DIY Jewelry Tree


If you’re anything like me, you have lots of cluttered jewelry and nowhere to store them. Here’s a decorative and useful craft to organize them:


Materials Needed:

*fake or real sticks/ small tree branches


*mason jar

*decorative filler or rocks

The first step to making a jewelry tree is to find a small branch or sticks to be the tree part. You can find some outdoors or at a craft store. Once you have your base, use some yarn to wrap the entire branch with it. The entire surface should be covered. Tie the ends of the string around the ends of the sticks. Then, fill a mason jar part way with decorative filler or small rocks. Position the bottom of the branch of sticks into the filler, and once they are properly placed, fill it the rest of the way with filler. Now that the branch is firmly and strongly placed, you can start adding necklaces or bracelets to the branches.


DIY Decorated Frames

Decorated Frames

If you have a special photo that just doesn’t seem to have the right frame for it, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to make a custom, decorated frame.


Materials Needed:

*Plain Photo Frame

*Acrylic Paint


*Small Paintbrush

*Other Small Decorations

*Mod Podge


The first step to decorating your frame is always obviously to get a frame. You can find plain black plastic or cheap wooden frames at a local craft store or Target. Make sure the frame has the correct dimensions for you photo and is the right type for crafting. You want to avoid getting a frame that is not meant to be decorated, because these will be more expensive and may not hold paint very well. Next, you’ll want to paint the frame. Using your acrylic paint color of choice, paint thin and even coats of paint until the frame has an opaque color. Then, once the paint is completely dry, add stickers and small decorations. Stickers can be stuck down usual, but if you are using flat stickers be sure to also apply a coat of Mod Podge over top of the entire frame to avoid them falling off. If you choose to add other small decorations, such a craft flowers or 3D stickers, use Mod Podge or hot glue to stick them down securely. Once everything is dry, you can add you photo and enjoy your new, customized frame.

Behind the Paper: Part Four

Cat Mug

“How long have you been there?” Jacob stands there, shocked.

“For a good solid five minutes. On a side note though, I loved to hear your comments about the soccer game.” I sarcastically say. As he stood there frozen as a statue, I make myself productive by getting coffee from the coffee machine. I first made Garretts, and then mine. The aroma of coffee spread throughout the break room.

“Oh, can you make me coffee too?” Jacob snaps back into reality and walks over to me.

Confused, I questioned, “Why can’t you make your own? Your right here.” I hold the coffee mugs and was about to depart until Jacob said something that made me mad.

“God, why can’t you just do it? You are so mean.” Jacob rolls his eyes at me. Umm excuse me! He is the one who tried to get me fired!

“Im mean!? I frankly remember an hour ago, you tried to get me fired!” I yell louder than I anticipated. We both stand there, angry at each other.

“Well we can’t afford slackers in this department!”

“Says the one who is too lazy to walk a few steps to get coffee!” Just then, Frank comes in from the elevator with a bag.

“Just the two I was looking for! Do you guys wanna go eat out for lunch with me?” Frank smiles, making me feel guilty. Jacob angrily says no and pushes me and Frank out of the way so he could leave the break room. Without remembering I was holding two mugs, Garretts cat mug fell to the floor, crashing into pieces.







DIY Pumpkin Decorations

Pumpkins with glitter

It’s that spins-tingling time of year again where spooky pumpkins are a must-have decoration. Here are 2 ideas to decorate one yourself:

Glitter Pumpkin


*Loose glitter

*Mod Podge

*Sponge Brush

*Pumpkin (real or fake)

*Material to cover your workspace

The first step to covering a pumpkin in glitter is to apply an adhesive, in this case mod Podge. Use a sponge brush to coat small sections of the pumpkin in glue. Then, sprinkle and pat the glitter into the glue. Once the entire pumpkin is covered in a strong layer of glitter, let it dry. Later, to keep the glitter put, coat the entire pumpkin in another layer of mod Podge and let it dry.


Splatter Paint Pumpkin 

Materials Needed:


*2 or more colors of paint

*Paint brush

*Popsicle stick

*Newspaper or other table covering

This one can get messy, so be sure to cover your workspace. First, paint the pumpkin with a solid layer of paint. Then, once that layer is dry, dip a paint brush in your other color(s) of paint. Next, flick the dripping paint brush against the popsicle stick, over the pumpkin. Paint will fly off and create a splatter effect on the pumpkin. Once  the entirety pumpkin is splattered to your liking, let it dry and you’re done!

