl, we will save the natives and find a way back to our time” Optimus prime says.
“yeah, let’s save some Indians!” Jazz jumps walking away from the group.
“Jazz, that’s very disrespectful and where are you going?” Prowl asks, trying to follow jazz.
“To crash sites for supplies so Ratchet can make something to protect our Native friends Prow, that was I’m a goin” Jazz Smirks.
“Jazz doesn’t have a bad idea Prowl, I can make a forcefield for the whole country where no one can come in or leave. That sounds good Prime?” Ratchet asks petting prowl on the shoulder.
“Indeed that sounds good,” Prime says.
The Autobots went out to find some of their ships that had crashed years ago. Gathering materials to build a magnetic forcefield to stop more Europeans from coming over. After some months they came back to see more Europeans had arrived and a town called Plymouth was formed. Ratchet and prowl made camp about a mile away from the town to build the forcefield machine. Optimus prime took jazz to try and scare the Europeans away.
“Why dont I make a bright light telling them it’s not safe here and they should leave, like say i’m God or something” jazz shrugs.
“Jazz, do you think it will work?” Optimus asks
“Of course Prime, these people are very driven by their divine leader and face it their stupid.”
“Then proceed jazz, just don’t scare them too much”
“Got it sir!” jazz says while running over to the town. Right as jazz gets to the town Ratchet and Prowl come ready with the forcefield device.
“Sir what in primus is jazz doing and please tell me you gave him permission.”
“Yes prowl he’s going to give them false advice to leave and hopefully it will work,” Prime Responds telling the other two Bots Jazz’s plan. Then they discuss the plan for the forcefield device and how it’s going to work. Jazz comes back about fifteen minutes later.
“The Europenas are packing fast to get out of here. I think they’ll be gone within two, maybe three days.” jazz says
“Good job Jazz, and please say you didn’t tell them anything really bad that will alter the future too much?” prowl asks
“I think what we’re doing will alter things a lot but no. just told them their whole kingdom they’re building will die a horrible death if they leave and don’t come back,” jazz says.
“Okay, just wanted to make sure.”
“Don’t trust me prowl?”
“Wow, harsh.”
The autobots set up the forcefield after all the Europeans left. They made it go around all areas where natice americans lived. They tried giving instructions to some tribes on how to take the forcefield down but they couldn’t figure it out. The Autobots eventually found a way to get back to the present day where they were in Chicago. Turns out no one ever came to the AMerica and the natives thrived and made the same advancements as the Europeans would have if they colonized. They made peace with the Uropeans who colonized what Canada would have been but now known as America. The autobots went back to fighting the decepticons.

Slenderman is a fictional ghostly figure that was created when a website was holding a photo contest. Eric Kudsen published a photo with a tall slender man with a white face standing behind some campers. The quote with the picture read “‘We didn’t want to go, we didn’t want to kill them…’ -1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead.” The picture of the newly created slenderman went viral. People shared their so-called encounters with the man. Saying he cased them trying to abduct them. Slenderman was uploaded with lots of information about him over many websites, the most famous one being the creepypasta website. In 4014 two girls stabbed a classmate of thiers to impress Slenderman. Leaving Peyton to crawl onto a bike path, later to be discovered. Then another instance of another girl stabbing her mother in the kitchen. This girl was wearing a white mask to match Slenderman’s face. A movie was made picturing slenderman eventually killing someone in the woods as he was presented in the stories people shared on all the websites. To this day people share the scary story of a tall slender man in a balck suit and a white face, having tentacles extending from his back. To this day there is still no proof if he’s real or not and we can’t ask Eric Kudsen because after the stabbings in 2014 no one has heard from him.

Sopranos Seasons 1-3 Review (Spoilers)

Now that I am nearing completion of The Sopranos, I wanted to review the seasons so far to see what I think of the show overall. I will be reviewing the first half of the show and review the second half later.

