Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee by Jeff Zentner

I’m going to start this off by saying I’m a huge Jeff Zentner fan and 100% recommend his books (warning: you will cry).

“For a long time, I shined my light for someone other than me. But not anymore. Now I shine bright for me.”

What’s it about?

Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee is about two high school seniors named Josie and Delia. They have a show on public access TV called Midnite Matinee where they act as horror movie TV hosts. But it’s their senior year and life is trying to tug them in different directions. In a last ditch effort to make their TV show big, Josie and Delia go to a convention down in Florida.

That is just a brief summary of what the book is about, but I promise you, you will laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh while reading this.

The Good:

Josie. Josie’s dream is to make it on TV which is why she started Midnite Matinee with Delia. And let me tell you: Josie is has a perfect TV personality. She is also one of my favorite (and the funniest) characters I have ever read about.

“Me [Josie]: Why is is totally ok to melt cheese on scrambled eggs but you can’t on boiled eggs?

Delia: OMG you’re right. The thought of cheese on boiled eggs makes me wanna vom.

Me: First off you gotta make the boiled eggs hot and that is the grossest thought.”

Lawson. Lawson is an MMA fighter who sometimes makes appearances on Midnite Matinee. I don’t know what to say about him without spoiling what happens besides he is an angel.

Delia’s and Josie’s relationship. They have a great friendship that consists of watching bad horror movies and cheering each other up. They get into hilarious conversations that had me crying with tears. Also, they have someone who works with them named Arliss, whom they have a funny and wonderful relationship with, as well.

Delilah’s story. Her dad left them when she was young and she spends the story trying to track him down. I’m obviously not going to say anything more about what happens, but a lot of lessons are learned through this subplot.

There were many, many more things that I liked about this story, but then you would be reading this review for days. However, these were the main things that I loved about the story but know there is so much more to discover.

This is the time where I would now go on and talk about the things I didn’t like, but there wasn’t a thing that bothered me about this book (other than the fact my heart felt like it was ripped from my chest many times). Anyway, thank you for reading my review and I hope you pick up this book!

“I’m glad things end, though. It forces you to love them ferociously while you have them.”

Days of Blood & Starlight, by Laini Taylor


Days of Blood & Starlight, the sequel to Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor, was an engrossing continuation of a shocking first book. It picked up directly where the last ended, which was with a shocking climax that I can’t describe without spoiling. There were multiple points of view throughout the book, and as usual, some were more engrossing than others, but towards the middle, all parts were equally interesting to me, which was refreshing.

My main issue with the book was that it spent a huge amount of time simply restating what happened in the first book without doing much to set up a new conflict. This was nice for me to read as I had read the first book around four years ago, although I could see something like this annoying those who are reading them consecutively. The first one hundred pages were very slow but there was a turning point that really allowed the captivating details of the world to shine through and become the focus of the novel. Overall, not much actually happened in the book, but it allowed the characters to develop loads and was a good bridge to a high stakes finale.

The characters are extremely fleshed out, allowing the reader to easily differentiate between them beyond their names. The two human characters Mik and Zuzana became my two favorites; their humor carried the book and lightened the mood for more than just the monsters they performed for. Karou, the main character, is more down to earth and spends a lot of time focused on what happened and how to fix everything. From what I remember, Akiva was a character I liked a lot, but in this book, he just proved to be annoying with his every thought being about Karou.

Despite developing so many characters, one of the main villains, Thiago, wasn’t developed enough to explain his actions later in the book and I wished that he had more interactions with Karou so we could get to know him like we did his sidekick, Ten.

The romance is very complex, and Taylor subverts expectations by continuing to keep the characters apart, as they should be considering everything that occurred between them in the previous book. Throughout the story, there were many moments I thought Karou would have the opportunity to get in a relationship with someone other than Akiva, which many other authors would have included, but refreshingly there wasn’t any new romance introduced. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the connection between Karou and Akiva anymore and don’t want them to get back together as I’m sure they will in the final book. I’m not quite sure why I feel this way as most people seem to like them together, but perhaps the final book will change my mind.

Overall, I would rate Days of Blood & Starlight 6/10 dragons for its realistic characters and intriguing world.

Random Poetry Collection 2

This poetry collection is just a few random recent poems I’ve created. Even though they do not follow a particular theme I hope you enjoy them!

Let Them Be

Let them be stars.

Close to earth, recognized,

Their glow diminishes all others

I am but a planet.

From a faraway galaxy,

No one cares enough to name.

Let them be diamonds.

Poking from the earth,

Sought out by everyone.

I am but a rock.

Thrown below the coal black dust, Waiting to be discovered.

Let them be paint.

Of bright blazing brilliance, Staining the world vivid hues.

I am but a pencil.

Of graphite dancing across papers, Gritty erasers smudge out mistakes.

Let them be them.