Behind the Paper: Part Three


“This is your new cubicle.” My boss Fernando introduced us all and showed all of us around the floor. When you first walk in from the elevator, you are in the break room. The break room has a coffee machine, sofas, and a tv. The break room also has a hallway which leads you to the cubicles and the meeting room, (where I was previously). Jacob and Fernando have their own personal room, which is connected to the cubicles, where I will work.

When my boss, Fernando left, I put all of my stuff down and started to organize my work space. I sorted my pencils, folders- literally everything.  If you had known me since I was a kid, you would know I’m a neat freak. But apparently I’m not the only one because I noticed on the left side of my cubicle, Garrett (the man who agreed with Jacob in the beginning), was cleaning his own cubicle.

“What are you looking at?” Not realizing that I was staring at him, I blushed. I then look at his empty cat mug on his desk.

“I am going to the break room to try the coffee. Do you want me to refill yours?” I ask to not make anything between us awkward.

“Um… Sure if you don’t mind. I like mine black. No sugar or anything.” He hands me his cat mug and I carefully grab it from him. As I entered the break room, I see Jacob standing near the coffee machine, watching soccer.

“No! Come on!” He yells to the tv. I tried to walk quietly around him but then Jacob notices me.

To be continued…

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Just Listen book cover

Margaret A. Edward award winning author Sarah Dessen published yet another captivating romance book, Just Listen. Consisting of three hundred seventy one pages of exhilarating and emotional events, this book is beyond fabulous. All happening in the town of Lakeview, TX, Annabel Greene used to have it all – her popular best friend, Sophia, a flawless family, and nothing to hide. But that all came crashing down when Annabel gets caught with her best friend’s boyfriend in a room half-naked. As Sophia takes Will’s side of the story, Annabel’s devastated. Meanwhile, Annabel’s sister, Whitney, is suffering from a hidden eating disorder, which puts pressure on Annabel’s home life. Desperate to talk to someone, Owen Armstrong is there. As Owen shows her another way of overcoming her sadness with music, Annabel and Owen relationship grows. Read more to find out!

Rating : 10

I would  this book a 8/10  which is still good but this book was super scattered. From one thing to another, things could get a little overwhelming when reading this book. So I suggest if u do read it, to make sure u have enough time to spend. Overall, Just Listen will knock you off the ground with  every amazing and exhilarating sentence.

Behind the Paper: Part Two

meeting room table

“I think this is a mistake, but I got moved to this department.” There were five people in the room sitting near the round table. I quietly gather my stuff, and sat in the nearest seat, right next to Jacob Rod.

“Yeah, that is a mistake.” Jacob Rod says, while reading the newspaper for today. How rude can he possibly be!

“Shut up, Jacob. If the board says it, then it’s true. Also if you don’t know my name it’s Freddy Palms. It would be a pleasure to work with you.” Sitting across from me, a very cheerful friendly man says. OH MY GOD! This man was the fastest man in this company to strive to the top. He is my role model!

Suddenly, my boss walks in. Boss Fernando looks at all the boys, then back at me.

“You are fifteen minutes late, Ms. Graff. We were all waiting for you. ” He stiffly says with a concerned face, “Do you want to lose your job on the first day?” Anxiety and fear creeped into me. I gulped.

“N-No sir. I won’t do it again.” While saying this, Jacob laughs to himself, while staring at the newspaper.

“Good,” Fernando then turns to Jacob who is STILL reading the newspaper, “Does this amuse you, Jacob?!”

“No Fernando. But all I know is that this woman can’t even last five minutes without getting into trouble. You should just fire her now instead of later.” Jacob proclaims. This time, I could feel the sweat forming on my face. I can’t afford to lose this job!

The quiet man who was drinking his cup of coffee in the farthest seat since I walked in, finally spoke.

“I don’t usually agree with Jacob, but I think he may be right. We can’t afford silliness in this department.” A low voice, echoed the room. Defeated, I looked down. I can’t believe I am being fired by Jacob and this random person. Any other day, but I can’t get fired today. I rose up to my feet without thinking.

“Stop talking nonsense. We have work to do. Unless you want to get fired yourself, then keep talking.” Everything came bursting out my mouth without thinking. Everyone stared, shocked. For a while, no one spoke.

The coffee man spoke first, “Feisty..”

“Well you heard her, Garrett. No one is going to be fired unless they don’t do their job. And you may sit now, Molly.” Realizing this, I could feel my face blushing like crazy and I quickly sat back down.

And the only time I wanted Jacob to not look up, he did. And he laughed. Again.

                                                         To be continued…