Season 1: Season 1 doesn’t just lay the groundwork for the show moving forward, it jumps straight into the storyline. This season centers around the dynamic between Tony, his mother, and his Uncle Junior. The tensions between Tony and Uncle Junior begin when an opening is left after the passing of the current crew leader Jackie Aprile, eventually settling on Junior being the leader but in name only. The episode “College” is our first glimpse at the evil Tony is capable of, killing an associate-turned-FBI informant in cold blood. The next episodes analyze the relations of various characters from Tony’s crew, and especially with his family, leading to “Isabella”, the penultimate episode of the season where Uncle Junior attempts a hit on Tony, which fails. In the aftermath, we end this season on a note in which Tony is left with a broken relationship with not only his uncle but his mother, who actively supported the hit. Season 1 in itself is a fantastic story and an amazing setup for what is to come. Another highlight is Tony’s therapy sessions with Dr Melfi, whose insight on Tony’s character are a great constant throughout the series. 9.5/10

Season 2 continues the storyline by introducing new faces on both sides of the story. Tony’s sister Janice is introduced, who at the time of her introduction seems like a freeloader at best and a top-tier manipulator at worst. We are also introduced to Richie Aprile, brother of Jackie Aprile, who throughout this season causes plenty of chaos for everyone involved. His arc ends in a comedically unexpected ending getting killed by Tony’s sister, Janice. Other characters introduced include Furio Giante, Bobby Bacall, among others. Season 2 mainly serves as an expansion of the world of The Sopranos, to other families like the Lupertazzis as well as showing the experience of Tony’s best friend being an FBI informant, in which we clearly see the pain that it brings him, leading to the the introspective season finale “Funhouse” which shows Tony coming to accept his friend being an informant and him eventually having to take him out. 9/10

Season 3 – Season 3 is easily the best season so far in the show thanks to it great character work as well as the introduction of Ralph Cifaretto, who you quickly learn is pure evil, even worse than most of the crew we’ve seen so far. His role in this season is very refreshing; a truly awful person in a show of terrible people. His influence is also showed through Jackie Aprile Jr, whose constant misdeeds and deviations from Tony’s warnings lead to his oddly surreal death scene where you can’t tell if it was bad on purpose or not. Otherwise, season 3 benefited by introducing a differing perspective on the matter by letting us follow activities of FBI employees on the case of Tony and his associates. Their inclusion was a reminder that the various crews in this show are not the geniuses you would expect; they’re just used to methods to get around the government. Their inclusion from this point onwards in the show was very welcome and their focused, serious demeanors were a great change of pace from the constant drama of the Soprano family. 10/10

the art student

[purposefully set in all lowercase]


everyday she went to class,

portfolio in her arms.

she perfected her skill

as best as she could.

she sketched her classmates

when they weren’t looking

and read poetry

written by musicians.

and everyday, on her way to class,

with knee-high socks

and cute little dresses,

she looked for love

through bright green eyes.


Short review of Kirby, The Forgotten Land

Kirby the Forgotten land is almost instantly a major favorite of mine. It’s a great game that has interesting gameplay, as the main gimmick isn’t over used and feels natural. It’s fun to play with another person or to just go at it by yourself. The story is refreshing and entertaining, and the game feels far more complete than the prior installment, Star Allies, as it hosts all of its feature to the player with ease and doesn’t hold back on trying something new. It’s a game that feels entertaining and fulfilling to 100%. There are times where I have legitimately struggled and put effort into the gameplay. Overall, the visuals are awe inspiring to witness and if I were to recommend an experience to someone, this would certainly fit the bill.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder


“A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” by Holly Jackson is a book published on May 2, 2019. “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” is a mystery and YA fiction. It is told from the perspective of 17-year-old Pippa (Pip) Fitz-Amobi who is investigating a murder that occurred in their town five years ago.


For her senior capstone project, Pippa (Pip) Fitz-Amobi, is investigating a mystery that occurred in their town Fairview 5 years ago. Andie Bell, popular high school queen, disappeared one night. After becoming a suspect in Andie’s disappearance, Sal Singh, Andie’s boyfriend, was found dead in the forest a few days later. He allegedly killed himself after sending his dad a text confessing to the murder of Andie Bell.