Admired but admired,

Presumed to be perfect.

I am but me.

Sometimes wishing to be them,

But I am but me.

And there’s nothing or no one I’d rather be.


A rumble of thunder

The buzzing of bees

A clattering of footsteps

The rising of voices

Like a wave from the sea

Crashing on the shore

Sometimes I am a single drop

Adding to the wave

But most times I am silence

Letting the sound fill me up

My quiet

Against the tide

Yesterday Movie Review

Synopsis: The movie Yesterday is about a character named Jack Malik, a struggling musician who is trying to make a living off his music but is starting to give up. After his most recent gig, when biking home, the power went out worldwide and a bus hits him in the dark. When he wakes up he finds himself in a world where the Beatles never existed as well as other things. Realizing that he was one of the only people who knew the Beatles music, he started to produce the same songs. With the help of his lifelong friend Ellie, he slowly gains fame and the attention of Ed Sheeran. Jack starts to go on tour for Ed as the opening act and has to go from England to America. Before he leaves, his friend Ellie reveals her feelings for him and Jack doesn’t know how to respond. Now Jack has to decide whether he should continue singing the Beatles music for fame or stay in England with Ellie to be happy. Find out in the sensational film Yesterday.

Pros: This movie contains a lot of Beatles songs which any fan of this band would love. The actor of Jack Malik was perfect because he isn’t a superstar actor but a normal human being. The movie is funny and has a somewhat well-developed plot.

Cons: This movie wasn’t too memorable which is a shame considering it had the potential. It also had a pretty stereotypical plot which is seen in most rom-coms.

Final Score: 7.5/10


The Awakening

Part 3

Every single day is the same. Wake up, eat breakfast, work, eat lunch, do more work, eat dinner, sleep. The only mystery is what God forsaken hour they will wake us up at.

I don’t know the exact times because they don’t give us clocks, but I know they woke up at least an hour apart each day. Each day when they woke the Glaciers up, it was a little bit lighter outside than the last day. But I know their game, that are trying to make us fall for a pattern before that rip it away. I’m not going to fall for it.

They don’t give us clocks so they can end and start up new schedules as that please. We don’t have a set time for anything. Here at Hammond if they wake you in the middle of the night to polish their shoes or clean one of their uniforms, you have to do it. If you refuse, they’ll send you to the Pit. The Pit is a fate worse than death.

2 years ago it would have been possible to ask any of them, they would tell you that I was very outgoing and nice with the other Glaciers. But that changed because of my naivete.


The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis


“We are a family on a journey to a place called wonderful” is the motto of Deza Malone’s family. Deza is the smartest girl in her class in Gary, Indiana, singled out by teachers for a special path in life. But it’s 1936 and the Great Depression has hit Gary hard, and there are no jobs for black men. When her beloved father leaves to find work, Deza, Mother, and her older brother, Jimmie, go in search of him, and end up in a Hooverville outside Flint, Michigan. Jimmie’s beautiful voice inspires him to leave the camp to be a performer, while Deza and Mother find a new home, and cling to the hope that they will find Father. The twists and turns of their story reveal the devastation of the Depression and prove that Deza truly is the Mighty Miss Malone.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This starts with Katniss Everdeen. She lives in the 12th District (coal mining). She is a hunter, who’s father died in a mining explosion. Her city Panem has the Hunger Games every year. A girl and a boy from each of the districts is chosen and, after training, must fight to the death.

When the time comes for the choosing, she is chosen (kind of, read the book). The chosen boy is Peeta Mellark. Katnisss meets Rue during the training, but she comes in more later. The Games start and Peeta teams up with what people call the “Careers” (the really strong people that kill most of the people). Katniss meets Rue and they work together, Rue is then killed, and Katniss must try to find some way to survive to avenge her. She finds Peeta lying injured and helps nurse him back to health. They fight together and end up as the last two surviving people. They have started to love each other so obviously, they don’t want to kill each other. They decide they will die together so there is no winner, ruining the Games. Their plan is ruined, and they are the first people to survive together. They get to come back to their homes as heroes.

  I really enjoyed this book (and the other two books too, Catching Fire and The Mockingjay). It had many twists and turns, it also had heartbreaking moments, scary moments, and just general heartwarming moments. This book was recommended to me by a friend (who recommends most of my now favorite books) and I am glad that she did recommend it as it is now one of my favorite books. Suzanna Collins’ book is really unique. I have never really read any book that was similar to this book series. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who was looking for a book to read. On another note, the movie was quite accurate to the book and was quite good. It was one of the movies that has been most like a book, even if it did take out some parts (every movie based off a book does that so I wouldn’t be surprised). Anyway, I would highly suggest that you give this book, or the whole series for that matter, a look.

I would rate this book a 10/12 Districts (Some Hunger Games humor for you, I am so funny, I know HA. HA. HA.)