But, Pip isn’t sure of this story that the rest of the town has accepted. She just doesn’t believe that Sal is guilty. So, with the help of Sal’s brother, Ravi Singh, she sets out on researching everyone who was involved in Andie and Sal’s lives, and anyone who may have had anything to do with the investigation. But, after uncovering many secrets, she quickly realizes that Andie Bell may not have been as perfect as everyone thought and that there are many other secrets that someone doesn’t want to be uncovered.

Pippa chose this project just so that she could raise enough doubt about Sal’s guilt, to get the police to look further into him. But she had no idea, about the secrets that lay buried underneath the surface of this case. Obsessed with solving this case, Pip had no idea of the web of lies she was getting into.


After just the first chapter, this book is impossible to put down. I would definitely recommend it to all YA mystery book lovers.


~ Reviewed by Anika A

Review: Rise

The movie Rise was released in 2022, and was based of a true story. This movie tells the story of the Antetokounmpo brothers and their family. And of how the Antetokounmpo brother went on to become NBA champions. I think that this was a very good movie, there was a lot to take a away from it. Another reason I enjoyed this movie was because I myself play basketball and this movie motivated me when I played. One quote from this movie which I find very inspiring is

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.”

This advice was given to Giannis and Thanasis by their father when they started playing basketball. This quote shows the importance of working hard and believing in order to achieve your goals. Which in the brothers’ case was getting better and more skilled at basketball. This movie shows the hardships the Antetokounmpo family had to go through. The family had to move from country to country. They moved from Nigeria to Turkey, then went to Athens Greece, and then eventually to America for the brothers to play in the NBA. The family was unfortunately not able to obtain Greek citizenship in Greece which did not make things easy for them. But regardless the brothers where still very successful.

The first brother to get drafted in the NBA was Giannis. He was the 15th pick in the 2013 draft and was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks. In 2014, Thanasis Antetokounmpo was also drafted, then he played for the Milwaukee Bucks. Kostas Antetokounmpo, who was their younger brother was drafted in 2018 by the Philadelphia 76ers. But, had his draft rights then traded to the Dallas Mavericks and after won the 2020 NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. Alex Antetokounmpo is the youngest of the Antetokounmpo brothers and played in the Milwaukee Bucks G league after not being drafted in 2021, he also played with the Raptors 905. The Antetokounmpo also had and elder brother named Francis but he did not live with them in Greece because he was left behind when their parents left Nigeria. But in the end when their family was reunited in America they did get to meet Francis.

Some other things shown in this movie about the family’s life in Greece are that their family did struggle with money because their parents did not have Greek citizenship., which made it hard to work. Also in Greece there was lots of prejudice and racism shown to the family because of their race. Something I like about this movie is that it showed Giannis’ commitment to the sport of basketball. Some nights he would sleep at the gym so he could get up right away and start training so he would lose any training time. Also in the beginning of the movie when Thanasis and Giannis, started playing basketball they lived very far from where the team practiced but they still when there and played everyday after school. All in all, I think this is a very good inspirational movie with a lot to take away from. And I would recommend it to anyone who likes basketball or sports movies.






































They Both Die At the End: Review

“You may be born into a family, but you walk into friendships. Some you’ll discover you should put behind you. Others are worth every risk”

If you got a phone call that delivered the news that you were to die today, what would you do? This is the exact concept that They Both Die at the End by Adam Silver plays into. The story follows the alternating perspective of many characters, but predominantly the main characters: Mateo and Rufus. Mateo is shy, socially anxious, and has spent the majority of his life inside and isolated. Rufus is a clever foster child who has a complicated and difficult past. These 2 teenagers get a phone call from the organization Death-Cast, and both boys end up downloading the app Last Friend – designed to make sure nobody spends the last day of their lives alone. The boys meet, and you follow their story as they go around New York City and do things that they want to do before they die – skydiving, karaoke, sharing the stories of their past, visiting Mateo’s mom’s grave, falling in love, and more.

Now, yes, technically the title spoils the end of the book. Both of the boys do die at the end. But even though you as a reader know what’s coming, it’s still heartbreaking. Adam Silvera’s writing makes it so easy for you to become connected to each one of his character’s stories and personalities and lives. The themes of the book revolve around the ideas of mortality, love, loss, and living your life to the fullest. The book also contains LGBTQ+ relationships, as many of Adam Silvera’s novels do. All in all, this book was very well-written, it had an interesting plot, and important themes and messaging.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment is a movie available on Netflix, directed by Rick Jacobson, that I watched recently. It starts off with a hairdresser named Izzy played by Laura Marano (Ally in Austin & Ally) and Prince Thomas played by Mena Massoud (Aladdin in the live action Aladdin). The Prince is in New York and desperately needs a haircut. The butler mistakenly calls Izzy’s salon thinking it was a different expensive one and has her come to privately cut the Prince’s hair. However, Izzy storms out when she witnesses how the Prince ignores his servants’ mistreatment. Thomas comes back to Izzy’s salon later, to apologize, fix his hair, and to invite her, and her two stylist friends, to his country to style his bride’s hair for his upcoming wedding. The movie goes off from here in typical Hallmark type progression. They fall in love and eventually are together.

          I have watched many Christmas Hallmark movies, so I have seen every type of plot they can possibly think up (which really isn’t that many). While this movie is not technically a Hallmark movie, it follows a very similar path in terms of romance. Izzy loves children, and visits orphanages, the Prince is engaged and soon to be wed, Izzy runs away at the last second, etc.

          I thought this movie overall was cute, but there were some things I did not like. Firstly and in my opinion most noticeably, the horribly fake New York accents. Izzy and her two ditzy friends all sport New York accents but on steroids. It takes away from the movie as a whole, because I found myself laughing at how bad the accents were. After mentioning her friends, I have to comment on them too. They are the very typical comical relief, however I didn’t really find them very funny. I thought they were overall pretty annoying. They acted extremely out of place everywhere they went, and went over the top to act as girly and excited as they could about everything, I thought they were too much.

          Izzy and her family have been in the hairdressing business for a long time, her grandmother and mother both work at the same salon. The mother was extremely overprotective and controlling. She wanted Izzy to carry on the family tradition and was very forceful about it. She didn’t even want Izzy going with the Prince to help him. I really did not like the mother.

          Prince Thomas’s fiance was better than I expected. I usually expect the fiance to be these very mean girls, who treat everyone horribly and are extremely spoiled. However, she was honestly pretty nice, and ended up being happy with not marrying the Prince. Her parents on the other hand were on the opposite end of the spectrum. They attempted to expose Izzy and Thomas, even going so far as to get Izzy fired and sent back to New York. However I didn’t really understand why this family specifically was marrying into the royal family. The fiance’s family was from Texas and were rich. However that was where their benefits ended. The royal family was in need of money, but I feel like they could have found some other family that could have served some purpose in terms of allies and protection for the country. That was just something I found confusing.

          Overall, if you’re looking for a cute, stereotypical romance movie, this might interest you. However, I wouldn’t really recommend it for anything past that. I’d give this movie a 4.5/10.

Small tricks and tips for drawing!

Before I go on about this stuff, I’d like to say that the biggest thing that can assist you in drawing and art overall is practice. Although, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tips here and there. I may not be able to show and images since I do not have any permission to upload imagery, but that doesn’t mean I can’t clarify things in detail.

First thing’s first, if you’re ever struggling with hands, either look up reference photos or even take photos of your own hands in the positions you are looking to draw them in. This generally goes a lot easier if you have another pal to help you.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that you need to think out what you want to draw. Sometimes it helps to try and construct or gather a real thing to focus on or if it isn’t too much of a hassle, try imagining every detail and plan out what you want as your composition.

One the harder things I’ve seen is scaling. You want things to be to scale with one another or else it looks all wobbly. One of better things for scaling is setting up a proportional reference, like say an outline of a human body, then you can always look back at it. Of course the trick of foreground and background will always help out, but if you’re going for something a bit less complex and close up, those can seem all too irrelevant. So, I say try thinking about sizes compared to one another, such the height of a head being half of the height of a torso. Although, you can of course adjust and edit this to your style, just remember that there is a difference between consistency and everything being the same. If you have a lanky art style, then make sure that all parts are lanky. Simply put, it’s best to think about what you’re doing in advance and try not to rush things. Go at your own pace because your art reflects you intention.

Remember, nothing is more useful than time and practice.